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March 1st
1928 - Paul Whiteman & his Concert Orchestra recorded "Ol' Man River" with Paul Robeson on vocals; it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2006.
1941 -
The world's first FM Radio station opened in Nashville, Tennessee
1957 - The Everly Brothers sign with Cadence Records.
1958 - Buddy Holly and the Crickets began their only UK tour, opening in London, a twice- nightly package with Des O'Connor, Gary Miller, The Tanner Sisters and Ronnie Keene and his Orchestra.
1958 - Elvis Presley begins filming his 4th movie, King Creole, in New Orleans. It was released on July 2nd 1958.
1963 - Elvis Presley begins filming his 13th film, 'Fun In Acapulco
' in Hollywood. It was released on November 27th 1963 .
1965 - Petula Clark's Downtown is certified gold
1966 - Gene Clark of The Byrds announced he was leaving the group due to his fear of flying.
1967 - When Eric Burdon & The "New" Animals cancelled their Ottawa, Canada gig at the last minute due to a pay dispute, the fans riot at the Ottawa Coliseum.
1967 - The Beatles started recording the John Lennon song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. The song was inspired by a drawing his 3 year-old son Julian drew at Nursery school. The picture, was of a little girl with lots of stars, which was his classmate - Lucy O’Donnell.
1968 - Elton John's first single 'I've Been Loving You Too Long' was released on the Phillips label, but it didn't chart.
1968 - Johnny Cash and June Carter were married.
1969 - Wendy Carlos's album Switched-On Bach, notable for being the first successful album to remix classical music compositions on the newly-invented Moog synthesizer, enters the Billboard album charts and stays in the Top-40 for 17 weeks
1969 - Jim Morrison of The Doors was charged with lewd and lascivious behaviour after showing his old man to the audience during a show in Miami. He was found guilty and sentenced to eight months hard labour, but sadly died in Paris while the sentence was on appeal.
1970 - The Beatles made their last appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show when music videos for their songs "Let It Be" and "Two Of Us" are aired.
1970 - The Charles Manson album "Lie" was released. The profits went to Manson's defense.
1972 - John Lennon was granted an extension on his American work visa. Lennon then began recording "Sometime in New York City."
1973 - The Joffrey Ballet dance company debuts the Deuce Coupe Ballet
in New York, which is set to the music of The Beach Boys. It is considered to be the first crossover ballet.
1973 - Elvis Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, sold all of Elvis' back catalog recordings to RCA for a lump sum of $5.4 million, forgoing all future royalties, in an apparent attempt to garner the King some quick, much-needed cash and renegotiates Elvis into a 50-50 split on new royalties, and lands another seven-year, fourteen-album deal with RCA for $3.5 million.
1973 - Pink Floyd releases The Dark Side of the Moon, which goes on to become one of the best-selling albums of all time.
1974 - Chris Difford placed an advert in a shop window saying: 'lyricist seeks musician for co-writing'. Glen Tillbrook answered the ad and the pair went on to form Squeeze.
1974 - Queen begin their first headling UK tour in Blackpool at the Winter Garden..
1975 - Elvis Presley wins a Grammy for Best Inspirational Performance for his live version of "How Great Thou Art".
1977 - Bob Dylan's wife, Sara Lowndes -- subject of Lay Lady Lay and Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands, among other songs -- files for divorce in Santa Monica, CA.
1980 - Patti Smith married Fred "Sonic" Smith
1981 - NBC-TV airs Elvis And The Beauty Queen, the story of his final years and his relationship with girlfriend Linda Thompson; future star Don Johnson as Elvis Presley.
1986 - Gary Glitter was admitted to hospital, suffering from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.
1989 - Madonna started a $5 million, (£2.9m) sponsorship deal with Pepsi Cola.
1991 - "The Doors" movie debuted. Val Kilmer played the role of Jim Morrison.
1994 - Frank Sinatra receives a Living Legends Award and Aretha Franklin is given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys.
1994 - Nirvana played their final ever concert at
an Airport Hanger, The Terminal Einz in Munich, Germany, infront of 3,000 fans. The power went off during the show so they played an impromptu acoustic set including a version of The Cars 'My Best Friend's Girl'.
1995 - Bruce Springsteen's Streets of Philadelphia won three Grammys for Song of the Year, Best Male Vocal Performance and Best Rock Song.
1995 - R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry collapsed on stage during an R.E.M. show at the Patinoire Auditorium in Lausanne, Switzerland, from a ruptured brain aneurysm. He recovered and rejoined the band, but left in October 1997
1997 - A Motley Crue fan,
Clifford Goldberg, claimed his hearing had been irreparably damaged after a show in New Jersey had his lawsuit thrown out of court. The judge told him he knew the risk he was taking, sitting near the front of the stage.
1997 - 'Bowie Bonds' were issued on the US Stock Exchange. Linked to David Bowie's back catalogue albums with money earned on the bonds via interest from royalties, The bonds paid an interest rate of 7.9% and had an average life of ten years.
1999 - Sony Music Distribution raised their wholesale prices on audio CDs by 8 cents
2001 -
In a New York court, Sean 'Puffy' Combs was the star witness of his own defence claiming he didn't have a gun during a shooting in a New York club, claiming he thought he was being shot at.
2002 - Shirley Jones of the Partridge Family filed for divorce from her husband, actor Marty Ingalls, but she later withdraws the petition.
2004 - Warner Music Group leaves parent company Time Warner for the first time, bought out as a separate entity by investors led by former Universal Music head Edgar Bronfman Jr.
2008 - The X Factor finalist Andy Abraham's song "Even If" wins the BBC's Eurovision: Your Decision 2008 show, and is thus chosen to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 final in Belgrade, Serbia.
2012 - Justin Bieber's manager presented Justin with a
Fisker Karma luxury electric car worth about $100,000 for his 18th birthday, when he appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show.
2017 - Lawyers representing legendary singer Sir Cliff Richard are due in court today for the latest stage of a dispute between the singer and the BBC. Sir Cliff has taken legal action against the BBC and South Yorkshire Police over coverage of a raid at his apartment in Sunningdale, Berkshire, in August 2014. Judge Mr Justice Mann is listed to oversee a hearing in the case at the High Court in London.
2017 - The repeat offender Darren February, who broke into Simon Cowell's four-floor five-bed London house days before stealing a car mowing down and killing a motorcyclist was sentenced to 8 years in prison for burgling almost £1 million of jewellery from the music mogul's home.

March 2nd:
1957 - Patsy Cline hits American country chart for first time with Walkin' After Midnight.
1960 - After completing his national service and flying back to America, Elvis Presley stepped on British soil for the first and only time in his life when the plane carrying him stopped for refuelling at Prestwick Airport, Scotland.
1963 - The Four Seasons became the first group to have 3 consecutive No.1's in the US when 'Walk Like A man', started a three week run at the top.
1964 - The Beatles began filming their first feature film 'A Hard Days Night' at Marylebone train station, London.
1974 -
Stevie Wonder won four awards at this year's Grammys: Album of the year for 'Innervisions', Best R&B song and Best vocal for 'Superstition' and Pop vocal performance for 'You Are The Sunshine Of My Life'.
1975 -
Linda McCartney was arrested for marijuana possession when a policeman stopped a Lincoln Continental after running a red light in Los Angeles and detected a smell of marijuana, on searching the car found eight ounces of the drug. Paul was driving the car.
1978 - A pair of opportunistic mechanics dug up Charlie Chaplin's grave and stole his coffin. After stashing the body in a nearby cornfield, they called Chaplin’s widow, Oona, and made their demands: the equivalent of £400,000 in cash. The theives were soon caught, Chaplin was returned to his grave – this time, with a heavy concrete lid.
1979 - Havana Jam the first jointly sponsored US-Cuban Music Festival begins for three days. Fans see Billy Joel, Stephen Stills, Kris Kristofferson, Rita Coolidge and Tom Scott.
1983 - A new digital audio system, a five-inch compact disc containing up to 1 hour of music was launched by Sony, Philips and Polygram.
1984 -
Jerry Hall, the wife of Mick Jagger, gave birth to their baby Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger.
1989 - Madonna started a £2.9 million ($5 million) sponsorship deal with Pepsi Cola.
1991 -
'All Right Now', by Free made No.2 in the UK singles chart, 21 years after it's first release; it was re-issued to coincide with its use in a Wrigleys Chewing gum TV advert.
2000 - DMX was arrested for driving without a license and marijuana possession in Cheektowaga, N.Y.

