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100 Greatest 'Rock'&'Jazz'
50 Greatest Bass Lines

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These lists are with courtesy of Digital Dream Door Site
They are NOT compiled by myself. They have a page for your comments.

100 Greatest JAZZ bassists
[late 2005 list]

1. Charles Mingus
2. Jaco Pastorius
3. Paul Chambers
4. Stanley Clarke
5. Ron Carter
6. Dave Holland
7. John Patitucci
8. Charlie Haden
9. Ray Brown
10. Steve Swallow
11. Milt "The Judge" Hinton
12. Paul Jackson
13. Eddie Gomez
14. Marcus Miller
15. Scott LaFaro
16. Tony Levin
17. Gary Willis
18. Victor Wooten
19. Brian Bromberg
20. Miroslav Vitous
21. "Slam" Stewart
22. Jeff Berlin
23. Cecil McBee
24. Steve Rodby
25. Joseph Patrick Moore
26. Alain Caron
27. Steve Bailey
28. Gary Peacock
29. Nathan East
30. Jimmy Garrison
31. Anthony Cox
32. Gary Grainger
33. Glen Moore
34. Jimmy Blanton
35. Frank Felix
36. James Genus
37. Eberhard Weber
38. Chris Wood
39. Abraham Laboriel
40. Jimmy Johnson
41. Dave Carpenter
42. Jimmy Haslip
43. Christian McBride
44. Oscar Pettiford
45. Melvin Davis
46. Lincoln Goines
47. Neils-Henning Orsted Pedersen
48. Michael Manring
49. Ben Allison
50. Dennis Irwin
Charles Mingus
51. Richard Davis
52. David Dyson
53. Larry Grenadier
54. Larry Graham
55. Reggie Workman
56. David Friesen
57. Monk Montgomery
58. Verdine White
59. Scott Ambush
60. Charnett Moffett
61. George "Pops" Foster
62. Alphonso Johnson
63. Mark Egan
64. Tom Kennedy
65. T.M. Stevens
66. Percy Heath
67. Bob Cranshaw
68. Red Callender
69. Adam Nitti
70. Anthony Jackson
71. Marc Johnson
72. Mark King
73. Dominic Richards
74. Carol Kaye
75. George Mraz
76. Jeff Andrews
77. Daryl Jones
78. Louis Johnson
79. Will Lee
80. Ben Street
81. Steve Hunter
82. Palle Danielsson
83. Curtis Counce
84. Charlie Biddle
85. Bill Dickens
86. William Parker
87. Kermit Driscoll
88. Tommy Potter
89. Walter Booker
90. Wayman Tisdale
91. John Kirby
92. Anders Jormin
93. Jesse Murphy
94. David Piltch
95. Rufus Reid
96. John Clayton
97. Edgar Meyer
98. Francisco Centino
99. Walter Page
100. Eugene Wright
Michael Manring

100 Greatest ROCK bassists
[late 2005 list]

1. James Jamerson (Funk Brothers, session man)
2. John Entwistle (The Who)
3. Larry Graham (Sly & The Family Stone)
4. Chris Squire (Yes)
5. Jack Bruce (Cream)
6. Tony Levin (King Crimson, session man)
7. Geddy Lee (Rush)
8. Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
9. Louis Johnson (Brothers Johnson, session man)
10. Anthony Jackson (session man)
11. Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
12. Marcus Miller (session man)
13. Les Claypool (Primus)
14. Chuck Rainey (session man)
15. Billy Sheehan (Niacin, Mr. Big, Steve Vai)
16. Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)
17. Will Lee (session man)
18. Michael Manring (Attention Deficit, session man)
19. Nathan East (Eric Clapton, session man)
20. Rocco Prestia (Tower Of Power)
21. John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)
22. Abe Laboriel (session man)
23. Stuart Hamm (Joe Satriani)
24. Donald "Duck" Dunn (The MGs)
25. Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs)

