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Born: Rome, Italy ~ April 15th 1978

Francesco Fareri, composer and guitarist is now considered by many as one of the world's fastest shred guitarists. He plays with acute speed, keeping it crisp, clean and fresh, playing arpeggios containing so much statement with sheer precision. This lightening fast, innovative guitarist, certainly has the gift of virtuosity, loosing nothing at such wild tempos. His main genres are progressive, metal and rock. Francesco's main influences on his musical journey have been musicians Jason Becker, Yngwie Malsteen, Rusty Cooley, Greg Howe, George Bellas, Jon Doman, Deen Castronovo and bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X , but the greatest influence has been Ukrainian Vitalij Kuprij, the master keyboardist in the neo-classical progressive metal band Artension, who changed Francesco's concept of music. Francesco now mainly plays a 7-string guitar, LGM Guitars build him a special 7 string based on an Ibanez RG7620 but with maple board and powerful pickups. He has made 3 instructoinal DVD's, (different levels), recorded 3 solo albums, guested on several albums, and has more projects in the offing that you will read about further down this page. He also plays a mean keyboard and into graphic design, having designed his own websites and other musician's websites and album covers. All information is on his website.

with Francesco Fareri
October 1st 2007

BT : Hi there Francesco, thanks for taking time for this interview, I like to go to the roots of your gift first .. Were your parents at all musical?
FRANCESCO : Hello, not so much, I mean, my father can play guitar and was involved into Beatles songs and my grandmother was a pianist.

BT : Did anything at school influence you on the music front?
FRANCESCO : Yes! my great friend Mario Salvucci! www.myspace.com/mariosalvucci ! He is an amazing guitar player and I remember during a school concert he played Satriani's and Vai's music and I was so impressed so I decided to take lessons from him! Now he writes soundstracks for various movies, programs and much more! He is a person that I respect so much and everytime I see him, he gives me always new ideas! Thanks Mario!

BT : Rosy-Fingered Dawn: a Film on Terrence Malick springs to mind .. Back to you .. Can you remember the first record you bought?
FRANCESCO : Yes of course! It was The Final Countdown by Europe! I consider in the rock/metal area of course!

BT : Most children seem to start on the piano was this your first instrument?
FRANCESCO : No, The guitar was my first instrument! I wanted to play like guitar-hero!

BT : What make was your very first guitar?
FRANCESCO : It was a clone of a red stratocaster! I have it somewhere! It has the signs of all my friends too! I remember those times!

BT : Did you start playing in local rock bands, and working your way up?
FRANCESCO : I had one band where I played Metallica, Guns and Roses, Nirvana, Megadeth songs and it was so funny! Then I discovered the guitar players kind of music and I decided to work on instrumental songs! With that band I played lot of concerts during 5 or 6 years!

BT : What was the music scene like in Rome when you were in your teens?
FRANCESCO : There were lot of bands and lot of places for concerts! I can say it was much better than now for undiscovered bands!

BT : What was the name of your first band and what music did you play?
FRANCESCO : No name for a lot of time, then the guitar player (Mauro) and drummer (Francesca) choose "Angel of Grief"... but me and the bassist (Fabio) weren't so happy at the beginning but it doesn't matter!

BT : The speed you play at is amazing, and so clean, how many hours a day did you practice your guitar techniques?
FRANCESCO : I practiced 4/5 hours everyday and the weekend 8/9 a day for 4/5 years and it helped me a lot!

BT : Well all the long hours certainly haven't been in vain!! Has it been a gradual proccess or have you always wanted to play fast and shred?
FRANCESCO : At the beginning as I told you I played solos by Slash and Hammet, then when I discovered Malmsteen I tried to play faster but all was gradual of course!