2009 - Elton John announces his latest tour with Billy Joel. The duo's previous tour, in 2003, grossed $USD 45.8 million from only 24 sellouts.
2015 - ITV broadcast the nation's favourite 70's No 1's and today released a 3 CD box set to tie in with the show. Bizarrely they included a No.2 hit
"Brown Girl In The Ring" - Boney M, originally it was the b-side to Rivers Of Babylon in the 70s, and an 80's No 1, Brass In Pocket - Pretenders.

March 3rd:
1931 - The first jazz album to sell a million copies was recorded. It was "Minnie The Moocher" by Cab Calloway.
1957 - Samuel Cardinal Stritch banned rock 'n' roll from Chicago archdiocese Roman Catholic schools.

1966 - Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay formed Buffalo Springfield in Los Angeles.
1969 - Led Zeppelin recorded their first BBC Radio 1 'Top Gear' session.
1973 - Roberta Flack won Song of the year and Record of the year with 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'
at this years Grammy Awards.
1975 - Linda McCartney was arrested for personal possession of marijuana. Paul was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident but was not charged.
1982 -
While in Italy, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana lapsed into a coma after taking a combination of Valium and champagne.
1985 - Michael Jackson visited Madame Tussauds Waxworks in London to unveil his waxwork look-alike.
1994 - The Smashing Pumpkins were banned from appearing on BBC TV's 'Top Of The Pops', due to the content of their lyrics to 'Disarm'. This single was this weeks highest chart new entry.
1995 -
Bill Berry, R.E.M.'s drummer, underwent surgery to halt bleeding from a brain aneurysm.
1999 - Oasis agreed to pay their former drummer Tony McCarroll a one-off sum of £550,000 ($935,000) after he sued the Manchester band for millions in unpaid royalties. McCarroll had been sacked from the band in 1995.
2003 - Penguin Group announced that Madonna had written five illustrated story books for readers aged 6 and above. Publication was scheduled to begin in September 2003.

March 4th:
1955 -Jazz great Charlie Bird Parker played at Birdland in what would be his last public performance.
1959 - The winners of the first Grammy Awards were announced. Domenico Modugno's 'Volare' was Record of the Year; Henry Mancini's 'Peter Gunn' was Album of the Year and The Champs 'Tequila' won best R&B performance.
1966 - John Lennon's statement that The Beatles were 'more popular than Jesus Christ' was published in The London Evening Standard. “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. We’re more popular then Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity. Jesus was alright, but his disciples were thick and ordinary.” Lennon later apologised.
1967 - Steve Winwood and his brother Muff
announced that they were leaving the Spencer Davis Group after their April 2 show.
1970 - Janis Joplin was fined $200 for using obscene language onstage in Tampa, FL.
1978 -
Jerry Lee Lewis's home was raided at dawn by The US Internal Revenue Service, they removed cars worth over £100,000 to pay off his tax debts.
1979 - Randy Jackson of The Jackson Five was seriously injured in a car crash breaking both legs, he almost died in the emergency room when a nurse inadvertently injects him with methadone.
1982 - Rolling Stone reported that Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa had formed a new band called Fred Zeppelin.
1993 - Patti LaBelle received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
1994 - Kurt Cobain was rushed to hospital after overdosing on
champagne and 50-60 pills of Rohypnol in a Rome hotel during a Nirvana European tour.
2008 - Heavy metal band Kittie announced the departure of their bassist,Trish Doan, due to the eating disorder anorexia, which she developed during the recording of Funeral for Yesterday..
2003 - 23 year-old Sian Davies was banned from playing her music and had her stereo system impounded, after she had played Cliff Richard music too loudly. Davies was fined £1,000 ($1,700) plus court costs after environmental protection officers raided her flat in Porth, Rhondda, Wales. The disc found in her CD player was the Cliff Richard single, 'Peace in Our Time'.

2016 - Elvis Presley proves he is still King of Rck n' Roll, as his latest album, If I Can Dream, passes one million sales in the UK more than 38 years after his death.

March 5th:
1955 - Elvis Presley made his TV debut when he appeared on the weekend show 'Louisiana Hayride' on KWKH TV
1963 - Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas and Hankshaw Hawkins were killed when their single-engine plane crashed in Tennessee. They were returning from Kansas to Nashville to do a benefit for the widow of DJ Cactus Jack Call, who had been killed in a car crash.
1968 - Jerry Lee Lewis opened in the rock musical adaptation of "Othello" in Hollywood, CA.
1969 - Dusty Springfield collapsed while taping a TV appearance.
1973 - The former US manager of Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jeffrey was one of 68 people killed in a plane crash in France. Jeffery was en-route to a court appearance in London related to Hendrix.
1975 . . Rod Stewart met Swedish actress, Britt Ekland at a party in Los Angeles, the couple went on to have a high profile love affair.

1979 - ABC Records of US
announces declining profits and goes out of business.
1982 -
Two new 'Mamas' appear in the reformed Mamas and the Papas as they performed for the first time at Princeton University.
1984 - CBS announced that Michael Jackson's Thriller album has sold 30.9 million copies worldwide.
1999 - Sir Elton John won a court case against The Daily Star, after they had published long-lens photographs of Spice Girl Victoria Adams and footballer David Beckham while they were staying at his home.
2002 - The first episode of 'The Osbournes' TV show was aired on MTV in the US. Focusing on the daily activities of rock musician Ozzy Osbourne and his family.
2009 - Marianne Faithfull received the World Arts Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 2009 Women's World Awards. "Marianne's contribution to the arts over a 45-year career including 18 studio albums as a singer, songwriter and interpreter, and numerous appearances on stage and screen is now being acknowledged with this special award"

March 6th:
1964 - Not Fade Away / I Wanna Be Your Man by The Rolling Stones was released in the USA and became the bands first US Billboard hit peaking at No.48.
1965 - The Temptations went to No.1 in US singles chart with the Smokey Robinson penned song 'My Girl', making the group the first male act to have a No.1 for Motown, The single only reached No.43 in the UK but made No.2 when re-issued
1968 - Sandie Shaw marries fashion designer Jeff Banks.
1970 -
Awareness records released the Charles Manson album 'Lie' in the US. Manson was unable to promote the LP due to the fact he was serving a life sentence for the Sharon Tate murders.
1973 - Attempts to bring Elvis Presley to the UK for shows at London's Earl's Court failed. They were told that Elvis now had US tour and filming commitments.
1975 - Two golds are won .. Led Zeppelin win a gold record for 'Physical Graffiti'
and Average White Band win their gold record for 'Pick Up the Pieces'.
1976 - EMI Records reissues all 22 previously released British Beatles singles, plus a new single of "Yesterday". All 23 singles hit the UK charts at the same time.
1977 - "An Evening With Diana Ross" aired on NBC-TV.
1989 -
Smokey Robinson's autobiography "Inside My Life" was released.
1998 - Oasis' Liam Gallagher
was released on $10,000 bail from an Australian court in Brisbane after being charged for headbutting a fan, breaking the fan's nose.
1999 - George Jones was severely injured in a car accident
2001 - A man who hid for 24 hours in the rafters of a Cathedral and secretly filmed the Christening of Madonna's baby appeared in court. Security staff discovered the man after the ceremony when he made a noise climbing down from the rafters.
2004 - Diane Richie, the estranged wife of singer Lionel Richie, went to court seeking $300,000 (£176,500) a month in maintenance support. Diane’s monthly costs included: $20,000 (£11,800) a year on plastic surgery; $15,000 (£8,824) a month for clothing, shoes and accessories; $5,000 (£2,940) on jewellery; $3,000 (£1,765) on dermatology; $1,000 (£588) for laser hair removal and $600 (£353) on massages.

