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The 17th, 18th & 19th century
* 1649 - The opera Giasone by Francesco Cavalli premieres in Venice.. [Jan 05]
1728 . . The Beggar's Opera by John Gay premieres in London. [Jan 29]

* 1786 . .
The Mozart opera "The Marriage of Figaro" premiered in Vienna. [May01]

* 1790 - The Mozart opera "Cosi Fan Tutte" opens at the Burgtheater in Vienna.. [Jan 26]
* 1824 . . Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, his final complete symphony, was performed for the first time at the Theater am Kärntnertor in Vienna, although it had originally been commissioned by The Philharmonic Society of London in 1817.. [May 07]
* 1832 ... The song "America" was sung in public for the first time at the Park Street Church in Boston, MA. [July 04]
* 1847 ... Steven Foster's "Oh! Susannah" was performed in public for the first timeby a local quintet in Pittsburgh, PA. [Sept11]
* 1842 ... The first concert of the The New York Philharmonic, then called Philharmonic Society of New York took place in the Apollo Rooms on lower Broadway before an audience of 600. The concert opened with Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, led by the founder, Ureli Corelli Hill himself. [Dec 07]
* 1850 ... Jenny Lind gave her first concert in the United States at New York's Castle Garden Theater. Lind was known as the "Swedish Nightingale." [Sept 11]
* 1853 ...
Verdi's opera "Il Trovatore" premiered in Rome.
* 1869 . . The Folies Bergère opens in Paris. [May01]
* 1870 ... Wagner's opera 'Die Walküre' is performed for the first time, at the National Theatre Munich,introducing the famous piece, "The Ride Of The Valkyries"
* 1881 ... Edward Leveaux received a patent for the player piano.
* 1883 ...
The Metropolitan Opera House held its grand opening in New York [Oct 22].
* 1885 . . Wilhelm Schimmel starts his piano company in Leipzig.. [May02]
* 1885 ... Chichester Bell and Charles Tainter filed for a patent on their invention the gramophone.. [Nov 18]
* 1887 ...
Emile Berliner files the first patent for the gramophone, beating Thomas Edison. [Sept 01]
* 1889 . . Installed by Pacific Phonograph Co., the worlds first jukebox made its debut at the Palais Royale Saloon, in San Francisco.. [Nov 23]
* 1891 . . The Music Hall, later named "Carnegie Hall", had its grand opening with its first public performance. The first performer was Pyotr Llych Tchaikovsky.. [May 05]
1891 . . Poland's premier pianist, Ignace Jan Paderewski, made his American debut at Carnegie Hall in New York City. He played only Steinway grand pianos custom-built to his specifications. In all, five were made just for his use.. [Nov 17]
* 1892 . . The opera "I Pagliacci," by Ruggiero Leoncavallo, was performed for the first time in Milan, Italy.. [May 21]
* 1892 ...
Matilda Sissieretta Joyner Jones was the first African American to sing at Carnegie Hall, New York. Among the selections in her program were Charles Gounod's "Ave Maria" and Giuseppe Verdi's "Sempre libera", from La traviata. [June]
* 1893 ... Giuseppe Verdi's "Falstaff" was first performed in Milan, Italy. It was his last opera. [Feb 09]
* 1893 ...
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky conducted his 1st public performance of his Symphony Number 6 in B minor "Pathetique" [Oct28]
* 1894 ... The magazine Billboard began publication, devoting itself at the time to the "interests of advertisers, poster printers, bill posters, advertising agents and secretaries of fairs." It evolved from a 19th-century trade paper covering current issues to an international newsweekly of music & home entertainment. [Nov 01]
* 1895 ... The song "America the Beautiful" was first published
. [July04]
* 1898 . . The first Maple Leaf Ball is held in Sedalia, Missouri. [Nov 24]
1899 ... The world's first radio company, the Marconi Wireless Company of America, was incorporated in New Jersey. [Nov 22]

The 1900s
* 1903 ... "In Dahomey" , was the first full-length musical written and played by African Americans, and the first to star African Americans, it opened at the New York Theater. Based on the show's New York success, the producers of In Dahomey transferred the entire production to England on April 28th 1903, with a staging at the Shaftesbury Theatre and British tour. [Feb 18]
* 1903 ... "Babes in Toyland" debuted in New York City, NY.
* 1903 . . Enrico Caruso made his American debut at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York in "Rigoletto".. [Nov 23]
1904 ... The opera "Madama Butterfly" by Giacomo Puccini had its world premiere at La Scala in Milan. (Feb)
1904 ... The George M. Cohan's musical "Little Johnny Jones" premiered in Hartford. The show introduced Cohan's tunes "Give My Regards to Broadway" and "The Yankee Doodle Boy". The "Yankee Doodle" character was inspired by real-life Hall of Fame jockey Tod Sloan. [Oct08]
1907 ... The opera "The Merry Widow" opened in New York City, NY. [Oct21]
* 1907 ... Eugene H. Farrar became the first singer to broadcast on radio. He sang from the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York. (Dec 16th)
* 1908 ... The first stereo advertisement, for an Edison Phonograph, appears in the Saturday Evening Post. [Sept26]
* 1908 ... The first publication of blues sheet music was in 1908, Antonio Maggio's "I Got the Blues" is thought to the first published song to use the word blues in it's title.
* 1909 - The opera "Elektra" by Richard Strauss premieres at the Dresden Hofoper.. [Jan 25]

The 1910s
* 1911 - The Richard Strauss opera "Der Rosenkavalier" premiered in Dresden, Germany.. [Jan 26]
1914 - ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, is formed in New York City. [Feb 13]

1914 ... The first musical revue to feature scores completely by Irving Berlin was "Watch Your Step" which debuted in New York at the New Amsterdam Theatre on
December 8th.
1917 ... The first jazz record was released in US, "Livery Stable Blues" which was the B-side of "The Dixie Jass Band One Step" recorded by Original Dixieland Jass Band lead by Nick La Rocca.. (March 07)
* 1917 ... Leopold Stokowski led the Philadelphia Orchestra in its first recording session. [Oct22]
1919 ... Orchestra leader Ben Selvin recorded the first known million-seller, and it was also a two sided hit, featuring "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" and "Darandella" (Feb)

The 20s
* 1920 ... The Symphony Society of New York gave a concert at the Paris Opera House. It was the first American orchestra to make a European tour. [May04]
* 1920 ... Montreal Canada's XWA broadcasts the first scheduled radio program in North America.. [May20]
* 1920 ... In Detroit, what will become WWJ/950 AM... became the first radio station in America to start broadcasting. [Aug20]
* 1920 ...
KDKA in Pittsburgh becomes the first commercially licensed radio station in the United States. They are not the first station on the air, but the first to get the broadcast license. With consumers unsure of the benefits of radio, the station announces results of the Harding-Cox presidential election, getting the news to those with a radio much faster than everyone who had to wait for the morning paper.
* 1921 ... In Chicago, IL, the first opera by a professional company was broadcast on radio, KYW Radio. [Nov 14]
* 1922 ...
The British Broadcasting Corporation, aka the BBC, was the first national broadcasting corporation, is founded on this day in London. [Oct18]
* 1924 ...
"The Chicago Barn Dance" debuted on WLS Radio in Chicago. The show, later renamed "The National Barn Dance." was one the longest running programs on radio. The show blended music, comedy and down-home theatrical skits that lasted well over five decades. [April 19]
* 1924 . . The operetta "Rose Marie", by Rudolf Friml, opened on Broadway.. [Sept 02]
* 1925 ... The musical "On With The Dance" opens at the London Pavilion. [April 30]
* 1925 ... The "WSM Barn Dance" debuts on the Nashville radio station WSM, with fiddle player Uncle Jimmy Thompson as the first performer on a new show . Two years later, the show is rechristened "The Grand Ole Opry".. [Nov28]
* 1925 ...
The first jazz concerto for piano and orchestra was presented at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Commissioned by Walter Damrosch, American composer George Gershwin presented "Concerto In F", and was also the featured soloist playing a flugelhorn in a slow, bluesy style as one of his numbers. (December 3rd).
1926 ... The first issue of The Melody Maker went on sale priced at thrupence. The monthly magazine was for 'all who are interested in the production of popular music'. In the first issue, Dance Band news, about Ukuleles and how to read music by sight. (January)
* 1926 . . The Radio Corporation of America, later known as RCA, launches its new radio network, the National Broadcasting Company, later known as NBC.. [Sept 09]
* 1927 - The "first great voice of the air", Jessica Dragonette, makes her radio debut on Cities Service Concerts. [Feb 14]
* 1927 ...
Regarded as the first 'talkie', Al Jolson played the lead role portraying Jakie Rabinowitz /Jack Robin in "The Jazz Singer", the first feature-length motion picture with synchronized dialogue sequences; its release heralded the commercial ascendance of the "talkies" and the decline of the silent film era. [Oct06]
* 1928 ... Tampa Red became the first black musician to play a National steel-bodied resonator guitar, the loudest and showiest guitar available before amplification, acquiring one in the first year they were available.
1928 ... The first scheduled TV service started by GEC station WLY in New York. [May11]
* 1928 ... The first professional recordings in Nashville, now known as Music City, USA, take place as DeFord Bailey lays down eight tracks in Victor Records , later RCA Studios. [Oct02]
1928 ... 'This Year Of Grace' opens at the Selwyn Theatre, New York, with Noël Coward playing the lead. [Nov 07]
1929 ... Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians played "Auld Lang Syne" as a New Year's Eve song for the first time.

The 30s
* 1930 ... The New York Philharmonic Orchestra was heard on air for the first time on CBS radio from Carnegie Hall . [Oct05]
* 1931 ...
William Grant Still, was the first African-American composer to have a symphony performed by leading orchestra: Symphony No. 1, performed by Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.
* 1931 - Eddie Cantor makes his debut radio appearance, singing on Rudy Vallee’s Fleischmann Hour. [Feb 05]
* 1931 ... Kate Smith made her radio show debut with the twice-weekly Kate Smith Sings show on NBC. [May01]
* 1931 . . Noël Coward's classic, "Mad Dogs And Englishmen," was performed for the first time in public by Beatrice Lillie in The Third Little Show at the Music Box Theatre in New York, US.. [June 01]
* 1931 . . The Broadway musical "The Band Wagon" opened at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City.. [June 03]
* 1931 . . The radio show, "15 Minutes with Bing Crosby", debuted on CBS.. [Sept 02]
1931 ... The first 33 and a third LP players were launched by RCA victor at the Savoy Plaza Hotel in New York. It was a failure due to the high cost of the record players, which started around $95 ($1140 in today's $) it wasn't revived until 1948. [Sept17]
* 1931 ... Abbey Road recording studios open in London's pricey St. John's Wood. [Nov 12]
1932 ... Legendary songwriting team Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein's first production, "Music In The Air", opened on Broadway. [Nov 08]
* 1932 ... The Broadway musical The Gay Divorce, ft Cole Porter's classic "Night And Day," premieres in New York. [Nov28]
* 1933 . . Pioneer country singer Jimmie Rodgers who was the first person to be elected into the Country Music Hall Of Fame, died after a long battle with tuberculosis, (which he sings about in "T.B. Blues") while at the Taft Hotel; he was only 35 years old... [May 26]
1933 ... "The Kraft Music Hall" airs for the first time on NBC radio. [June26]
* 1934 - Formerly home to burlesque shows, The Apollo Theater in Harlem became a music venue, starting their new format with a jazz variety show featuring mostly black performers, including the Benny Carter Orchestra and Mabel Scott.. [Jan 26]
1934 ... The pipeless organ was patented by Laurens Hammond. [April]
1934 ... NBC radio debuted "The Gibson Family." The program was the first musical comedy to be broadcast. [Sept15]
1934 ... Gene Autry appears in his first film, "In Old Santa Fe", becoming the first "singing cowboy" on the silver screen.
1934 ... The Cole Porter musical "Anything Goes" opened at the Alvin Theatre, now the Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway. [Nov21]
1935 ... Entertainer Bob Hope famous for "Thanks for the Memories" makes his first network radio appearance. (January)
* 1935 ... First known interracial jazz group was formed, the Benny Goodman Trio which included Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, and Gene Krupa.
1936 ... The American music trade paper 'Billboard' publishes its first music 'Hit Parade' . (Jan04)
* 1936 ... William Grant Still was the first African American to conduct a major U.S. orchestra: Los Angeles Philharmonic
1936 ... First television interview took place when actress Peggy O'Neill interviewed at the Ideal Home Exhibition, London.
1936 ... After playing some Duke Elllington music, Helen McKay sings "Here's Looking At You," the first song ever broadcast on television in a test broadcast from London's Alexandra Palace . [Aug26]
1936 ... Adele Dixon sings "Television" on the first ever broadcast of the BBC entertainment programme, Variety. [Nov 02]
* 1936 ... Bing Crosby took over as host of "The Kraft Music Hall", his first show aired with Jimmy Dorsey (who would later be host, himself) led the Kraft Orchestra. [Dec 05]
1937 ... W2XBS, later WCBS-TV televised the first TV operetta, "Pirates of Penzance" by Gilbert and Sullivan [June20].
1938 ... The American public heard Irving Berlin's "God Bless America" for the first time when Kate Smith sang it on her Armistice Day radio broadcast. The song was written 22 years earlier, but was never used, in a WWI soldier show by Irving. In her first broadcast of the song, Kate sang "that we're far from there" rather than "for a land so fair". This was changed when Berlin published the sheet music in March 1939. [Nov 11]
* 1939 ... "The Glenn Miller Show", also known as "Music that Satisfies," debuted on CBS radio.
* 1939 ... Cole Porter's musical comedy "Du Barry Was a Lady" opened on Broadway at the 46th Street Theatre. [Dec 06]

The 40s
* 1940 - Frank Sinatra made his first public appearance with the Tommy Dorsey band at the Coronado Theatre, Rockford.. [Jan26]
* 1940 - Frank Sinatra sang "Too Romantic" and "The Sky Fell Down" in his first recording session with the Tommy Dorsey Band. Frank replaced Jack Leonard as lead singer with the band.. (Feb 01)
* 1940 - Billboard magazine publishes its first regular combined 'music chart' based on record sales and airplays [July20]
* 1940 - The FCC/Federal Communications Commission hears the first demonstration of FM radio.. [Jan 26]
* 1940 . . "Beat the Band" made its debut on NBC radio.. [Jan 28]
* 1941 ...
The world's first FM Radio station opened in Nashville, Tennessee (March 01)
* 1941 . . The first issue of "Parade: The Weekly Picture Newspaper" went on sale.. [May 31]
* 1941 ... The first public performance of the song "White Christmas" was by Bing Crosby, on his NBC radio show The Kraft Music Hall on Christmas Day; a copy of the recording from the radio program is owned by the estate of Bing Crosby and was loaned to CBS News Sunday Morning for their December 25th 2011, programme. [Dec 25]
* 1942 . . BBC radio aired a new program 'Desert Island Discs' presented by Roy Plomley, which went on to become the longest running UK radio show.. [Jan 27]
* 1942 ...
Glenn Miller received the 1st gold record ever awarded to a recording artist. On February 10th RCA Victor presented Miller with the first gold record for "Chattanooga Choo-Choo"
* 1942 . . Johnny Mercer supervised Capitol Record's first recording session, recording Martha Tilton singing "Moon Dreams".. [April 05]
1942 ... The Irving Berlin song "White Christmas", was recorded for publication, for the first time by Bing Crosby; it featured the Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter Orchestra for Decca Records. The song was written for the film "Holiday Inn" and has an estimated sales in excess of 100 million copies worldwide [May 29]
* 1942 . . The Irving Berlin song "White Christmas", was recorded for the first time by Bing Crosby, featuring the Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter Orchestra for Decca Records. The song was written for the film "Holiday Inn" and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Bing Crosby version is the best-selling single of all time, with estimated sales in excess of 50 million copies worldwide.. [May 29]
* 1942 . . Capitol Records opened its first office in a second-floor room south of Sunset Boulevard. On the same day, Glenn Wallichs presented the first free record to Los Angeles disc jockey Peter Potter, originating the practice of distributing free discs to DJs.. [June 04]
* 1942 . .The musical film Yankee Doodle Dandy is released. Starring James Cagney, the film features the song "The Yankee Doodle Boy".. [June 05]
* 1942 . . Capital Records gets it's first No.1 on the "hit parade" with "Cow Cow Boogie" by Ella Mae Morse and Freddy Slack and His Orchestra.. [July 25]
* 1942 ... Billboard magazine columnist Maurie Orodenker started to use the term "rock-and-roll" to describe upbeat recordings
* 1942 ... Frank Sinatra started his solo singing career.. [Sept 03]
* 1943 - Ernest Tubb made his debut appearance at "The Grand Ole Opry".. [Jan 16]
1943 ... Frank Sinatra made his debut as vocalist on radio's "Your Hit Parade". (Feb)
* 1943 . . "The Million Dollar Band" was heard for the first time on NBC radio.. [May 29]
1943 ... Leonard Bernstein made his debut with the New York Philhamonic when he filled in for Bruno Walter. Bernstein was 25 years old and was an assistant conductor at the time. [Nov 14]
* 1943 ... The musical "Carmen Jones" opened on Broadway.. [Dec 02]
* 1944 ...
The first jazz music concert at the New York City Metropolitan Opera House was performed on this date. Appearing on the program were Louis Armstrong, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton.
* 1944 ...
The Mills Brothers were the first African-American group and artists to have a No.1 hit on the Billboard charts when "Paper Doll", topped "Best Sellers in Stores" chart [Nov 06]
* 1944 ... The Mutual radio network broadcasts the first episode of The Roy Rogers Show, also featuring the Whippoorwills and The Sons Of The Pioneers. [Nov 21]
* 1944 ... The musical Meet Me in St. Louis, featuring Judy Garland, premieres in New York.. [Nov 28]
1945 ... One of the world's first great R&B labels, Modern Records, is formed by Saul and Jules Bihari in LA.
* 1945 ... Elvis Presley, at ten years old, dressed as a cowboy, makes his first public appearance at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show singing "Old Shep" in a talent contest. He came in second. [Oct03]
1945 ... Radio Luxembourg begins broadcasting again, the first since WWll with the famous words: “Bonjour le Monde, ici Radio Luxembourg”. [Nov12]
* 1945 ... Burl Ives makes his concert debut at New York's Town Hall. [Dec 01]
1945 ... Oscar Brand's Folksong Festival debuted on WNYC-AM 820 in New York City. It went on to run for over 70 years, until Oscar's death, to become the longest-running radio show with the same host, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. [Dec 10]
* 1946 - The Irving Berlin musical, "Annie Get Your Gun" opened at New York’s Imperial Theatre for the first of 1,147 performances.. [May 16]
* 1946 - The UK Music Publishers' Association begin issuing their own 'music charts' for the trade, based on sheet music sales [July27]
1947 ... Count Basie was the first African-American artist to receive sole credit for a No.1 hit on the Billboard charts with "Open the Door, Richard", topping "Best Sellers in Stores" chart on February 22nd
1947 ... The first-ever country music presentation is held at Carnegie Hall, featuring Ernest Tubb and Roy Acuff.
1947 ... Dizzy Gillespie gave his first Carnegie Hall concert. [Sept29]
1947 ... Bing Crosby broadcasts the first ever pre-recorded radio show when he airs his Philco Radio Time show on the ABC network using magnetic tape. Crosby would become an investor in the technology, which meant he didn't have to always do his shows live.. [Oct01]
1948 ... William Grant Still was the first African-American composer to have an opera performed by a major U.S. company: "Troubled Island", New York City Opera.
1948 ... Columbia Records began it's first 'mass production' of the long playing 331/3 rpm record ... the LP. [June21]
1948 ... "Where's Charley?" debuted on Broadway.
1949 ... The 7-inch 45 rpm record was introduced by RCA as a smaller, more durable and higher-fidelity replacement for the 78 rpm shellac discs. The invention of this size record made jukeboxes possible. (Feb 01)
*1949 . . Fats Domino recorded several tracks for Imperial Records, including "The Fat Man" which is regarded by some as the first rock and roll record.. [Dec 10]
* 1949 ... The Birdland jazz club, named after Charlie Parker, opens in New York City. It quickly becomes a hotspot, with Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and many other luminaries performing there until it closed in 1965. [Dec 15]