BT : What made you play 7 string guitar and why do you prefer it?
FRANCESCO : I've seen lot of players using that so I wanted to try one and I felt at ease with it because my hands are big! :-) Anyway a 7 string has the possibility to play more things and some riff sounds different more low! Anyway to have 7 string guitar doesn't matter to play always the seventh string, I use it 70% as 6 string guitar! I've bought few days ago the new 8 string guitar and it is a beast! but it change a lot of things because it isn't a guitar in my opinion it is more similar to a guitar/bass. Maybe the 7 string gutiar is perfect!

Francesco Fareri and Vitalij Kuprij

BT : What do you consider your first big break in your musical career?
FRANCESCO : The friendship and collaboration with amazing keyboard player Vitalij Kuprij!

BT : I see also that you designed an album cover for Vitalij Kuprij's lastest album, did you design any of the covers for your own albums?
FRANCESCO : Yes I made the cover for Vitalij's Japan edition of his new solo album! he is a close friend of mine and it was a pleasure! I did all my covers of course, my site and much more! it is a hobby and passion!

BT: Are there any other big breaks you would like to mention?
FRANCESCO : To release my new CD SECRETS WITHIN that I consider my best one! Thanks also to Lion Music that always supported me and my music!

BT : What has been the most exciting moment in your musical career so far?
FRANCESCO : To play with my greatest influence ever: Vitalij Kuprij! A true dream come true!

BT : Any funny or embarresing moments?
FRANCESCO : Unfortunately I haven't made so many concerts to remember those kind of moments!

BT : What inspires you when you are composing?
FRANCESCO: All the things that happen in life. Life is full of surprises and you never know what could happen the next day!

BT : What music do you listen to now, while relaxing at home or driving in your car?
FRANCESCO: I listen to everything! I love Shakira, Sting and some Italian singers as Elisa or Daniele Silvestri anyway in my car I use to listen very often the radio and it doesn't matter what they pass. I like all the music well played and well recorded!

BT : There are 1000’s of hopeful teens out there in the music world?.. What advice or comments would like you give them?
FRANCESCO : To follow your dreams always! No matter how much it could be impossible in front of your eyes because if you believe in it, it could be reality soon! I had the dream to know Vitalij Kuprij for a lot of years and then thanks to internet I was so lucky to exchange emails and then to meet face to face! I live in Rome in a small part of it and never travelled out and above I've never thought to meet such a great player like him who live in USA! but it happens!

BT : And finally is there anything you would like to add about future projects you have planned for 2008?
FRANCESCO : I'm going to release a new cd with my friend and incredible bassist Kyle Honea called KF project you can see the site here www.francescofareri.com/kfproject/
I'm going to record a new instructional video that I had ready since last year but never found time to record it... and I'm working on a vocal band!
For info check out my site www.francescofareri.com where you can listen to the samples of latest solo cd SECRETS WITHIN performed by Kyle Honea - Bass, Lucrezio de Seta - Drums and guest players Vitalij Kuprij and Bob Katsionis - Keyboards!
thanks for all and take care .. Francesco Fareri

Thankyou Francesco for giving your time for this great interview and our best wishes go with you for all your exciting future musical projects ... Beverley T.


"Secrets Within" is divided into two movements, one heavy and one acoustic to better show all of Francesco’s ideas, feelings and the way he considers music.

Francesco Fareri - Guitars & Keyboards; Kyle Honea - Bass; Lucrezio de Seta - Drums
GUEST PLAYERS: Vitalij Kuprij - Keyboards; Bob Katsionis - Keyboards and Piano

This album has sensational rave reviews all over the internet by magazines, webazines and fellow musicians alike, it comes highly recommended.

Francesco's 'Secrets Within' is available at


KF Project
VIRTUAL DNA - Kyle Honea & Francesco Fareri (to be released)


Guest Solos
2004: Forward and Beyond - Vitalij Kuprij
2004: Shawn Lane Remembered Vol I - various artists
2005: Eternity - Cyril Lepizzera
2006: Between the Music and Latitude - Citriniti & Fabrizio
2006: Distant Island Universe - Kyle Honea
2006: Panic Attack - Jim Horne
2006: Higher by Pablo Soler
2006: Scanning the Ocean - OSF





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