March 7th:
1917 -
The first jazz record was released in US, "Livery Stable Blues" which was the B-side of "The Dixie Jass Band One Step" recorded by Original Dixieland Jass Band lead by Nick La Rocca..
1918 - Lena Guilbert Ford was killed in a zeppelin raid on her London home, inspiring the song "Keep The Home Fires Burning".
1952 - Prior to the chart days, the first issue of the NME was published after the "Accordion Times and Musical Express" was bought by music promoter Maurice Kinn, for £1,000, just 15 minutes before it was due to be officially closed. It was relaunched as the New Musical Express, and was initially published in a non-glossy tabloid format on standard newsprint.
1953 - Circuit Judge Vincent M. Brennan sings "April Showers" to prove he is musically qualified after giving his decision in a contract suit.
1958 - The first US DJ convention was held in Kansas. Broadcasters voted against Top 40 formatting recently adopted by American stations.
1962 - The Beatles recorded their first radio appearance, at the Playhouse Theatre, Hulme, Manchester, for the BBC radio program Teenager's Turn - Here We Go', also marking the band's first full live performance caught on tape, and the first performance in what would become their trademark collarless suits designed by Beno Dorn.
1964 - For the first time the UK Top Ten Singles Chart was made up entirely of British acts. Cilla Black was in the No.1 spot with 'Anyone Who Had A Heart.'; 2 Dave Clark Five: Bits and Pieces; 3 Bachelors: Diane; 4 Merseybeats: I Think of You; 5 Searchers: Needles and Pins; 6 Rolling Stones: Not Fade Away; 7 Billy J. Kramer: Little Children; 8 Gerry and the Pacemakers: I'm the One; 9 Brian Poole: Candy Man and at No.10 Eden Kane, with Boys Cry.
At a Rolling Stones gig at The Palace Theatre in Manchester, a teenager fell from the circle, luckily she just broke a few teeth, the crowd below broke her fall.
1966 - Brian Wilson released 'Caroline No' the first solo single by a Beach Boy. Before it evolved into the final song we know today, the song was originally written as 'Carol I Know'.
1967 - Sandra Dee received her divorce from Bobby Darin.
1969 - Led Zeppelin appeared at the Bluesville 69 Club at the Hornsey Wood Tavern, Finsbury Park, London, England. The venue was a function room at the back of the pub, and was so small that the stage was only just big enough for John Bonham's drums, and the rest of the group had to stand on the floor at the same level as the crowd.
1970 - Simon & Garfunkel's album Bridge Over Troubled Water hits No.1. It stayed there for a total of 10 weeks, longer than any other LP in 1970.
1970 -
'Wand'rin Star' took Lee Marvin to the No.1 spot in the UK singles chart, a song he sang in the film 'Paint Your Wagon'.
1973 - A song from the movie Deliverance called 'Dueling Banjos' by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandel became one of the few 1970s instrumentals to be awarded a Gold record.
1973 - CBS records held a concert at Max's Kansas City in New York to celebrate signing Bruce Springsteen, where boss John Hammond suffered a non-fatal heart attack.
1976 - Elton John becomes the first rock star since The Beatles to be immortalised in wax and put on display in London's Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.
1985 - The charity single "We are the World" to help battle famine in Africa is released. The song, written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, is recorded by the supergroup USA for Africa which includes on the solos - Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers, James Ingram, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Willie Nelson, Al Jarreau, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Loggins, Steve Perry, Daryl Hall, Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Kim Carnes, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles and 29 other super stars in the chorus and band, with Quincy Jones as conductor.
1980 - The film Coal Miner's Daughter, the biography of Loretta Lynn and starring Sissy Spacek opened. Spacek won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Lynn; Tommy Lee Jones and Beverly D'Angelo also play leading roles in the film.
1987 - The Beastie Boys became the first rap act to have a No.1 album in the US with their debut album, 'Licensed To Ill.'
1987 - The first Beatles albums are released on compact disc: Please Please Me, With The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, Beatles For Sale, and Help!. This marks the first time the band's official UK albums have been available as standard Beatles albums in the USA.
1983 -
Neil Sedaka and Stevie Wonder were inducted into The Songwriter's Hall of Fame during their annual New York ceremony.
1991 - Rolling Stone magazine
readers voted George Michael the best male singer and sexiest male artist.
1994 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that parodies that poke fun at an original work can be considered "fair use" that does not require permission from the copyright holder. The rap group 2 Live Crew is cleared in a case brought by the publisher of Roy Orbison's music over their parody of Orbison's "(Oh) Pretty Woman". The publisher denied the group permission to sample the song, so they did the parody instead, which stood up in court.
1998 - Archbishop Franc Rode organizes a special mass to forgive the blasphemers who wrote and recorded "Bitchcraft" !
1999 - Boyzone scored their fifth UK No. 1 single with 'When The Going Gets Tough'. It was recorded for the Comic Relief charity and had been a No.1 single for Billy Ocean in 1986.
2000 -
Oasis singer Liam Gallagher won the Best Dressed Man Award from fashion magazine GQ.
2001 - Ed Townshend, singer/songwriter of the 1957 hit "For Your Love," sued the R&B group K-Ci and JoJo, claiming they used his song in their recent hit "Just For Your Love".
2001 - The man who discovered Blur, David Balfe won a high court battle to earn £250,000 in back royalties. Balfe had waged a legal battle for over two years to regain the royalties after selling his Food Records label to EMI in 1994.
2001 - The National Endowment for the Arts, in conjunction with the RIAA, announces its Top Twenty songs of the 20th century. 1 "Over the Rainbow" Judy Garland 1939; 2 "White Christmas" Bing Crosby 1942; 3 "This Land Is Your Land" Woody Guthrie 1940; 4 "Respect" Aretha Franklin 1967; 5 "American Pie" Don McLean 1972; 6 "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" The Andrews Sisters 1941; 7 West Side Story (Album) Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim 1957; **8 "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Billy Murray 1908; 9 "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" The Righteous Brothers 1964; 10 "The Entertainer" Scott Joplin 1902; 11 "In the Mood" Glenn Miller Orchestra 1940; 12 "Rock Around the Clock" Bill Haley & His Comets 1954; 13 "When the Saints Go Marching In" Louis Armstrong 1938; 14 "You Are My Sunshine" Jimmie Davis 1939; 15 "Mack the Knife" Bobby Darin 1959; 16 "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" The Rolling Stones 1965; 17 "Take the "A" Train" Duke Ellington Orchestra 1941; 18 "Blueberry Hill" Fats Domino 1956; 19 "God Bless America " Kate Smith 1938; 20 "The Stars and Stripes Forever" Sousa's Band 1897
** No.8 .. the tin-pan alley song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" was never sung by Billy Murray, it was Edward Meeker, who recorded the famous song in 1908.
2001 - Former Trammps member Jerry Collins is convicted of attempted murder after being found guilty of bashing his wife's head into a sink and also pistol-whipping her. He is sentenced to a maximum of 35 years.
2002 - Former Visage singer Steve Stange was
hit over the head resulting in him needing 18 stitches and robbed of a bracelet given to him by Kylie Minogue; he had been on his way to a party in West London.
2003 - Broadway musicians went on strike due to a contractual dispute. The walkout lasted four days.
2004 . . David Crosby was charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, illegal possession of a hunting knife, illegal possession of ammunition, and illegal possession of about one ounce of marijuana. Crosby left said items behind in his hotel room. Authorities said a "hotel employee searched the suitcase for identification and found about an ounce of marijuana, rolling papers, two knives and a .45-caliber pistol. He was arrested when he returned to the hotel to pick up his bag"
. After spending 12 hours in jail, he was released on $3,500 bail.
2004 - The Smiths song 'I Know It's Over' topped a poll of tunes, which people turn to when they are miserable in 'The Songs That Saved Your Life' poll by BBC radio station 6 Music. Others are: 2. Bowling For Soup - Girl All The Bad Guys Want; 3. REM - Everybody Hurts; 4. The Cure - Pictures Of You; 5. Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees; 6. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart; 7. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb; 8. Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up; 9. Blur - This Is A Low; 10. The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine.
2006 - Rod Stewart is ordered to pay $3 million to Harrah's in Las Vegas after defaulting on a show in 2000.
2007 - Rhett Hutchence the brother of INXS singer Michael Hutchence defended his decision to sell some of the late star's belongings online saying he needed money to set up home with his new girlfriend. Items in the auction included lyrics, T-shirts and a fax his brother had sent to his then girlfriend Kylie Minogue.
2009 - Rapper Coolio was charged with drug possession after being arrested at Los Angeles International Airport. He was later released on $10,000 /£7,000 bail.
2012 -
Following the death of singer Davy Jones sales of albums by The Monkees soared . 'Best Of The Monkees' re-entered the Billboard album chart at No.20 with sales of over 17,000 units.
2014 - After completing treatment for an eating disorder, Ke$ha drops the $ from her stage name and changes her Twitter handle from @Ke$haSuxx to @KeshaRose. Rose is Kesha's middle name.
2015 . . Drake places an astounding 14 songs in the Hot 100, thanks to the release of his mixtape 'If You're Reading This It's Too Late'. The Beatles are the only other act to accomplish this, with 14 songs on the tally for a week in April, 1964.

