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Sorrowfully I have this update
January 15th 2008

Bobby Ferrara has sadly and so very unexpectedly passed way. He died in his sleep at his home after suffering a fatal heart attack. Bobby was far more than a fast guitarist and inspirational composer, he was a loving husband to his wife Angel, and a clean living young man with such a kind and generous personally to all he met. Bobby had so many plans panning out for 2008, personal and professional, what a loss .. he will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace, Bobby, and our thoughts are with your family

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"I’ve been privileged to work with Bobby Ferrara and was honored to make guitars for him. He was an enormous talent with the kindest personality and he’ll be missed." ~ GM Reszel
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Born: July 22nd 1965 ~ Austin, Texas
Bobby Ferrara
Bobby Ferrara, born Robert Patrick Ferrara now living in Palm Springs, CA, originally hailed from Queens Village, New York . He is self taught and (among other things) a world class, ultra fast shred guitarist. He has been described by the world's top guitar shredders as .. melting metal with burning speed ~ chaotic melodic maniac ~ jaw-dropping ~ faster than the flight of the bumble bee at double speed, then faster ~ a metal burner and the quotes go on. Bobby is all these, with much more, his playing is the cleanest I have ever heard at such high speeds and looses absolutely nothing, his shredding contains far more melody than his worldly counterparts, but he is more than this too. His composing is fresh, clever, and as passionate as his playing, his haunting guitar work cries in his rock ballads, using as much compassionate control and projection in his slow work as he does in his high speed shredding. Bobby Ferrara is a true guitar virtuoso.

Signature Bobby Ferrara Guitar Model by Grem USA
Signature Bobby Ferrara Pick Ups by Krozka-Sharpe
Signature Bobby Ferrara Strings by Curt Mangan
Signature Bobby Ferrara Effects Pedal by Ollman Effect Pedals Germany

Bobby Ferrara has taken some time-out to give me
a very interesting and generous interview.

Palm Springs, C.A.
October 26th 2006

BT: Hi there Bobby, thanks for taking time for this interview, you have an amazing gift .. do you come from a musical family, were your parents or grand parents musical at all?
BOBBY: Hi Beverley, no my family wasn't musical, but my parents were very supportive, plus it kept me out of trouble and right under there nose! :)

BT: So when did you first get interested in music?
BOBBY: I was playing drums at 5years old, guitar shortly after that. As I drove my parents insane with the beating drums, so my drums disappeared one day and there was a little plastic guitar left on my bed in replace .. that was it for me .. once I started playing the guitar it was all over.

BT: That was a lucky replacement.. LOL How old were you when you started with your little plastic guitar?
BOBBY: I was 6 years old when started playing guitar

BT: and were you ever in any school bands?
BOBBY: Never, I was very quiet and shy.. God how things change!

BT: So what was your first band?
BOBBY: I was 7 , playing in my friend's basement, we never had a name, because we would only have about 10 minutes of playing time, until my friend's mother would come down the basement and throw us all out.. lol

BT: LOL, I think good old Mums have a lot to put up with , when they have young budding musical offspring!! But lovely, happy days. At some point your beloved plastic guitar would have to be replaced, what was your first proper guitar?
BOBBY: My first decent electric guitar was a Carlo Robelli Les Paul copy :)

BT: Steve Hackett gets quite a mean tune out of his CR Les Paul copy.. So what music did you listen to in your younger days?
BOBBY: The two big ones were, KISS and Van Halen

BT: Were they your roll models?
BOBBY: Ya .. It started with Kiss, Ace Frehley was it for me, then when Eddie Van Halen hit the scene... I jumped ship...

BT: You nearly got me bursting into song then !! Great bands, great musicians.
What music and who do you enjoy now a days?
BOBBY: I listen to a lot of European rock bands, Jorn, anything from Goran Edman, Michael Bormann.