Randy Coven
26. Bob Babbitt (Funk Brothers, session man)
27. Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead)
28. Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
29. Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna)
30. Cliff Lee Burton (Metallica)
31. John Myung (Dream Theater)
32. John Deacon (Queen)
33. Willie Weeks (session man)
34. Carol Kaye (session woman)
35. Aston "Family Man" Barrett (Bob Marley/The Wailers)
36. Verdine White (Earth, Wind & Fire)
37. David Hungate (Toto, session man)
38. Robert "Kool" Bell (Kool & The Gang)
39. Joe Osborne (session man)
40. Phil Chen (Rod Stewart, session man)
41. Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band)
42. Freddie Washington (session man)
43. Nathan Watts (session man)
44. Louis Satterfield (Earth Wind & Fire, session man)
45. Andy West (Dixie Dregs)
46. Bootsy Collins (Funkadelic)
47. John Wetton (King Crimson)
48. Greg Lake (ELP)
49. Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge)
50. Mark King (Level 42)
51. Mike Watt (Minutemen)
52. Bernard Odum (James Brown, session man)
53. George Porter Jr. (Meters, session man)
54. Mike Gordon (Phish)
55. Bernard Edwards (Chic)
56. Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne)
57. Willie Dixon (session man)
58. Andy Fraser (Free)
59. Trey Gunn (King Crimson)
60. Dave Schools (Widespread Panic)
61. Berry Oakley (Allman Brothers Band)
62. Jerry Jemmott (session man)
63. Roger Glover (Deep Purple)
64. Bill Black (Elvis Presley)
65. "Sweet" Charles Sherrell (James Brown, session man)
66. Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy)
67. Billy Cox (Band Of Gypsys)
68. Bruce Thomas (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)
69. Gary "Mani" Mounfield (Stone Roses)
70. Felix Pappalardi (Mountain)
71. Mike Rutherford (Genesis)
72. David Ellefson (Megadeth)
73. Matt Freeman (Rancid)
74. Ronnie Baker (MFSB)
75. John Alderete (Racer X, Mars Volta)
Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band)
76. Robert Trujillo (Suicidal Tendencies)
77. Duff McKagen (Guns N Roses)
78. Marshall Lytle (Bill Haley & The Comets)
79. Bill Gould (Faith No More)
80. Ray Pohlman (session man)
81. Me'Shell NdegéOcello (session woman, solo)
82. Doug Pinnick (King's X)
83. Tommy Cogbill (session man)
84. Glen Cornick (Jethro Tull)
85. Pino Palladino (session man)
86. Randy Coven (Steve Vai/freelance)
87. Tim Commerford (Rage Against The Machine)
88. Doug Wimbish (Living Color)
89. Thomas Miller (Symphony X)
90. Mick Karn (session man)
91. Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam)
92. Ron Wood (Jeff Beck Group)
93. Michael Lepond (Symphony X)
94. Dave Hope (Kansas)
95. Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones)
96. Leo Lyons (Ten Years After)
97. Timothy B Schmit (Eagles)
98. Rex Brown (Pantera)
99. Bobby Sheehan (Blues Traveler)
100. Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith)