The 50s
* 1950 ... Nat King Cole was the first African-American solo singer to have a No.1 hit on the Billboard charts when "Mona Lisa" topped "Best Sellers in Stores" chart on July 15th
* 1950 . . Frank Sinatra made his TV debut on NBC's "Star-Spangled Review".. [May 27]
* 1950 ... The Frank Sinatra Show also known as Bulova Watch Time, an American musical variety series hosted by Frank Sinatra from 1950 to 1952 premiered on CBS. Although he has a five-year contract, the show only lasted two seasons. [Oct07]
* 1951 ... The musical Paint Your Wagon opens at the Shubert Theater, New York City.
* 1950 . . Decca introduce the 33-1/3 LP to the UK with Columbia Records worth $1 million.. [June 01]
1951 . . Bing Crosby Enterprises, gave the world's first demonstration of videotape recording in Los Angeles [Nov 11]
1951 ... Gian Carlo Menotti's "Amahl and the Night Visitors," was first broadcast by NBC. Also it was the first opera written specifically for television. (December)
1952 ... Cole Porter's "Kiss Me Kate" opened, it was the first musical to have its choreography score copyrighted. [Feb25]
* 1952 ... Prior to the chart days, the first issue of the NME was published after the "Accordion Times and Musical Express" was bought by music promoter Maurice Kinn, for £1,000, just 15 minutes before it was due to be officially closed. It was relaunched as the New Musical Express, and was initially published in a non-glossy tabloid format on standard newsprint. [March 07]
* 1952 . . Gladys Knight & the Pips were formed after a birthday party for Bubba Knight.. [Sept 04]
1952 ... The Philadelphia dance show Bandstand, hosted by Bob Horn and later by Dick Clark as American Bandstand, debuts on WFIL-TV. [Oct07]
* 1952 ... Russ Henderson founded Britain's first steel band combo, The Russ Henderson Steel Band. They played their first gig at The Sunset Club at 50 Carnaby Street, London. [Nov]
1952 ... The first ever UK pop chart, the "Top 12" was published by the New Musical Express after staff asked 53 record shops to divulge their sales returns. 'Here In My Heart' by Al Martino was the first No.1. [Nov 14]
* 1952 ... Max Bygraves' "Cowpunchers Cantata" was No.11 in the NME's new "Top 12" UK singles chart. It was the first proper medley of more than just two songs to appear in the charts. Cowpunchers consisted of four Frankie Laine hits... "Cry Of The Wild Goose", "Riders In The Sky", "Mule Train" And "Jezebel".
[Nov 14]
* 1953 ... "I Believe", penned by Ervin Drakew was the first hit song ever introduced on television, which was commissioned and introduced by Jane Froman on her television show in 1953, and became a number-one hit for Frankie Laine, holding the record for number of non-consecutive weeks spent at number one.
1953 . . Conductor Leopold Stokowski performed the first concert of contemporary Canadian music to be presented in the U.S. [Oct17]
1954 ... Big Joe Turner recorded the original "Shake, Rattle & Roll". (Feb)
1954 ... The Metropolitan Disc Jockey Club and Association of Broadcasting is launched with a New York press party. [April]
1954 . . "The Pajama Game" made its debut on Broadway in New York City at the St. James Theatre.. [May 13]
* 1954 . . The first edition of UK music paper Record Mirror was published.. [June 17]
1954 ... American radio DJ Dewey Phillips was the first DJ to play the young Elvis Presley's debut record, 'That's All Righ/Blue Moon Of Kentucky'. [July]
* 1954 ... Mantovani's "Cara Mia" was the first self penned No.1 hit, it was composed by Mantovani and Bunny Lewis, under pen names Tulio Trapani and Lee Lange respectively [July]
* 1954 . . Working together for the first time in a recording studio with Scotty Moore and Bill Black, Elvis Presley fools around during a break with an up-tempo version of 'That's All Right'. Producer Sam Phillips had them repeat the jam and records it. It became Presley's first release on Sun Records. [July05]
* 1954 . . To coincide with the release of his second Sun single, 'Good Rockin' Tonight', Elvis Presley, along with Bill Black and Scotty Moore made their first appearance at The Grand Old Opry. The audience reaction was so poor, the Opry's manager, Jim Denny told Elvis that he should go back to driving a truck.. [Sept 04]
* 1954 ... Kitty Kallen was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Little Things That Mean A Lot'. The American singer's only hit making her the first ever UK one hit wonder.. [Sept 05]
* 1954 . . Elvis Presley performs at the opening of Memphis' Lamar-Airways shopping mall, and, afterward, meets audience member Johnny Cash for the first time.. [Sept 09]
1954 ... The first 'teen idol', Frank Sinatra was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Three Coins In The Fountain,' the singer's first UK No.1. [Sept12]
* 1954 ... The first national Tonight Show with Steve Allen is telecast. [Sept27]
* 1954 . . First 'New Musical Express' Top 20 singles chart published in UK. At No. 1 is Frank Sinatra with 'Three Coins in the Fountain'.. [Oct 01]
1954 ... Marian Anderson became the first black singer to be hired by New York's Metropolitan Opera Company. [Oct07]
1954 ... The musical "Peter Pan" opened. [Oct 20]
1954 ... Elvis Presley's second Sun single, "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" enters the Nashville and New Orleans scenes, becoming his first chart hit outside of his native Memphis. [Oct 23]
* 1954 - "Let's Have Another Party" by Winifred Atwell started a five week run at No. 1 on the UK singles chart, making it the first piano instrumental to reach No.1 in the UK and made Winifred the first black person to have a No.1 hit in the UK and is still the only female instrumentalist to do so. [Dec 03].
* 1955 ... William Grant Still became the first African American to conduct a major orchestra in the Deep South when he conducted the New Orleans Philharmonic Orchestra. []
1955 ... Four versions of one song - "Mr. Sandman" by Chordettes, Max Bygraves, Dickie Valentine and Four Aces dominate the UK singles chart. (January)
* 1955 ... Marian Anderson became the first African-American vocal soloist of the Metropolitan Opera, when she appeared as Ulrica in Verdi's "The Masked Ball". [Jan 07]
* 1955 ... Leontyne Price was the 1st African-American singer to appear in a telecast opera, in NBC's production of Tosca [Jan22]
* 1955 . . Disc jockey Alan Freed holds his first Rock `n' Roll Party stage show in New York. Acts include the Clovers, Fats Domino and the Drifters.. [Jan 14]
* 1955 - Ruby Murray went to No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Softly, Softly'. She was the first act to score five simultaneous Top 20 hits. [Feb 14]
1955 - Billboard reported that the 45rpm single format was outselling the 78s for the first time. (Feb)
1955 ... Little Richard sent his first audition tape to Specialty Records. (Feb)
1955 ... Elvis Presley made his TV debut when he appeared on the weekend show 'Louisiana Hayride' on KWKH TV (March)
* 1955 . . The musical "Damn Yankees" opened in New York City, running for 1,019 performances.. [May 05]
* 1955 . . Marvin Rainwater won first place on the Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scout's Show giving him his first big brake in the music business.. [May 09]
1955 ... Elvis Presley performed at Jacksonville, FL, it was the first Presley show at which a riot ensued. Johnny Tillotson was the opening act saw fans rip the shirt off Elvis Presley's back.. [May 13]
* 1955 . . The Bill Haley & His Comets single "Rock Around the Clock" hit No.1 on Billboard's Pop charts. This was the first time a rock and roll recording accomplished this feat.. [July 09]
* 1955 . . Bill Haley & the Comets refused their first offer to tour outside the U.S. because of a fear of flying (it would have been a tour of Australia).. [Sept 03]
* 1955 . . DJ Alan Freed puts on the "First Anniversary Rock 'n Roll Party" at Brooklyn's Paramount Theatre, which included Chuck Berry, The Cardinals, and Tony Bennett.. [Sept 08]
* 1955 . . The Dual Music System Jukebox was introduced; J.P. Seeburg introduces their latest jukebox, which not only holds a record 100 singles but is also capable of playing the same number of EPs.. [Sept 09]
* 1955 . . Val Parnell's 'Suday Night at the London Palladium' aired for the first time on TV, featured among its stars was the legendary Lancashire Lass, Gracie Fields, and from the USA, a current singing sensation Guy Mitchell. The show was hosted by Tommy Trinder. [Sept 25]
* 1955 ... Bobby Charles became the first white arist to be signed to Chess Records [October]
* 1955 ... Ruby Murray became the first artist to have five hits in the UK Top Twenty in one week, a feat unmatched for many years. (and 2 in the top 10 in one week)
1955 ... The Everly Brothers made their first studio recordings cutting 4 tracks in 22 minutes, at Nashville's Old Tulane Hotel studios. [Nov 09]
* 1955 . . "Christmas Alphabet" sung by Dickie Valentine entered the UK singles chart, it became the first UK number one single with 'Christmas' in the title. [Nov 25]
* 1955 ... Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock" was not the first rock n roll record, but it was the first rock and roll record to hit No.1 in the UK, thanks to its inclusion in the movie Blackboard Jungle. [Nov 26]
1955 ... Elvis Presley's first release on RCA Victor Records was announced. The first two songs ‘Mystery Train’ and ‘I Forgot to Remember to Forget’ had been purchased from Sam Phillips of Sun Records. Elvis was described by his new record company as 'The most talked about personality in recorded music in the last 10 years'. [Dec 03]
* 1956 - Buddy Holly, Sonny Curtis, and Don Guess began their first recording sessions for Decca at Owen Bradley's Barn in Nashville under the name Buddy and The Two Tones. "Blue Days, Black Nights" was recorded and became his debut single.. [Jan 26]
* 1956 ... The Rock and Roll Ice Revue opened at the Roxy Theatre in New York City. [Feb 01]
* 1956 . . For the first time in "Billboard" chart history, five singles were in both the pop and the R&B top 10. The singles were Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel", Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes", Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally", the Platters' "Magic Touch", and Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers' "Why Do Fools Fall in Love".. [May02]
1956 . . "Most Happy Fella," a musical by Frank Loesser, opened at the Imperial Theatre in New York City.. [May 03]
* 1956 . . Elvis Presley scored his first US No.1 single and album when 'Heartbreak Hotel' went to the top of the charts. 'Heartbreak Hotel' became his first million-seller, and was the best-selling single of 1956. The lyrics were based on a newspaper article about the suicide of a lonely man who jumped from a hotel window.. [May 05]
1956 ... The first Eurovision Song Contest was held in Lugano, Switzerland. It was the brainchild of Marcel Baisoncon of the European Broadcasting Union. The 7 countries were allowed two songs each, Luxembourg and the Switzerland used the same singer for both. Switzerland won with 'Refrain' by Lys Assia.. [May24]
1956 ... Buddy Holly, Sonny Curtis, and Don Guess begin their first recording sessions for Decca at Owen Bradley's Barn in Nashville under the name Buddy and The Two Tones.
* 1956 ... Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps (guitar: Cliff Gallup and William Williams; bass: Jack Neil; drums: Dickie Harrell) play first-ever gig at Myrtle Beach, US. [June 04]
1956 ... Elvis Presley recorded his first songs as an RCA Victor artist in Nashville. Elvis recorded "Heartbreak Hotel," "I Was the One," "I’m Counting On You," "I Got a Woman" and "Money Honey."
* 1956 ... Elvis Presley recorded 'Hound Dog' at RCA Studios, New York. Take 31 being the version they released. This was the first time The Jordanaires worked with Presley. [July 02]
* 1956 ... Buddy Holly released his first single, "Blue Days, Black Nights"/"Love Me". [July 02]
* 1956 . . Dick Clark made his debut as host of "Bandstand" on a Philadelphia TV station. The name of the show was changed to "American Bandstand" when it went to ABC-TV.. [July09]
1956 ... First-ever British LP chart was published in the NME. Frank Sinatra was the first No. 1 with his long playing 33 1/3 rpm vinyl album "Songs For Swingin' Lovers" [July 28]
* 1956 . . Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps play their first-ever gig at Myrtle Beach, US.. [June 04]
* 1956 ... Elvis Presley first appears on the cover of TV Guide. [Sept 08]
* 1956 . . Elvis Presley made his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show "Toast of the Town." performing 'Don't Be Cruel', 'Love Me Tender' and 'Ready Teddy'. He was shot from the waist up during the performance, so not to show his gyrating hips.. [Sept 09]
1956 ... Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender" became the first single to sell a million copies before its release. [Sept 25]
1956 ... Tommy Steele brings UK rock 'n' roll into the charts for the first time with 'Rock with the Cavemen' [Oct 26]
* 1956 ... Sonny James recorded "Young Love", for which he would forever be remembered, as the first teenage country crossover single, when "Young Love" went on to top both the US country chart and Billboard Hot 100 chart in January 1957. [Oct 30]
* 1956 ... "The Nat King Cole Show" debuted on NBC-TV in America. The variety program was the first of its kind hosted by an African-American, which created controversy at the time. [Nov 05]
* 1956 ... Tommy Steele made his live debut at the Empire Theatre, Sunderland.
[Nov 05]
1956 ... Elvis Presley becomes the first artist to chart an Extended Play or EP 45 rpm record when the four-song Love Me EP enters the Billboard charts. [Nov 07]
1956 ... The duo Buchanan and Goodman were in court over their song "Flying Saucer," which incorporates bits of other hit songs. The first use of sampling in the Rock era, the song made No.3 on the Top/Hot 100. [Nov 13]
1956 - One of the first Rock movies, The Girl Can't Help It, opens in America. Featuring performances by Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, the Platters and Fats Domino, the film starred Jayne Mansfield as an aspiring singer.. [Dec 01]
* 1956 - The Leonard Bernstein musical "Candide" opened on Broadway, based on the book by Voltaire.. [Dec01]

* 1956 - Britain's Tommy Steele makes his concert debut at Finsbury Park, Astoria, London. Reviews proclaim him "Britain's answer to Elvis". [Dec 07]
* 1956 - Rock! Rock! Rock!, one of the earliest Rock and Roll movies, opens in theatres. The film features the popular disc jockey Alan Freed along with Chuck Berry, Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers and Lavern Baker. Connie Francis was the singing voice for Tuesday Weld. [Dec 07]
* 1956 - 'Don't Knock the Rock' starring Alan Dale and featuring Bill Haley & His Comets, Little Richard, the Applejacks, the Treniers, and Dave Appell premiered at Paramount Theatre in New York City. [Dec 12]
* 1956 - Elvis Presley gave his final performance on Louisiana Hayride, a live radio program that was broadcast on KWKH in Shreveport, Louisiana. Presley made 50 appearances on the show. At the end of the show, Horace Logan first made the now legendary phrase ‘Elvis has left the building’. [Dec 15]
1957 ... Johnny Cash made his first network TV appearance, on CBS' "Jackie Gleason Show." (January)
* 1957 – The Cavern Club opened in Liverpool. It became the home of many Liverpool bands including The Beatles who appeared at the club 292 times.. [Jan 16]
1957 ... The Musical Express published a one-off magazine entitled "Rock-and-Roll Personality Parade", thought to be first UK pop magazine. (Feb 04)
1957 ... Billy Haley was the first American rock artist to tour the UK. Over 5,000 fans greeted him when he arrived from New York on the Queen Elizabeth liner at Southampton, for his debut UK concert tour. (Feb 04)
* 1957 - The filming of UK's first rock and roll movie, 'Rock You Sinners' is completed [Feb 13].
1957 ... 77 Sunset Strip debuts as an episode of ABC-TV's Conflict series. (April 16)
1957 ... Ricky Nelson's first record, "Teenager's Romance," was released. [April 24]
* 1957 ... The first issue of 16 Magazine, featuring Elvis Presley on the cover, is published. [May 01]
* 1957 ... The movie "The Tommy Steele Story" premiered in London. It took less than 2 months to produce. [May 03]
* 1957 ... ABC-TV premieres Alan Freed's Rock and Roll Revue show; this first show featured performances from Guy Mitchell, Sal Mineo, The Clovers, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and The Del-Vikings. [May 04]
* 1957 ... The Everly Brothers make their stage debut in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry. [May 11]
* 1957 ... Buddy Holly and the Crickets released their first record, "That'll Be The Day" , a UK No.1 and US No.3 hit. Since Buddy's name was still linked to Decca, Brunswick credited the single to "The Crickets". [May 27]
* 1957 ...
The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences / NARAS was established. The NARAS is known for organizing the Grammy Awards.. [May28]
1957 ... Tom and Jerry later known as Simon and Garfunkel, release their first-ever single, 'Hey Schoolgirl'
* 1957 ... The official Elvis Presley Fan Club was launched in the UK.. [Aug 02]
* 1957 . . Buddy Holly and The Crickets begin their first major tour at the Howard Theater in Washington, D.C., where "That'll Be The Day" is No. 2 on the charts. Others featured on the tour include Otis Rush, Clyde McPhatter, The Cadillacs, Edna McGriff, Lee Andrews and The Hearts, and Oscar and Oscar.. [Aug 02]
1957 ... Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Anka was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Diana', a song he wrote about his brother's baby-sitter. He was the first teenage solo act to reach No.1. [Aug25]
* 1957 . . Baltimore’s WJZ-TV premieres The Buddy Deane Show, later to be satirized in the John Waters film Hairspray. Deane’s music program became so popular that when he invites the audience to call in to speak to one of his celebrity guests, the incoming calls nearly bring down the Baltimore phone system.. [Sept 04]
* 1957 . . The first ‘Flexi-Disc’ is produced, for Nestle Chocolate, as promotion for new chocolate bar. The disc features Franklyn Boyd, Ray Edwards and Mary Rose.. [Sept 06]
* 1957 . . Bobby Helms makes his national TV debut on CBS' Ed Sullivan Show.. [Sept 08]
1957 ... "The Big Record" premiered on CBS-TV with host Patti Page and guests Billy Ward & the Dominoes and Tony Bennett. The show only lasted one season. [Sept 18]
* 1957 . . The BBC TV rock-and-roll show '6.5 Special', debuts at the 2 Is coffee bar in Soho.. [Nov 16]
* 1957. . Harry Belafonte reaches No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Mary's Boy Child,' the first single to sell over 1 million copies in the UK. It stayed at No.1 for seven weeks making it a Christmas No.1. The first Christmas song to hit No.1 in two different versions - the other was Boney M's version in 1978.. [Nov 22]
1957 ... Elvis Presley movie 'Jailhouse Rock' premieres in US [Oct 21]
1957 ... The musical "West Side Story" opened at the Winter Garden Theatre, Broadway, New York City [Sept 26]
1957 ... The second Frank Sinatra Show debuts on ABC-TV, lasting only one season. The singer's first version of the show lasted two seasons.
1957 ... Elvis Presley's first Christmas album, titled Elvis' Christmas Album, is released. It will go onto become the best-selling holiday album of all time. [Nov 19]
1957 ... Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel appeared as Tom and Jerry on ABC-TV's American Bandstand performing their debut single "Hey Schoolgirl". Close friends through childhood, the first time they appeared on stage together was in a school play, Alice in Wonderland, Simon as the White Rabbit, Garfunkel as the Cheshire Cat. They later began performing together in their junior year as Tom and Jerry, with Simon as Jerry Landis and Garfunkel as Tom Graph. [Nov 22]
1957 ... The Miles Davis Quintet debuted by giving a jazz concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. [Nov 22]
1957 ... Three rock n roll acts made their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show: The Rays performing "Silhouettes", Sam Cooke singing "You Send Me", and Buddy Holly & the Crickets performing "That'll Be the Day" and "Peggy Sue". Sullivan called Buddy back on stage after the 2nd song for an impromptu interview and to solicit another "very nice hand for these Texas youngsters". [Dec 01]
* 1957 - "Music Man" opens at Majestic Theater New York City for 1375 performances.. [Dec 19]
1958 ... Gibson patents its Flying V guitar. (Jan)
* 1958 - The Quarrymen performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, the group's first and last performance there until they changed their name to the Beatles.. [Jan 24]
* 1958 - Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" became the first single to ever enter the U.K. pop chart at Number One.. [Jan 25]

* 1958 . . The first Nichigeki Western Carnival kicks off; 45,000 people watch performances of "rokabiri" music by Japanese singers at the week long festival. [Feb 08-14]
1958 ... The first Gibson model Flying V guitar is shipped from a factory in Kalamazoo, Mich. USA (Feb)
1958 ... "The Dick Clark Show" debuted on ABC-TV. Connie Francis, Pat Boone and Jerry Lee Lewis were the first performers to appear on the show. (Feb)
1958 ... Buddy Holly and the Crickets began their only UK tour, starting in London, a twice- nightly package with Des O'Connor, Gary Miller, The Tanner Sisters and Ronnie Keene and his Orchestra. (March 01)
* 1958 - Elvis Presley begins filming his 4th movie, King Creole, in New Orleans. It was released on July 2nd 1958. [March 01]
1958 ... The first US DJ convention was held in Kansas. Broadcasters voted against Top 40 formatting recently adopted by American stations. (March 07)
* 1958 ... Elvis Presley became the first artist in the 1950's to release a greatest hits package with his fifth album "Elvis' Golden Records". [March 21]
* 1958 . . Connie Francis was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with a cover of the Isham Jones' 1923 song 'Who's Sorry Now'. She was the first female rock 'n' roll star to reach No.1. in the UK.. [May 11]
1958 . . The movie, Let's Rock, with Paul Anka, Danny and the Juniors and The Royal Teens, opens.. [May 12]
* 1958 . . Béla Bartók's Violin Concerto No. 1 is premiered in Basel, 50 years after it was composed. [May 30]
1958 ... The first teenage all-music TV show Oh Boy!, was broadcast for the first time in the UK. Each week Oh Boy! featured resident artists plus a selection of special guests. The residents included Cuddly Dudley, who sang on 21 shows, Cliff Richard 20 shows, The Drifters/Shadows 17 shows and Marty Wilde 17 shows. [June 15]
* 1958 ... The first gold record album was presented by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The award went to the soundtrack "Oklahoma!" [July 08]
* 1958 . . Johnny Cash signed with Columbia Records.. [July 09]
* 1958 . . Bobby Daren recorded "La Mer (Beyond The Sea)" which went on to be the first UK hit single to have a foreign language title in 1960 .. [Aug 24]
* 1958 ... The first of Alan Freed's Big Beat revues is held at Brooklyn, New York's Fox Theatre, featuring Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and his Comets, Frankie Avalon, The Elegants, Bobby Freeman, and Jimmy Clanton. [Aug 29]
1958 ... Jerry Butler & the Impressions make their national TV debut on American Bandstand.. [Sept 04]
* 1958 ... Tommy Edwards was the first African American to top the Billboard Hot 100 with "It's All in the Game" [Sept 29]
* 1958 ...
Cliff Richard and the Drifters played their first gig together at Victoria Hall Hanley, UK. [Oct 05].
1958 ... Buddy Holly's last studio session took place at Pythian Temple Studios in New York. Using strings for the first time, he recorded : 'Moondreams', 'Raing In My Heart', 'It Doesn't Matter Any More' and 'True Love Ways' [Oct 21]
1958 ... Cliff Richard makes his radio debut on BBC 'Saturday Club' [Oct 25]
1958 ... Bill Haley and his Comets played the first rock 'n' roll concert in Germany. Over 7,000 rock 'n' roll fans turned the show into a riot. Five policemen and six audience members were seriously injured. [Oct 26]
1958 ... Melody Maker magazine's UK album chart debuts.
* 1958 ... The musical "Flower Drum Song" Rodgers and Hammerstein opened on Broadway at the St. James Theatre.. [Dec 01]
* 1959 ... The Platters were the first African-American group to reach No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" [Jan19]
1959 ... The Alan Freed rock and roll movie "Go, Johnny, Go" premieres in New York, featuring Chuck Berry, Jackie Wilson, Ritchie Valens, Eddie Cochran, The Cadillacs, and The Flamingos. [April]
* 1959 ... The very first Grammy Awards were held in LA, with Record of the Year went to Domenico Modugno's "Nel Blu, Dipinto di Blu (Volare)" and Henry Mancini's The Music From Peter Gunn soundtrack winning Album of the Year. The Champs' "Tequila", took home Best Rhythm and Blues Performance. [May 04]