March 8th:
1941 - Willie Dixon was jailed for refusing induction into the armed forces. Military personnel escorted him from the stage of Chicago's Pink Poodle club. "I told them I was a conscientious objector and wasn't gonna fight for anybody," said Dixon.
1955 - Elvis had bought his first Cadillac. It was a pink and white 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special Sedan and provided transportation for Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys for about 3 months, before the car went up in smoke when a brake lining caught fire, on the road between Hope and Texarkana, Ark.
1962 - The Beatles performed for the first time on the BBC in Great Britain. The show was on the 5 p.m. "Teenager's Turn".
1963 - The Four Tops get a $400 advance to sign with Motown, but spend the rest of the year singing backup for other acts.
1965 -
David Bowie made his TV debut with The Manish Boys on UK programme called 'Gadzooks! It's All Happening' performing their current single 'I Pity The Fool.'
1966 - Lulu became the first British female singer to appear behind the Iron curtain, when she toured Poland with The Hollies.
1968 -
Promoter Bill Graham opened his Fillmore East rock venue on Second Avenue in the East Village neighborhood of the borough of Manhattan of New York City. It quickly became known as "The Church of Rock and Roll," with two-show, triple-bill concerts several nights a week.
1969 - The Small Faces split up after singer Steve Marriott announced he was leaving the band. Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenny Jones linked up with Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart and formed The Faces.
1973 - Paul McCartney was fined $170 (£100) for growing cannabis at his farm in Campbeltown, Scotland. He claimed some fans gave him the seeds, and that he didn't know what they would grow in to.
1971 - WPAX Hanoi goes on the air for the first time,
opening with Jimi Hendrix's Star-Spangled Banner. Abbie Hoffman and many others make tapes in a loft in New York, the tapes were then broadcasted to US troops.
1974 - Bad Company gave their debut performance in England.
1990 - In the Rolling Stone Magazine's awards, Donny Osmond won the most unwelcome comeback award while Cher won the worst dressed female, and worst video for 'If I Could Turn Back Time'.

1993 - MTV debuts "Beavis and Butt-Head," an original animated series starring two suburban misfits. The show is the first spin-ff from the MTV's award-winner animated variety series, "Liquid Television."
2004 - Westlife singer Bryan McFadden announced he was quiting the group to spend more time with he wife and two children. He launched his solo career later on that year.

2011 -
Whilst watching a football match and relaxing in a local pub, Ant McPartlin, one half of the pop music duo PJ & Duncan, was the subject of an unprovoked attack by an unknown assailant who then fled the scene.

March 9th
1957 - Calypso hits the UK with
the chart entry of Banana Boat Song by Terriers.
1972 - Allen Klein presents UNICEF with the first cheque from the proceeds of George Harrison's Concert For Bangladesh $1.2 million. Nearly $9 million more will be held up until 1982, due to legal problems.
1972 - Barbra Streisand, Carole King, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Quincy Jones and others give a fund-riasing concert at LA Forum for George McGovern.
1974 - Queen debut on UK singles chart with their Seven Seas of Rye.
1975 - Elvis Presley began his final recording session at RCA's Hollywood studios.
1976 - The Who's Keith Moon collapses on stage ten minutes into a performance at their Boston Garden concert.
1977 - The Jacksons CBS show was aired for the last time on US TV finishing at the bottom of the ratings.
1981 - Robert Plant played a secret gig at Keele University, England with his new band The Honey Drippers.
1996 - Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher walked off stage during a gig at the Vernon Valley Gorge ski resort in New Jersey because his hands were too cold to play.

1997 - The Notorious B.I.G. is shot to death after a "Soul Train Awards" party.
2004 - Tom Jones was banned from wearing tight leather pants by his own son and manager Mark Jones. His son said it was time to "dress his age" as he was in danger of becoming a laughing stock at 63.
2005 - Stefan Wohl, the tour bus driver for The Dave Matthews Band pleads guilty to dumping sewage into the Chicago River, which hit a group of tourists cruising on an architectural tour.
2011 - Phil Collins he is retiring... quote: "So I can be a full time father to my two young sons on a daily basis"
2015 -
British chart history was made as the first ever home-grown British country act, The Shires, shot into the top ten with a debut album 'Brave'.

March 10th:
1940 - "I Pagliacci" by Ruggiero Leoncavallo became the first opera to be broadcast on television.
1955 - Ruth Brown presented with special award to mark sales of five million records, by Atlantic bosses Ahmet Urtegun and Jerry Wexler at Apollo theatre in Harlem.
1960 - UK trade paper Record Retailer published the UK's first ever EP (extended player) chart and LP chart. The No. 1 EP was 'Expresso Bongo' by Cliff Richard & The Shadows and the
LP No.1 was Freddy's 'The Explosive Freddy Cannon.'
1977 - At 7am in the morning on a trestle table set up out-side Buckingham Palace, London, The Sex Pistols signed to A&M Records. The contract lasted for only six days as a result of the band vandalizing property and verbally abusing employees during a visit to the record company's office..
1984 - Ian Gillan leaves Black Sabbath.
1992 - At the Soul Train Awards, Prince wins a lifetime achievement award
1995 - Stone Roses'
former manager Gareth Evans' £10 m lawsuit with the band was settled out of court over alleged wrongful dismissal, for an undisclosed sum.
2000 - Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde was arrested for leading an animal rights protest against the clothing firm Gap, who were accused of using leather from cows slaughtered 'illegally and cruelly'. The protest took place in a store in Manhattan.
2005 - Michael Jackson arrived in court an hour late dressed in his pyjamas after being treated for a back injury. Jackson was attending the Santa Moria court for his child abuse trial.

2006 . . David Gilmour begins his first world tour since Pink Floyd's 1994 world tour, in support of his On an Island album.
2008 -
Little Walter earned a place in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his revolutionary harmonica technique, his virtuosity and musical innovations reached heights of expression never previously imagined on blues harmonica, making him the only artist ever to be inducted specifically for his work as a harmonica player.

March 11th
1958 - Following a performance in Birmingham, England, a review reads: "Buddy Holly, leader of the group, is a studious-looking young man who totes his electric guitar like a sawn-off shot-gun and carries around a giant-sized amplifier which even made the Town Hall organ pipes flinch. Mr. Holly is 70 per cent of the act. He plays and sings with brash exuberance, and adds a few Presley-like wiggles which had the teenage audience squealing with delight. The rest of the group consists of a bass player whose ability was lost in the noise and a drummer who plays with sledge-hammer precision".
1963 - The Mann Hugg Blues Brothers (later to become Manfred Mann) played at London's Marquee Club.
1964 - Elvis Presley's 14th movie, "Kissin' Cousins," was released.
1966 - Wilson Pickett performs at the Flamingo Club in London
1969 - Motown bought the Jackson 5 out of their contract with Steeltown.

1971 - Jim Morrison of The Doors arrived in Paris booking into The Hotel George's, the following week he moved into an apartment at 17 Rue Beautreillis in Paris. Jim lived in Paris until his death in July.
French singer Claude Francois was fatally electrocuted changing a light bulb while standing in his bath tub at his apartment in Paris. A few months previously he had a 1977 UK hit, 'Tears On The Telephone'.
1978 - Kate Bush becomes the first female solo artist to reach number one in the UK charts with a self-written song, "Wuthering Heights".
1982 - Jimmy Sohns of the Shadows of Knight is arrested for dealing cocaine.
1991 - For one week only Janet Jackson holds the record for the largest record deal ever until Michael Jackson signs with Sony a week later. Janet's deal with Virgin Records is worth $30 million.
1996 - Jarvis Cocker,
Pulp singer walked free from Kensington police station after police failed to charge him with any criminal offence following his 'stage invasion', during Michael Jackson's performance at the Brit Awards 3 weeks earlier.
1997 - Paul McCartney was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
2002 - Connie Francis sues her record label for over $10 million for back royalties and "inappropriate" licensing of her recordings.
2005 - The front door of Ozzy Osbourne's childhood home in Birmingham went up for sale on eBay because the current owner was fed up with fans defacing it.
2006 . . James Blunt, with his single "You're Beautiful", becomes the first British artist to top the US Billboard Hot 100 chart since Elton John with "Candle In The Wind 1997".