50 Great Rock Basslines [ 2005 ]
1. Another One Bites The Dust (Queen)
2. Roundabout (Yes)
3. Money (Pink Floyd)
4. Super Freak (Rick James)
5. Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin (Sly & Family Stone)
6. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell)
7. Dazed And Confused (Led Zeppelin)
8. Badge (Cream)
9. Higher Ground (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
10. Taxman (The Beatles)
11. Freewill (Rush)
12. Brick House (The Commodores)
13. Thela Hun Ginjeet (King Crimson)
14. NIB (Black Sabbath)
15. Good Times (chic)
16. Bernadette (Four Tops/James Jamerson)
17. London Calling (The Clash)
18. Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)
19. Jeremy (Pearl Jam)
20. Ramble On (Led Zeppelin)
21. No More Tears (Ozzy Osbourne)
22. Boris The Spider (The Who)
23. The Lemon Song (Led Zeppelin)
24. The Boys Are Back In Town (Thin Lizzy)
25. Come As You Are (Nirvana)
James Jamerson
26. Stand By Me (Ben E King)
27. Come Together (The Beatles)
28. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)
29. Would (Alice In Chains)
30. Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)
31. Schism (Tool)
32. Lowrider (War)
33. Guns Of Brixton (The Clash)
34. Take The Power Back (Rage Against The Machine)
35. Longview (Green Day)
36. Heart Of The Sunrise (Yes)
37. Young Lust (Pink Floyd)
38. The Joker (Steve Miller Band)
39. Pump It Up (Elvis Costello)
40. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (The Clash)
41. Jerry Was A Racecar Driver (Primus)
42. Break On Through (The Doors)
43. Only In Dreams (Weezer)
44. Sober (Tool)
45. Coffee Shop (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
46. Whipping Post (Allman Brothers Band)
47. Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran)
48. After Midnight (JJ Cale)
49. Last Ride In (Green Day)
50. The Big Money (Rush)

The above lists are with courtesy of Digital Dream Door Site
They are NOT compiled by myself. They have a page for your comments ~ which I am sure you have many!

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"MY CITY WAS GONE" by The Pretenders.
Pretender bassist ~ Pete Farndon
The distinctive opening Bass line & the 1st 60 sec of this song see airplay on over 600 stations each hour from 12- 3pm Mon -Fri
as the opening theme (over 22 years) for the Rush Limbaugh show.
That's 600 pr hr
1800 a day
9000 a week
468,000 plays a year,
from just Limbaugh's show alone!!

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If your choice is not in the above top bassist's lists
please email me
and I will give them a well deserved mention here

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Glenn Cornick
Glenn Cornick
British bass player, best known as a founding member of the UK band Jethro Tull.
He attended Barrow-in-Furness Grammar School for Boys and then moved to Blackpool, where he joined a soul band called John Evan Smash in which Ian Anderson and guitarist Mick Abrahams were also members. Drummer Clive Bunker who was a friend of Abrahams joined them to form Jethro Tull; Glenn recorded all 6 of their albums. After leaving Jethro Tull, he formed Wild Turkey in 1971 after which he joined the German band Karthago with whom he recorded just one album Rock'N'Roll Testament before leaving to form Paris. After 2 albums Paris disbanded in 1977 and Glenn moved to the US. In 1996, he participated in a Jethro Tull tribute, called To Cry You A Song - A collection of Tull Tales. In the 2000s Glen released 3 more albums with Wild Turkey, the last being You & Me in the Jungle in 2006