* 1959 ... The first African-American Grammy Award winners, in the award's inaugural year were Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie , they both recieved two awards each.
1959 ... Dolly Parton, at 13 years old releases Puppy Love in the US, her first single. [April]
* 1959 . . The very first Grammy Awards were held in LA, with Record of the Year went to Domenico Modugno's "Nel Blu, Dipinto di Blu (Volare)" and Henry Mancini's The Music From Peter Gunn soundtrack winning Album of the Year. The Champs' "Tequila", took home Best Rhythm and Blues Performance.. [May 04]
* 1959 . . The UK music paper Melody Maker introduced it's very first Juke Box Top 20 Chart compiled from 200 Juke Boxes around the UK.. [May 09]
1959 ... Cliff Richard's first movie, "Serious Charge" premiered.. [May14]
* 1959 . . The musical "Gypsy", referred to as the greatest American musical by numerous critics and writers, opened at The Broadway Theatre, on Broadway.. [May 21]
* 1959 . . Juke Box Dury started on BBC TV with on Saturdays hosted by David Jacobs. The show lasted 9 years.. [June 01]
* 1959 ... Bobby Darin makes his Las Vegas debut, opening for George Burns at the Sahara Hotel. [June08]
1959 ... Dick Clark's first "Caravan of Stars" show opened in Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, featuring Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Anita Bryant, Dody Stevens, Skip & Flip, Strangers, Duane Eddy, Jan and Dean, Freddie Cannon, Bobby Rydell, Jack Scott, Ray Sharpe, Jerry Wallace, and the Young Lions. [Aug30]
* 1959 . . "Bad Girl" by the Miracles was released, the first single on Barry Gordy's newly-formed Motown Records. All previous singles from the company (and all following ones from the Miracles) were released on Motown's Tamla label.. . [Sept 06]
1959 ... Dick Clark's first "Caravan of Stars" tour kicked off at the Memorial Stadium, Baltimore, featuring Paul Anka and also starring Lloyd Price, Annette Funicello, Duane Eddy, Jimmy Clanton, Laverne Baker, Coasters, Drifters, Skyliners, Bobby Rydell, and Phil Phillps. [Sept18]
1959 ... Berry Gordy's 1st release on his newly established Motown Records, 'Bad Girl' by The Miracles, entered the Billboard Pop chart. [Sept29]
1959 ... The detective show Hawaiian Eye debuts on ABC with singer Connie Stevens starring as Cricket Blake. The show lasts 4 seasons. [Oct07]
* 1959 . . Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical "The Sound of Music" opened on Broadway, with Mary Martin starring as the governess Maria. [Nov 16]
* 1959 . . Cliff Richard's second film 'Expresso Bongo', featuring, among other songs, 'A Voice in the Wilderness', has its UK premiere.. [Nov 27]
* 1959 ... The Grammy Awards were shown on network television for the very first time. (It was actually the second year of the Grammy Awards.) Mack the Knife won Record of the Year; Bobby Darin, who sang it, was Best New Artist of the Year. [Nov 29]
1959 ... Gene Vincent made his UK live debut at The Tooting Granada, London, as guest on The Marty Wilde Show. (Dec 06)
1959 ... The Everly Brothers recorded "Let It Be Me" in New York City. It was the first time they recorded outside of Nashville and it was the first time they recorded with strings. (Dec 15th)
1959 ... Richard Starkey / Ringo Starr receives his first drum set for Christmas. The 18 year old is currently working as an apprentice engineer.

The 60s
* 1960 - Reprise Records was formed by Frank Sinatra in order to allow more artistic freedom for his own recordings. [Feb 03]
1960 ... Jimi Hendrix made his stage debut when he played a show at a High School in Seattle. (Feb)
* 1960 ... Johnny O'Keefe was the first Australian pop star to tour the USA. He toured 35 states and appeared on the TV programme, 'American Bandstand', but his reception was far from the triumph he wanted and he returned to Australia. [Feb]
* 1960 - The Miracles make their first TV appearance, on American Bandstand. [Feb 27]
* 1960
... After completing his national service in the USA Army and while flying back to America, Elvis Presley stepped on British soil for the first and only time in his life when his plane stopped for refuelling at Prestwick Airport, Scotland. (March)
* 1960 ... The first of eight "Wham!"
shows was broadcasted on TV. "Wham! was Saturday evening ABC rock n roll show hosted by Keith Fordyce. They cancelled the show saying ... "ABC thinks there is no longer a public for teenage rock-'n'-roll type programmes" !! (Apr 23)
* 1960 . . Production began on Elvis Presley's "G.I. Blues." It was his first post-Army movie.. [May 02]
* 1960 . . "The Fantasticks" opened. The show became the longest-running musical in theatre history on May 13th 1984 with performance number 10,000.. [May03]
* 1960 . . The juvenile delinquent movie Platinum High School, starring Conway Twitty, opens in New York.. [May 13]
* 1960 ...
Bobby Darin plays the Copacabana in New York for the first time.. [June02]
* 1960 ... Aretha Franklin made her first non-gospel recordings, for CBS Records, 'Right Now', 'Today I Sing the Blues', 'Love Is the Only Thing' and 'Over the Rainbow' with John Hammond producing.. [Aug 01]
* 1960 ... The Tab Hunter Show premieres on NBC-TV; it only lasted one season. [Sept18]
1960 ... Hank Ballard and The Midnighters was the first group to have three songs in the US Top 100 at the same time. ‘Finger Poppin’ Time,’ ‘Let’s Go Let’s Go Let’s Go’ and ‘The Twist’... all made the Top 30 [Sept19]
* 1960 ... Ricky Valance was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with his one-hit wonder, 'Tell Laura I Love Her', making him the first Welsh singer to top the UK charts. [Sept29]
* 1960 ... Aretha Franklin plays a selection of standards at the Village Vanguard in New York City. It is Aretha's first non-gospel performance.
1960 ... The 'fab-four' lineup of The Beatles records together for the first time when Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best, who was ill at the time, when the group backed Rory Storm and the Hurricanes' guitarist Wally Eymond on a recording of George Gershwin's "Summertime".
* 1960 . . Elvis Presley's first post-Army film, G.I. Blues is officially released.. [Oct 01]
* 1960 - The Lerner and Loewe musical "Camelot" opened on Broadway at the Majestic Theatre. [Dec 03]
* 1960 - Frank Sinatra recorded for the very first time on his own record company which he was in the proccess of forming, Reprise Records, working on his 1961 Ring-a-Ding-Ding! album [Dec 19]
* 1961 - The Beatles played at Litherland Town Hall in Liverpool, UK. Paul McCartney played bass for the Beatles for the first time, as Stuart Sutcliffe decided to stay in Hamburg, Germany. Two members of Rory Storm & the Hurricanes--Johnny Guitar and Ringo Starr, were in the audience.. [Jan 05]
* 1961 . . The Supremes signed a recording contract with Motown Records. Originally founded as the Primettes, they became the most commercially successful of Motown's acts and are, to date, America's most successful vocal group with 12 No.1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100.. [Jan 15]
1961 – Bob Dylan arrived in New York with his friend Fred Underhill and that night he performed at the Greenwich Village nightspot “Cafe Wha?”. After his set the compere asked the audience if anybody can put up “Bob and Fred” for the night. [Jan 24] (Bob's first "Professional" gig opening for John Lee Hooker at Gerde’s Folk City, April 11th)
* 1961 . . The Shirelles became the first girl group to have a No.1 one song on the US chart when ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’ reached the top. The song peaked at No.4 in the UK.. [Jan 30]
* 1961 ...
Bob Dylan made his 1st recordings in New York, with both "San Francisco Bay Blues" and "Jesus Met the Woman at the Well. (Feb 03)
1961 ... Frank Sinatra officially launched his record label 'Reprise Records' (Feb 13)
* 1961 ...
The first French International Rock Festival kicks off with Bobby Rydell, Emile Ford and Johnny Halliday. (Feb)
* 1961 - The Beatles appeared at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, for the very first time as The Beatles, they would go on to make a total of 292 other appearances at the Club. [Feb 09]
* 1961 ...
George Shirley was the first African-American tenor to sing leading roles for the Metropolitan Opera.
* 1961 - Bob Dylan plays his first New York 'professional' gig at Gerde's Folk City. He opened for John Lee Hooker and sings 'House of the Rising Sun' and 'Song to Woody'. Joan Baez supported him from the audience. [April 11]
1961 ... First annual Country Music Festival held in US, at the 13,000-seater Coliseum in Jacksonville, with Faron Young and Earl Scrubbs. [April 22]
1961 ... Bob Dylan makes his recording debut, playing harmonica on the title track of Harry Belafonte's LP Midnight Special. He is paid $50. [April 24]
* 1961 ... Gene Vincent became the first American artist to appear on the UK ATV's "Thank Your Lucky Stars"; he sang "She She, Little Sheila".. [May 13].
* 1961 . . The Everly Brothers launched their own record label Calliope. Its first release was the Adrian Kimberley aka Don Everly produced "Pomp And Circumstance".. [May 19]
* 1961 . . Cliff Richard made his debut on ITV's 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'.. [May 20]
* 1961 . . Producer George Martin gets his first No.1. hit as The Temperance Seven top the UK singles chart with 'You're Driving Me Crazy', their only UK No.1 single.. [May 25]
* 1961 . . Chuck Berry opens Berry Park, an outdoor amusement park in Wentzville, near St. Louis. It has its own ferris wheel, zoo, and golf course.. [May 31]
* 1961 . . Elvis Presley's 7th movie, Wild In The Country, premieres in Memphis.. [June 15]
* 1961 ... The Beatles begin what would be a two-year stint as headliners at Liverpool's Cavern Club.. [Aug 02]
* 1961 . . Bob Dylan debuted at the Gaslight Cafe in New York City.. [Sept 06]
1961 ... John Leyton was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Johnny Remember Me.' The UK singers only UK No.1 and producer, Joe Meek's first No.1 hit. [Sept24]
1961 ... Bob Dylan signs with Columbia Records, his first recording contract. [Oct 26]
1961 ... Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose, and Hank Williams became the first inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame, during a Friday night performance of the Grand Ole Opry. [Nov 03]
1961 ... Bob Dylan made his debut at Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York; 50 people attended, who paid $2 each. [Nov 04]
1961 ... Brian Epstein saw The Beatles playing live for the first time during a lunchtime gig at The Cavern Liverpool. Brian Epstein went on to be the groups manager. [Nov 09]
* 1961 ... Joan Baez played her first major headlining concert, opening at New York's Town Hall in a sold-out show. [Nov 11]
1961 ... The Elvis Presley film "Blue Hawaii" premiered. [Nov 14]
1961 ... Bob Dylan started recording his debut album over 2 days at Colubia Recording Studios in NYC. [Nov 20]
* 1961 . . Blues singer Howlin' Wolf arrives in London for his debut UK tour.. [Nov 24]
* 1961 ... The Beatles met Brian Epstein for the first time at his record store in Liverpool to discuss Brian's management of the group. Paul McCartney was not with them, he had got up late and was taking a bath.. [Dec 03]
* 1961 - Brian Epstein gets his first job as a band manager; his first client: The Beatles. [Dec 06]
1961 ... Appearing at Ritchie Valens' Memorial Concert at Long Beach, The Beach Boys play their first show under that name. Previously they had been known as Pendletones also Carl and the Passions. [Dec 31]
* 1962 . . Chubby Checker went back to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'The Twist'. The song first went to No.1 in Sept 1960 and became the first record in American chart history to top the charts on two separate occasions.. [Jan 13]
1962 ... The Beatles played their first professionally organised gig outside of Liverpool at The Oasis Club, Manchester. The groups set started with their version of 'Hippy Hippy Shake'. [Feb 02]
* 1962 - The Beatles played two shows, one at The Cavern Club at lunchtime and in the evening at the Kingsway Club in Southport. This was the first time Ringo Starr appeared live with the group when drummer Pete Best became ill. [Feb 05]
* 1962 - The Beatles recorded their first radio appearance, at the Playhouse Theatre, Hulme, Manchester, for the BBC radio program Teenager's Turn - Here We Go', also marking the band's first full live performance caught on tape, and the first performance in what would become their trademark collarless suits designed by Beno Dorn. [March 07]
1962 ... Jackie Wilson debuts at the Copacabana in New York. [April]
* 1962 . . Shirley Bassey's "Ave Maria" entered the UK Official Singles Chart peaking at No.31; it was the first UK top 40 hit single to be sung entirely in Latin. [May 02]
1962 . . B Bumble and the Stingers were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Nut Rocker.' The instrumental was based on Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker Suite'.. [May 16]
* 1962 ... "Stranger on the Shore" by Mr. Acker Bilk and the Leon Young String Chorale became the first British recording to reach No.1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, but it was quickly followed, on 22 December, by the Tornados' "Telstar", another instrumental. In the pre-rock era, Vera Lynn's "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" had reached No.1 in 1952, on the shorter "Best Sellers In Stores" survey. [May 26]
* 1962 . . During the days of Stalin, "The King of Swing" Benny Goodman with clarinet in hand, led the first American jazz band to play in the Soviet Union.. [May 30]
* 1962 ... Owen Gray's 'Twist Baby' became the first single released on UK based Island Records. The label became home to Free, Traffic, Jethro Tull, Bob Marley and U2.. [June 02]
* 1962 . . The Beatles sign their first record contract with EMI, though it's merely to produce a series of demos. The band will have to pass its upcoming audition to get signed to make actual records.. [June 04]
* 1962 ... The Beatles auditioned for George Martin in studio three at the Abbey Road studios. Ron Richards and his engineer Norman Smith recorded four songs, which Martin (who was not present during the recording) listened to at the end of the session. [June 06]
* 1962 ... Tony Bennett plays Carnegie Hall in New York for the first time. [June 08]
* 1962 . . The Konrads which featuring Dave Jay who later to became David Bowie, made their live debut at Bromley Technical School in Kent, UK.. [June 16]
* 1962 ... Roy Claxton Acuff became the 1st living person admitted to Country Music Hall of Fame. []
* 1962 ... 12 year old Little Stevie Wonder released his first single for Motown Records, "I Call It Pretty Music, But the Old People Call It the Blues" backed by the Funk Brothers. it almost broke into the Billboard 100, spending one week of August at 101 before dropping out of sight. [Aug]
1962 ... The Springfields' "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" is released, it peaked at No.20 on Billboard Hot 100, the first single by a British group to reach the American Billboard top 20, and reached No.17 on the US Country Chart making them first British act to score a hit on the US Country Chart. [Aug]
* 1962 ... Having had just two hours rehearsal, drummer Ringo Starr, made his debut as a Beatle at the horticultural society dance, Birkenhead. This was the first public appearance of The Beatles as John, Paul, George, and Ringo. [Aug 18]
1962 ... The first TV appearance of The Beatles was recorded by Granada TV, who filmed a lunchtime session at The Cavern Club in Liverpool. [Aug 22]
* 1962 ... The Beatles' first recording session with George Martin when they recorded "How Do You Do It", which Martin thought was a sure-fire hit even though Lennon and McCartney did not want to release it, not being one of their own compositions.. [Sept 04]
1962 ... The Beatles released their first single, "Love Me Do" , the B side "P.S. I Love You"; it was played on Radio Luxembourg, owned by EMI, representing the first time a Beatles song is ever heard on the airwaves.
* 1962 ... The Beatles made their first appearance on the UK singles chart with 'Love Me Do' which peaked at No. 4. [Oct 11]
1962 ... The Beatles made their first TV appearence on Granada TV's 'People and Places'. They sang "Love Me Do". It had been pre-recorded in August at a luchtime session at The Cavern Club, Liverpool. [Oct 17]
* 1962 ... The Beatles gave their first-ever radio interview, on Radio Clatterbridge, a closed-circuit radio station serving Cleaver and Clatterbridge Hospitals in Wirral, nr Liverpool. Paul is quoted as saying "John is, in fact, the leader of the group" [Oct 25]
1962 ... The Rolling Stones, known as The Rollin' Stones with Brian Jones, Keith Richard, Mick Jagger, pianist Ian Stewart and drummer Tony Chapman recorded their 1st demo tape at Curly Clayton Studios in Highbury, London. They recorded three songs, Bo Diddlley's 'You Cant Judge A Book By The Cover', Jimmy Reed's 'Close Together', and Muddy Waters' 'Soon Forgotten'. [Oct26]
* 1962 ... Elvis Presley's 11th film, Girls! Girls! Girls!, opens in US theatres. [Nov 21]
1962 ... The Beatles recorded their first BBC radio session at the BBC Paris studio in London, recording 'Twist and Shout', 'Love Me Do' and 'P.S. I Love You'. The tracks were aired on the BBC Light Program 'Talent Spot'..[Nov 27]
1962 ... For the first time, The Beatles make the "favourite group" list in the New Musical Express' reader's poll. [Nov 30]
* 1962 - The Beatles made their London-area debut on television when they appeared in a live broadcast from Wembley on Tuesday Rendezvous, on ITV station Rediffusion. The Beatles performed live, doing lip-sync performances of 'Love Me Do' and 45 seconds of ‘P.S. I Love You’. [Dec 04]
1962 ... Bill Wyman made his first live performance with The Rolling Stones at Putney Youth Club, London. [Dec 15]
* 1962 ... The Beatles played two separate shows at the same venue, the Majestic Ballroom in Birkenhead, Merseyside. First they played a standard Majestic booking then at midnight, the first-ever "Mersey Beat" poll awards show took place. As poll winners, The Beatles closed the show at 4:00 .[Dec 15] .
1962 - Bob Dylan played his first ever UK gig the at the Troubadour Club in London.. [Dec 18]
1962 ... The Osmonds made thier their first appearence on TV, appearing on the NBS- TV Andy Williams show, performing 'I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas'. (Dec 20th)
* 1962 ... "Telstar" by The Tornados became the second British recording, but first group to reach No.1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, Acker Bilk with "Stranger On The Shore" was the first in May 1962. In the pre-rock era, Vera Lynn's "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" had reached No.1 in 1952, on the shorter "Best Sellers In Stores" survey. [Dec 22]
1963 ... The Whiskey-a-Go-Go nightclub opened in Los Angeles, California; it is recognized as the first disco in the U.S. (January)
* 1963 – Janis Joplin performs in San Francisco for the first time, singing at the North Beach coffeehouse.. [Jan 25]
* 1963 - The Rolling Stones played at the Ricky Tick Club at the Star and Garter Hotel, Windsor, Berkshirehire, UK. This was the first time The Rolling Stones, including Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman, played at this venue.. [Jan 25]
* 1963 ... Cilla Black debuted as a vocalist at the Cavern Club in Liverpool... (Jan 25th)
* 1963 . . A seventeen-year-old Neil Young makes his stage debut at a country club in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. [Jan 31]
* 1963 ... Neil Young, at age 17, performed his first professional date at a country club in Winnipeg. [Feb 01]
1963 ... The Beatles began their first British tour supporting Helen Shapiro; they performed at the Gaumont in Bradford. The Beatles were at the bottom of the 6 act bill playing four songs, 'Please Please Me’, ‘Chains’, ‘Keep Your Hands Off My Baby’ and ‘A Taste of Honey' (Feb 02)
* 1963 ... The Beatles released their first U.S. single "Please Please Me" on Vee-Jay Records, the flip side was "Ask Me Why". It flopped and didn't enter the billboard charts. [Feb 25]
* 1963 - Elvis Presley begins filming his 13th film, 'Fun In Acapulco' in Hollywood. It was released on November 27th 1963 . [March 01]
* 1963 ... The Four Seasons became the first group to have 3 consecutive No.1's in the US when 'Walk Like A Man', started a three week run at the top. (March 02)
* 1963 . . During a concert at London's Albert Hall, Paul McCartney met future girlfriend 17 year-old Jane Asher for the first time.. [May 09]
* 1963 . . The Beatles were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'From Me To You', the group's first UK No.1 and the first of eleven consecutive No.1's. The title of the song was inspired from a letters column called From You To Us that ran in the British music newspaper, The New Musical Express.. [May02]
1963 . . British band The Rolling Stones signed their first management contract with Andrew Loog Oldham's management company Impact, agreeing to license their UK output to Decca.. [May 09]
* 1963 . . The Hollies began recording their first sessions for their first album. "Stay with The Hollies" was released in January 1964.. [May 15]
1963 . . The very first Monterey Folk Festival was held featuring The Wildwood Boys with Jerry Garcia on his banjo, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Peter Paul and Mary and others.. [May 17]
* 1963 . . Jackie DeShannon makes her network TV debut on CBS' Jackie Gleason Show.. [May 18]
* 1963 . . The Beatles began their first headlining tour at the Grenada Theatre in Slough, England.. [May 18]
* 1963 . . Lesley Gore makes her first TV appearance, performing "It's My Party" on American Bandstand.. [May 30]
* 1963 . . Del Shannon's cover of the Beatles' "From Me to You" became the first song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney to appear on the American charts.. [May 29]
* 1963 . . The first episode of "Pop Goes The Beatles" program was aired on the BBC Light Programme service on this Tuesday at 5pm. The band played a version of 'Pop Goes The Weasel' on the show.. [June 04]
* 1963 ... The Rolling Stones released their debut single, 'Come On'. Recorded the previous month, the track was written and released by Chuck Berry in 1961. [June07]
* 1963 . . Kyu Sakamoto started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Sukiyaki’, the first-ever Japanese song to do so. It made No.6 on the UK singles chart in 1963 and was also a No.10 UK single for Kenny Ball in the same year.. [June 15]
1963 ... Del Shannon's cover of The Beatles' "From Me to You" entered the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the first ever Lennon-McCartney composition to make the US charts. [June23]
* 1963 ... The Beatles recorded ‘She Loves You’ / ‘I'll Get You’, at EMI Studios, London, completing both songs in less than four hours. Released in August this year, ‘She Loves You’ went on to become The Beatles' first million-selling single. [July 01]
* 1963 ... The Rolling Stones made their UK TV debut when they appeared on 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'