March 12th:
1939 - Artie Shaw and his band recorded "Deep Purple."
1955 - The Dave Brubeck Quartet made their debute at Carnegie Hall in New York.
1958 - In Hilversum, Netherlands, "Dors, mon amour" sung by André Claveau wins the third annual Eurovision Song Contest for France. Domenico Modugno places third for Italy with "Nel blu, dipinto di blu", retitled "Volare", went on to reach No. 1 in the US Billboard Hot 100, and won two Grammy Awards and was Record of the Year and Song of the Year for 1958.
1958 - A P
hiladelphia court sentenced jazz singer Billie Holiday to a year's probation after a guilty plea to narcotics possession.
1969 - Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman at Marylebone Registry office.
1969 - George Harrison and wife Patti were arrested in Esher, Surrey, charged with cannabis resin possession after police found 120 joints in their house.
1974 -
Harry Nilsson and John Lennon caused a disturbance at LA Troubador Club. Lennon hurled insults at the performing Smothers Brothers & punched their manager before being forcibly removed & charged with hitting a photographer in the eye.
1981 - Bow Wow Wow were forced to cancel the first dates of a
UK tour after Greater London Council stated that singer Annabella Lwin aged 15
would be guilty of truancy.

1996 - Her boots were made for walking .. Nancy Sinatra gives her famous white boots, to the Beverly Hills Hard Rock Cafe.
1998 -
Liam Gallagher of Oasis was banned from flying with Cathay Pacific Airways after an incident on a flight from Hong Kong to Australia.
2001 - Judy Garland's 'Over The Rainbow' was voted the Song Of The Century in a poll published in America; musicians, critics and fans compiled the list by the RIA.
2003 - The Chinese government ordered the Rolling Stones to cut four songs from their performances in Shanghai and Beijing. The banned songs were "Brown Sugar," "Honky Tonk Women," "Beast of Burden," & "Let's Spend the Night Together."

March 13th
1958 - The Recording Industry Association of America introduced its awards for record sales, (RIAA).
1965 - Eric Clapton left The Yardbirds, dissatisfied with the group's 'too commercial' direction.
1975 -Tammy Wynette and George Jones divorced after six years of marriage.
1977 - Iggy Pop and David Bowie kicked off a 22 date tour at Le Plateau Theatre, Montreal, Canada, support act was Blondie.
1983 - Marvin Gaye sang the U.S. national anthem at the NBA All-Star game.
1984 - MTV premired its weekly "Top 20 Video Countdown" show.
1985 - Bob Geldof and Midge Ure received 'the best selling a side' award at the 30th Ivor Novello Awards for 'Do They Know It's Christmas.'
1987 - Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
1988 -
Michael Jackson bought a ranch in Santa Ynez, California that he called "Neverland."

1990 - MTV available in the Middle East with the launch of MTV Europe in Israel.
1996 - Several people are hurt when angry fans riot in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have been waiting all night for Ramones tickets and find out they are all gone.
2006 - Black Sabbath is inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but The Sex Pistols refuse to attend the ceremony and turn down their induction.
2014 - Ant McPartlin, one half of the pop music duo PJ & Duncan, and his mother Christine had to call police after being attacked by a group of youths as they enjoyed a meal together at the Old Station House in Chiswick.

March 14th:
1956 - The movie "Rock Around the Clock" (with Bill Haley) made its premier in Washington, DC.
1960 - Sam Cooke began his first tour of the West Indies.
1963 - Gerry Marsden (Gerry & the Pacemakers) was fined 60 pounds at Uxbridge Magistrates court for evading British customs with a German guitar.
1965 - Petula Clark made her American TV debut
when she appeared on CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan Show. She sang "Downtown" and "I Know A Place"
1972 -
"Steppenwolf Day" was declared in Los Angeles as they announced thier break-up.
1972 - "Grease" opened off-Broadway, where it ran for the next decade for a total of 3,388 performances.
1973 - Singers Stephen Stills and Véronique Sanson are married nr. Guildford, UK
1973 - David Bowie collapsed at the end of his Valentines Day Show at New York's Radio City Music Hall reportedly due to total exhaustion.
1975 -
Flea and Chad Smith from The Red Hot Chili Peppers were arrested for sexually harassing a woman on Daytona beach; they were each fined $1,000.
1981 - Eric Clapton was admitted to United Hospital in St. Paul, MN, after a serious attack of bleeding ulcers. Clapton cancelled a 60-date tour of the U.S.
1985 - Tina Turner plays Wembley Arena.
1986 - Frank Zappa appeared on 'Miami Vice' as a crime boss named "Mr. Frankie."
1990 - Michael Jackson was voted artist of the decade at the annual 'Soul Train Awards.'
1998 - Ray Charles made his first solo performance in 53 years on the television shopping network QVC.
2006 - U2 topped Rolling Stone magazine's annual list of the year's biggest money earners from 2005 with £78m;The Rolling Stones second with £47m; The Eagles third with £32m; Paul McCartney was in fourth place with £28m and Elton John in fifth with £24.8m.
2008 - Peter MacBeth ex-Foundations bassist, was sentenced to six years on sexual assault and pedophilia charges.
2009 - "Just Can't Get Enough" - The Saturdays, reached No.2 in the charts making it the first official Comic Relief single not to reach No.1 in 14 years

March 15th:
1956 - Colonel Tom Parker officially became Elvis Presley's manager.
1958 - "The Dick Clark Show" debuted on ABC-TV. Connie Francis, Pat Boone and Jerry Lee Lewis were the first performers to appear on the show.
1966 - South African singer Miriam Makeba aka Mama Africa, became the first African woman to win a Grammy. She and Harry Belafonte recieved the Best Folk Recording award for their album 'An Evening With Belafonte/Makeba'.
1968 - "LIFE" magazine called Jimi Hendrix "the most spectacular guitarist in the world."
1969 - Tyrannosaurus Rex singer Marc Bolan's first book of poetry 'The Warlock Of Love' was published, priced at 12 and 6.
1972 - Radio station KHJ in Los Angeles is raided at 7 a.m. Police were called by the station's fans who thought there must be something amiss as Robert W. Morgan played Donny Osmond's Puppy Love over and over again from 6 a.m.
1974 - The Emerson, Lake and Palmer movie "Pictures at an Exhibition" premiered in Los Angeles, CA.
1976 - Bette Midler bailed seven members of her entourage out of jail. They were arrested on cocaine and marijuana possession charges.
1982 - After a long wait, Bob Dylan is at last inducted into The Songwriters Hall Of Fame, which was formed in 1969.
1989 - The Rolling Stones signed a 70m dollar contract; to play 50 North American dates. It was the largest contract in rock history.
1998 - The Tokyo area phone system went down due to high activity attributable to people trying to reserve tickets for an upcoming Glay concert.

1999 - Relatives of Buddy Holly filed a suit against MCA Records for allegedly hoarding royalty payments, forging contracts and illegally producing albums without the consent of the family.
2000 - Mick Jagger was ordered to increase his child support payments to Brazilian model Luciana Morad from £3,235 a month to
£5,888 ($10,000). Mick was asked to confirm that he was the father of her child by the court, while Ms Morad was seeking a £3.8 million ($10 million) settlement.
2002 . . Liverpool Airport is rechristened Liverpool John Lennon Airport in an official ceremony.

March 16th:
1942 - Fats Waller recorded "The Jitterbug Waltz" in New York.
1959 - Plans are announced for the first American rock-and-roll package tour to hit Europe. Performers including Bobby Darin, Conway Twitty, Duane Eddy and Pony Tails are contracted, along with UK star Cliff Richard.
1964 - DJ Alan Freed is charged with income-tax evasion by federal grand jury probing into radio and record company payola, less than two years after he admits guilt in the same investigation.
1964 - The Beatles set a new record for advance sales in the U.S. with 2,100,000 copies of their latest single 'Can't Buy Me Love.'
1969 - The musical "1776" opened on Broadway.

1971 -
Simon and Garfunkel win Three Grammy Awards; "Record of the Year"; "Song of the Year" and "Album of the Year" for 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'.
1972 - Ricky Nelson began his first British tour.
1974 - The new $15 million Opry House holds its inaugural show in Nashville, opened by Richard Nixon.

1977 -
The Sex Pistols are sacked from A&M Records. Their contract had only lasted for six days as a result of the band vandalizing property and verbally abusing employees during a visit to the record company's office..
1989 - Bez from The Happy Mondays was arrested at Manchester Airport moments before boarding a flight to Belfast for a gig and charged for trying to leave the country, breaking bail conditions set after a previous arrest.
1992 - T
rouble broke out during a Metallica gig at Orlando Arena when fans dangled an usher by his ankles from the balcony. The band was charged $38,000 (£22,353) for repairs and cleaning after the audience trashed the building.
2002 . . Liza Minnelli takes her fourth trip down the aisle when she marries her producer boyfriend David Gest.