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Lloyd Brevett

Jamaican double bassist and founder member of The Skatalites, who pioneered ska music and paved the way for reggae. The founders of the Skatalites,
Lloyd along with Tommy McCook-died 1998, Rolando Alphonso-died 1998, Lloyd Knibb-died 2011, Don Drummond-died 1969, Jah Jerry Haynes-died 2007, Jackie Mittoo-died 1990, Johnny Moore -2008, Jackie Opel-died 1970 and Lester Sterling, started to play together in 1955, and formed the now legendary Skatalites in 1964. In spring 1964, they recorded their first LP Ska Authentic at Studio One in Kingston and toured Jamaica as the creators of ska. Later that year "Man in the Street", entered the Top 10 in the UK. The Skatalites were together for 18 months in the 1960s. On New Year's Eve 1964, trombonist Don Drummond stabbed and killed his girlfriend and vocalist Marguerita.
The other band members disbanded in July 1965, with Lloyd and other members forming the Soul Brothers, later becoming the Soul Vendors. In 1975, the reunited to record Lloyd's solo album African Roots. They continued to reconvene periodically before reforming in the 1980s. In 1996, their album Hi-Bop Ska: The 30th Anniversary Recording, earned a Grammy nomination, with a second nomination coming the following year for Greetings From Skamania. Lloyd toured all over the world with The Skatalites and produced two Skatalites' albums, African Roots in 1975 and The Legendary Skatalites in 1976. He once stated, "Ska was our type of music that could lift the youth and make Jamaica known around the world"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Pete Quaife
Pete Quaife
English bassist and founding member of the British rock band The Kinks; he founded a group known as The Ravens in 1963 with brothers Ray and Dave Davies. Around late 1963, they changed their name to The Kinks, and hired Mick Avory as a drummer. The group scored several major international hits throughout the 1960s such as "Sunny Afternoon" and "Waterloo Sunset", and their early singles, including "You Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of the Night", have been cited as an early influence on the hard rock and heavy metal genres. After leaving The Kinks, Pete founded a new band, the country/rock outfit, Mapleoak, the group gigged heavily in Denmark and in the UK during most of 1969 and early 1970, after which in 1980, Pete retired from the music world and relocated to Belleville, Ontario, Canada to work as a graphic artist. In 2005, Pete was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame with Kinks, marking the final reunion of the four original band members
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Max Bennett
Max Bennett
American jazz bassist and session musician,
his first professional gig was with Herbie Fields in 1949, following this he played with Georgie Auld, Terry Gibbs, and Charlie Ventura. After serving in the Korean War 1951–53, he played with Stan Kenton before moving to Los Angeles. There he played regularly at the Lighthouse Cafe with his own ensemble, and played behind such vocalists as Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez through the 1970s. He also recorded with Charlie Mariano, Conte Candoli, Bob Cooper, Bill Holman, Stan Levey, Lou Levy, Coleman Hawkins and Jack Montrose. Max recorded under his own name from the late 1950s, and did extensive work as a composer and studio musician in addition to jazz playing. He played bass on many records by The Monkees and The Partridge Family, and was one of the musicians Frank Zappa used for the Hot Rats project. He also played on later Zappa albums such as Chunga's Revenge. His studio work also included bass on the Lalo Schifrin soundtrack to the 1969 film Bullitt. He continued with his own band, L.A. Express, his own group Freeway, and most recent band, Private Reserve.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Carl Radle
Carl Radle
American bass player born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and maybe best known for his association with Eric Clapton, starting in 1969 with Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, then Derek and the Dominos, and he took part in Joe Cocker's famous Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour. He worked on all of Eric's solo projects and was a member of Clapton's touring band from 1970 until 1979. Carl also can be seen in the famous concert film, The Concert for Bangladesh. During this time Carl had recorded albums with Dave Mason, J. J. Cale, George Harrison, The Colours, Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, and Buddy Guy among many others. He can also be seen in Martin Scorsese's , The Last Waltz, a final concert performance of The Band, in 1978. Carl played on a number of gold and platinum singles and albums, and was postumously inducted to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2006
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Klaus Voorman