1963 ... The first 'Beatles Monthly' was published. A magazine devoted to the group, it continued until 1969, at it's peak was selling 350,000 copies a month [Aug 01] .
* 1963 ... The Beach Boys released 'Surfer Girl', the first song Brian Wilson wrote and the first he produced.. [Aug 03]
1963 ... 13 year-old Little Stevie Wonder started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Fingertips part II', it became the first live recording to hit No.1 in the US, and made Stevie the youngest singer to top the charts. [Aug 10]
* 1963 . . The Rolling Stones appeared on UK TV show Ready, Steady, Go! for the first time, performing their debut single 'Come On.' The group made a total of 20 appearances on the show between '63 - '66. [Aug 23]
1963 ... The Angels become the first white all-female group to have a No.1 record on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with the song "My Boyfriend's Back".. [Sept 02]
* 1963 ... The Patty Duke Show debuts on ABC-TV, lasting three seasons. [Sept 18]

1963 ... Murray The K becomes the first American DJ to play a Beatles song on the air when he spins their UK hit "She Loves You" on WINS in New York. [Sept 28]
* 1963 ... Gerry And The Pacemakers were the 2nd "Liverpool Band" to chart, but the first to reach No.1 and the first act ever to top UK chart with their initial 3 singles all in 1963. "How Do You Do It?" released in March, "I Like It" - May, and "You'll Never Walk Alone" - October. ... (the Beatles were 1st to chart),
* 1963 ... Dusty Springfield interviews The Beatles when they appear for the very first time on the UK TV show "Ready, Steady, Go". [Oct 04]
1963 ... Beatles receive their first gold disc for 'She Loves You' [Oct11]
1963 ... The Beatles make their first appearance in the UK as a tour headliner at a show in Gloucestershire, UK. [Nov 01]
* 1963 ... Reviewing The Beatles' concert the night before at the Odeon Cinema in Cheltenham, UK, the British paper Daily Mirror uses the headline "Beatlemania!" effectively inserting the phrase into the popular consciousness for the first time. [Nov 02]
* 1963 ... The Beatles made their debut on ITV's 'Sunday Night at The London Palladium; t
hey played, 'From Me To You', 'She Loves You', 'Twist and Shout' and 'I'll Get You'. It was transmitted live to an audience of 15 million viewers.
1963 ... Dusty Springfield kicked off on her first UK solo tour, sharing the bill with The Searchers, Freddie & The Dreamers and Brian Poole & The Tremeloes. The first night was in Halifax. [Nov 08]
1963 ... The Beatles' latest single "I Want To Hold Your Hand" became the first ever UK single to receive advance orders of one million copies. [Nov 09]
1963 ... The Elvis Presley film "Fun in Acapulco" premiered. [Nov 21]
1963 ... The Beatles second album 'With The Beatles' is released and became the first million selling album by a group in the UK. The album stayed at the top of the charts for 21 weeks, displacing Please Please Me, so that The Beatles occupied the top spot for 51 consecutive weeks. [Nov 22]
1963 ... The Beatles are the first act to claim the first and second slots on the UK Singles Chart (w/e Dec 12) with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" at the top of the chart and "She Loves You" at No. 2. They held these positions for three weeks. [Dec 12]
1963 - James Carroll became the first disc jockey to broadcast a Beatles record on American radio, this was at WWDC in Washington, DC. Carroll played 'I Want To Hold Your Hand', which he had obtained from his air stewardess girlfriend, who brought the single back from the UK. Due to listener demand, the song was played daily, every hour. Since it hadn't been released yet in the States, Capitol Records initially considered court action, but instead released the single earlier than planned..[Dec 17]
1964 ... The Beatles appear on US TV for the first time in a short clip on the Jack Parr Show. (Jan 3rd)

1964 ... The very first Top Of The Pops, was broadcast at 6.36pm and was introduced by DJ Jimmy Saville. The opening band was The Rolling Stones, who had just made No.13 in the chart with 'I Wanna Be Your Man'. [Jan 04]
* 1964 . . The Fab Four graced the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time, as 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' entered the Hot 100 at No. 45. It reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on Feb 1st; this was the first of 25 No.1s in America for The Beatles.. [Jan 18]
* 1964 ... The Beatles were the first band of "The British Invasion" to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show; watched by an estimated 73 million people, the show had received over 50,000 applications for the 728 seats in the TV studio. [Feb 09]
* 1964 ... The Dave Clark Five arrive in the USA; , they were the first British Invasion band to follow the Beatles to America, where they achieved 15 consecutive Top 20 hits and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show 18 times, the most of any other English group [Feb]
* 1964 ... The Dave Clark Five was the first British band of the British Invasion to tour the US. [Feb/March]
* 1964 ... Not Fade Away / I Wanna Be Your Man ~ Rolling Stones was released in the USA and became the bands first US Billboard hit peaking at No.48. [March 06]
1964 ... The Beatles began filming their first feature film 'A Hard Days Night' at Marylebone train station, London. (March)
1964 ... For the first time the UK Top Ten Singles Chart was made up entirely of British acts. Cilla Black in the No.1 spot with 'Anyone Who Had A Heart'; 2 Dave Clark Five: Bits and Pieces; 3 Bachelors: Diane; 4 Merseybeats: I Think of You; 5 Searchers: Needles and Pins; 6 Rolling Stones: Not Fade Away; 7 Billy J. Kramer: Little Children; 8 Gerry and the Pacemakers: I'm the One; 9 Brian Poole: Candy Man and at No.10 Eden Kane, with Boys Cry. (March 07)
* 1964 . . The Beatles made history as the only act ever to simultaneously occupy the Billboard Hot 100 chart's entire top five positions.No. 1, "Can't Buy Me Love", No. 2, "Twist and Shout", No. 3, "She Loves You", No. 4, "I Want to Hold Your Hand", No. 5, "Please Please Me".. [April 04]
* 1964 ... Van Morrison's band 'Them', made their first concert appearance, at Belfast's Maritime Hotel. [April]
1964 ... John Lennon's first book of prose and poetry, 'In His Own Write', is published in the US. [April 27]
* 1964 ... The first British female singer to win a Grammy award was Petula Clarke with "Down Town" winning the Best Rock-&-Roll record of the year.
* 1964 . . Gerry & the Pacemakers made their U.S. TV debut on the "Ed Sullivan Show" performing "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying".. [May 03]
1964 ... Chuck Berry started his first British tour.. [May 09]
* 1964 . . Louis Armstrong went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Hello Dolly' making him the oldest artist (to this date) to hit No.1 at the age of 62.. [May 09]
* 1964 . . Bob Dylan arrived in Britain for his first major UK tour including a show at London's Royal Festival Hall on the 17th of this month.. [May 10]
1964 . . Dusty Springfield made her U.S. television debut on the "Ed Sullivan Show".. [May 10]
* 1964 ... Little Jimmy Dickens became the first country artist to circle the globe while on tour
1964 . . Bob Dylan made his first major concert UK appearance performing at the Royal Festival Hall, London with an afternoon show listed as a ‘Folksong Concert’. Dylan's 18-song set included the live debut of Mr. Tambourine Man and took place on a Sunday afternoon. In the interval, Dylan received a telegram from John Lennon seeking a meeting which never materialised.. [May 17]
* 1964 ... Ella Fitzgerald became the first artist to have a hit with a Beatles cover when 'Can't Buy Me Love' entered the UK chart.. [May 23]
* 1964 . . Elvis Presley's ninth film, "Follow That Dream", opens.. [May 23]
* 1964 . . Pirate radio station 'Sutch' was started by Screaming Lord Sutch, broadcasting from former army fort 'Shivering Sands', in The Thames Estuary.. [May 26]
* 1964 . . The Dave Clark Five make thier very first appearence on the Ed Sullivan Show, performing "Glad All Over". They went on to appear on the show another whopping 18 times.. [May 31]
* 1964 . . The Rolling Stones arrived in New York ready on British Airways Flight 505 for their first US tour. They held a press conference and then guested on the prestigious "5th Beatle", DJ Murray The K's radio show.. [June 01]
* 1964 ... The Rolling Stones make their American TV debut on the Les Crane Show on WABC-TV in New York City.. [June 02]
* 1964 . . The Beatles played two performances at the KB Hallen, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark kicking off their 27-day first world tour. Drummer Jimmy Nicol replaced Ringo Starr who was ill in hospital at the start of the tour.. [June 04]
1964 . . The first U.S. Rolling Stones concert is held, at the Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California .. [June 05]
1964 . . David Jones and The King Bees had their first record, "Liza Jane", released. David Jones later became known as David Bowie.. [June 05]
* 1964 ... The Beatles' first film, "A Hard Day's Night" premiered in London. [July 06]
* 1964 . . Rock journalist Al Aronowitz introduced Bob Dylan to the Beatles at The Delmorico Hotel in New York; according to his own journal entries, at this meeting he brought a marijuana joint which would be the first pot smoked by the Beatles.. [Aug28]
* 1964 ... The Animals gave their debut U.S. performance in Brooklyn, NY, at the U.S. Paramount Theatre.. [Sept 04]
* 1964 . . The Animals started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'House Of The Rising Sun'. When first released the record company printed the time of the song on the record as three minutes feeling that the real time of four minutes was too long for radio airplay.. [Sept 05]
* 1964 . . Rod Stewart recorded his first single "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" with the Hoochie Koochie Men. Future Led Zeppelin bass player John Paul Jones played on the session.. [Sept 10]
* 1964 . . Pete Townsend of The Who first publically smashed a guitar to smithereens, his 1964 'Rickenbacker Rose Morris 1998' after he accidently snapped off its neck against the ceiling of the Railway Hotel, Harrow & Wealdstone, London.. [Sept 08]
1964 ... Connie Stevens premieres her first television sitcom, Wendy And Me, on ABC. [Sept 28]
1964 ... The Beatles' debut film, A Hard Day's Night, becomes the first movie to debut behind the "Iron Curtain" of Communist countries when it is shown in Prague.. [Oct 01]
1964 ... Screaming Lord Sutch runs for parliament for the first time. [Oct 15] (He went on to lose 40 elections)
* 1964 ... The movie musical "My Fair Lady" made its world premier in New York. [Oct 21]
1964 ... A riot broke out in the studio when The Rolling Stones appeared for the first time on The Ed Sullivan show They kicked the show off with “Around & Around” and performed “Time Is on My Side” at the end of the show, after which Sullivan was quoted as saying 'I promise you they'll never be back on our show again'. They went on to appear another 5 times. . [Oct 25]
1964 ... The Hank Williams biopic "Your Cheatin' Heart" premiered in Nashville for the Country Music Association, featuring George Hamilton as the honky-tonk legend and his son, a 15-year-old Hank Williams' Jr., overdubbing his father's singing. [Nov 06]
* 1964 ...
The Beach Boys appeared live on ITV's 'Ready Steady Go!' on their first visit to the UK. [Nov 06]
1964 ... The Supremes became the first all girl group to have a UK No.1 single when 'Baby Love' went to the top of the charts. It was also the second of five Supremes songs in a row to go to No.1 in the United States. [Nov 19]
* 1964 ... Willie Nelson makes his Grand Ole Opry debut .. []
* 1964 . . Radio Manx, the first commercial radio station in the UK, based on The Isle of Man started broadcasting. [Nov 24]
* 1964 - The animated TV special Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer debuted on CBS, with Burl Ives as the voice of Sam the Snowman. The special is based on the 1949 song, a now Christmas favorite. [Dec 03]
* 1964 - The movie "Ferry Cross the Mersey" with Gerry & the Pacemakers debuted in London. [Dec 06]
* 1965-1969 ... The first use of the term "psychedelic rock" is generally attributed to the Austin, Texas band... "The 13th Floor Elevators, whose early tours would inspire San Francisco's still-incubating psychedelic scene.

* 1965 – The film Ferry Cross the Mersey starring Gerry and the Pacemakers, Julie Samuel, Cilla Black and The Fourmost premiered at the Liverpool Odeon.. [Jan 24]

* 1965 . . The Who made their first appearance on the British TV, on the rock show "Ready Steady Go!".. [Jan 28]
1965 ... The Who released their first single 'I Can't Explain', with Jimmy Page on rhythm guitar and The Ivy League on backing vocals, it went on to reach No.8 on the UK (Jan 15 in UK)
1965 ... The Who made their first appearance on the British TV, on the rock show "Ready Steady Go!" (Jan)
* 1965 ... The Rolling Stones and the Kinks made their first appearance on ABC-TV's "Shindig!" (January)
1965 ... The Who made their first appearance on the British TV, on the rock show "Ready Steady Go!" (Feb)
* 1965 . . With their song "The Great Pretender", The Platters become the first mixed-gender group to earn a No.1 hit on the Billboard charts.. [Feb 18]
1965 ... The first Dutch Top 40 is launched. The most popular single, Zorba's Dance by Trio Hellenique, spent 37 consecutive weeks on chart.
1965 ... Barbara Streisand's first TV special aired on CBS, "My Name is Barbara". [April 28]
1965 ... Herman's Hermits make their American stage debut, with The Zombies as their opening act. [April 30]
* 1965 . . The Rolling Stones made theier second appearance on the Ed Sullivan show; they performed “The Last Time,” which was the first time they sang a Jagger/Richards original on the show, followed by the bluesy “Little Red Rooster,” and “Someone to Love.” The audience, while still raucous and enthusiastic, was far more tame for the band’s second appearance—as were The Stones themselves, who spruced up for the show, even donning sports jackets to help clean up their image. [May 02]
1965 . . The Byrds made their TV debut with "Mr. Tambourine Man" on NBC's "Hullabaloo".. [May 11]
1965 . . Elvis Presley's sixteenth movie, Tickle Me, premieres in Hollywood. It opens nationally two weeks later.. [May 13]
* 1965 . . Elvis Presley's 'Tickle Me' movie opens nationally.. [May 28]
1965 ... Bob Dylan recorded his first 'electric' hit, 'Like A Rolling Stone'. [June15]
* 1965 . . UK bands, The Kinks and the Moody Blues made their US concert debut in New York City at the Academy of Music.. [June 17]
1965 . . Bob Dylan went 'electric' at The Newport folk Festival and was booed off stage after three songs. It was his first ever non-acoustic set.. [July 25]
1965 ... The Beatles played Shea Stadium in Queens, New York, home of The Mets, to a record audience of 55,600. It was also the first concert to be held at a major stadium. [Aug15] The attendance record stood until 1973 when it was broken by Led Zeppelin with 56,800 fans at Tampa Stadium.
* 1965 ... The Rolling Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham and his partner Tony Calder launched Immediate records. Their first release was The McCoy's 'Hang On Sloopy'. [Aug20]
* 1965 ... The Doors recorded their first demos at World Pacific Jazz Studios in LA; they cut six Jim Morrison songs.. [Sept02]
* 1965 . . Sonny & Cher made their first live UK appearance when they appeared at the 100 Club in London.. [Sept 05]
1965 ... The Beatles won their first Grammys, for Best New Artist and Best Album -- A Hard Day's Night, at the awards ceremony in New York. [Sept13]
1965 ... The Dean Martin Show makes its debut, with his hit "Everybody Loves Somebody" as the theme song. The popular variety show runs until 1975 and introduces us to a group of backup dancers called The Golddiggers. [Sept16]
* 1965 . . At a concert at Carnegie Hall, Bob Dylan introduces his new band. Formerly Ronnie Hawkins' backup band, they were known as the Hawks, but soon became The Band.. [Oct 01]
1965 ... The Florescents supported by The Castiles, which featured a young singer called Bruce Springsteen appeared at the I.B. Club in Howell, New Jersey. This was The Castiles first publicly advertised nightclub appearance. Admission was $1.00. [Oct 08]
1965 ... Jimi Hendrix signs his first recording contract. The 3-year deal with PPX productions gave him only one dollar plus one percent of his royalties on his records.. [Oct 15]
* 1965 ... Journalist Al Aronowitz gets the garage band The Velvet Underground their first gig -- at the Summit High School dance in Summit, New Jersey. [Nov 11]
1965 ... The musical "Man of La Mancha" opened. It ran for 2,328 performances. [Nov 22]
* 1965 ... "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" author, Ken Kesey and his band 'Merry Pranksters' held their first 'Acid Test' party in San Francisco, where spiked fruit juice, called 'Electric Kool Aid', is on sale..
[Nov 27]
1965 ... The Grateful Dead played their first concert, along with Jefferson Airplane at the first Bill Graham promoted show at The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA. supported by The Great Society and others. [Dec 10]
* 1966 ... The Who play their first show as headliners, at the Astoria in Finsbury Park, England. Also appearing are The Fortunes and The Merseys.. [Feb 04]
* 1966 ... Bob Dylan and The Band played at the Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky. This was the first date on a world tour which would become noted as Dylan's first that used electric instruments, after he had ‘gone electric’ at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. [Feb 04]
* 1966 ... Petula Clark had her second No.1 in the US singles chart with 'My Love', making her the first British female to have two US No.1 hits. 'My Love' peaked at No. 4 in the UK. [Feb 05]
* 1966 ...The first "Crawdaddy!", was published by Paul Williams in NYC, the first magazine dedicated specifically to rock and roll music in the USA. Preceding both Rolling Stone and Creem, Crawdaddy! was named after the legendary Crawdaddy Club in the UK where the Rolling Stones played their 1st gig. [Feb 07]
* 1966 - Brian Wilson released 'Caroline No' the first solo single by a Beach Boy. Before it evolved into the final song we know today, the song was originally written as 'Carol I Know'. [March 07]
* 1966 ...
South African singer Miriam Makeba aka Mama Africa, became the first African woman to win a Grammy. She and Harry Belafonte recieved the Best Folk Recording award for their album 'An Evening With Belafonte/Makeba'. [March 15]
* 1966 ... Percy Sledge released his international hit "When A Man Loves A Woman" on Atlantic Records, it became the first gold record released by Atlantic Records. [April]
1966 ... Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band play their first gig at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. [May]
1966 . . Johnny Cash kicked off his first ever UK tour at the Empire in Liverpool, with The Statler Brothers opening the show, followed by June Carter.. [May 07]
1966 . . For the record ninth time in three years, The Kingsmen's hit version of Louie Louie enters the Billboard singles charts.. [May 14]
* 1966 . . Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band play their first ever gig at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco.. [May 20]
* 1966 . . The Castiles with Bruce Springsteen on vocals appeared at Freehold Regional High School in New Jersey. They were performing at their own high school for the very first time. All five members of the band were Juniors at Freehold High School.. [May 21]
1966 ... The Doors play their first show. The gig is at the The Whisky A-Go-Go in West Hollywood, where they became the house band for a while.. [May23]
* 1966 . . The Exploding Plastic Inevitable show, featuring The Velvet Underground and the Mothers of Invention, plays its first gig on the West Coast, at San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium.. [May 26]
* 1966 . . The filming of Lulu's first movie, To Sir With Love, begins in London.. [May 31]
* 1966 . . Filming begins on "The Monkees (Here Come The Monkees)" the first filmed episode of the TV series The Monkees, although this was not the first shown.. [May 31]
* 1966 ...
Singer Janis Joplin debuted on stage with Big Brother & the Holding Company, at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, California. [June10]
* 1966 . . The Beatles were first heard using reversed tape in the song "Rain" when they made a surprise live appearance on the UK television program Top of the Pops, performing ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain’. It became The Beatles' last live musical television appearance, with the sole exception of the June 1967 worldwide transmission of ‘All You Need Is Love’.. [June 16]
* 1966 ... The first group to have a UK hit on the Planet record label was The Creation ~"Making Time". (June)
* 1966 - Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton, made their live debut as Cream at The Twisted Wheel, Manchester, UK. [July 29]
* 1966 . . James Darren's TV series Time Tunnel premieres on ABC.. [Sept 06]
* 1966 ... Cindy Walker became the first female to solely write a UK number one single when "Distant Drums" sung by Jim Reeves, topped the UK Charts on [Sept 22]
* 1966 ... Jimi Hendrix makes his UK stage debut when he jumps onstage to jam with Cream at London Polytechnic. Hendrix took the stage and performed a frantic version of the Howlin' Wolf song "Killing Floor". When he finished, Clapton said "He walked off, and my life was never the same again"! [Sept30]
1966 ... Pat Boone's daytime TV series debuts on NBC. [Oct17]
1966 ... The Supremes became the first female group to have a No.1 album on the Hot 200 album chart with 'The Supremes a Go Go', (it also knocked The Beatles' 'Revolver' off the top of the charts). [Oct22]
1966 ... The Yardbirds, perform their first concert featuring Jimmy Page on solo lead guitar, at San Francisco's Fillmore West, after the dismissal of Jeff Beck. [Oct23]
1966 ... The Kander-Ebb musical Cabaret, ft Joel Grey and Bert Convy, opens on Broadway, at The Broadhurst Theatre. [Nov 20]
* 1966 . . Elvis Presley's 22nd movie Spinout is released.. [Nov 23]
1966 ... The first Jimi Hendrix Experience single 'Hey Joe', was released on Polydor records after being rejected by the Decca label. It peaking at No. 6 in the UK but failed to chart in USA [Dec16]
* 1966 ... "Distant Drums" by US singer Jim Reeves was named the UK's "song of the year" the first overseas performer to receive this special award.
1966 ... The Monkees made their live debut at the International Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii. [Dec 03]
1966 ... Jimi Hendrix made his TV debut on Briton's ITV's 'Ready Steady Go!', with Marc Bolan also appearing on the show. (December)
1967 ... The Jimi Hendrix Experience played the first of what would be over 240 gigs in this year when they appeared at the Bromel Club, Bromley. Many of the concerts were 2 shows per night. (January)
1967 ... The Monkees performed live for the first time at The Cow Palace, San Francisco to a sell-out crowd. (Jan)
* 1967 . . Jefferson Airplane The Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service, headlined the first of the now-legendary "Human Be-In", the famous all-day 'happening' staged in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, one of the key events leading up to the "Summer of Love".. [Jan 14]
* 1967 . . The movie "The Fastest Guitar Alive," with Roy Orbison and Sheb Wooley, premiered in New York City, NY.. [Jan 15]
* 1967 - Pink Floyd finished recording their first single, "Arnold Layne" at EMI Studios, London. [Feb 27]
* 1967 . . The Elvis Presley movie "Double Trouble" premiered in the USA.. [April 05]
* 1967 ... George Harrison visits the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for the first time. [May]
* 1967 . . Gerry And The Pacemakers announced they were splitting up, recognising they could no longer keep pace with the rapidly changing UK rock scene. They were the second Liverpool band to chart [after the Beatles], but first to reach No1. and the first act ever to top UK chart with their initial 3 singles all in 1963.. [May 08]
* 1967 . . The Bee Gees made their Top Of The Pops debut performing 'New York Mining Disaster' on the UK TV show.. [May 11]
1967 ... Pink Floyd stages the first-ever rock concert with quadraphonic sound at Queen Elizabeth Hall in England. [May 12]
* 1967 . . The Supremes scored their 10th US No.1 single with 'The Happening'; it made No.6 in the UK. It was the last single to be released as the Supremes, from now on they were known as Diana Ross and the Supremes.. [May 13]
* 1967 . . Paul McCartney first met Linda Eastman at a Georgie Fame concert in London.. [May 15]
* 1967 . . "Don't Look Back", a documentary on Bob Dylan's 1965 British tour, premiered at the Presidio Theatre, San Francisco, CA.. [May 17]
* 1967 . . The Beatles were selected to represent the UK for the first-ever global-wide satellite broadcast. The group agreed to be shown in the studio recording a song written especially for the occasion, scheduled for June 25. John Lennon wrote ‘All You Need is Love’ which was thought to sum up the 1967 'summer of love' and The Beatles' sympathies. With the satellite broadcast being broadcast to many non-English-speaking countries, the BBC asked The Beatles to 'keep it simple'.. [May 18]
* 1967 . . George Harrison visits the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for the first time.. [May 20]
* 1967 . . Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" entered the UK chart. The first video for the song was shot in the ruins of Witley Court in Worcestershire, UK; it used Vietnam War newsreel footage which caused it to be banned from airplay on the Top Of The Pops TV show. The band subsequently made another video.. [May 25]
* 1967 . . The Association make their television debut, performing "Along Comes Mary" on CBS-TV's Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.. [May 28]
1967 . . Fairport Convention make their live debut, performing at St. Michael's Hall, Golders Green.. [June 01]

