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January 29th 1936 ~ August 2nd 1983
The late Great James Jamerson
Just days before James died, one final evil blow struck this amazing soul, someone crept
into his home while James was so ill in his bed and stole his friend of 21 years, his
1962 Fender Precision. Two days later, heart broken, he sadly slipped away

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The Funk Machine

James Jamerson played the bass lines for dozens of hit songs on
one instrument: his 1962 Fender Precision. This bass, known as
"The Funk Machine," is one of the most important instruments
in the history of popular music. Unfortunately, it was stolen from Jamerson’s Los Angeles house shortly before his death in 1983.

Bass Player would like to see "The Funk Machine" where it belongs: in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. With the co-operation of Fender Musical Instruments, we are offering a simple swap. Return Jamerson’s bass to us and you will receive a brand-new ’62 Precision from Fender’s Vintage series. No questions asked.

The authenticity of any instrument submitted will be determined
by James Jamerson Jr. "The Funk Machine" is described in
Standing In The Shadows Of Motown this way: "There was
nothing extraordinary about it. It was a stock ’62 sunburst Fender Precision É The only part of the instrument that wasn’t stock
was the heel of the neck, where James had carved the word ‘Funk’ into the wood and filled it in with blue ink." In addition to the carving, there are some other characteristics which only Jamerson’s son would recognize.

If you think you might have Jamerson’s bass
(or if you have information about its location),
please call us at (650) 513-4414.
Help us put this historic instrument into the
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

- Jim Roberts -

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