Bobby Arechiga has teamed up with the legendary John Parr to form
a wild melodic rock band, they have been invited to join up with

Don't miss this amazing new band at the nearest Arena to you
Bobby Arechigo with John Parr

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. . .. . June 17th 2008: Hammersmith Apollo London, England

. . .. . June 19th 2008: Manchester Apollo Manchester, England

. . .. . June 20th 2008: Clyde Auditorium Glasgow, Scotland

. . .. . June 22nd 2008: Civic Hall Wolverhampton, England

. . .. . June 23rd 2008: Cardiff International Arena Cardiff, Wales

. . .. . June 25th 2008: National Stadium Dublin, Ireland

. . .. . June 27th 2008: Nottingham Arena Nottingham, England

. . .. . June 28th 2008: Metro Radio Arena Newcastle Upon Tyne, England




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Los Angeles, California ~ 1960
Bobby Arechiga is now one of the most respected drum clinicians, plus sort after drum teacher and session drummers in Britain. Also has to be the most overlooked drummers with the media too, working with drummers from all over the world. Reveiw: Bobby began with an array of styles all blended into a fusion of customary hard hitting leaving a capacity crowd drooling at the prospect of another fine performance from such a veteran of the clinic scene.
Bobby Arechiga
Bobby went on to demonstrate what has been described by another clinician of standing and a member of Robert Plant's Priory of Brion, Andy Edwards as "... one of the most impressive and technically difficult things ever seen on a clinic. Whereby he marries drummers styles which have influenced him throughout his distinguished career and plays them as one to an astonished audience as a close to one of the finest performances I have had the pleasure of attending ...". by Ade, Nottingham.

Bobby Arechiga

Bobby's Many Influences
Ringo ~ his first
Santana's drum section ( Michael Shrieve on drums, Jose "Chepito" Areas on timbales, and Michael Carabello on congas!)
Buddy Rich
Ian Paice
Peter Criss from Kiss,
John Bonham from Led Zeppelin,
Billy Cobham,
Steve Gadd,
Neil Peart with Rush,
Lenny White,
Frank Beard from Z.Z. Top.
Lee Kerslake from Uriah Heep

More Recent Influences
The Mighty Jim Chapin
Travis Barker,
Chad Sexton with 311
Mike Mangini,
Johnny Rabb
Marco Minnemann
Andy Edwards
Russell Gillbrook
Craig Blundell
Peter Fairclough,
Keith Tippet amongst others

Bobby Arechiga

Bobby's Set-Up
In his own words
"The first time I'd heard of Zickos Drums was in 1975, my aforementioned buddy, John Pace got a massive set of them! All acrylic, transparent, big sound, powerful and majestic! All the big names of the early '70's had 'em( Bill Ward from Black Sabbath, Keith Moon from the Who, Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly,etc...). Then they disappeared! They reemerged in the 90's and are back making superb instruments! You can check out their history properly on! So I had to have 'em (in addition to my three Ludwig kits, greedy boy)! They are truly spectacular drums in every respect! Come see me play and hear/see for yourself!!

My set-up is kind of a schizoid thing! I've got a big "rock" size kit (26"x18" bass drum, 14"x6" snare, 14" rack tom, 16"and 18" floor toms) set up as a right handed kit, which is convenient, as I am right handed! But, set up right next to it, so it looks like a conventional double bass kit, is a small,"brickbat" size kit(20"x16" bass drum, 10"x5.75"snare, 8" rack, 10" and 12" floor toms), set-up as a left handed kit! Identity crisis or what? I've always had set-ups with a view towards ambidexterity, and I wanted to go the Bozzio, Minnemann, Mangini route of getting all limbs involved, however, I also wanted a right kit /left kit configuration, not just to be different, but to afford myself the variety in sound and technique! In my tuition studio in Sheffield, I've got a kit set up for right handed students, and one for left handed students, at all times! When a righty comes in, I'll play the left! When a lefty comes in, I'll play the right! It helps me while I help them!" taken from a Mike Dolmaer Interview

Robert Plant and Parker drummer Andy Edwards quote ~ "My mate, Bobby Arechiga (a UK drum clinician) plays two kits at the same time one right handed, one left...Thats right, he has two snares between his legs (10'' and 14'') two bass drums (20'' and 26'') and two hihats etc and plays them both cross and open handed".