1967 ... An estimated 400 million people in 31 countries watched The Beatles perform 'All You Need Is Love', live via satellite as part of the first ever TV global link- up, 'Our World'; Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Marianne Faithfull, Keith Moon, Eric Clapton, Graham Nash, and Gary Leeds provided backing vocals. [June25]
* 1967 ... Tom Jones appeared on the first telecast of CBS-TV's "Spotlight" [July04]
* 1967 ... Pink Floyd appear on the British TV show Top Of The Pops for the first time, performing "See Emily Play". [July06]
* 1967 ... The initial incarnation of Fleetwood Mac, including Pete Green, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie performed its first gig at the 7th annual Windsor Jazz and Blues Festival, playing a Chicago-style blues. [Aug 13]
1967 ... Joni Mitchell played her first ever UK show when she opened for The Piccadilly Line at The Marquee Club in London. [Aug23]
* 1967 . . The movie "The Fastest Guitar Alive," starring Roy Orbison and Sheb Wooley, debuted.. [Sept 01]
1967 ... Pink Floyd played the 1st of 3 nights at the Fillmore in San Francisco, their 1st ever live dates in the US. [Sept26]
1967 ... The UK's first National pop radio station, BBC Radio 1, was launched in the UK to take over from the very successful pirate radio stations, which had been forced off-air by the Government. Former pirate DJ Tony Blackburn, from Radio Caroline, was the first presenter on air, with The Move's Flowers In The Rain the first record to be played. [Sept 30]
1967 ... Pat Boone, the owner of the Oakland Oaks, sang the national anthem at the first game of the new American Basketball Association. [Oct 13]
1967 ... The first Sacramento Pop Festival took place which featured Spirit, Jefferson Airplane, Nutty Gritty Dirt Band, Strawberry Alarm Clock and Sunshine Company. [Oct 15]
1967 ... The Richard Lester movie "How I Won The War", an antiwar satire featuring John Lennon in the role of Pvt. Gripweed, debuted at London's Premiere Theatre, with all four Beatles attending. It was the first solo movie by a Beatle. [Oct 18]
* 1967 ...
"How I Won The War", an antiwar satire film ft John Lennon in the role of Pvt. Gripweed, opens in America [Oct 23]
* 1967 ... Kenny Rogers
and his group The First Edition make their TV debut, on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. [Nov 05]
1967 ... The first issue of Rolling Stone was published in San Francisco. John Lennon was on the cover. [Nov 09]
1967 ... Van Morrison makes his first and only appearance on ABC-TV's American Bandstand, lip-synching his big hit "Brown Eyed Girl". [Nov 11]
* 1967 . . John Lennon has his first solo session at Abbey Road. He compiles sound effects for the National Theatre production of Scene Three, Act One. The play is based on a story that appeared in his book "In His Own Write".. [Nov 25]
* 1967 ... Jimi Hendrix performed his first and only gig in Ireland as part of a 16-date UK package tour along with Pink Floyd, The Move, The Nice, The Outer Limits, The Eire Apparent and Amen Corner in Belfast for two shows at the Whitla Hall, Queens College. It was Jimi's 25th birthday and before the shows the guitarist was given a birthday cake by the promoters.. [Nov 27]
1967 .. The Beatles recorded their last fan club record as a group; 'Christmas Time Is Here Again!' The Beatles' Christmas records were spoken and musical messages from the group that were posted out on flexi disc at Christmas time to members of their official fan-clubs in the UK and the USA.. [Nov 28]
* 1967 ... Jim Morrison became the first Rock artist ever to be arrested on stage, when, during a performance at a concert in New Haven, Connecticut, when he was led away on charges of inciting a riot, indecency and public obscenity. [Dec 09]
* 1967 ...
The first African-American interracial kiss on network television happened between entertainers Sammy Davis, Jr. and Nancy Sinatra on Sinatra's variety special Movin' With Nancy, which aired on NBC. [Dec 11]
* 1967 - The Beatles' John Lennon and George Harrison throw a party in London for the area secretaries of their official Fan Club. The film Magical Mystery Tour is screened here for the first time.. [Dec 17]
* 1967 ... Marianne Faithfull was the first signing to The Rolling Stones 'Mother Earth' label. [Dec 16]
* 1968 - Pink Floyd played their first gig without Syd Barrett at Southampton University. They were supported by Tyrannosaurus Rex, featuring Marc Bolan and percussionist Steve Peregrine Took. [Jan 26]
* 1968 - Led Zeppelin began their first Nth American tour at the Denver Auditorium supporting Vanilla Fudge and the MC5..[Jan26]

* 1968 - The Bee Gees play their first American gig at California's Anaheim Convention Center, making $50,000.. [Jan 27]
* 1968 - Led Zeppelin performed their 1st concert in Canada at the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver supporting Vanilla Fudge.. [Jan 28]

1968 ... Aretha Franklin day was declared in Detroit, MI, (Feb)
* 1968 - Aretha Franklin won her first grammy, the Best Female R&B Vocal Performance category for "Respect ". She would win the award again each of the next 7 years. [Feb 29]
* 1968 ... The first lyrics credited to Bernie Taupin in the long Elton -Taupin association was "I've Been Loving You" the debut single by John Elton. Elton later admitted that he wrote the song by himself, giving Taupin credit as an effort to earn Taupin his first publishing royalties. [March]
1968 ... Promoter Bill Graham opened his Fillmore East rock venue on Second Avenue in the East Village neighborhood of the borough of Manhattan of New York City. It quickly became known as "The Church of Rock and Roll," with two-show, triple-bill concerts several nights a week.
* 1968 ... The musical 'Hair' opened at the Baltimore Theatre, Broadway, New York. The first rock- musical, it went on to give 1,729 performances on Broadway and was made into a movie in 1979. [April]
* 1968 ... The Cilla Black Show, featuring the theme song "Step Inside Love" written by Paul McCartney, debuts on the BBC, making Cilla the first Englishwoman with her own TV show. [April 30]
1968 ... The Kaleidoscope Ballroom opens on Sunset Strip, Los Angeles with Canned Heat and Jefferson Airplane performing. [April 30]
1968 . . Steppenwolf makes its US television debut, performing Born to Be Wild on ABC-TV's American Bandstand. [May 04]
1968 . . Linda McCartney, then Eastman, became the first woman to have a photo featured on the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine, with her photograph of Eric Clapton taken at Fillmore East concert hall, where she was house photographer.. [May 11]
1968 . . George Harrison and Ringo Starr attended the premiere of 'Wonderwall' at the Cannes Film Festival. The 1968 film by first-time director Joe Massot starred Jack MacGowran and Jane Birkin, and featured cameos by Anita Pallenberg. The soundtrack was composed by then-Beatle George Harrison. The film provides the name for the Oasis track 'Wonderwall', which was inspired by George Harrison's score.. [May 15]
1968 ... The first Miami Pop Festival kicked off, with an estimated 25,000 people attending the concert, which was promoted by Richard O'Barry & Michael Lang. Bands featured at the festival included Steppenwolf, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Mothers of Invention, Blue Cheer, Chuck Berry, The Blues Image, Pacific Gas and Electric, Three Dog Night and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown.. [May18–19]
* 1968 . . The Beatles began recording "The Beatles" LP aka the "White Album" their 9th studio album. It became the first Beatles album released with the Apple label. The first track they recorded was ‘Revolution’.. [May 30]
* 1968 ... Leapy Lee was the first British act to achieve a top 20 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles chart with the song "Little Arrows" []
1968 ... A free afternoon concert was held in London's Hyde Park with Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Roy Harper. This concert was the first free festival to be held in Hyde Park. [June29]
* 1968 ... David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash played together for the very first time at an impromptu gathering at Joni Mitchell's house in Lookout Mountain, Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. [July03]
* 1968 . . The Elvis Presley/Nancy Sinatra movie Speedway premieres in Charlotte, North Carolina, where much of it was filmed.. [June 16]
1968 ... The British rock band Cream, released a double album 'Wheels of Fire' in the UK. It reached No.3 in the UK and No.1 in the US (where it was released a month earlier), and became the world's first platinum-selling double album. [July29]
* 1968 ... UK power trio, Cream's third album, Wheels of Fire, is released. It went on to become the world's first platinum-selling double album. [July in USA/Aug 9th UK]
* 1968 ... The first two day Newport Pop Festival kicked off in Costa Mesa, California with Alice Cooper, Canned Heat, Chambers Brothers, Charles Lloyd Quartet, Country Joe and the Fish, James Cotton Blues Band,Electric Flag, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Sonny & Cher, Steppenwolf and Tiny Tim. Over 100,000 fans attended the festival.. [Aug 03]
1968 ... The Jackson Five made their formal debut with Diana Ross & the Supremes at the Great Western Forum, CA. [Aug16]
* 1968 ... The first Beatles single on their own Apple Records was released in the U.K. -"Hey Jude" b/w "Revolution." [Aug30]
1968 - Eric Clapton recorded his guitar solo on The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" which made him the first outside musician to play on a Beatles recording and George recorded his lead vocal.. [Sept 06]
* 1968 ... The first woman to top both Billboard's Hot 100 and the U.S. Hot Country Singles charts with the same song was Jeannie C Riley's "Harper Valley PTA", unrepeated until Dolly Parton's "9 to 5 " in 1981 [Sept 21]
* 1968 ... Led Zeppelin began their first tour of the UK still billed as the New Yardbirds. They appeared at the Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, supported by Terry Reid's Fantasia, tickets cost 10/6. [Oct04]
* 1968 ...
Jose Feliciano sing the anthem before a Detroit Tigers World Series game. Jose did the first famous non-traditional rendition of the song at that game. [Oct07]
1968 ... The New Yardbirds make their first performance under their new name Led Zeppelin at a gig at Surrey University, England. [Oct15]
* 1968 ... The first UK act to be signed to the A & M record label was The Strawbs []
1968 ... George Harrison released his LP "Wonderwall." He was the first Beatle to release a solo album. [Nov 01]
1968 ... The Monkees' three quarter of a million dollar feature film, Head, premiered in New York City. Reviews were harsh and the picture was a box office disaster. [Nov 06].
1968 ... Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and his first wife, Maureen, marry in London. The couple hold the wedding reception at "The Roundhouse" club, where they were performing that day on the same bill as John Lee Hooker, Deviants, John James and Tyres. This was their first gig in London as Led Zeppelin. [Nov 09]
* 1968 ... The Beatles' Yellow Submarine film premieres in New York. [Nov 13]
* 1968 . . Led Zeppelin played their first ever show in the North of England when they appeared at Manchester College of Science & Technology. Zeppelin were paid £225 for the gig.. [Nov 16]
* 1968 ... John Lennon was fined £150 plus court costs of 20 guineas after pleading guilty in a London court for cannabis possession. The judge believed John's explanation that he no longer uses marijuana and had merely forgotten about the stash. Wife Yoko Ono was cleared of charges. This made John Lennon the 1st Beatle to be charged with such a crime. [Nov 29]
1968 ... John Lennon made his first non-Beatles appearance singing "Yer Blues" with the supergroup The Dirty Mac, which was formed for the TV special, The Rock 'n Roll Circus. (December)
* 1968 - Janis Joplin made her final appearance with Big Brother & the Holding Company. [Dec 07]
* 1968/69 - Marmalade became the 1st Scottish group to top that UK singles chart with "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da". The line "ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah" was an expression used by Nigerian conga player Jimmy Scott-Emuakpor, an acquaintance of McCartney who wrote the song. (w/e Jan 01)
1969 ... Jethro Tull played its first U.S. concert at Fillmore East in NYC as the opening act for Blood, Sweat & Tears..
1969 ... The "Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour" debuted on CBS-TV. (Jan 22)
* 1969 ... Joni Mitchell made her Carnegie Hall debut. [Feb 01]
* 1969 ... The first solo concert by The Band is held, in San Francisco, CA.
* 1969 - Wendy Carlos's album Switched-On Bach, notable for being the first successful album to remix classical music compositions on the newly-invented Moog synthesizer, enters the Billboard album charts and stays in the Top-40 for 17 weeks [March 01].
1969 ... Desmond Dekker and the Aces went to No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'The Israelites', making Dekker the first Jamaican artist to have an UK No.1 single. [April 16]
* 1969 . . The Who performed their new work Tommy for the first time. The concert, which took place in Bolton, UK
and exactly 5 years later ~ Tina Turner started filming in the role of Acid Queen in the Who's film "Tommy".. [April 22]
* 1969 ... Joe Cocker makes his US TV debut, singing Feelin' Alright on The Ed Sullivan Show. [April 27]
1969 . . Frank Sinatra's version of 'My Way' made the British Top ten for the first time. Over the next three years it re-entered the Top 50 singles chart eight times.. [May 10]
1969 . . Led Zeppelin became the first major British rock group to appear in Hawaii, when they appeared at The Civic Auditorium, Honolulu. A review in the Honolulu Advertiser stated: 'The showmanship exceeded any rock performance here to date. I wondered before the concert if Led Zeppelin could sound as good as their Atlantic album – they sounded better'.. [May 13]
*1969 . . It was reported, that for the first time ever, album sales had overtaken single sales in the UK. 49,184,000 albums were produced during 1968 compared with 49,161,000 singles.. [May 17]
1969 ... The Guess Who make their debut on American television, singing "These Eyes" and "Laughing" on ABC-TV's American Bandstand. [May 24]
* 1969 ... BBC television aired the first '33 & A Third Revolutions Per Monkee', guests included Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Julie Driscoll.. [May 24]
* 1969 . .
The Doors documentary "Feast of Friends" premiered.. [June 05]
* 1969 ... Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell both appeared on the first ABC TV Johnny Cash Show from Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Dylan sang I Threw It All Away and Living The Blues and duetted with Johnny Cash on Girl From The North Country. [June 07]
* 1969 ... Supergroup Blind Faith, featuring Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Steve Winwood made their live debut at a free concert in London's Hyde Par; it was also their first, last and only live gig.. [June 07]
* 1969 . . John Lennon makes solo debut on UK chart with 'Give Peace a Chance'.. [July 09]
* 1969 . . Elvis Presley's 30th movie, The Trouble With Girls (And How To Get Into It), is released.. [Sept 03]
* 1969 . . The film 'Easy Rider' starring Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper opened at The Classic London.. [Sept 04]

* 1969 . . Iggy Pop and The Stooges made their New York debut at The Pavilion supporting MC5.. [Sept 05]
1969 ... Bobby Darin appears for the first time on TV as "Bob" Darin when he performs on Tom Jones' TV show. [Oct02]
1969 ... The Beatles' double A-sided single "Something"/"Come Together" was released and made Beatles history. "Something" was the first George Harrison composition to appear as a Beatles A-side, and the only song written by him to top the US charts before the band's break-up in 1970. [Oct06]
1969 ... For the first time in the history of the BBC’s Top Of The Pops producers refused to air the No. 1 song, ‘Je T’aime... Moi Non Plus’, the erotic French language love song by Serge Gainsbourg and actress Jane Birkin. The song, an instrumental with the voices of Gainsbourg and Birkin apparently recorded in the act of love and superimposed over the top, caused such a stir in Britain that the original label, Fontana, dropped the record despite it being No. 2 on the charts. A small record company, Major Minor, bought the rights and saw the song climb to the top of the charts, the first French language song to ever do so. [Oct09]
1969 ... Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, the Platters, Coasters, Shirelles and others perform the first Annual Rock and Roll Revival show at New York's Madison Square Garden. At the end of Bill Haley's set, he received an eight-minute standing ovation. [Oct18]
* 1969 ... The Jackson 5 make their TV debut and first appearance as a Motown act when they appear on the variety show Hollywood Palace. Michael was 11 years old. [Oct18]
1969 ... 'Sugar Sugar' by The Archies was at No.1 on the UK singles chart. The single became the longest running One Hit Wonder in the UK with eight week's at the top of the charts. It was also the first No.1 performed by cartoon characters. [w/e Oct 19]
1969 ... Columbia Records announces its intention to prosecute the purveyors of Great White Way, an unauthorized collection of unreleased Bob Dylan demos that is often considered the first "bootleg" record. [Oct23]
* 1969 ... New York underground newspaper Rat becomes the first publication to compile the various rumored "clues" to the "Paul Is Dead" phenomenon. [Oct29]
1969 ... The Rolling Stones quasi-documentary 'Sympathy For The Devil', directed by Jean-Luc Godard, premiered in San Francisco. [Nov 02]
1969 ... 'Something' the first Beatles A-side composed by George Harrison entered the UK singles chart, it peaked at No.4 in the UK and went on to be a No.1 on the US chart. [Nov 08]
1969 ... 'Sugar Sugar' by The Archies was at No.1 on the UK singles chart. The single became the longest running One Hit Wonder in the UK with eight week's at the top of the charts. It was also the first No.1 performed by cartoon characters. [w/e Oct 19]
* 1969 ... The first colour edition of Top of the Pops broadcast [Nov27]

* 1969 ... The Simon & Garfunkel TV special 'Songs Of America' airs on NBC, but an ice skating presentation killed it in the ratings. The program marked the broadcast debut of the song "Bridge Over Troubled Water". [Nov 30]
* 1969 ... Honey Cone was the first act signed to
Holland–Dozier–Holland's Hot Wax Records label.
* 1969 ... George Harrison joins the Delaney and Bonnie and Friends tour as a guitarist, in Bristol, UK, making this the first tour of a Beatle since 1966.. [Dec 02]
* 1969 - "The Magic Christian" film starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, premiered in the UK.. [Dec 12]
1969 ... The Jackson Five made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. (Dec)

The 70s
* 1970 ... The soundtrack of the film, Easy Rider, became a gold record. It was the first pop-culture, film soundtrack to earn the gold award. (Jan)
* 1970 - Australia's first rock festival "Pilgrimage for Pop" kicked off at Ourimbah, NSW. The two day fest included acts such as Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Max Merritt & The Meteors and Tully was attended by over 11,000 fans over the weekend, with only 26 arrested for misbehaviour.. [Jan 24]

* 1970 ... The Jackson 5 made their TV debut appearing on "American Bandstand."
* 1970 - David Bowie recorded 4 songs at the BBC Paris Cinema, London, for the John Peel Sunday Concert radio show. This was guitarists Mick Ronson's first appearance with Bowie who went on to work with Bowie as one of the Spiders from Mars. [Feb 05]
* 1970 ...
Ringo Starr guest starred on "Laugh-In." It was his first solo TV appearance. (Feb)
* 1970 ...
DJ David Mancuso held his first major loft party, called "Love Saves The Day", held on this Saturday, at 647 Broadway.. [Feb 14]
* 1970 ...
Motown Chartbusters Vol 3 was the first various artist compilation album to top the UK album chart [Feb.14]
* 1970 ... Paul McCartney released his first solo album, 'McCartney', it reached the No.2 spot in the UK and topped the Billboard 200 chart in America for three weeks. Apart from Linda McCartney’s vocal contributions, Paul McCartney performed and recorded the entire album solo. [released April 17]
* 1970 ... The Beatles film "Let it Be" premiered in New York. [May13]
* 1970 . . Let It Be, the 1970 documentary film about the Beatles rehearsing and recording songs for the album Let It Be in January 1969 made it's world premiere in New York City, USA. The Beatles did not attend. The Beatles won an Oscar for Let It Be in the category "Original Song Score", which Quincy Jones accepted on their behalf. The soundtrack also won a Grammy for "Best Original Score".. [May 13]
1970 . . Randy Bachman left the Guess Who to produce an album for Winnipeg band Brave Belt, which he joins.. [May 16]
* 1970 ...
The Who released Live at Leeds which is their first live album, Since its initial reception, Live at Leeds has been cited by several music critics as the best live rock recording of all time. [May16]
* 1970 . . The Beatles film "Let It Be" opened in Britain. UK premieres were held at the Liverpool Gaumont Cinema and the London Pavilion. The Beatles did not attend.. [May 20]
* 1970 . . The Grateful Dead played their first show outside of the U.S. at a British concert at the Hollywood Rock Festival, in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs, UK.. [May 23]
* 1970 ...
Deep Purple released their fourth studio album 'Deep Purple In Rock'. This was the first album to feature the classic Mk II lineup of - Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ian Paice.. [June 03]
* 1970 ...
Eric Clapton's Derek & the Dominoes play their debut gig at Lyceum, London. David Mason on 2nd guitar.. [June14]
1970 ... Elton John and lyricist Bernie Taupin combined for the first time on Elton's first American charting album "Elton John"
1970 . . Casey Kasem hosted radio’s "American Top 40" for the first time. [July04]