March 17th
1950 - WDIA Memphis becomes the first on-air black station in the southern states
1962 - Ray Charles started his own record label, Tangerine.
1967 - The Stax Package tour opened in London with Otis Redding, Eddie Floyd, Carla Thomas, Sam & Dave and Booker T And The MG's.
1967 . . John Lennon purchased the 19-acre island of Dorinsh off the west coast of Ireland in Clew Bay for £1,550 and planned to build a holiday home there. The home was never built and a group of hippies, led by Sid Rawle, were given permission to live on the island.
1968 - The Bee Gees made their U.S. television debut on the "Ed Sullivan Show." They performed "To Love Somebody" and "Words."
1981 - Blues Project, with Al Kooper, Steve Katz and Roy Blumenfeld, reunite for one-off concert at Bonds in New York.
1982 - Samuel George Jr. of the Capitols was stabbed to death during a family argument. He was 39 years old.
1990 - Whitney Houston headlines an AIDS benefit concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The concert, dubbed "That's What Friends Are For," also celebrates the 15th anniversary of Arista Records.

1995 - Madonna premiered the "Bedtime Stories" video. All the 1,500 guests wore pajamas and had teddy bears.
1997 - The RIAA announced that the Eagles' "Greatest Hits" album had tied Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as the all-time best-selling album in the U.S.
2004 - The Kinks singer Ray Davies received his CBE medal from the Queen at Buckingham Palace for services to the music industry.

March 18th
1902 - Enrico Caruso recorded 10 arias for the Gramophone Company. He was the first well-known performer to make a record.
1959 - EMI announces that it has now stopped all production of 78 rpm discs
1965 - Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Bill Wyman were arrested for "insulting behavior" in London. The act was urinating on the wall of the Francis Garage. They were
fined £5 each
1967 - Pink Floyd signed to EMI Records in the UK.

1973 - Wings played a benefit concert for a drug-counselling agency 'Release' at The Hard Rock, UK.
1976 - The Film 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' featuring David Bowie premiered in London.
1977 - Marc Bolan & T.Rex played at the Rainbow, along with The Damned as thier support. This was part of the band's Dandy in the Underworld tour, which ended up as their final tour.
1982 - Driving home from a basketball game in Philadelphia, soul singer Teddy Pendergrass crashed his Rolls Royce severely injuring his spinal cord, resulting in him being paralyzed from the waist down.
1989 - A radio station in California arranged to have all it's Cat Stevens Records destroyed by having a steamroller run over them in protest of the singer's support of Ayatollah Khomeni.
1994 - Three weeks before his suicide, four guns and 25 boxes of ammo were confiscated from Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) after his wife, Courtney Love, called police fearing he was going to commit suicide.
1998 - Michael Jackson was dressed as an Arab woman when and his son went shopping at a toy store in Munich, Germany.
2004 - Courtney Love exposed her breasts during an appearance on David Letterman's TV talk show. The singer who had her back to the audience flashed at the presenter while singing the song Danny Boy.

March 19th:
1957 - Elvis Presley buys the Memphis mansion Graceland from Mrs. Ruth Brown-Moore
1957 - The Crickets which included Buddy Holly as their singer and lead guitarist, sign a contract with Bob Thiele in which Coral, a subsidiary of Decca, agrees to purchase masters for "That'll Be The Day" and "I'm Looking For Someone To Love." This was the working contract for The Crickets, and their songs to be released under the Brunswick label.
1958 - Big Records released 'Our Song' by a teenage duo from Queens, New York, Tom and Jerry. The duo become famous in the '60s under their real names, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

1965 - Tailor And Cutter Magazine ran an article asking The Rolling Stones to start wearing ties, with the current fashion tie-makers were facing financial disaster.
1966 - Gary Leeds (Walker Brothers) was abducted by British students trying to raise money for charity.
1970 - Rolling Stone magazine reveals that opening lyrics to John Lennon's 'Come Together' were written by Chuck Berry for 'You Can't Catch Me' - 'Here come old flat top, he come groovin' up slowly
1974 - The Jefferson Airplane began their first tour under their new name Jefferson Starship.
1978 - Billy Joel made his UK
debut live at London's Dury Lane Theatre.
1982 - Randy Rhoads died at the age of 25 in a plane crash. The plane was buzzing Ozzy Osbourne's tour bus when it crashed. The pilot and another female passenger were also killed.
1985 - "Spin Magazine" began publishing.
1992 - Jet Harris from The Shadows was banned from driving for three years and fined £120 for drunk driving.
2005 - Former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell's London home was broken into. The burgular left obscene notes on the walls,
stole a necklace that used to belong to Liz Taylor among other things and had thrown milk and Ribena fruit drink on the walls.

March 20th:
1959 - Bobby Rydell made his first TV appearance, on "American Bandstand."
1965 - The first ever Motown package tour arrives in London, with Stevie Wonder, Martha and the Vandellas, Temptations and the Supremes.
1968 - Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Richie Furay and Jim Mesina, were arrested in Los Angeles for 'being at a place where it is suspected marijuana is being used.' Clapton is later found innocent, the others pay small fines.

1969 - John Lennon and Yoko Ono were married in Gibraltar.

1971 - Janis Joplin started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with the Kris Kristofferson's 'Me And Bobby McGee'. Joplin had died the year before on 4th October, aged 27.
1977 - Lou Reed was banned from appearing The London Palladium because of his punk image.
1980 - Radio Caroline, the original North Sea pirate radio station, sinks.
1980 - 28 year- old Joseph Riviera held up the Asylum Records office in New York demanding to see either Jackson Browne or The Eagles. Riviera wanted to talk to them to see if they would finance his trucking operation.

1990 - Gloria Estefan
broke several bones in her back when her tour bus is involved in an accident
1991 - Conor, Eric Clapton's 4 year old son, fell to his death from a 53rd story New York City apartment window. Clapton later writes the song "Tears in Heaven."
2002 - The papers report that Robbie Williams had become a priest: ordained via the Internet by the non-denominational Universal Ministries and officiated the wedding of Billy Morrison from rock band The Cult and Jennifer Holliday.

2008 - E Street Band organist Danny Federici returned to the stage for one last time when he appeared for portions of a Springsteen and E Street Band performance at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Less than one month later, Federici died having suffered for three years with melanoma..

March 21st
1941 - Singer Paula Kelly joined Glenn Miller's band.
1952 - Alan Freed hosts Moondog Coronation Ball in Cleveland Ohio, this was the first sign that black R&B has a large white following. Freed promoted the show from WJW Radio, selling 18,000 tickets in advance for the show which featured Charles Brown, Moonglows, and Clyde McPhatter.
1973 - The BBC banned all teenybopper acts appearing on UK TV show, 'Top Of The Pops' after a riot following a David Cassidy performance.
1976 - Iggy Pop and David Bowie were involved in a drug bust at their hotel room in Rochester, New York.
1982 - Donny Osmond starred in the title role on Broadway of "Little Johnny Jones."
1984 - Strawberry Fields, an area in Central Park bought by Yoko Ono in memory of her late husband was opened.
1987 - The Beatles had a revival in America as the group holds down the
4 Top slots on US CD chart: 1. Hard Day's Night; 2. Please Please Me; 3. Beatles for Sale; 4. With the Beatles.
1989 - Dick Clark announced that he would no longer be hosting the show "American Bandstand." He had been the host for 33 years.
1991 - The inventor of The Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars Leo Fender, sadly died from Parkinson's disease.

1997 - Snoop Doggy Dog was sentenced to three years probation and fined $1,000 for a firearms violation after a handgun was found in his car when he was stopped for a traffic violation.
2001 - Michael Jackson's interior decorator told The Times newspaper that the singer kept 17 life size dolls, adult and child sizes, all fully dressed in his bedroom for 'company.'
2005 - MTV aired the final episode of 'The Osbournes' the American reality TV programme featuring the domestic life of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family. It ran for 3 years.

