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Lucinda Williams
Born: Lake Charles, L.A. ~ January 26th 1953
American rock, folk, and country music singer and songwriter. is universally applauded as a major talent by fellow musicians and critics alike. You can be guarenteed her songs, albums and writings to be world class due not only to her talent, but also her patience, attention to detail and perfectionism, prooven as Lucinda Williams was named "America's Best Songwriter" by TIME magazine in 2002, and is a three-time Grammy Award winner, for both her songwriting and solo performances.
Lucinda Williams

1979 - Ramblin'
1980 - Happy Woman Blues
1988 - Lucinda Williams
1992 - Sweet Old World
1998 - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
2001 - Essence
2003 - World Without Tears
2005 - Live @ The Fillmore
2007 - West
(to be released on February 13th 2007)

2005 - Lucinda Williams - Live from Austin, TX
Guest vocalist on Flogging Molly's "Factory Girls" on their 2004 album "Within a Mile of Home"
Appeared on Elvis Costello's 'The Delivery Man'.
Dueted with Steve Earle's "You're Still Standin' There" from his album 'I Feel Alright' from 1996

Lucinda Williams
Lucinda Williams was born in Lake Charles, LA, into a very literal family; her father being a literature professor and published poet; she was influenced by her fathers love of language, Delta blues and Hank Williams; and her mother's love of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Her mother encouraged her to write her own material. Lucinda was also influenced by the different cultures of Mexico and South America as the family moved frequently because of her fathers job. The earliest music she remembers hearing was the Methodist hymns of her kinfolk. Lucinda started playing guitar at the age of 12 and by the late 60's, while still in college, Lucinda's first public gigs were in New Orleans, spending the next 6 years here, gaining experience, singing around the folk venues. In 1974 she moved to Austin, TX, working between Houston and Austin before moving up to New York.were she recorded for the Smithsonian's Folkways label.
Lucinda Williams
In 1979, Lucinda went down to Malaco studios in Jackson, M.S. to record her debut album " Ramblin' " which featured covers of country, folk, Cajun songs and traditional blues numbers. Her follow up album in 1980, "Happy Woman Blues" featured her own material was recorded in Houston, where again Lucinda spent the next few years working between Houston and Austin, before moving to Los Angeles in 1984. It was here she was signed to CBS and caught more media attention, performing with both rock and acoustic backing. CBS did not know how to market this so dropped Lucinda. However she had been noticed by the British indie label Rough Trade and in 1988 released her 3rd album "Lucinda Williams", this recieved rave reviews and Lucinda was applauded a major new talent, the single "Changed the Locks", got radio play around the country; Patty Loveless covered "The Night's Too Long" taking into the top 20 country charts. 1992 see's Lucinda signed to the Chameleon label and releasing her album "Sweet Old World". This led to an Australian tour with Rosanne Cash and Mary Chapin Carpenter. While on tour Mary Chapin
Carpenter arranged to record "Passionate Kisses," the key track on Lucinda's album, thisshot into the top 5 of the country charts and honoured the song writer, Lucinda with her first Grammy award.This bought a flood of artists recording Lucinda's material, including Tom Petty with "Changed the Locks" and Emmylou Harris with "Crescent City". Lucinda continued writing, playing the venues and dueted with Steve Earle on the song "You're Still Standin' There" from his album I Feel Alright from 1996.
Lucinda Williams
It took 6 years for her next album, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" , after much perfecting in various studios, it was finally released in 1998 on the Mercury label. The work was worth while, it won Lucinda her 2nd Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album. It became her first gold album and the track "Still I Long for Your Kiss" is featured in the Robert Redford film 'The Horse Whisperer', but maybe more important it made Lucinda a full-fledged recording artist in her own right.
Her follow up album in 2001 "Essence" moved away from the more traditional country feel gaining Lucinda fans in the alternative music world and won her, her 3rd Grammy Award in 2002 for the Best Female Rock performance with the single "Get Right With God". Lucinda started experimenting with rap stylings and electric blues, which can be heard on her 7th album in 2003, "World Without Tears", her so far highest-charting album. As well as recording a cover of the John Hartford classic "Gentle On My Mind," which played over the closing credits of Will Ferrell's film 'Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby', Lucinda has been working on her 8th album "West"

“Lucinda Williams has made the record of a lifetime - part Hank Williams, part Bob Dylan, part Keith Richards circa Exile On Main Street....” – Vanity Fair
Album cover of Lucinda's lastest album 'West'
Lucinda has been working on her 8th studio album "WEST"
for which she has written over 27 songs.

"West" will be released on February 13th 2007

Lucinda Williams

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