* 1970 ... The film "Performance" featuring Mick Jagger in his acting debut, had its UK premiere in London. The British crime drama film directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg also featured James Fox.. [Aug 03]
* 1970 . .
Elvis Presley played the first of a four-week engagement, playing 2 shows most nights at The International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. [Aug 10]
* 1970 . .
Emerson, Lake & Palmer performed for the first time at Plymouth Guildhall in England. [Aug 25]
* 1970 . . Elton John played his first live show in the USA, opening for David Ackles at The Troubadour in Los Angeles.
* 1970 . . The Jackson 5 released "I'll Be There"; this became The Jackson 5's fourth No.1 hit in a row, after "I Want You Back", "ABC", and "The Love You Save", making them the first black male group to achieve four consecutive No.1 pop hits. [Aug 28]
* 1970 . . The Dave Clark Five disband after ten years.. [Sept 03]
* 1970 . . George Harrison releases “My Sweet Lord.” The song becomes his first solo No.1 single, but in 1976, it’s declared that he subconsciously plagiarized the Chiffons’ “He’s So Fine” [Sept 04]
* 1970 . . Janis Joplin started recording the Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster song 'Me and Bobby McGee'. Joplin, who was a lover and a friend of Kris's from the beginning of her career to her death, topped the US singles chart with the song in 1971 after her death, making the song the second posthumous No.1 single in US chart history after '(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay' by Otis Redding.. [Sept 05]
* 1970 . .
Jimi Hendrix made what would be his final live appearance with his band when he appeared at the Isle Of Fehmarn in Germany.. [Sept 06]
* 1970 . . Jimi Hendrix joined Eric Burdon on stage at Ronnie Scotts in London for what would become his last public appearance..
[Sept 16]
* 1970 ...
Glastonbury Festival: The first festival at Worthy Farm was the Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival, mounted by Michael Eavis and attended by 1,500 people. The original headline acts were The Kinks and Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders but these acts were replaced at short notice by Tyrannosaurus Rex, later known as T. Rex. Tickets were £1. Other billed acts of note were Quintessence, Stackridge, and Al Stewart [Sept 19]
1970 ... The first issue of the legendary UK rock newspaper Sounds is published. [Oct 10]
1970 ... Hotlegs, who later became 10CC, make their live debut at Festival Hall, supporting The Moody Blues. [Oct 30]
* 1970 ... ABBA, then known as the Festfolk Quartet, play their first-ever concert at a Gothenburg, Sweden restaurant. [Nov 01]
1970 ... Aerosmith performed their first ever gig when they played at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, MA. [Nov 06]
("The Bad Boys from Boston", Aerosmith became the best-selling American rock band of all time, having sold more than 150 million albums worldwide. They also hold the record for the most gold and multi-platinum albums by an American group.
* 1970 . . Elton John plays live in a recording studio, accompanied by just two musicians: Dee Murray on bass and Nigel Olsson on drums. Broadcast on WABC-FM (which would later become WPLJ), it's the first live FM broadcast from a music studio. The recording would later be released as 17-11-70, Elton's first live album.. [Nov 17]
* 1970 ...The first production of Michael Tippett's opera The Knot Garden is staged by the Royal Opera House.. [Dec 02]

* 1970 ...The Rolling Stones tour documentary "Gimme Shelter", featuring footage of the infamous Altamont concert, opens in New York City. [Dec 06]
* 1971 ... American soul and R&B singer Richard Street became the first member of the Temptations to actually be a native of Detroit city which served as Motown's namesake and hometown (1971 to 1993)
* 1971 ...
BBC TV aired the first of a 13-week series, 'Its Cliff Richard' featuring resident guests singer and actress Una Stubbs and Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin. (Jan)
* 1971 ...
George Harrison became the first solo Beatle to have a No.1 when 'My Sweet Lord' went to the top of the UK single charts. The song stayed at No.1 for five weeks. (Jan)
* 1971 - David Bowie arrived for his first visit to the U.S., but he couldn't play live because of work permit restrictions, although he did received a lot of publicity for wearing dresses in Texas and Louisiana.. [Jan 27]
* 1971 ...
The Point!, an animated fable written by pop star Nilsson, makes its debut on ABC's Movie of the Week. [Feb 02]
* 1971 - Black Sabbath started recording what would be their third album, 'Master Of Reality' at Island Studios. It is sometimes noted as the first stoner rock album. Guitarist Tony Iommi, decided to down tune his guitar down three semi-tones, Geezer Butler also down tuned his bass guitar to match Iommi. The result was a noticeably 'darker' sound that almost two decades later would prove hugely influential on at least three of the biggest grunge acts, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, and Nirvana. [Feb 05]
* 1971 . . Bob Dylan's documentary Eat the Document, chronicling his 1966 tour of the UK, premieres at New York's Academy of Music. The ABC television network went on to buy the rights to the film, although they refuse to air it after deciding it doesn't contain enough concert footage. [Feb08]
* 1971 ... Carole King's LP "Tapestry" is released, it was the first female solo album to reach Diamond status, surpassing 10 million copies sold, as certified by the Recording Industry Association of America. [Feb 10]
* 1971 ...
The Who first perform "Lifehouse", their new rock opera, but it failed (Feb)
* 1971 ...
Paul McCartney debuts with his single solo 'Another Day' on UK chart. (Feb)
* 1971 - Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band made their New York debut at Unganos. [Feb 18]
* 1971 ... The Rolling Stones release Brown Sugar, the first single out on their own label, Rolling Stones Records. (April 16)
* 1971 ... With the release of their 'L.A. Wo1man' album which went platinum, The Doors became the first American band to accumulate 7 consecutive platinum LPs [April9]
* 1971 - BBC television makes the first broadcast of Benjamin Britten's opera for television, Owen Wingrave.. [May 16]
* 1971 . . The Christian musical Godspell debuted, it opened first off Broadway at the New York's Cherry Lane Theatre.. [May 17]
* 1971 . . The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album makes No.1. in the US. The cover which featured a working zipper that opened to reveal cotton briefs, was conceived by American pop artist Andy Warhol. The photo of Joe Dallesandro's crotch clad in tight blue jeans, was assumed by many fans to be an image of Mick Jagger. The album also features the first usage of the "Tongue and Lip Design" designed by John Pasche.. [May 22]
* 1971 . . Elvis' birthplace, a two roomed wooden shack in Tupelo, MS, was opened to the public.. [June01]
* 1971 . .
In London, the first Hard Rock Cafe opened.. [June 14]
* 1971 ...
Andrew Kerr staged "Glastonbury Fair"; Glastonbury Fair originated the use of the name 'Glastonbury', the June date, and the pyramid stage. The position of the stage was dowsed by Kerr according with his belief in ley lines, and the 'Glastonbury' part of the festival's name was introduced. [June20-24]
* 1971 ...
UK Rock band Queen appeared at Surrey College, England. This was the group's first gig with the line-up of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. [July 02]
* 1971 ... George Harrison recorded pop's first charity single, "Bangla Desh", and released the Concert for Bangladesh triple live album, credited to George Harrison & Friends, to raise more funds for refugees of the Bangladesh Liberation War. (July)
* 1971 ... "The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour" was debuted on CBS-TV [Aug 01]..
* 1971 ... The Eagles performed their first concert as a band in Aspen, Colorado.. [Aug 03]
* 1971 ... Pink Floyd became the first rock act to perform at Montreux, Switzerland's Classical Music Festival. [Sept18]
* 1971 ... The Bobby Sherman sitcom Getting Together premieres on ABC-TV. [Sept18]
* 1971 ... The first edition of the new BBC TV music show 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' was aired on UK TV. Presented by Bob Harris, the show included; film clips of Jimi Hendrix from Monterey Festival playing 'Wild Thing', Bob Dylan playing 'Maggies Farm', plus America and singer songwriter Lesley Duncan who played live in the studio. [Sept21]
1971 ... Soul Train makes its debut, with guests Gladys Knight & The Pips, Eddie Kendricks, and Honey Cone. It stays on the air for a whopping 35 years. [Oct02]
* 1971 ... Rod Stewart scored his first No.1 UK album when Every Picture Tells A Story started a four week run at the top of the charts. And on the same day Rod started a five week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with Maggie May / Reason To Believe, his first solo No.1. His album Every Picture Tells A Story also started a 4 week run on this day at No.1 on the US chart.
1971 ... In New York, Pablo Casals conducted the premiere of his "Hymn to the United Nations" text by W.H. Auden. [Oct24]
* 1971 ... The Odeon, Finsbury Park, London, was converted into the Rainbow Theatre and the Who performed the first concert in the newly named theatre. The Who later wrote and recorded the song "Long Live Rock", which celebrates the theatre. (it is now a Pentecostal church) [Nov04]

1971 ... Bob Dylan's first book "Tarantula" was officially published by McMillan. It was later published by Bantam Books. "Tarantula" had existed since 1966, but only as dog-eared bootleg copies. [Nov 12]
1971 - David Bowie released his fourth album Hunky Dory, which was the first to feature all the members of the band that would become known the following year as Ziggy Stardust's Spiders From Mars.. [Dec17]
* 1972 ... "Coconut" was the first composition that Nilsson both wrote and recorded that reached the Hot 100. It was the first and only song with no chord changes to enter the Billboard Hot 100; the only chord in the song is an arpeggiated C7th.
* 1972 ... Chuck Berry had his first UK No.1 single with a live recording of a song he'd been playing live for over 20 years 'My Ding-a-Ling'. UK public morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse attempted to have the song banned due to its innuendo-laden lyrics. The Average White Band members guitarist Onnie McIntyre and drummer Robbie McIntosh played on the single. [Feb 01]
* 1972 ... Anti-bootlegging law comes into effect in US. (Feb)
* 1972 ... Paul McCartney appears live for first time with Wings at Nottingham University. (Feb 09)

* 1972 ... David Bowie performed as "Ziggy Stardust" for the first time. He launched his Ziggy Stardust stage show with the Spiders from Mars—Ronson, Bolder and Woodmansey—at the Toby Jug pub in Tolworth (Feb 10)
* 1972 - On their first Australian tour, Led Zeppelin rescheduled their concert at the Memorial Drive, Adelaide, to the following night after heavy rain left the stage and equipment unsafe. Zeppelin had brought to Adelaide the largest PA system seen in Australia to produce what was expected to be the loudest rock show ever heard. [Feb 18]
* 1972 ... Melanie Safka became the first female performer to have three Top 40 hits concurrently with the 1971's "Brand New Key" , "Ring the Living Bell" and then "The Nickel Song" made the list in early 1972 [March11]
* 1972 ... Billy Preston became the first rock performer to headline at Radio City Music Hall. [May08]

* 1972 . . The first day of recording for the Pink Floyds album 'Dark Side Of The Moon' took place at Abbey Road Studios.. [June 01]
1972 . . Harrison Birtwistle's 'The Triumph of Time' premiered in London.. [June 01]

1972 . . The Opryland USA country music theme park opened in Nashville, which was later called Opryland Themepark. During the late 1980s, nearly 2.5 million people visited the park annually. Billed as the 'Home of American Music,' Opryland USA featured a large number of musical shows along with amusement park rides.. [June 03]
* 1972 . . The New York Jazz Museum opened.. [June 16]
* 1972 . . Paul McCartney appeared on stage for the first time since 1966 as his group, Wings, opened at Chateauvillon in the south of France. [July 09]

* 1972 ... The London Rock and Roll Show was the first concert held at Wembley Stadium in London [Aug05]
* 1972 ... The Doors were the first American band to accumulate eight consecutive platinum and gold LPs
* 1972 ... NBC-TV presented "The Midnight Special" for the first time with John Denver as the first host. [Aug19]
* 1972 . . Bob Harris begins the presentation of BBC 2 TV show 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'.. [Sept 09]
* 1972 ... X Humble Pie / Herd guitarist Peter Frampton played his first solo gig, opening for The J. Geils Band in NYC. [Sept16]
1972 ... David Bowie sold out New York's Carnegie Hall. It was his first sell out in the U.S. [Sept28]
* 1972 ... "Mouldy Old Dough" Lieutenant Pigeon's UK No. 1 hit was the first (and only - to date 2014) UK No.1 single to feature a mother and son. [October]
* 1972 ... Judge Dread was the first white artist to have a reggae hit in Jamaica with his single "Big Six"
* 1972 . . The musical "Pippin" opened at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway.. [Nov 23]
* 1972 ... Don Kirshner's late night In Concert series debuts on ABC
; it featured Alice Cooper, the Allman Brothers Band and Poco.. [Nov 24]
* 1972 - The Ringo Starr-directed T. Rex documentary, 'Born to Boogie', premiered at Oscar's Cinema in Brewer Street, Soho. Ringo Starr, members of T. Rex, and Elton John attend the opening.. [Dec 18]
* 1973 - David Bowie performs 2 shows at Greens Pavilion, Glasgow, Scotland. For the first time a Ziggy Stardust concert is opened with the song "Lets Spend the Night Together"(The Rolling Stone's) other than "Hang Onto Yourself".. [Jan 05]
* 1973 ... Jerry Lee Lewis made his first ever appearance at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry.. [Jan 20]
* 1973 ... NBC debuts The Midnight Special rock variety show, its response to ABC's popular In Concert series. The first host: Helen Reddy. [Feb 02]

* 1973 - The Joffrey Ballet dance company debuts Deuce Coupe Ballet in New York, which is set to the music of The Beach Boys. It is considered to be the first crossover ballet. [March 01]
* 1973 ... Paul McCartney's first TV special, James Paul McCartney, airs on ABC TV, featuring a few Beatles songs, new Wings tracks, sketches, and a final performance of a song called "Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance," originally written for Twiggy. [April16]
* 1973 ... The first group in the UK to top both the singles and album charts with their debut release is Peters and Lee with their album 'We Can Make It' January 1973 and single "Welcome Home" May 1973 [May]
* 1973 . . David Bowie scored his first UK No.1 album when 'Aladdin Sane' started a five-week run at the top, the name of the album is a pun on "A Lad Insane".. [May 05]
* 1973 . . Wings kicked off their first official tour at the Bristol Hippodrome, playing 15 UK shows.. [May 11]
* 1973 ... David Bowie is the first rock artist to perform at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. [May 12]
* 1973 ...
Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells becomes the first release on Richard Branson's newly launched Virgin label. It would later become the theme for "The Exorcist" movie.. [May 25]
* 1973 . . The Edgar Winter Group went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Frankenstein', the bands only US No.1; in live performances of the song, Edgar Winter further pioneered the advancement of the synthesizer as a lead instrument by becoming the first person ever to strap a keyboard instrument around his neck.. [May 26]
* 1973 . . Roger McGuinn made his solo debut at New York's Academy of Music.. [May 29]
1973 ... E.L.O. begin their first US tour, a 40-dater, in San Diego, CA. [June02]
* 1973 ... The first Scottish commercial radio station Radio Clyde began broadcasting to Glasgow. The first record they played was "Song of the Clyde" sung by Kenneth McKellar.
* 1973 . . Benjamin Britten's opera Death in Venice, receives its première at Snape Maltings, but he could not attend, he was recovering from heart surgery.. [June 16]
1973 ... The London Symphony Orchestra becomes the first British orchestra to take part in the Salzburg Festival. [Aug20]
1973 ... Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance played their first gig in a circus tent on Clapham Common, London. [Nov 05]
* 1973 . . Ringo Starr's 'Photograph'went to No.1 on the US singles chart, his first of two US chart toppers as a solo artist.. [Nov24]
1973 ... The New York Dolls played their first UK show at Biba's Rainbow Room, London [Nov 26]
* 1974 – The Doobie Brothers open their first European tour at The Rainbow in London.. [Jan 26]
1974 ... Linda McCartney became the first and the only person to have both taken a photo, and to have been photographed, for the front cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, when Linda and Paul McCartney appeared on the cover of the magazine Jan 31st 1974. A few years earlier an Eric Clapton photo of Linda's had been used for the R.S. cover.. [Jan 31]
* 1974 - Yes played their first show at Madison Square Garden. [Feb 18]
* 1974 ... The 1st Annual American Music Awards (AMA) the televised awards show, produced by Dick Clark Productions, was aired on ABC TV.
Hosts include Smokey Robinson, Roger Miller and Helen Reddy. [Feb19].
* 1974 ... Lynn Anderson became
the first female country artist to win the AMA for Favorite Country Female Artist [Feb19].
1974 ... The first Swedish act to top the Billboard Hot 100 was Blue Swede ~ "Hooked on a Feeling"
1974 ... KISS made thier TV debut on "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" (Feb)
* 1974 - Queen begin their first headling UK tour in Blackpool at the Winter Garden..[March 01]
1974 ... Queen held its first U.S. concert at Regis College in Denver, CO. [April 16]
1974 . . ABBA reach No.1 on the UK singles chart for the first time, with their song 'Waterloo', which started life as 'Honey Pie'. [May 04]
* 1974 . . Led Zeppelin launched their record label, Swan Song Records, by giving lavish parties in London and Los Angeles. The label finished in 1983.. [May 10]
1974 ...
Bill Wyman became the first Rolling Stone to release a solo album "Monkey Grip", which peaked at No.39 in the UK and No.99 in the US. [May15]
* 1974 ... Alvin Stardust made his first live appearance since changing his name from Shane Fenton.
* 1974 . . The Elton John TV special "Say Goodbye To Norma Jean And Other Things" debuts on ABC TV.. [May 17]
* 1974 . . George Harrison announced the launch of his own record label, 'Dark Horse Records'.. [May 23]
* 1974 . . Rick Wakeman became the first member of the group Yes to have a No.1 UK album when 'Journey To The Centre Of The Earth' went to the top of the charts.. [May 25]
* 1974 . . Five year-old Lisa Marie Presley first meets Michael Jackson in Lake Tahoe, where her father had been performing.. [May 27]
* 1974 . . The internationally renowned black light theatre company, The Famous People Players was founded by Diane Dupuy of Hamilton, Ontario.. [June 01]
* 1974 ... The Tony Orlando & Dawn TV show debuts on CBS. [July04]
1974 . . David Bowie's album 'David Live', was recorded at Tower Theater, Philadelphia. Bowie's first official live album and released in Oct 29th 1974. [July08]
* 1974 ... The first Knebworth Concert is held, headlined by The Allman Brothers Band. [July20]
* 1974 ... Lyn Anderson became the first female country artist to headline and sellout Madison Square Garden, NYC.
* 1974 . . The 101 All Stars, featuring Joe Strummer, made their debut at The Telegraph, Brixton Hill, London.. [Sept 06]
* 1974 . . Indian musician Ravi Shankar released his single "I Am Missing You" a rare Shankar composition in the Western pop genre, with English lyrics. The recording was produced and arranged by George Harrison, and it was the first single issued on Harrison's Dark Horse record label. [Sept 13]
1974 ... Thin Lizzy performed for the first time with their new twin guitar attack with Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson both in the lineup at a performance in Wales. [Oct 04]
1974 ... "Stardust" premiered in London, starring David Essex. [Oct 24]
1974 ... George Harrison became the first Beatle to undertake a solo world tour when he played the first showin Vancouver, Canada, of a 30-night tour , also it's George's first tour since the Beatles Nth American Tour of 1966. [Nov 02]
* 1974 . . ABBA play their first gig outside Sweden, opening at the Kalkonerteater in Copenhagen on their first European tour.. [Nov 17]
* 1974 ... On his first solo world tour, George Harrison played the first of two nights at Madison Square Garden in New York City. [Dec 19]
* 1975 - "The Wiz" opened at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway, with Geoffrey Holder as director. The show transferred to the Broadway Theatre on May 25th 1977, and closed on January 28th 1979, after four years and 1,672 performances.. [Jan 05]
* 1975 ... Cher started her own weekly hour of a music and comedy show on CBS-TV. Her new show featured a female guest each week (Feb)
* 1975 ... Paco de Lucía became the first-ever flamenco performer to perform at the Teatro Real of Madrid. He played a set with his brother Ramón, in front of a relatively young audience without the use of effects. (Feb 18)
1975 ... A forerunner to Michael Jackson's Thriller video, the Alice Cooper horror / music special Alice Cooper: The Nightmare (ft Vincent Price) debuts on ABC.
1975 ... Bachman-Turner Overdrive begin their first UK tour at Glasgow Apollo, supported by Thin Lizzy. [May01]
* 1975 ... UK rock band Fleetwood Mac play their first concert with new members Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks at a show in El Paso, Texas. [May15]
* 1975 . . Elton John was awarded a Platinum Record for sales of a million copies of the LP 'Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy', the first album ever to be certified Platinum on the day of its release.. [May 17]
* 1975 . . Elton John’s "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" album was released in the U.S. It was the first album to be certified a million-seller on its first day of release, also it was the first album to debuted at No.1 on the US Billboard 200.. [May 19]
* 1975 . . Ron Wood's first gig with The Rolling Stones. Guitarist Ron Wood joined the band while touring. He replaced Mick Taylor, as The Stones open in the USA at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Also it is Ronnies 28th birthday.. [June 01]
1975 ... The Rolling Stones became the first rock band to receive royalties for sales of their records in Russia.. [June04]
* 1975 . . In South Africa, Jonathan Butler's first release "Please Stay" peaked at No.2; it was the first song by a black artist to be played by white radio stations in the racially segregated country and earned Jonathan a Sarie Award, South Africa's equivalent to the Grammy Awards.. [Aug 01]
1975 ... The first Annual Rock Music Awards aired, hosted by Elton John and Diana Ross. Who frontman Roger Daltrey and Ann-Margret were set to recieve an award for the movie "Tommy", however The Who drummer Keith Moon ran ape-like onto the stage ahead of them and took the award. [Aug09]
* 1975 ... For the first time, Bruce Springsteen plays a medley of Little Richard songs in the style of Mitch Ryder to close out a show. This would become known as the "Detroit Medley" and become a regular part of his show for about 10 years. [Sept23]
1975 ... The first edition of comedy and music show 'Saturday Night Live' broadcast on US TV [Oct 11]
1975 ... The Sex Pistols played their first ever gig opening for the band Bazooka Joe at St. Martin's School of Art in London. Bazooka Joe's lead singer, Stuart Goddard, was so inspired by their set that he dropped out of art college and takes up the name Adam Ant. [Nov 06]
1975 ... Candice Bergen became the first woman to host the Saturday Night Live show [Nov 08]
* 1975 ... David Bowie made his US TV debut performing 'Fame', on the Cher CBS-TV show. Bowie who was living in New York at the time had written the song with John Lennon during a jamming session. [Nov 08]
* 1975 . . Bruce Springsteen made his live debut in the UK when he performed at London's Hammersmith Odeon.. [Nov 18]
1975 ... Iron Maiden is formed, in Leyton, east London, by bassist Steve Harris. [Dec 25]
* 1976 - "Donny & Marie," a one-hour music variety show, premieres on ABC-TV.. [Jan 16]
1976 ... Genesis released 'A Trick Of The Tail', their seventh studio album and the first to feature drummer Phil Collins as full-time lead vocalist following the departure of original vocalist Peter Gabriel. (After auditioning over 400 vocalists, which saw Collins teaching the potential lead singers the songs, the band decided that Collins should be the new vocalist). [Feb 02]
* 1976 ... David Bowie opens his US tour with a new persona: The Thin White Duke. He's dressed in a black-vested suit with slicked-back hair. Bowie later described the persona as "a nasty character indeed".. [Feb 03]
1976 ... The Eagles' "Greatest Hits" album became the first album in the U.S. to be certified platinum by the RIAA. (Feb)
* 1976 - Elton John becomes the first rock star since The Beatles to be immortalised in wax and put on display in London's Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. [March07]
* 1976 ... Nicky Stevens became the first, and to date only, Welsh singer to win the Eurovision Song Contest, when as a member of The Brotherhood of Men won the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Save Your Kisses for Me". [April 03]
1976 ... Alan Parsons Project first album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination released by 20th Century Fox Records, including major contributions by all members of Pilot and Ambrosia, was a success, reaching the Top 40 in the US Billboard 200 chart. The song "The Raven" featured lead vocals by the actor Leonard Whiting; according to the 2007 remastered album liner notes, was the first rock song to use a digital vocoder, with Alan Parsons speaking lyrics through it.. [May 01]
* 1976 ... Paul McCartney and Wings start their Wings Over America Tour in Fort Worth, Texas. This is the first time McCartney has performed in the US since The Beatles' last concert in 1966 at Candlestick Park.. [May 03]
* 1976 . . The Rolling Stones went to No.1 on the US album chart with 'Black And Blue', the group's sixth US No.1 album. The band's first studio album released with Ronnie Wood as the replacement for Mick Taylor featured the hit 'Fool To Cry'.. [May 15]
* 1976 . . Patti Smith made her UK debut at The Roundhouse, London.. [May 16]
* 1976 ... Talent show winners from Liverpool The Real Thing were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'You To Me Are Everything', the group's only No.1 hit. It was the first single by a Black British band to top the UK charts. [June26]
* 1976 - Britain's first punk magazine, Sniffin' Glue, starts publication. The name is derived from a Ramones song "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue."(July)
* 1976 . . British TV music show "So It Goes" first aired on Granada TV; the 'Opportunity Rocks' spot featured to The Jeff Raven Band, seen performing "I Just Can't Get Next To You" live in concert. Traditional Irish music group The Chieftains were live in the studio performing "Mná na hÉireann" and "Traditional Song". Peter Blake and his wife, Jann Howarth, discussed the design of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, as well as how the original idea was conceived and produced. [July 03]
* 1976 ...
The first EP ever to top the UK official singles chart was Demis Roussos's The Roussos Phenomenon EP which listed "Forever and Ever" and topped the UK charts on July 17th.
* 1976 ... Sarah Caldwell was the 1st woman to conduct the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.
* 1976 . . The Sex Pistols made their TV debut on the British TV music show 'So It Goes' performing 'Anarchy in the UK' ... Clive James wrote about his appearance on the show in The Observer, and in particular expressed disapproval of the Sex Pistols, referring to Johnny Rotten, whose name he had evidently forgotten - as "a foul-mouthed ball of acne calling himself something like Kenny Frightful". [Aug 28]
1976 ... The first issue of Musician magazine was published.. [Sept02]
* 1976 ... Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five became the first rap act to play a theatre when they performed their first major gig, at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem. They introduced various DJ techniques along with rap interplay and choreography.. [Sept02]