March 22nd:
1956 - Sammy Davis, Jr. starred in the play, "Mr. Wonderful," in New York City.
1958 - Hank Williams Jr. made his stage debut in Swainsboro, GA, aged eight.
1965 - Bob Dylan's first electric album "Bring it All Back Home" was released.
1970 - Electric Circus club in New York, is damaged by a bomb.
1971 - US police arrested all the members from The Allman Brothers Band for heroin and marijuana possession.
1974 - Ten Years After play their last gig - at the Rainbow Theatre, London,
1975 - The Shadows represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden. They come second.
1977 - John Denver's TV special "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" was aired on ABC.
1989 -
Dick Clark announces he'll be leaving "American Bandstand" after 33 years.
1997 - Shock-rock band Marilyn Manson is forced to cut short a show at the Nimitz Concert Hall in Honolulu, Hawaii, after lead singer Manson injures his hand during the performance. Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, falls onstage and cuts an artery in his hand

2000 - Yusuf Islam the former singer Cat Stevens joined the campaign to save the Section 28 ban on the promotion of homosexuality in UK schools. He praised peers for fighting the government's plans to scrap Section 28.
2004 - Ozzy Osbourne was voted the nation's favourite ambassador to welcome aliens to planet Earth. The 55 year old singer topped a Yahoo poll as the face people wanted to represent them to alien life.

March 23rd
1961 - Elvis Presley sets a new UK chart record - three consecutive No. 1 singles: It's Now or Never, Are You Lonesome Tonight and Wooden Heart
1969 - 30,000 people attend 'The Rally for Decency' at the Orange Bowl in Miami in response to Jim Morrison's 'indecent' pants-dropping incident a few weeks earlier.
The film of The Concert For Bangla Desh featuring George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton premiered in New York.
1978 - The Police signed with A&M Records.
1980 - A gunman holds up Elektra Records in New York demanding to speak to Eagles or Jackson Browne. He gives up and leaves when told they live in California!
1985 -
Former Creedence Clearwater Revival front man John Fogerty went to No.1 on the US album chart with 'Centerfield.'
1987 - The Soul Train Music Awards debuted. It was the first televised awards ceremony to pay exclusive homage to black producers, songwriters and recording artists in the music industry.
1988 -
Mick Jagger makes his first onstage solo appearance in Japan in front of a audience of 46,000 . The Rolling Stones had previously been banned from the country by Japanese authorities.
1992 - Janet Jackson signed with Virgin Records for $16,000,000.
1999 - Michael Jackson announced that he would donate the proceeds from his next two concerts to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and the Red Cross.

2011 - Marianne Faithfull was awarded the Commandeur of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, one of France's highest cultural honours.

March 24th:
1941 - Glenn Miller began work on his first motion picture for 20th Century Fox. The film was "Sun Valley Serenade."
1945 - The Billboard published the first American LP chart. Nat King Cole was at the No.1 spot with 'A Collection Of Favourites.'
Elvis Presley becomes Private 53310761 as he is sworn into the U.S. Army in Memphis, Tenn. US.

1965 - Bill Wyman was knocked unconscious by an electrical shock from a microphone stand. It was the first date of the Rolling Stones anniversary tour
1973 - During a Lou Reed show in Buffalo, New York, a fan jumped on stage and bit Lou on his bottom. The man was thrown out of the theatre and Reed completed the show.
1976 - Transvestite singer Wayne County appeared in court charged with assault after an incident at New York club CBGB's. County had attacked Dictators singer Handsome Dick Manitobe with a mike stand fracturing his collarbone.
1978 - The British courts granted British record companies the rights to seize bootleg and pirate recordings.
1991 - The Black Crowes were dropped as the opening act on ZZ Top's tour for repeatedly criticizing Miller Beer. Miller Beer was sponsoring the tour.
1998 - UK singer Mark Morrison was jailed for a year after trying to con his way out of doing community service. He sent his minder Gabriel Mafereka who wore sunglasses and hid his hair under a hat so he looked like the star.
2002 - At 17 years and 255 days old, Gareth Gates became the youngest male solo artist to score a UK No.1 with his debut release 'Unchained Melody'. He had won second place on TV's 'Pop Idol' show.

March 25th
1958 . . At Capitol Tower, Gene Vincent was joined unofficially by an un-credited Eddie Cochran on bass backing vocals, on 25th to 29th March recording sessions (except the 28th, when Eddie was at Goldstar Studios cutting Summertime Blues) 16 superb masters were produced.
1958 . . Before the second show scheduled in Hammersmith, London, the last performance of the English tour, Joe Mauldin knocks the caps off of Buddy Holly's two front teeth during a scuffle. Buddy repairs the damage with chewing gum and performs the second show with the gum spread over his front teeth.
1961 - Elvis Presley performed his last live show for the next eight years at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The show raised $62,000 for the U.S.S. Arizona memorial fund.
1967 - The Who made its U.S. concert debut at RKO 58th Street Theatre, N.Y City.
1968 -The 58th & final episode of The Monkees Television series was broadcast in the USA.
1969 - John and Yoko started their 1st 'Bed-In for Peace' at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel for a week between March 25th and 31st, inviting the world's press into their hotel room every day between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.
1972 - The 17th Eurovision Song Contest is held in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland. The only time (to date 2011) Scotland hosted the contest.
1976 - While working on his 4th album "Pretender", US singer songwriter Jackson Browne's wife Phyllis Major committed suicide.
1985 - Prince wins an Oscar for Best Original Score for the film "Purple Rain."

1990 - Motley Crue's Tommy Lee was arrested for mooning at the audience during a gig in Augusta. Lee was charged with indecent exposure.
1995 - Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder was rescued after a riptide carried him 250 feet offshore in New Zealand.
2000 - NSYNC set a new world record after selling a million tickets in one day for the group's forthcoming tour, netting them over £25 million ($42.5 million).

2002 - The seven-year mystery of missing
the Richey Edwards, Manic Street Preachers guitarist when human feet were found near where he vanished in 1995.
2007 - Elton John plays Madison Square Garden for the 60th time, to celebrate his 60th birthday. The concert sets the record for most performances by an artist at the venue. Longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin made an appearance, as well as Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams and former President Bill Clinton.
2015 . . British boy band, One Direction, released a statement announcing
Zayn Malik's departure from the group.

March 26th
1965 - It was announced that Jeff Beck would take Eric Clapton's place in the Yardbirds.
1964 - "Funny Girl" opened on Broadway starring Barbara Streisand.
1965 - Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Bill Wyman all received electric shocks from a faulty microphone on stage during a Rolling Stones show in Denmark. Bill Wyman was knocked unconscious for several minutes.
1965 - The Walker Brothers made their UK TV debut on 'Ready Steady Go!'
1970 - Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary pleads guilty at a Washington district court to taking immoral liberties with a fourteen-year-old girl. The group had just won a Grammy award for best children's recording
1975 - The film "Tommy" premiered in London. The movie was based on the rock opera by The Who.
1976 - Anita Pallenberg the girlfriend of Rolling Stone Keith Richards gave birth to a baby boy, Tara, sadly he died at ten weeks old from pneumonia.
1980 - The Police became the first Western pop group to play in Bombay, India for over ten years when they played a one off gig in the city.
1986 - Guns N' Roses was signed to Geffen Records.
1988 - Man in the Mirror gives Michael Jackson his fourth consecutive Hot 100 No. 1 from his LP Bad, setting a record.
1995 - An opera based on the life of tennis player Martina Navratilova premiered at New York's Carnegie Hall.
2006 - Total Guitar magazine
readers voted the guitar solo by Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven' as the greatest guitar solo of all time. The 1971 track was voted ahead of tracks by Van Halen, Queen, Jimi Hendrix and The Eagles by its UK readers
March 27th:
1950 - Jazz pianist, Erroll Garner, writer the song "Misty", became one of the first jazz instrumentalists to give a solo concert.
1965 - Jeff Beck replaces Eric Clapton in Yardbirds
Roy Orbison fell off a motorbike while scrambling at Hawkstone Park, Birmingham, UK, fracturing his foot. He had to play the remaining tour dates sat on a stool and walking on crutches.

1967 - John Lennon and Paul McCartney were awarded the Ivor Novello award for 'Michelle', the most performed song in the UK in 1966.
1971 -
WNBC, the New York radio station banned Brewer & Shipley's song 'One Toke Over the Line' because of its alleged drug references. Other stations around the country followed.
1973 - Jerry Garcia was stopped for speeding on the New Jersey turnpike, but he on
bail for $2,000 when the police find pot, cocaine and LSD in his car.
1979 - Bruce Springsteen's first video, "Rosalita," premiered on BBC-TV.
1979 - Eric Clapton marries Patti Boyd, ex-wife of his friend George Harrison.
1987 - U2 filmed their video "Where the Streets Have No Name" on a rooftop in L.A.
1991 - Donnie Wahlberg of The New Kids on the Block was arrested in Louisville, KY, for first-degree arson. He allegedly poured vodka on a hotel carpet and set it on fire.
1998 - Construction work began on Alice Cooper's new Coopers'town Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ.
2004 - Local council officials planned to have a street named after The Darkness in their hometown Lowestoft, Norfolk in honour of their recent world-wide success.
2012 - The Songwriters Hall of Fame announced that "Stand By Me" would receive its 2012 Towering Song Award and that Ben E King would be honored with the 2012 Towering Performance Award for his recording of the song.