Klaus Voorman
German Grammy Award-winning artist, noted musician, and record producer. In 1966, he became a member of the band Manfred Mann playing bass until 1969, appearing on all their hits from "Just Like a Woman" to their final single "Ragamuffin Man"; he played bass and flute on their 1968 international hit "Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)". As a member of Yoko Ono and Lennon's Plastic Ono Band, he played at the Live Peace in Toronto 1969 and three albums. He also played on five Lennon albums including Walls and Bridges, and played in George Harrison's assembled band in the 1971 The Concert for Bangladesh, plus played on 5 of Harrisons albums, as well as playing on three of Ringo's albums. After Harrison died, he played bass as part of the supporting band on the song "All Things Must Pass", in the Concert for George on 29 November 2002. As a session musician, he played on solo projects by Lou Reed, Carly Simon, James Taylor, and Harry Nilsson amongst others. On July 17th 2009 Klaus released his first solo album called A Sideman's Journey, credited to "Voormann & Friends" and featured Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens, Don Preston, Dr. John, The Manfreds, Jim Keltner, Van Dyke Parks, Joe Walsh and many others.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson
American Grammy award winner, best known as the leader, founder and chief songwriter of the group The Beach Boys in which he played bass and keyboards, also providing part-time lead vocals and, more often, backing vocals, harmonizing in falsetto with the group. With hits such as "Surfin' Safari", "Surfin' USA", "Shut Down", "Little Deuce Coupe", "Be True to Your School", "In My Room", "Fun, Fun, Fun", "I Get Around", "Dance, Dance, Dance", "Help Me Rhonda", "California Girls" and "Good Vibrations" and their accompanying albums were internationally popular, making The Beach Boys one of the biggest acts of their time. Brian launched a career as a solo artist in 1988. His many awards and honours include his 2005 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for Mrs. O'Leary's Cow and in November 2006, he was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame by Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, where Brian performed "God Only Knows" and "Good Vibrations" at the ceremony.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Gary Thain
Gary Thain
New Zealander,
rock bassist,
Gary Thain was part of the rock trio The New Nadir, and with the drummer Peter Dawkins, he travelled from New Zealand to London, where he jammed with Jimi Hendrix before the trio split in 1969. He then
joined the Keef Hartley Band and in 1971, they toured with Uriah Heep; after which in February 1972, they invited Gary to join them to replace Mark Clarke. He played on four studio albums: Demons & Wizards, The Magician's Birthday , Sweet Freedom and Wonderworld as well as their live album entitled, Uriah Heep Live. During his last tour with Uriah Heep, Gary suffered an electric shock at the Moody Coliseum in Dallas, Texas on 15 September 1974, and was seriously injured. Due to his drug addiction he was not able to perform properly, and left the band in early 1975.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Gerald Veasley
Gerald Veasley
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, jazz bass guitarist, Gerald Veasley was introduced to gospel and R&B as a child and then as a teenager, in the late '60s and 1970s,
he played in various R&B bands in West Philly. He was a huge fan, Weather Report and Smokey Robinson and soon became inspired by Jaco Pastorius, Anthony Jackson, and Stanley Clarke, and it wasn't long until he switched to playing his new love .. jazz. At this time he found plenty of work as a studio musician, supporting many prominent musicians. Then in 1988 Weather Report's Joe Zawinul hired him as a sideman. During this period he released his debut solo album "Look Ahead" in 1992 and in 1995 he left Joe to concerntrate on his solo career. He has gone on to release 7 more albums (to date) - ''Signs'', ''Soul Control'', ''Love Letters'', ''On the Fast Track'', ''Velvet'', ''At the Jazz Base!'' and his latest album released in 2008 ''Your Move'', reached No.12 on the U.S. Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tim Bogert
Tim Bogert
Well known for his electric bass solos, New Yorker Tim Bogert started as a child on piano, changing to claranet and playing saxophone in his high school marching band. Still playing sax, he formed the band called The Belltones. It wasn't till the band elvolved into The Chessmen opening for the like of The Shirelles, The Crest and The Earl, Tim picked up the electric bass. In 1965 he went on tour with Rick Martin and the Showmen, where he met Mark Stein. He and Mark formed a band The Pigeons which elvolved into Vanilla Fudge. Tim's unique combination of melodic ingenuity, and gutsy roaring speed, brought new dimensions to the role of the electric bass player back in 1967. Following the breakup of Vanilla Fudge in 1970, Tim went on with Carmine to form Cactus followed by the super group and Beck, Bogert & Appice, featuring guitarist Jeff Beck and drummer Carmine Appice. Over the years Tim has performed with many world class players and bands including Jake E. Lee, Rod Stewart, Billy Cobham, Steve Perry, Bobby and the Midnights, Rick Derringer, Vince Martell, Ronnie Laws, Boxer and Ginger Baker. He played bass guitar on Bo Diddley's The 20th Anniversary Of Rock 'n' Roll all-star album and was inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame in 1999. He still plays and tours with the reunited Vanilla Fudge and Cactus reunions.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Mel Schacher
Mel Schacher
Bassist/lead bassist Mel Schacher was born in Flint, Michigan. At the age of 7 he was learning to play his Dad's banjo, by 12 he was learning guitar and playing in local groups by his early teens. At 16 he started out on his professional career with Question Mark and the Mysterians, touring America