* 1976 . . After Paul McCartney acquired publishing rights to all Holly's songs, the first Buddy Holly week was held by UK fans in London.. [Sept 07]
* 1976 . . 100 Club Punk Festival, the first international punk festival is held in London, it was held over 2 days [Sept20-21]
1976 . . Siouxsie and the Banshees play their first concert, at the 100 Club Punk Festival. [Sept20]
* 1976 . . Dolly Parton's television variety show, Dolly!, premieres on ABC. [Sept27]
1976 . . "New Rose" - The Damned was released in the UK, the first single marketed as Punk Rock [Oct 22]
1976 . . Led Zeppelin made their US television debut on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, they performed ‘Black Dog’ and ‘Dazed And Confused’. [Oct23]
* 1976 . . US singer Linda Ronstadt made her UK live debut performing at the Birmingham Odeon. [Nov 11]
* 1976 ... "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" is released in the UK, which made Julie Covington the first British female singer to sell a million copies of a single in the UK [Nov 12]
* 1976 . . Olivia Newton-John's first TV special, A Very Special Olivia Newton-John, is broadcast on ABC.. [Nov 17]
1976 . . The Tom Robinson Band made their live debut at The Hope & Anchor, London. [Nov 28]
* 1976 - John Denver appeared on the Carpenters' very first ABC-TV special.. [Dec 08]
* 1977-78 . . In 1977, Elton John did not not release any new music, the first year since his recording career began 8 years ago..
* 1977 - The Police had their first rehearsal, it was held at drummer Stewart Copeland's London flat, with Henri Padovani on guitar.. [Jan 12]
* 1977 . . Maria Kliegel makes her London début at the Wigmore Hall, with a programme of Bach, Kodály, and Franck. [Jan22]
1977 ... Talking Heads begin their first European tour, supporting The Ramones. [April]
* 1977 . . The most famous club of the Disco era, "Studio 54" opens at 254 West 54th Street in New York City. For 3 years, celebrity guests included the likes ofMichael Jackson, Cher, Elton John, and Liza Minnelli. [Apr 26]
* 1977 . . The Boomtown Rats played their first gig in England when they appeared at Studio 51, London.. [May 06]
1977 . . Dolly Parton made her New York singing debut, the first of three nights performing at the Bottom Line .. [May 12]
* 1977 . . Television kicked off their first UK tour at the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, Blondie were the support act.. [May22]
* 1977 . . Beatlemania!, the Broadway tribute to the music of The Beatles, opened at the Winter Garden Theater to rave reviews.. [May 26]
1977 . . Declan McManus made his live debut at The Nashville, Fulham Palace Road, London (a room behind the Greyhound pub) as Elvis Costello.. [May 27]
* 1977 . . Andy Summers, Sting, and Stewart Copeland played together for the first time as part of Mike Howlett's band, Strontium 90, at a Gong reunion concert in Paris, France. The 3 formed The Police just 2 months later.. [May 28]
1977 . . Manchester band Warsaw, made their live debut supporting The Buzzcocks at The Electric Circus, Manchester, England. Soon after Warsaw changed thier name to Joy Division.. [May 29]

* 1977 . . Beatlemania opened on Broadway.. [June 16]
* 1977 ... The The BBC Proms is broadcast by BBC Radio 3 for the first time in quadraphonic sound. [July 22]
* 1977 ... The book "Elvis: What Happened?" went on sale. The book was written by two of Elvis' ex-bodyguards, Red West and Sonny West. Some say the book hurt Elvis and indirectly hastened his demise.. [Aug 01]
1977 ... The Police's power trio line-up of Copeland, Sting, and Summers performed for the first time at Rebecca's, a club in Birmingham, UK. [Aug 18]
* 1977 ... Blondie, featuring former Playboy Bunny Debra Harry, signed their first major record company contract with Chrysalis Records.. [Sept 01]
* 1977 ...
Elton John became the first musician, singer and songwriter to be inducted in New York City's Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame. He was also the first non-athlete to be honored there.. [Oct 01]
1977 ... Martin Scorsese's acclaimed documentary "The Last Waltz", of The Band's last concert, premiered in New York City, featuring Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Joni Mtchell, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, The Staple Singers, Dr. John, and more. [Nov 04]
1977 ... Glam queen Suzi Quatro makes her first appearance as Leather Tuscadero, the little sister of Fonzie's girlfriend Pinky, on ABC-TV's Happy Days. [Nov 08]
1977 ... 'Elvis the Musical' opens in London, starring Shakin' Stevens .. [Nov 28]
* 1977 ... Wings began a nine-week run at No.1 in the U.K. with "Mull Of Kintyre", the first single to sell over two million copies in the U.K. [Dec 03]
1977 ... The film 'Saturday Night Fever' premiered in New York. [Dec 14]
* 1977 ... The first act to sign and record with Geoff Travis's Rough Trade Records was the French punk band Metal Urbaine with 'Paris Maquis' [December]
1977 ... Mr David Ackroyd became the first record 'buyer' to receive a Gold Disc when he purchased the one-millionth copy of 'Mull Of Kintyre', by Wings.. (Dec 17)
* 1978 – The Sex Pistols make their U.S. debut at the Great Southeast Music Hall in Atlanta.. [Jan 05]
* 1978 - Prince made his solo performance debut in Minneapolis, MN.. [Jan 05]
1978 . . UK singer-songwriter Kate Bush released her debut single "Wuthering Heights" which topped the UK charts (March 5th 1978–April 1st 1978) making her the first female artist to have a self-penned No.1 hit on the UK singles chart. [Jan 20]
* 1978 ... A future Radio 1 DJ Janice Long appeared as a contestant on the very first 3-2 -1 TV game show.
* 1978 - "Dead Man's Curve" premiered on ABC-TV; the first to deal with the tragic Jan & Dean story.. [Feb 03]
1978 ... "Al Green Day" was declared in Los Angeles, CA. (Feb)
1978 ... John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd made their first ever appearance as The Blues Brothers when they appeared on US NBS TV's 'Saturday Night Live'. (April 22)
1978 ... Ringo Starr stars in his first TV special in America, an updated version of Mark Twain's 'The Prince and the Pauper'. [April 26]
* 1978 . . Disco film "Thank God It's Friday", which stars Donna Summer and Village People, premiered in Los Angeles.. [May 17]
* 1978 . . "The Buddy Holly Story" movie had its world premiere in Houston, Texas; it stars Gary Busey as Buddy Holly.. [May 18]
* 1978 . . Dire Straits released their first major label single 'Sultans Of Swing', recorded on a £120 budget.. [May 19]
* 1978 . . The film adaptation of "Grease" premiered in New York City.. [June 16]
1978 . . Andy Gibb became the 1st solo artist in the history of the US charts to have his first three releases reach No.1, when 'Shadow Dancing' hit the top of the chart. It spent 7 weeks at No.1 and became the best selling single in the US in 1978. [June17]
1978 ... The Philadelphia Furies, a soccer team co-owned by Peter Frampton, Paul Simon and Mick Jagger, lost their first match in the North American League, 3-0 to the Washington Diplomats.
1978 ... The first Canada Jam Festival in Ontario took place. [Aug 26]
* 1978 . . Sid Vicious kicks off his solo career with a show at Max’s Kansas City in New York.. [Sept 07]
1978 ... The film version of The Wiz, an African-American remake of The Wizard Of Oz starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, premieres in New York City. [Oct 24]
1978 ... Rock band Boston plays in the city of Boston for the first time, a sold-out show at the Boston Garden. [Nov04]
* 1978 ... Echo And The Bunnymen give their performance debut at Eric's Club in Liverpool, England. [Nov 15]
* 1979 - Keith Morris, Gregg Ginn, Chuck Dukowski and Brian Migdol play live for the first time under the Black Flag moniker in Redondo Beach, California.. [Jan 27]
* 1979 . . Stephen Stills became the first rock performer to record on digital equipment in LAs Record Plant Studio. [Feb 07]
1979 ... Dire Straits began their first tour of the U.S. and Canada opening at the Paradise Club in Boston. The group logs 51 sold-out shows in 38 days. (Feb 23)
* 1979 ... Kate Bush begins her first and, to date, her only live tour. (April 02)
1979 ... Elton John became the first Western pop star to perform in Israel, performing a concert in Jerusalem, on his world tour with Ray Cooper.. [May 01].
1979 ... The Who performed their first concert after the death of Keith Moon, with Kenney Jones, formerly of the Faces, as their new drummer.. [May 02]
* 1979 . . Elton John became the first western rock star to tour the USSR when he performed the first of eight concerts in USSR, performing to 4,000 people in Lenigrad. He was on his world tour with Ray Cooper.. [May 21]
* 1979 . . "The Kids Are Alright," Jeff Stein's documentary compilation of film clips detailing the history of The Who debuted at the Cannes Film Festival.. [May 14]
* 1979 . . The restored Radio City Music Hall in New York City, was reopened.. [May 31]
1979 . . Sony introduced the Walkman, the first portable audio cassette player. Over the next 30 years they sold over 385 million Walkmans in cassette, CD, mini-disc and digital file versions, and were the market leaders until the arrival of Apple's iPod and other new digital devices. [July02]
* 1979 ... The Ramones' movie, Rock & Roll High School was released to theatres [August 24]
* 1979 ... INXS made their live debut in Sydney, Australia.. [Sept 01]
* 1979 . . U2 released their first record "U2-3", only in Ireland.. [Sept 01]
* 1979 . . The Who made their first U.S. concert appearance with Kenny Jones on drums. Kenny replaced Keith Moon after his premature death.. [Sept 10]
* 1979 ... Abba played their first concert in North America appearing in Vancouver, Canada. [Oct15]
1979 ... After renovations, New York's legendary Radio City Music Hall venue re-opens with a showing of its first film, Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. [Oct 18]
* 1979 ... Herb Alpert became the first (and the only to date 2014) recording artist to hit No.1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart as both a vocalist, "This Guy's in Love with You", 1968 and an instrumentalist, "Rise" reaching No.1 in 1979. [Oct 20]
1979 ... Bebop trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie appeared on The Muppet Show and performs with The Electric Mayhem band. It's the first and only time that the otherwise all-muppet band features a bongo player. [Oct 29]
1979 ... The Who's musical film Quadrophenia, ft. Sting in a small role, opened in US theaters. [Nov 02]
1979 ... George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley (later Wham!), played their 1st live gig together, as The Executives. [Nov 05]
* 1979 - Loverboy played their first ever concert, opening for Kiss at The Coliseum in Vancouver. [Nov 19]
* 197? ... In the 1970s, Sean Dunphy former lead singer with The Hoedowners, was the first Irish born singer to record in Nashville. When the showband scene in Ireland faded, Sean did a stint in Canada, it was during these years he was given the opportunity to fulfil a life-long dream - to record in Nashville.

The 80s
* 1980 – Prince made his TV debut on the US show American Bandstand.. [Jan 26]
1980 - Michael Jackson wins his first Grammy: Best R&B Performance for "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" [Feb 27]

* 1980 . . The Deborah Harry and Meat Loaf film, 'Roadie', opens.. [June 13]
* 1980 ... Donna Summer became the first act to be signed to the Geffen Record label. [June19]
* 1980 . . The movie The Blues Brothers premiered in Chicago, Illinois. The movie starred John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd, formerly of NBC's Saturday Night Live and co-stared Ray Charles, James Brown, and Aretha Franklin. Cab Calloway also appeared with a rendition of his classic Minnie the Moocher.. [June 16]
* 1980 ...
'(Just Like) Starting Over' gave John Lennon his first ever UK solo No.1 single, twelve days after he was shot dead. [dec 20]
* 1980 ...
The crime drama film 'McVicar' with The Who's Roger Daltrey in his first major acting role, the title role, premiered in London.
* 1980 ... Def Leppard made their US live debut when they appeared at the New York City concert opening for AC/DC. It was also Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott's 21st birthday.. [Aug 01]
* 1980 ... George Harrison forms a movie production company called Handmade Films, which would go on to produce films like Monty Python's Life of Brian, The Long Good Friday, Time Bandits, and Shanghai Surprise.. [Aug 01]
* 1980 ... George Harrison became the first Beatle to release an autobiography when his book I Me Mine is published. [Aug15]
1980 ... The TV series Solid Gold premieres, with Dionne Warwick as the host. [Sept13]
* 1980 ... For the first time ever, London's Abbey Road Studios auctions off thousands of pounds worth of equipment, including some used on Beatles recordings. [Oct15]
1980 . . AC/DC kicked off a 20 date UK tour at Bristol Colston Hall. The bands first gigs since the death of singer Bon Scott. [Oct19]
* 1980 ... Abba's seventh sudio album, 'Super Trouper', was the first album to amass over one million advance orders in the UK before it was released [Nov03]
* 1980 ... A one-hour documentary film, "Van Morrison in Ireland," was premiered at London's National Film Theater. [Nov 21]
1980 . . The movie Rockshow, a documentary of Paul McCartney's 1976 "Wings Over America" tour, premieres in New York.. [Nov26]
* 1980 - U2 play their first show in the US when they perform at The Ritz Ballroom in New York City. [Dec 05]
* 1980 - The movie "9 to 5", starring Dolly Parton, opened in theatres.. [Dec 19]
* 1981 - . ABC begins airing the first installment of the mini-series Elvis and Me, based on ex-wife Priscilla Presley's book of the same name. [Feb07]
1981 ... Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Cats" premiered in the West End at the New London Theatre. It is the fourth longest-running West End musical.. [May11]
* 1981 . . Prince performed in Europe for the first time at The Paradiso in Amsterdam.. [May 29]
1981 . . With AC/DC on the front cover, the first issue of the Heavy Metal magazine Kerrang is published as a special pull-out by UK weekly music paper Sounds.. [June01]