March 28th
1957 - Elvis Presley appeared live at The Chicago International Theatre.
Pirate station Radio Caroline begins broadcasting, from the high seas just outside British territorial waters. The first voice heard is Simon Dee with the immortal words 'Good Morning Everybody. This is Radio Caroline on 199 metres, your all day music station."

1969 - Joe Cocker played his first American concert.
1976 - Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and Alan Lancaster from Status Quo were arrested after an incident at Vienna Airport, all three were released on bail.
1979 - Eric Clapton
married Patti "Layla" Boyd, (George Harrison's ex-wife), while in Tucson, Arizona
1982 - David Crosby was arrested
in Los Angeles, for driving under the influence of cocaine, possession of quaaludes and drug paraphernalia, and carrying a concealed .45-caliber pistol.
1986 - More than 6,000 radio stations of all format varieties played "We are the World" simultaneously at 10:15 a.m. EST.
1987 - Aretha Franklin becomes most successful female chartmaker in US singles history when 'I Knew You Were Waiting for Me' - her duet with George Michael - becomes her seventeenth Top 10 hit, surpassing Connie Francis, who scored hits between 1958 and 1962. (Diana Ross has had 80 Top 10 hits, but only twelve solo)
1992 - Over a
£58,800 worth of damage was caused at The Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, California, when Ozzy Osbourne invited the first two rows of the audience up on stage. Many more of the fans took advantage of the offer and the band was forced to exit the stage.
1996 - Phil Collins leaves Genesis to follow a solo career.
2000 - Jimmy Page wins a lawsuit filed against Ministry magazine, which claimed that Page had contributed to the death of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham by wearing a Satanic robe and chanting spells while Bonham was dying. The magazine apologizes and offers to pay Page's legal bills. Page donates the money received from the case to the Action for Brazil's Children Trust.
2001 - It was reported that singer songwriter James Taylor and his new wife Caroline Smedvig were expecting twin boys, carried by a surrogate mother, Grace Bradberry, who was a friend of the family.
2006 -
Whitney Houston's sister-in-law Tina Brown sold pictures taken in Whitney's bathroom to the National Enquirer. She claimed Whitney Houston had been taking crack cocaine. The pictures showed drug paraphernalia including a crack-smoking pipe, rolling papers, cocaine-caked spoons and cigarette ends strewn across the surface tops of the bathroom.

March 29th

1871 - The Royal Albert Hall, premier concert venue, is declared open by Queen Victoria. (Named after the prince Consort, who died had ten years earlier.)
1964 - Mods and Rockers clash for the first time on Clacton beach, England
1966 - Mick Jagger was injured during a gig in Marseilles after a fan threw a chair at the stage, he required eight stitches in the cut.
1969 - The band Southside Fuzz, four policemen from Chicago, perform their first gig before 2,000 fans. Their aim is to 'show teens have something in common with the police'.

1973 - Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show appeared on the cover of "Rolling Stone."
1975 - Led Zeppelin had all their six albums in the US Top 100 chart in the same week.
1976 - Bruce Springsteen jumped a fence at Graceland in an attempt to see his idol, Elvis Presley.
1980 -
Chicago man sued The Bee Gees for plagiarism of the song "How Deep Is Your Love." The BeeGees won the case on appeal.
1988 - Madonna debuted on Broadway in "Speed The Plow."
1999 - The David Bowie Internet Radio Network broadcast its first show for Rolling Stone Radio. The show was Bowie's favourite songs with Bowie introducing each track.
2000 - Phil Collins took out a high court action against two former members of Earth, Wind And Fire claiming his company had overpaid the musicians by £50,000 in royalties on tracks including
'Easy Lover' and 'Sussudio'.
2005 - 59 year old Neil Young was treated for a brain aneurysm at a hospital in New York. The aneurysm was discovered when his vision became blurred after the induction ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month.
2007 - U2 singer Bono accepted an honorary knighthood at a ceremony in Dublin. He not entitled to be called "Sir" because he is not a British citizen. Bono's new title is Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE).

March 30th:
1957 - Buddy Knox became the first artist in the Rock 'n' Roll era to write his own No.1 hit with ‘Party Doll’ when it topped the US singles chart.
1962 - The film "It's Trad, Dad!" starring Craig Douglas and Helen Shapiro is released in cinemas around the UK.
1963 - Leslie Gore first appeared on ABC's "American Bandstand."
1966 - 85 people were arrested for rioting after a Rolling Stones concert in Paris.
1967 - During an appearance by Jimi Hendrix on 'Top Of The Pops', a technician put on the backing track of Alan Price's 'Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear', to which Hendrix responded 'I don't know the words to this one man.'
1967 - The cover of the Beatles' "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was staged and photographed by Michael Cooper at Chelsea Manor studios.
1973 -
"Hommy", the American version of Tommy opens at Carnegie Hall, New York, stars included the legendary salsa queen, Celia Cruz

1978 - Four police cars and a helicopter were required to arrest Clash rockers Paul Simonon and Nicky Headon in Camden Town, London after they shot down racing pigeons with air rifles from the roof of Chalk Farm Studios. They were fined £800 ($1,360).
1978 - U2 won £500 and a chance to audition for CBS Ireland in a talent contest held in Dublin that was sponsored by Guinness.

1984 - David Gilmour appeared on the Tyne Tees TV show "The Tube", broadcast live from Newcastle upon-Tyne, UK.
1989 -
For the first time since grammar school, Gladys Knight performs without The Pips at Bally's in Las Vegas
1999 - KISS cancelled three concert dates in Russia due to anti-American sentiment over the U.N. bombing of Yugoslavia.
2000 - Castle music sold to the Sanctuary Music group for £40 million. Castle owned the rights to all The Kinks back catalogue.
2001 - LeAnn Rimes reached an out of court settlement with her father and her former manager. The country star filed a lawsuit claiming the pair had stolen £7 million from her.
2007 - A man was arrested by police and detained under the Mental Health Act after trying to force his way into Paul McCartney’s mansion, screaming: “I must get to him.” The middle-aged man burst through security patrols into McCartney’s isolated Sussex estate.

March 31st:
1943 - "Oklahoma!" by Rodgers and Hammerstein debuted on Broadway. The original title was "Away We Go".
1954 - Gee by Crows, said by many to be first genuine rock-and-roll hit, peaks at No. 6 on US R&B chart
1958 - Chuck Berry's rock 'n' roll classic 'Johnny B. Goode' single was released.
1967 - Jimi Hendrix set fire to his guitar on stage for first time at The Astoria London, the start of a 24 date UK tour with Walker Brothers, Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humberdinck.
1972 - The Beatles Official Fan Club closed.
1973 - Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon entered the UK LP chart
1979 - In the Eurovision Song Contest, UK representatives Black Lace finish 7th.
1980 - EMI Records report twelve months' trading loss of £2,800,000.
1982 - The Doobie Brothers announced their break-up.
1995 - Jimmy Page escaped being knifed when a fan rushed the stage at a Page and Plant gig at Auburn Hills, Michigan. He knifes the two security guards, who intervened. He told police that he wanted to kill Jimmy Page because of the Satanic music he was playing..
1995 - Selena, the Latin superstar is shot and killed by her former personal assistant and former president of her fan club, who had earlier been dismissed for embezzlement.
1998 - The first Celebration of Female Artists Awards took place at The Grosvenor House in London.
2002 - French jazz pianist Jacques Loussier filed a $10 million lawsuit against Eminem and Dr. Dre, claiming that the beat for "Kill You" was from his instrumental "Pulsion". Loussier demanded that sales of The Marshall Mathers LP be halted, and any remaining copies destroyed. A trial date was set for June 2004, and the case was later settled.
2001 - Whitney Houston and husband Bobby Brown were banned for life from Hollywood's Bel Air hotel after wrecking their room. The suite was so badly damaged it had to be shut for five days for repairs.
2007 - A new world record for the longest non-stop concert was set by hundreds of musicians
in the city of Omi, Japan. The performance began on the evening of March 23rd with musicians aged between 6 and 96 taking turns with over 2,000 tunes being performed over 182 hours.
2008 - theJazz radio station stops broadcasting.


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