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So sorry to announce that on October 31st 2015
sadly Dave Carey passed away peacefully in his sleep.
He was aged 90.


Every now and again I have musician of the month page with a difference.
So many people have emailed me enquiring about this musician, especially... Eddie Ward's 2007 e-mail "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO DAVE CAREY". I am hoping doing this page we get a response and find out more about this British drummer - vocalist, who featured on hits in the
40's, 50's and early 60's ~ June 2007

Dave Carey... photo courtesy of The Swindon Music Scene
~ Bingo, Bingo I'm In Love

There is not much written about Dave Carey and as I get quite a few emails querying this song and Dave Carey, I thought I would document the very little I have found out about him and hope some readers may be able to add to this page. "Bingo" was released in 1961 and sung by Dave Carey. The song was used by Caroline North for a Top Rank Bingo commercial, but Dave was on the music scene way before this, in the 40's early 50's he was a drummer in a very prominent UK touring dance band, The Lew Stone Orchestra. Lew Stone’s band was one of the most inventive and accomplished of all British Dance Bands. They played and recorded many genres from novelty to ballroom to jazz, the band was not afraid of modern music and keeping with the times. In the early 50's Dave hung up his sticks for vocals and joined The Stargazers, they had two United Kingdom number one hit singles on their own, "I See The Moon" and "Broken Wings", along with a third number 1 hit with Dickie Valentine on "Finger Of Suspicion", and were much in demand for back-up work with many of the greats of the era. They also did masses of radio work especially with Cyril Stapleton. They were voted "most popular vocal group" by readers of the New Musical Express five years running. Then in 1961 we see Dave as a solo artist with Bingo!

Eula Parker accompanied by , according to the sleeve notes~
Cliff Adams, Bob Brown,
David Carey and Fred Dachtler .

* * * * * * *
Sung By Dave Carey

Philips BF1158 ~ 1961

Bingo! Bingo! I'm in love

Kelly's eye, I'm the guy and she's my number one
Number three, up a tree, she's got me on the run
Number five, man alive, by all the stars above
Bingo! Bingo! I'm in love

Number two, Little Boy Blue, is what I used to be
Number four, on the floor, so full of misery
Till she was sweet, my key of the door and now we're hand-in-glove
Bingo! Bingo! I'm in love

Hear my heart go clickety-click when I'm with my box-o-tricks
Number seven, I'm in heaven, gazing at those legs eleven

Lucky for some proved to be a lucky day for me
Number eight, at the gate, she said she'd marry me
Like two little ducks and a cock and hen, we coo like turtle doves
Bingo! Bingo! I'm in love

(Kelly's eye), I'm the guy and she's my number one
(Number three), Up a tree, she's got me on the run
(Number five), Man alive, by all the stars above
(Bingo!) Bingo! I'm in love

(Number two), Little Boy Blue, is what I used to be
(Number four), On the floor, so full of misery
Till she was sweet, my key of the door and now we're hand-in-glove
Bingo! Bingo! I'm in love

Hear my heart go clickety-click when I'm with my box-o-tricks
Number seven, I'm in heaven, gazing at those legs eleven

Lucky for some proved to be a lucky day for me
Number eight, at the gate, she said she'd marry me
Like two little ducks and a cock and hen, we coo like turtle doves
Bingo! Bingo! I'm in love
(Bingo! He's in love) BINGO!

* * * * * * *
Click on the pic below to listen to
"Bingo" ~ Dave Carey

* * * * * * *


Email from Eddie Ward (2007) : Before being conscripted into the armed forces, I played Tenor etc. with George Elrick (touring) and then with Harry Leader at the Astoria. I met Dave in the Cheshire Regiment (about 1946) and we became pals. Dave carried the big Bass drum in the Marching Band. In a small dance band Dave played drums and sang, the others were Bill Harries (trumpet) Sgt. Joe Jelly on alto sax and I don't remember the others !
The Edwardian Trio: Eddie Ward on Tenor sax, Ham Cunningham on bass and Dave Carey on percussion and vocals
WE had a concert band and I did an arrangement of Temptation for Dave, gave him the score before he left. We did form a trio for fun, called The Edwardian Trio, consisting of myself, Eddie Ward on Tenor sax; Ham Cunningham, a Canadian soldier, on bass and Dave on percussion and vocals. I played the "Airmail Special" and Dave sang "You keep coming back like a song". We made a record in a Chester studio but I've lost it !! We had a week at Scarborough with the Military Band playing in the middle of the lake and performing in the Open air Theatre. There is a good story about any member of the band volunteering to be thrown into the water infront of the stage would get a pound. Dave got there first, so we threw him in.
Dave Carey at Scarborough with the Military Band playing in the middle of the lake
When we were demobbed I joined the "Bluerockets" and I think Dave was with Cyril Stapleton. We met at Dewsbury Empire when they were doing a show and later on in Wakefield at the Unity Hall. I know Dave played with Harry Leader for sometime and joined the "Stargazers"

We obviously went our different ways, and I haven't seen him since, hence my question to you of his whereabouts ... Cheers ... Edward (Eddie) Ward


* * * * * * *

“Swing Shop”

I used to live near Streatham in the 60s and I used to visit Dave Carey’s “Swing Shop” every weekend as regular as clockwork to buy the latest imported Blues records. I must admit that, "at the time", I had no idea (and probably no interest) in who Dave Carey was. I was probably not even aware that it was his shop. Anyway, I shall be eternally grateful for the “Swing Shop” and their contribution to the spread of the “gospel” of good Blues, and I am still, at the age of 63, an avid Blues fan.
I knew both Dave and Jo-Ann Kelly well. I often went to Dave’s house in Streatham, and he also introduced me to a lot of exciting music. I wonder where he is now. I played Blues harp on occasion with Jo-Ann at Bunjies folk club off Charing Cross Roead, and was devastated by the news of her early tragic death.
Those were the days, my friend!
Sorry I can’t give you more info about Dave Carey himself, but I hope this is of a little interest.