supporting their hit "96 Tears". In 1968, Mel, with friends Don Brewer and Mark Farner founded the rock band Grand Funk Railroad aka Grand Funk, where his "lead bass" style helped create the Grand Funk unique sound and his strong approach to music has inspired countless musicians to blend rock-solid support punctuated with fluid riffs. In 1970 they sold more albums than any other American band. The 70's also saw them continually in the charts with hits including "We're An American Band", "The Loco-Motion", "Shinin' On", "Some Kind of Wonderful", and "Bad Time". When the band split he co-founded the band "Flint" producing a self titled album with Frank Zappa guesting on 2 tracks, "Better You Than Me" and "You'll Never Be The Same". Mel rejoined Grand Funk Railroad during their reunion tour in 1996. He still plays and tours with the band today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Leland "Lee" Bruce Sklar
Leland Sklar
Born in Wisconsin, but raised in Southern California,
Leland Sklar's long career started when his college friend, James Taylor asked him to play bass for him. As James' fame grew, this led to other bands and artists wanting Lee's bass lines. Over the years, as a session musician, he has contributed to thousands of albums recording with The Section, Air Supply, Glen Campbell, Eric Carmen, Donovan, America, Hoyt Axton, Kim Carnes, Clint Black, Suzy Bogguss, David Cassidy, Ray Charles, Roberta Flack, Carole Bayer Sager, Roger McGuinn, Joe Cocker, Rita Coolidge, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Robbie Williams, Neil Diamond, Phil Collins, The Doors, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Engelbert Humperdinck, Arlo Guthrie, Merle Haggard, Carole King, Richard Marx, The Manhattan Transfer, Yumi Matsutoya, Amy Grant, Ricky Martin, Lisa Loeb, Steve Lukather, Lyle Lovett, Kris Kristofferson, Reba McEntire, Enrique Iglesias, Julio Iglesias, Bernadette Peters, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, LeAnn Rimes, Shawn Phillips, Johnny Rivers, Miyuki Nakajima, Randy Newman, Aaron Neville, Dolly Parton, Bette Midler, Jimmy Webb, The Spencer Davis Group, Rick Springfield, Rod Stewart, Warren Zevon, The Weather Girls, Tanya Tucker, Terence Trent d'Arby, Barbra Streisand, George Strait, Donna Summer, Michael W. Smith, Neil Sedaka, Ricky Skaggs and this is mentioning only a few. He has also recorded sound tracks to films and television shows, to date Annabelle's Wish, Black Dog, Catwalk, The Prince of Egypt, Conspiracy Theory, Coyote Ugly, Doctor Detroit, Dr. T & the Women, For Love of the Game, Legally Blonde, Message in a Bottle, Metropolis, Phantom of the Paradise, The Postman, Sleepwalkers, Love Maximum. Lee, nicknamed "Father Time" has also toured with Toto beginning in 2007 until the band broke up in 2008. He was filling in for Mike Porcaro, who was recovering from a hand injury.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Lee Rocker
Lee Rocker
Bassist Lee Rocker began taking classical cello lessons at eight years old, but influenced by rock n roll he took up electric bass, before hearing the blues of Carl Perkins and Muddy Water when he took to the acoustic bass. He jammed with his school friends Jimmy McDonnell aka Slim Jim Phantom and Brian Setzer, who in 1979 became The Stray Cats, who went on to revive rockabilly music around the world. Lee's powerful, original songs, virtuoso musicianship, and vibrant vocals, brought depth and substance to a neglected style of music to a new generation who loved it. From 1984 has worked with Earl Slick, Carl Perkins, Dave Edmunds, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Jeff Beck, Willie Nelson and others. In more recent years Lee has founded his band Black Cat Bone; '02, he toured the U.S. with ex-Elvis Presley guitarist Scotty Moore; '03 The Stray Cats reunited for an 18-city tour of Europe, and 2007 saw another successful rocking Stray Cat world tour. Orange County Weekly quote: “there has never been a rock ‘n’ roll bass player more fun to watch in concert than Lee Rocker.”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Jance Garfat
Jance Garfat
US bassist Jance Garfat started his career with different bands around Union City, New Jersey before joining the pop-country rock band Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show in 1972 as their full-time bassist. Jance added a fuller depth and a solid bottom line to their sound. At the height of their success Dr Hook were top of the charts in 42 countries. They were known more for there singles rather than an album band and Jance can be heard on all the bands tracks from 1972 to 1985, such as 'A Little Bit More', 'Only Sixteen', 'If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body', 'Sexy Eyes', 'Cover Of The Rolling Stone', 'More Like The Movies', 'Ballad Of Lucy Jordan', 'When Your In Love with a Beautiful Woman' and dozens more. This great band amassed 60 gold and platinum singles and albums.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Mike Dirnt
Mike Dirnt
orn Michael Ryan Pritchard, Mike Dirnt at the age of 14 formed the band Sweet Children, with friend Billie Joe Armstrong. Two years later in 1989 with the addition of John Kiffmeyer aka Al Sobrante they formed Green Day,
gathering a big fanbase on the punk rock scene in Berkeley, California. In 1994 thier break-through and third album "Dookie" sold over 10 million copies, Mike's basslines on "Longview" showed the world what an awesome bassist he is. The band has sold over 60 million records worldwide, won three Grammy Awards; Best Alternative Album for Dookie, Best Rock Album for American Idiot, and Record of the Year for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams.". Mike has also played with bands Squirtgun, the Screeching Weasel, the Network, and Crummy Musicians, and currently plays with The Frustrators as well as Green Day. Mike is working on a new Green Day studio album set to be released sometime in 2008.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Bill Dickinson