Marcon Minnemann & Bobby Arechiga
above: Marco Minnemann & Bobby Arechiga
played togeter at 'Willows' Salford

Bobby Arechiga was born in Los Angeles in 1960. His Father's work for the U.S. government brought him to London, England at the age of 8 years for a while. Back to the States he attended Eldorado High, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Then came back to England at 17 to finish High School, at London Central High, a boarding school, while his parents were working in Saudi Arabia. It was when he was in New Mexico he took to the drums. He had been interested in them for many years and although his Uncle from Houston, Texas was a drummer, his school friend John Pace had a kit, it was when he heard Ian Paice from Deep Purple he was totally hooked. In the 80's Bobby met up with Original Vanilla Fudge Singer, Mark Stein. They formed the band 'Danger Zone'Mark Stein says - "After Fudge I decided to put my own band together. The 80s was the hard rock and heavy metal decade. There was Bobby Arechiga, one hell of a drummer and myself. We had a couple of guitar players. Lanny Cordola played with us for a while. Guns & Roses opened for Danger Zone at the Roxy in L.A. one night! Ronnie Dio produced the band. We, had a couple of demos, Andy Johns helped on one of them. Four years and we never got signed. Jesus Christ... Danger Zone really was a powerful trio, no bass, everything came from the keyboard". At this time Bobby also sessioned with Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), and Andy Johns (Producer/Engineer - Led Zeppelin, etc.) to mention a few.
Bobby on the left.
above: Danger Zone ~ Bobby on the left
In the late 80's while on a studio session job Bobby met Wilbur Hess power guitarist and his old time friend bassist Billy Evans in a recording studio. Billy and Bobby had known each other since being in their teens and played in a lot of earlier bands together. Wilbur's then girl friend, now wife Julie had the idea for the 3 to form a band and come to England. So ... Strongheart was born, deciding on the name while doing 'the walk of fame' on Hollywood Boulevard. They saw the name Strongheart, (by Capital Records I think) and that was it .. not realizing at the time it was the name of an alsation 'dog star' .. a very brave dog too. And so to England, to live out their Led Zeppelin fantasies. They worked all over Britain including the famous Marque Club in London. The George / Angus Young team (AC/DC) took them to Australia where they had a successful tour, cut their first album 'Hard Wired' and made 2 vidoes for MTV Australasia 'The Kids Are Wired' and 'Smooth As Silk'. On their return to England they signed to new label Hengest/Grapevine and later released their second album "Ritual". They were kept busy gigging all over Britain & Scandinavia and doing many festivals including the The Borstrock Festival, Nieuw Vossemeer in Western Holland and Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield UK. Strongheart finished around 2000, first Billy returned to America followed not long after by Wilbur and Julie. This gave Bobby time to get down to some proper studying of music and learning more and more techniques, gathering mass knowledge which gave him the confidence and 'no-how' to teach and share his love of the drums with others. Working with Drummers from all over the world, Bobby is one of the most respected drum clinicians, session drummers and sort after drum teachers in Britain. He is also working on a book and video which I will let you know about when they are completed. If you see him advertised near you do not miss the experience of his fine performances or book in for some lessons with the master himself.

Bobby Arechiga

Ade ~ part review
A truly professional display from one of the countries most seasoned clinicians showing why so many industry folk, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and Ronny James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbeth and Dio) among others, along with veteran producers like Andy Johns feel comfortable working with such a consummate professional.

Strongheart CD's
Hard Wired ~ original Strongheart

~ original Strongheart
Wilbur Hess: guitar/vocals, Bobby Arechiga: drums & Billy Evans: bass

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Bobby Arechiga meets up with John Parr
EARLY SPRING: Bobby teams up with John Parr to form
a melodic rock band
~ they're wild!!

Bobby Arechiga on UK tour with Journey
JUNE: Bobby, John Parr plus their new band go on UK tour with American rock band Journey

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Bobby Arechiga records with Bryan Adams
The first half of 2007 has seen Bobby in Poland working in the studios with Canadian singer, musician Bryan Adams

Bobby Arechiga in Sheffield, Grimsby and Hull
Guitar virtuoso, Wilbur Hess is visiting the UK for a few months this year and Strongheart reformed for a few special gigs.
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