BT: Ya, Scandinavia and Germany have produced some great heavy rock musicians. How many hours did you use to practice?
BOBBY: Back then, only 2 to 3 hours every day after school, as I got older it was 4 to 5 hours everyday .. I practice clean, no distortion at all.

BT: Interesting .. What about your Gear.. your musical gear?
BOBBY: I'm working with some great company's now, Grem Guitars USA, builds some of the best guitars on the planet, for the first time I love my guitars!
I have my own signature pickups built by Krozka Sharpe Guitar Pickups of the UK, just a wonderful company . I have to give a big thanks to John Suhr Amplifiers, John is working on one of my main Marshalls , as busy as he is, he made time for me.
Ollmann effects of German, Goudie, Dytone, Kasha, all the best of the best..

Bobby's Krozka Sharpe Guitar Pickups

BT: and strings ... what strings do you use?
BOBBY: I play Curt Mangan strings exclusively, I use light 9s.

BT: Have you a CD in the offing?
BOBBY: yes, we have started working on a CD.. I will shoot a few clips over to you to hear:)

BT: I will look forward to that, but really looking forward to the finished CD.., Who are the musicians accompanying you on your new CD..
BOBBY: One of the musician's I'm currently working with is Vivien Lalu, Vivien is with out a doubt one of the best keyboardists, producer, songwriter, I have worked with! and Morty Black from TNT will be playing bass on some of the tracks. I will be listing more about it on my website soon.

BT: Wow .. they are great guys .. Is there anything in particular that inspires your composing?
BOBBY: everything around me plays a part in my composing, people, events, everyday things, it all goes into what I write

BT: I have read you are becoming very popular in Japan and the Far East. Have you plans to go over to Japan?

BOBBY: I would love to, no plans as of now, but if I have the chance in the future, that would be something that would interest me very much. Never can get enough sushi:)

BT: Well I am sure Japan and the Far East won't be too far away in your future .. What are your plans for your musical career?
BOBBY: Well, I just got married, to a wonderful, beautiful woman, we have two homes in Palm Springs, and just bought a home in Austin, Texas .. we're also looking to start a "family" soon :)
I'm working on the new CD.., that will be finished in Austin, I'm playing a show in the UK in April for Krozka Sharpe Guitars, It will be at "The London Guitar Show" in UK in 2007.
I'm booked solid for both Namms... I couldn't ask for more

BT: Congratulations on your marriage. Coming to the UK .. exciting .. I and many others over here will have the opportunity to seeing you perform live next year. Will really look forward to that.
Lastly .. your guitar playing is so ultra clean, even at such extremely high speeds, and looses nothing, without giving too many secrets away have you any tips for other guitarists?

BOBBY: No secrets at all, it takes drive and a passion , I think too many kids today don't have good role models to look up to. Picking up a guitar for 5 minutes and chatting on the computer won't do the trick... if you put the time in , your rewards are great.

BT: That was great .. Thanks Bobby for taking time for this interview, sharing your thoughts and giving us a little insight. We wish you only good luck and success in your career's future and a very happy family life too. Also looking forward to seeing you next year when you visit us in the UK.
BOBBY: Thank you Beverley .. see ya next year friend.

Bobby Ferrara
Well there you go .. no short cuts to perfection..
Bobby Ferrara is sure proof that practice does make perfect.

UK fans can visit Bobby next year at
The London Guitar Show 2007
27th ~ 29th April 2007

UPDATE: December 2006
News from

Early plans to reveal our new guitar, the Scarab, at next year's London Guitar Show in April are under way.

Quote: "The 'Scarab' will be one seriously cool, rock and metal showpiece. The only man good enough to demonstrate the guitar is Bobby Ferrara. Those new to Bobby will be in for a treat; the US guitarist is one of the fastest rock players on the planet - not only that, but he has more melodies than Satch and Vai as Blood Brothers!!!"

Robert Patrick Ferrara



Krozka Sharpe Pick Ups

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