All the best! John Ryder ... Kyoto Japan
* * * * * * *
Nova Recording Studios
Dave was the manager, and subsequently, I think, Managing Director, of Nova Recording Studios in Bryanston Street, London. I don’t know when he started there, but I'm pretty sure he was there when I started at Pye Studios, just along the street, in 1977. At that time the studio was owned by Tommy Steele, and Dave, I think, became MD when Tommy sold it (to a Nigerian owned advertising agency.)
Dave retired in about 1993, and the studio closed down a year or so later. It seems that he died in 1999 in Croydon - Thanks to Anon.

* * * * * * *
Happy Fans
hi, my name is larry walder and in 1970 i was assisstant manager at streatham hill theatre under the manager don fox. we used the bingo song by dave as an intro record for a bingo session at every mecca club. although i did not know dave personally i did have the pleasure of his company for an hour or so when he visited the club one evenig. what a pleasant and laid back gentleman and to this day i have been trying to obtain a copy of bingo for the good memories it evokes for me. i just finishe a five year stint at mecca southampton and many of the more mature ladies still remember dave and his song with much affection. yours faithfully ....larry walder (72)

* * * * * * *

Dave Carey and "Bingo"
used on a 2011 ITV advert


* * * * * * *
A Letter From Pat Hawes
(UK drummer)

Dave Arthur Carey was born in Coulsdon, Surrey on November 8th 1914. His father was a pianist. Dave took up drums at an early age and by the early 1930s was leading his own band in the Croydon area, developing an interest in jazz through records. Shortly before the outbreak of war in 1939, Dave opened a musical instrument shop in Streatham. He was called up for service in the R.A.F. stationed at Uxbidge and Northolt and began playing drums with several small groups. When the war was over, he returned to civilian life and in 1946 opened "The Swing Shop" in Streatham, selling musical instruments, accessories and records. The records side of the business soon became predominant and was linked with a mail order facility, which he ran from home with his wife, Joan. On the playing side, Dave continued to work with dance bands, but was able to get an increasing number of jazz gigs. He played and recorded with Ellington cornet star, Rex Stewart in 1947. Dave took over on drums with Graeme Bell''s Australian Jazz Band in 1948 and later in the year joined Humphrey Lyttelton, with whom he stayed for a year, which included recording with the band. Dave was also an accomplished vibes player, but didn''t use them with his own band. His other alternative instrument was the washboard - a spirited performer on this homely device. In 1954 bassist Eric Starr and I were asked by singer, Neva Raphaello, along with other musicians, to join a band she was forming to accompany her. We rehearsed but it was obvious that we were going to get nowhere with the drummer, who was Neva''s choice. We parted company, but most of the guys felt that we should stick together. I knew Dave Carey well and, seeking a drummer, I was deputed to ask Dave whether he would like to front the band and play. To our delight he agreed. It really was an ideal choice: Dave was a very experienced drummer, an excellent time keeper, with a solid beat, who didn''t indulge in exhibitionist drumnastics. Futhermore, he was well known in the music business, highly respected, a good businessman and a stable personality. His playing reflect has own musical interest, classic jazz and swing. He wasn''t an admirer of the Baby Dodds school of New Orleans drumming, nor; for that matter, Be-Bop. He was essentially a swing style player,in the Gene Krupa, Cozy Cole, George Wettling vein. - Pat Hawes

* * * * * * *
(Again... is this the other jazz drummer Dave Carey... maybe??)
Just a passing comment.
Back in 1954, I was privileged to see and listen to the Dave Carey Jazz Band at The Jazz Festival. Festival Hall. London.
They were one of the bands, along with Chris Barber, Acker Bilk and Terry Lightfoot amongst others.
Until a year ago, I still had the vinyl that I purchased as soon as it came out.
I have converted it to CD, and listen to this great recording of a very special night, all those years ago.
For interest, DC plays on the CD :-
1. Doctor Blues
2. Brown Skin Mama
3. Yellow Dog Blues
4. Rainbow Man
And has a washboard session with one of the tunes.


* * * * * * *

Dave (of Stargazers Fame) is alive and resonably well (slight dementia) in Rottingdean (near Brighton). He is my partners uncle so we tend to see them (inc Brenda his wife) every month or so. Cracking on in age but still trying to crack the odd joke or two and of course reminise.
all the best ~ Trevor

* * * *
Very interested to come across your web page on Dave Carey – Bingo.
I am his nephew; your page has taught me more about Dave than I knew. He is however alive and kicking as is his wife Brenda, and living in Saltdean, near Brighton. Saw him only yesterday in fact! He is suffering a bit from old age!
~ Grant
* * * * * * *
David Carey , singer, he is alive and well lives in Brighton I am a taxi driver and and pick him and his wife up regularly, finds very hard to walk but lost none of his personality any more info let me know
~ Del
. (February 2014)
* * * * * * *

Del Potter, Trevor Pomeroy, Ashworth, Edward Ward, Pat Hawes,
John Presley, Angie Llewellyn-Sare, John Ryder, Larry and other anons for sending information

Any more information about
would be very welcome

thanks to Chris Edwards and his great site

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