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Born: August 15, 1950 ... Jackson, MS, USA

One of the most in-demand (and well-respected) hard rock drummers, Tommy Aldridge has set the standard for double-bass rock drumming.
Photo : Tommy Aldridge.
"Yamaha drums have been my instruments of destruction for longer than I would care to admit. If there was anything cooler you can bet I would be playing it. and... Yamaha hardware is real hardware. It's made for staying where you put it...city after city, night after night".
- Tommy Aldridge

Maple Custom Absolute

ASD-0105 14"x5.5" Snare Drum
ABD-1022T 22"x18" Bass Drum (x2)
ATT-1012 12"x10" Tom
ATT-1014 14"x12" Tom
AFT-1016 16"x16" Floor Tom
AFT-1018 18"x16" Floor Tom

AC-910 Arm Clamp (3x)
CH-740 Cymbal Holder (6x)
CHH-920 Closed Hi-hat Holder (1x)
CL-945 Tom ball Clamp (2x)
CS-925 Cymbal Stand (3x)
CS-945 Cymbal Stand (8x)
CSAT-924 Cymbal Stand Attachment (4x)
DS-840 Drum Stool
EX-910 Extension Rod (2x)
HS-950 Hi Hat Stand
HSAT-920 Hi Hat Stand Attachment (2x)
OC-910U Rack Clamp (4x)
RP-60 Rack Pipe
SS-940 Snare Stand (2x)
WS-904 Double Tom Stand
WS-955 Double Tom Stand

Photo : Tommy Aldridge,s drum kit.. from the master's seat.

Tommy Aldridge taught himself to play the drums. He didn't have the benefit of affording a private teacher, and he wasn't attracted to the high school drum corps. He grew up listening to albums by Cream, the Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix, and he mimmicked his heroes on those albums. He started playing double bass drums early on, in order to get a sound that he had in his head. He started out playing in clubs and at frat parties, but got his break into the majors when he was asked to join Black Oak Arkansas, an up and coming southern rock outfit. However, when he made the decision to leave the band, he experienced complications. After about a year, he was able to forge ahead, and he began working with Pat Travers. He worked with him for a few years, did a few tours, and put out a few records, until he left for England. He wanted to try living and working in England, and he began working with Gary Moore. They put out a couple of albums, and met Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads during this time. Tommy and Randy became good friends, and eventually got the chance to work together with Ozzy Osbourne's band. He was the drummer on the phenomenal Diary of a Madman tour, and describes working with Randy "highlight of my career." He stayed on with Ozzy's band as Jake E. Lee joined on lead guitar, and they put out Bark at the Moon, but Tommy was ready for a change. About this time, Tommy began corresponding with Rudy Sarzo, who had just finished his successful stint with Quiet Riot, and they began kicking around and trying to make something happen. They hired Tony MacAlpine and did a couple of albums, but it ended up not being a permanent band situation. Tommy began hanging around with John Sykes, who was in touch with David Coverdale. John and David were looking for a solid rhythm section to support their hard-driving sound, and eventually, Rudy and Tommy joined Whitesnake. Tommy toured and enjoyed the ultimate rock and roll fantasy, but eventually, it was time to move forward. Since Whitesnake, Tommy has been working as a freelance drummer, and works with many bands, including Ted Nugent

Photo : Tommy Aldridge.

has performed with:

Black Oak Arkansas
Ted Nugent
Ozzy Osborne
John Sykes
Thin Lizzy
Yngwie Malmsteen
Pat Travers
James Mangrum
Jake E. Lee
Stan Knight
Pat Daugherty
Rudy Sarzo
Ricky Reynolds
Max Norman
Don Airey
Randy Rhoads
Bob Daisley
Jimmy Henderson
Pat Thrall
Ruby Starr
Pete Cowling
Jake E. Lee
Michael Shrieve
Gary Moore
House of Lords

And so many more

Photo : Tommy Aldridge.

(Selected) Discography

Black Oak Arkansas If an Angel Came to See You
Black Oak Arkansas Street Party
Black Oak Arkansas Ain't Life Grand

Black Oak Arkansas X-Rated
Black Oak Arkansas Balls of Fire

Black Oak Arkansas High on the Hog

Black Oak Arkansas King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Black Oak Arkansas

Black Oak Arkansas Raunch 'N' Roll Live

Black Oak Arkansas Live! Mutha

Driver Project: Driver

Gary Moore Dirty Fingers

House of Lords Demons Dawn

John Sykes 20th Century

Motörhead March or Die
Ozzy Osbourne Tribute

Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon (Expanded)

Ozzy Osbourne Speak of the Devil

Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon

Pat Travers Crash and Burn

Pat Travers Live! Go for What You Know

Pat Travers Live in Concert

Pat Travers Radio Active

Pat Travers Heat in the Street

Pat Travers Go for What You Know

Ruby Starr Scene Stealer

Steve Fister Age of Great Dreams

Ted Nugent Full Bluntal Nugity

Thin Lizzy One Night Only

Tony MacAlpine Project:

Various Artists Dragon Attack: A Tribute to Queen

Various Artists Merry Axemas, Vol. 2: More Guitars for Christmas

Various Artists Humanary Stew?: A Tribute to Alice Cooper

Various Artists Bat Head Soup: A Tribute to Ozzy

Various Artists Metallic Assault: A Tribute to Metallica

Various Artists Not the Same Old Song & Dance: Aerosmith Tribute

Vinnie Moore Mind's Eye

Whitesnake Slip of the Tongue

Whitesnake Live... In the Still of the Night
Whitesnake Live... In The Shadow Of The Blues

Photo : Tommy Aldridge.


Tommy Aldridge: Beyond the Groove - Release Date: 2/3/1998

Tommy Aldridge: Rock Drum Soloing & Double Bass Workout
60 min. Whitesnake's drummer.

Photo : Tommy Aldridge.

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