Studio musician and session player, Bill Dickinson is a well known and very respected electic bass guitarist in Los Angeles, where back in the late 60's and 70's he used to play every Tuesday night with his friend and then fellow session guitarist Lee Mack "Captain Fingers" Ritenour at The Baked Potato. As well as playing the Californian scene Bill has a busy life playing sessions in the shadows of the L.A. studios recording with the likes of Seals & Croft, Willie Bobo, Righteous Brothers, John Pisano, Michael Franks, Dave Grusin to mention a few.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tommy Shannon
Tommy Shannon
Tommy Shannon joined his first band The Avengers at the age of 13, but got his big break later when he met Johnny Winter in The Fog at Dallas and they formed a project known as The Progressive Blues Experiment, Edgar Winter joined them onstage wat Woodstock. In 1970 Tommy moved to San Francisco forming the band Krakerjack. 1977 sees him in Houston with Allen Hayes opening for bands Bachman-Turner Overdrive and KISS. Next he met up with Stevie Ray Vaughan in The Fog at Dallas and joined Stevies band Double Trouble. Since SRV's sad, untimely death Tommy has played, recorded and-or toured with The Mighty Zor, the Arc Angels, Storyville, Susan Tedeschi, Jimmie Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Little Richard, Hubert Sumlin, Mike McCready, Johnny Lang, Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson, David Grissom, Mato Nanji and Jeff Beck.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Clifford Burton
Clifford Burton
Clifford Burton was born in Castro Valley, California, to hippy parents. He studied classical piano at six, bass guitar at 14, spending four to six hours a day perfecting his bass guitar skills, and took a music course at Napa Valley Junior College. He formed Trauma, it was while with this band
Ron McGovney heard Clifford perform his solo, "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth", asking him to join Metallica. He joined Metallica only after they relocated to the San Francisco, California Bay Area.
Clifford had a major say in Metallica's music, look, and direction, his early influence and driving bassline, was the essential ingredient in creating the unique musical style for which Metallica would later become famous. he exposed early Metallica to a variety of music styles from The Misfits, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground, and Thin Lizzy, to classical pianist Glenn Gould. Clifford's first appeared with Metallica at The Stone, in San Francisco, CA on March 5th, 1983. His final performance was in Stockholm, Sweden on September 26, 1986, only hours before the tragic road accident. R.I.P.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dave Bronze
Dave Bronze
Dave Bronze was born in Billericay, Essex, England. He joined the Robin Trower band in 1983, making 4 albums over the next 4 years. Also in the 80's, he played and recorded in No Stiletto Shoes band with Gary Brooker and Art of Noise. In 1990 he formed "Be Sharpe" with Jerry Stevenson on keyboards and guitar & drummer, Bob Jenkins. Between 1990 and 1994 Dave was a member of the Dr Feelgood Band and the Procol Harum band, touring and recording with both bands. Dave joined the Eric Clapton Band in 1994 which he toured with throughout the '90's and into the 2000's; as well as recording, touring and playing with Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, Eric Clapton, Dr. Feelgood, Sting, Duane Eddy, Tina Turner, George Harrison, Leo Sayer, Procol Harum, The Hamsters, Chris Farlowe, Gary Brooker, Be Sharp, Phil Collins, Stuart Copeland, Bo Diddly, Roger Daltry, David Gilmore, Mike Rutherford, Steve Windwood, Paul Carrack, Belinda Carlisle, Brian Ferry, Mickey Jupp, Ray Davis ..... to name but a few! Dave was also voted British Blues Connections 2000 Bass Player Of The Year.
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emmy Kilmister

Lemmy Kilmister
Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, bass playing frontman of the seminal punk-metal crossover band, Motörhead, hails from Stoke-on-Trent, UK, but raised in Anglesey, Wales. In the 60's he roadied for Jimi Hendrix & The Nice and played in several bands including Sam Gopal, The Rockin' Vickers and Opal Butterfly. 1971 sees him in the space rock UK Underground band Hawkwind, 1973's"Silver Machine", reached No.3. In 1975 he went on to form a new band The Bastard, soon renamed Motörhead, which he still fronts today. Lemmy has appearance in number of films and television productions, and as well as his career with Motorhead he has recorded with The Damned, The Young & Moody Band, Robert Calvert, Albert Jarvinen Band, Nina Hagen, Fast Eddie Clarke, Shonen Knife, Myth Dreams of World, The Ramones, Jetboy, Probot, The Head Cat, Ugly Kid Joe, Skew Siskin and still makes guest appearances with Hawkwind.
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Jay Bentley
Jay Bentley
Jay Bentley was born in Kansas in 1964. He was a founder member of the legendary punk rock group 'Bad Religion' in 1980 while still at El Camino High School. He left BR for a few of years and played in number of bands, including Epitaph and TSOL, but returned to 'Bad Religion' in the late 80's, which is his most proud and well-known collaboration, with the punk masters.This has established him as one of Punk Rock's finest bass players, Jay Bentley has never failed to impress with his slick skills for over 26 years.
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Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson.
Henderson played bass with the Fantastic Four, Detroit Emeralds, Billy Preston, and other Motown acts from the age of 13. He later toured extensively with Stevie Wonder & Aretha Franklin before joining Miles Davis for 7 years. Sessioned with all the jazz greats, his latest projects being Children on the Corner and Bass Player's Ball.
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Jerome Rimson
Jerome Rimson

Bass virtuoso originally from Detroit City, playing soul, jazz and rock with full solid
enthusiasm and empathy. His amazing career stretchs over 4 decades from the
Detroit Emeralds to Freddie Mercury to Mark Knofner to Van Morrison,
with dozens more in between.
World respected bass sessionist.
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Norman Watt-Roy
Norman Watt-Roy
Norman Watt-Roy one of the most accomplished bass players in the UK, who
Ian Dury & the Blockheads come to fame . Norman has also
contributed his talents to recording artists as diverse as
the Clash and Frankie goes to Holly-wood.

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Catch up with RANDY COVEN the bass virtuoso, the bass soloist who has played with Yngwie Malmsteen, David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Al Pitrelli, Zakk Wylde, Vito Bratta, Steve Morse and many others.

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