* 1981 ...
William Grant Still was first African American to have an opera performed on national United States television when A Bayou Legend, completed in 1941, premiered on PBS in June 1981.
* 1981 ... Prince makes his live British debut at The Lyceum Ballroom, London.. [June02]
1981 ... Bruce Springsteen played the first ever show at the 21,000 seat Brendan Byrne Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey [July02].
1981 ... "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles was the first music video to be broadcast on MTV's first day [Aug01]
1981 ... The Kinks played their first show at Madison Square Garden.
* 1981 . . Sting and Phil Collins both played their first solo sets at Amnesty's International's "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball".. [Sept 09]
* 1981 ...
Harry Krieger/Tom Eyen's musical "Dreamgirls", which is based on The Supremes, premieres at Imperial Theatre, New York City for 1522 performances. It would later be made into a hit movie starring Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson... [Dec 20]
* 1982 . . Cher makes her Broadway debut in "Come Back To The Five And Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean". [Feb 08]
* 1982 - Jimmy Page releases his first solo LP/album, the soundtrack music for the film "Deathwish 2". [Feb 15]
* 1982 . . The Jam became the first band since The Beatles to play two numbers on the same edition of Top Of The Pops when they performed 'A Town Called Malice', and 'Precious', their latest double A sided No.1.. [Feb 13]
* 1982 . . The world famous Hacienda Club was opened in Manchester, England.. [May 21]
* 1982 . . Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion in Memphis, TN, opened as a tourist attraction.. [June 03]
1982 ... The first 'Fête de la Musique', a music festival also known as 'World Music Day' and will take place on the 21st every year, is launched in France. The Fête de la Musique has now spread to many countries throughout the world. [June21]
1982 ... Diana Ross began her first solo world tour at Giant Stadium in the Meadowlands. [July04]
* 1982 . . MTV starts their on-air merchandise program — 16 weeks later, over 20,000 items were ordered.. [Sept 04]
1982 ... Sony introduces the world's first digital compact-disc player in Tokyo, which sells for around $700.. [Oct01]
* 1982 . . The first compact discs appear in music stores in Japan.. [Oct 01]
* 1982 ... The word "jobsworth" appears for the first time in the London Times, having been popularized - if not coined - by singer-songwriter Jeremy Taylor. [Oct02]
* 1982 ... UK's Channel 4 broadcast their 1st edition of the TV pop show 'The Tube', presented by Paula Yates and Jools Holland, the show featured The Jam and an interview with Mick Jagger. The first live act on the show was local band Toy Dolls. [Nov05]
* 1982 . . "I Don't Wanna Dance" by Eddy Grant started a 3 week stint at No.1 on the UK singles chart, making it the first and only UK number one hit for Ice Records. [Nov 13]
* 1983 . . The first Narara Music Festival was held near Somersby, NSW over the Australia Day weekend, the line-up included Men At Work, The Church, The Choirboys, Cold Chisel and INXS.. [Jan 28
* 1983 . . Paul Weller unveiled his new group Style Council at an anti nuclear benefit gig in London. [May 07]
* 1983 . . "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever" was aired on television. It was a taping of the first time Michael Jackson performed "the moonwalk" for a live audience.. [May 16]
* 1983 ... ZZ Top released their video for "Gimme All Your Lovin", which marked the first appearance of The Eliminator, Billy Gibbons' 1933 Ford Hot Rod, which was featured in three of the band's videos... [May 21]
* 1983 . . Rock band Rapidfire, which featured Axl Rose, appeared at Gazzarri’s On The Sunset Strip, in Los Angles. Guitarist Slash, who was in the audience, saw Axl Rose for the first time.. [May 28]
* 1983 . . Swiss band Yello released the first three- dimensional picture disc, complete with 3-D glasses. [June18]
* 1983 ... Vanessa Williams became the first African-American woman crowned Miss America. Seven weeks before the end of her reign, Penthouse magazine bought and published nude photographs of her. She relinquished her title and rebounded by launching a career as an entertainer, earning multiple Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Award nominations. [Sept17]
* 1983 ... Kiss make their first public appearance without their trademark make-up when they show up on MTV to promote their new album - and single - Lick It Up. [Sept18]
* 1983 ... The first ever David Bowie convention was held in London's Cunard Hotel. Speakers at the convention include Bowie's former dance teacher, Lindsay Kemp; Bowie's former manager, Ken Pitt; guitar player John Hutchinson; Bowie archivist Kev Cann; and photographer Ray Stevenson.. [Oct 01]
* 1983 . . Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler was at No.1 on the US singles chart with her single 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'. It made her the first Welsh solo artist to score a US No.1. [Oct02]
1983 ... Michael Jackson's 14-minute film Thriller debuts at the Metro Crest Theatre in Los Angeles. Directed by John Landis, the short film became the most popular video in MTV history when the network begins airing it in December. The film gets a standing ovation, the crowd demands and gets an encore. [Nov 14]
* 1983 . . R.E.M. made their debut appearance outside the US when they appeared on 'The Tube' a UK TV show on Channel 4. The following night they made their live UK debut when they played at Dingwalls in London.. [Nov 18]
* 1983 ... The first ever 'Now that's What I Call Music' album to top the UK chart was the first one ever released [Nov 28] .
1983 ... MTV aired Michael Jackson's 14 minute "Thriller" video for the first time on December 2nd..
* 1984 - Madonna made her first appearance in the UK when she appeared on the Channel 4 TV music program The Tube performing her new single “Holiday”. The show was broadcast live from the Hacienda Club in Manchester.. [Jan 27]
* 1984 . . Def Jam Records releases their first single: "It's Yours" by T La Rock and Jazzy Jay.. [Jan 28]
1984 ... A Pepsi commercial featuring the Jackson's premiered on MTV. (Feb27)
* 1984 . . US backed pirate station Laser 558, started broadcasting in the UK. Within a few months the station claimed to have over 10 million listeners.. [May 24]
* 1984 ... John Gavin Scott became the first British organist ever to win the International Bach Competition in Leipzig, Germany. [June]
* 1984 . . George Michael was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with his first solo single 'Careless Whisper.' It made George the first person to reach No.1 as a solo artist and a member of a band in the same year. [Aug 18]
* 1984 ... After a 25-year career, Tina Turner had her first solo No.1 single in the US with 'What's Love Got To Do With It'. This song was originally written for Cliff Richard, however the song was rejected. It was then offered to Donna Summer, who has stated she sat with it for a couple of years but never recorded it.. [Sept 01]
* 1984 ... Stevie Wonder became the first artist ever to write, produce and entirely perform a No. 1 with "I Just Called To Say I Love You" released September 1984.
1984 ... Anne Murray won the Country Music Association’s Album of the Year Award for "A Little Good News". Murray was the first woman to achieve this award.
1984 . . Turner Broadcasting System launches Cable Music Channel, a music video channel intended to compete directly with MTV. The first video played is "I Love L.A." by Randy Newman. The channel would only last 34 days. [Oct 25]
1984 ... Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends', narrated by Ringo Starr was shown for the first time on British TV.
* 1984 . . Jaki Graham make her TV debut in the UK on the highly rated BBC children's programme 'Crackerjack' [Nov 30]
1985 ... VH-1 premiered as a TV adult contemporary music video channel with Marvin Gaye's "Star Spangled Banner" video. [Jan01]
1985 ... Queen singer Freddie Mercury releases his first solo album Mr. Bad Guy. In contrast to Queen rock influences, this has influences ranging from disco to dance music. It peaked at No.6 in the UK, but in the US it only reach to No.157. [April 29]
* 1985 . . The Apollo Theater 253 West 125th Street, Manhattan, New York City, reopened with a 50th Anniversary grand reopening celebration. There was an associated television special entitled "Motown Salutes the Apollo".. [May 04]
* 1985 ... "Big River " musical by Roger Miller & William Hauptman, opens on Broadway at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre. It ran for 1,005 performances, and later wins a Tony as Best Musical. [April 25]
* 1985 ... Gerry Marsden has a 'first' in British recording history, by becoming the first person ever to top the charts with two versions of the same song, "You'll Never Walk Alone". First in 1963 with the Pacemakers, then again with The Crowd, a charity group of many celebrities, formed specifically to produce a charity record for the Bradford City stadium fire. It reached No.1 on June 1st 1985.
* 1985 ... From 15 June to 10 August 1985, all seven of Bruce Springsteen's albums featured on the UK Albums Chart: the first time an artist had charted their entire back catalogue simultaneously. [June 15 - Aug 10]
1985 ... Happy Days' Ron Howard directed his first music video for "Gravity" by Michael Sembello. [June 21]
* 1985 ... The album, "Big River" became the first soundtrack album to be recorded in Nashville, TN. [June 26]
1985 ... Phil Collins made his U.S. TV acting debut on "Miami Vice" playing a drug dealer.
1985 ... The music video of 'Money for Nothing' by Dire Straits was the first music video to be aired on MTV Europe when the network started [Aug 01]
* 1985 ... Madonna scored her first UK No.1 single with 'Into The Groove'. The track was taken from the movie 'Desperately Seeking Susan'.. [Aug 03]
1985 ... Madonna's "Like A Virgin" became the first album by a female to be certified for 5 millions sales. [Aug 10]
* 1985 ... Ringo Starr becomes the first Beatles grandfather when his son Zak's child is born.. [Sept 07]
* 1985 ... The Gladys Knight/Flip Wilson sitcom Charlie And Company premieres on CBS-TV. [Sept 18]
1985 ... The Farm Aid benefit concert, co-founded by by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young, gave thier first ever concert at University of Illinois' Memorial Stadium in Champaign before a crowd of 80,000 people. Performers included Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, B.B. King, Roy Orbison, and others, raising over $9 million for America's family farmers. [Sept 22]
* 1985 ... The first song is pressed on CD, a brand new format at the time was Dire Straits - "Brothers In Arms" and it was also the first million selling CD. It was the last song, No.9, on their album of the same name. [Oct 14]
1985 ... The first rap movie, "Krush Groove", is released in US theatres. Run-DMC, New Edition and Sheila E., feature in the film which is based on the life story of Russell Simmons, co-founder of the hip-hop label Def Jam. [Oct 25]
1985 ... Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover" is the first song to top 4 different Billboard charts. [Nov 02]
1985 ... Sting's concert-movie "Bring On The Night" opened nationally. [Nov 08]
1986 ... Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and other greats appeared at a concert to celebrate the first Martin Luther King Day in the US. President Reagan had granted the request of Stevie Wonder and his fellow campaigners to have Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday celebrated as a national holiday. [Jan 15]
* 1986 ... The first musicians inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in its first years induction : included James Brown, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly , the Everly Brothers and Jerry Lee Lewis. Also Robert Johnson, Jimmie Rodgers and Jimmy Yancey were inducted as Early Influences, as well as John Hammond receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award and Alan Freed and Sam Phillips were inducted as Non-Performers. [Jan 23]
* 1986 - Norwegian group A-Ha were at No.1 in the UK with 'The Sun Always Shines On TV' ; becoming the first ever Norwegian act to have a UK No.1.. [Jan 25]
* 1986 ... Wham! were the first European act to perform a live concert in China in April of 1986, after which in 1987 the German rock band BAP where the 2nd western band to be allowed to perform in China. In total BAP performed 8 live concerts in China… three concerts in Beijing, three in Shanghai and two in Guangzhou. [April]
* 1986 . . The Silver Dollar City amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is reopened as "Dollywood", Dolly Parton's theme park.. [May03]
* 1986 . . Falco was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Rock Me Amadeus.' Falco became the first-ever Austrian act to score a UK and US No.1 hit single and the first German speaking artist to achieve a No.1 on the US charts. [May 10]
* 1986 . . Whitney Houston becomes the first-ever female singer to hit top of Billboard singles chart with three consecutive singles when Greatest Love of All reaches No. 1.. [May 17]
* 1986 ... The first all girl British group to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart were Bananarama with "Venus" [May 29]
* 1986 . . The Notting Hillbillies made their live debut when they appeared at The Grove in Leeds. The group featured Mark Knopfler, Steve Phillips and Brendan Crocker who were each paid £22.. [May 31]
1986 ... Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen, made his first live appearance with the band after losing an arm in a car accident, when they appeared at the Monsters Of Rock Festival, Castle Donington, UK [Aug 20]
1986 ... Michael and Janet Jackson become the first siblings with No.1 solo singles on the Hot 100 when Janet's "When I Think of You" tops the chart. [Oct 07]
* 1986 - The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Phantom of the Opera" premiered on at Her Majesty's Theatre, London.. [Oct 09]
1986 ... The first Bridge School Benefit annual charity concert was held in Mountain View, C.A,, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. The concert lasted the entire weekend and organized by Neil Young and Pegi Young. Performers included: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Nils Lofgren, Don Henley, Tom Petty, Robin Williams and Bruce Springsteen.
1986 ... For the first time in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, the top three spots were held by female solo acts, with Cyndi Lauper's 'True Colors' at the No.1 position, followed by Tina Turner's 'Typical Male' at No.2 and Janet Jackson's 'When I Think Of You' in at No.3. [Oct 25]
1986 ... Metallica performed their first live concert with Jason Newstead. [Nov 08]
* 1986 - Ringo becomes the first Beatle to use his name in an advertisement, for Sun Country wine cooler. [Dec 06]
1987 ... Singer-songwriter, guitarist Eric Clapton started what became an annual event by playing six shows at the Royal Albert Hall, London. (January)
* 1987 - The Beastie Boys became the first act censored on "American Bandstand".. [Jan 16]
* 1987 ... Aretha Franklin became the first woman ever to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. [Jan 21]
* 1987 ... The Coasters became the first group to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, before them, only solo artists and one duo, The Everly Brothers, were enshrined. [Jan 21]
* 1987 - The Beastie Boys became the first rap act to have a No.1 album in the US with their debut album, 'Licensed To Ill.' [March 07]
* 1987 - The first Beatles albums are released on compact disc: Please Please Me, With The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, Beatles For Sale, and Help!. This marks the first time the band's official UK albums have been available as standard Beatles albums in the USA. [March 07]
1987 ... For the first time, a compact disc of an album was released before its vinyl version. The album was "The Art of Excellence" by Tony Bennett. [April 28]
* 1987 ... The first Beatles song licensed for use in a TV advertisement was "Revolution" and used by Nike
* 1987 ... Whitney Houston became the first women in US history to enter the album chart at No.1 with 'Whitney' she also became the first woman to top the singles chart with four consecutive releases when 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' hit No.1. [June27]
* 1987 ... The UK "Now That's What I Call Music 10" was the first full-track edition to be released on Compact Disc. Vinyls ended with Now 35 and audio cassettes ended with Now 63.
* 1987 ...
M/A/R/R/S released 'Pump Up The Volume', regarded as the first British-made house hit, heavily sampling other recordings.
* 1987 ... MTV Europe was launched, the first video played being 'Money For Nothing' by Dire Straits which contained the appropriate line 'I Want My MTV'.. [Aug 01]
* 1987 ... Guns N' Roses were at Park Plaza and 450 South La Brea in Hollywood to shoot their first video, for "Welcome To The Jungle".. [Aug 01]
* 1987 ... Michael Jackson's "Bad" video was televised for the first time on CBS-TV. [Aug 31]
* 1987 . . Huey Lewis and the News become only the second group to score five Top 10 hits with tracks from same LP .. "Fore!" (following Genesis) [Sept 05]
* 1987 . . Pink Floyd released "A Momentary Lapse of Reason", their first release after Roger Waters departure.. [Sept 07]
1987 ... Pink Floyd began their "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" tour; thier first tour without Roger Waters.. [Sept 09]
1987 ... Level 42's 'It's Over', became UK's first CD video single to go on sale. It contained twenty minutes of music and five minutes of video, which remained unseen until CDV players went on sale. [Sept 11]
1987 ... The acclaimed Chuck Berry documentary Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll premieres in US theatres [Oct 08]
1987 ... The Bee Gee's became the 1st group to have a UK No 1 hit in each of the 3 decades, 60's, 70's and 80's, when 'You Win Again' went to No.1 on the UK singles chart. [Oct 12]
1987 ... Janet Jackson became the 1st woman in UK chart history to have 6 hit singles off one LP; the LP 'Control' [Nov14]
* 1987 ... "Sign 'O' The Times," Prince's third movie, opened. [Nov 20]
1988 ... Tiffany becomes first teenager to top USA LP chart since thirteen-year old Stevie Wonder hit No. 1 in 1963. (Jan)
* 1988 - George Michael scored his sixth No.1 US single with 'Father Figure' but at only No. 11 in the UK - it was the first time Michael had failed to reach the top ten in his home country. [Feb 27]
1988 ... Whitney Houston becomes first artist to hit No. 1 on US Hot 100 with seven consecutive singles as 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go' hits the top. Previous record holders (with six each) were Beatles and Bee Gees. She also becomes the second only artist to release four No. 1s from the same LP. [April 23]
* 1988 ... Michael Jackson became the first artist to have five No.1 singles from one album when ‘Dirty Diana’ went to the top of the US charts. The other 4 chart-toppers from the LP ‘Bad’ were the title track 'Bad', ‘I Just Can't Stop Loving You’, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ and ‘Man in the Mirror’. [July 02]
* 1988 ... Cincinnati AM radio station WCVG changed its format, and became the first US all-Elvis radio station. The concept died out within the year... [Aug 01]
* 1988 ... Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" became the first acappella song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a position it held for two weeks. [Sept 24]
* 1988 ...
Def Leppard became the first act in chart history to sell seven million copies of two consecutive LPs, with 'Pyromania' and 'Hysteria'. [Oct 14]
* 1988 ... The U2 documentary film Rattle And Hum premiered in Ireland. [Oct 28]
* 1988 ... Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, smashes his very first guitar
, when the band appeared at The Evergreen State College (dorm party), Olympia, Washington. [Oct 30]
* 1988 ... The U2 documentary film Rattle And Hum opens worldwide. It premiered in Ireland earlier. [Nov 04]
* 1988 ... 'The Locomotion', became the first song to reach the US Top 5 in three different versions, when Kylie Minogue's reached No.3 on the US chart. Written by songwriters Gerry Goffin and Carole King, the song appeared in the US Top 5 three times each time in a different decade too... Little Eva in 1962, Grand Funk Railroad in 1974 and then Kylie in 1988 [Nov 05]
1988 ... Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page set out on his first ever-solo tour at The Hummingbird, Birmingham, appearing with John Miles and the son of Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, Jason Bonham. [Nov21]
* 1988 . . LL Cool J performed the first rap concert to be held in Africa. [Nov 30]
* 1988 - Metallica teamed up with Michael Salomon to shoot the music video for 'One', Metallica's first music video. [Dec 06]
* 1988 ... Nirvana started recording their first album 'Bleach' using a $600 loan from a school friend (Dec)
* 1988 ... Ziggy Marley becomes the first reggae artist to score an American No.1 as "Tumblin' Down" reaches top of 'Hot Black' chart
* 1989 - "Wild Thing" by Tone Loc becomes the first rap single certified Platinum.. [Feb 03]
* 1989 ... 'As Nasty As They Wanna Be' the third album by 2 Live Crew was released on this date; it was the first album in history to be deemed legally obscene and the first ever southern rap album to ever go platinum and the only one from the 1980s. [Feb11]
1989 ... The Academy recognized hard rock music artists for the first time at the 31st Grammy Awards, presented as Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrumental, combining two of the most popular music genres of the 1980s. Jethro Tull won that award for the album Crest of a Knave. It led to widespread criticism as journalists suggested Jethro Tull did not belong in the hard rock or heavy metal genres. So the Academy created two categories Best Hard Rock Performance and Best Metal Performance, separating the genres in 1990. [Feb 22]
1989 ... Media Rings Corporation, the Japanese music, video game, and software publishing company, is founded in Akasaka.
* 1989 . . Rolling Stone bassist Bill Wyman opens "Sticky Fingers" in London, the first of his Stones-themed restaurants.. [May 17]
* 1989 . . The first International Rock Awards ceremony was held.. [May 31]
* 1989 . . David Bowie's hard rock band, Tin Machine, made their live debut at the International Music Awards, New York.. [May 31]
* 1989 . . Cliff Richard played Wembley Stadium in London, for the first time; the show marked his 30th year in the business. The Searchers and Gerry and the Pacemakers also appear.. [June 16]
1989 ... The musical "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story" opened Victoria Palace Theatre in the West End, where it remained for six years before transferring to the Strand Theatre. It ran for another six years and five months for a total of more than 5,000 performances until 3rd March 2002, making it one of the longest-running musicals in London history. [Oct 12]
1989 ... Nirvana played their first ever European gig when the appeared at Newcastle's Riverside Club in North East England. It was the first night of their European tour sharing the bill with Tad. [Oct 23]
* 1989 ... The musical "Grand Hotel" opened at the Beck Theatre. [Nov 12]
* 1989 . . During a 104-date world tour, Paul McCartney played the first of five nights at the Los Angeles Forum, California, his first appearances in North America in thirteen years.. [Nov 23]
* 1989 ... MTV’s Unplugged series premieres with an episode featuring Squeeze. Jules Shear hosted the first season. [Nov 26]
* 1989 ... The Happy Mondays and fellow Mancunians The Stone Roses both made their debut appearance on UK TV music show Top Of The Pops. The Mondays performed 'Hellelujah' and the Roses 'Fools Gold.' [Nov 30]

The 90s
* 1990 - For the first time ever, the UK Top 3 singles featured non-British and non-American acts. Ireland's Sinead O'Connor, Australia's Kylie Minogue and Belgium's Technotronic. It was Sinead O'Connor first No.1 single "Nothing Compares To U", written by Prince. [Feb 03]
* 1990 ... The Academy created the categories Best Hard Rock Performance and Best Metal Performance, separating the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance genres at the 32nd Grammy Awards [Feb 21]
* 1990 ...
Living Colour was the first band to win the Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy Award for "Cult of Personality". They were also first all African-American band to win the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance [Feb 21]
* 1990 ... Metallica was the 1st band to win the Best Heavy Metal Performance Grammy Award. Metallica won it the first 3 years for the song "One"; a cover version of Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy"; and the album Metallica. [Feb 21]
1990 ... Bob Dylan unexpectedly joins Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman and David Crosby to sing "Mr. Tambourine Man" at an LA tribute to the late Roy Orbison. It is the first time in 25 years that the 3 former Byrds performed together onstage. [Feb 24]
1990 . . For the first time ever the Top five positions in the US singles chart were held by female artists; Madonna was at No.1 with 'Vogue', Heart were at No.2, Sinead O'Connor No.3, Wilson Phillips at No.4 and Janet Jackson was at No.5 [May 26]
* 1990 . . Billy Joel became the 1st rock act to play at Yankee Stadium when he performed the first of 2 sellout shows [June22]
1990 . . Elton John had his first UK solo No.1 single with 'Sacrifice / Healing Hands' after achieving over 50 previous UK hits and 6 chart toppers in the US. [June 23]
* 1990 . . "Street Scene" opened at the New York State Theatre.. [Sept 07]
* 1990 ...
The New Kids On The Block cartoon series makes its debut, lasting only one season on ABC, the series focuses on the animated New Kids's misadventures along with their managers, who are based on their real-life manager, Maurice Starr.. [Sept08]
* 1990 . . The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, NV, opened.. [Sept 10]
* 1990 ... The N.W.A. EP 100 Miles and Runnin', their first release without Ice Cube, who left the group several months earlier to pursue a successful solo career, debuts at No.27 on the Billboard 200 chart. [Sept 23]
1990 ... The musical "Once on This Island" opened on Broadway at The Booth Theartre. [Oct 08]
1990 ... Drummer Dave Grohl played his 1st gig with Nirvana performing at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia. [Oct 11]
1990 ... 'Ice Ice Baby' by Vanilla Ice became the first rap record to top the US singles chart today. [Nov 03]
1990 ... The musical "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story" opened at the Shubert Theatre, Broadway, where it ran for 225 performances.. [Nov 04]
* 1990 ... The UK "Now! That's What I Call Music 18", is the first album of this series when the exclamation mark appears after NOW! It only appears after the Now, on Now 18 and Now 19. [ Nov 19]
* 1991 ... American-Japanese opera singer, Brian Asawa, became the first countertenor to win both the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and an Adler Fellowship to the San Francisco Opera's Merola Opera Program. [????]
* 1991 - "The Doors" movie debuted. Val Kilmer played the role of Jim Morrison.. [March 01]
* 1991 ... LL Cool J becomes the first rapper to appear on MTV Unplugged. [May 01]
* 1991 . . Cher scored her first solo UK No.1 single with 'The Shoop Shoop Song' from the film 'Mermaids'.. [May 04]
* 1991 . . Madonna's 'warts and all' documentary film Truth Or Dare, known as In Bed with Madonna outside of North America, chronicling the life Madonna during her 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour, premiered in Los Angeles.. [May 10]
* 1991 . . Morrissey played the first date on his debut 'Kill Uncle' US concert tour at San Diego Sports Arena, California.. [May 30]
* 1991 . . The first of a new Soviet TV rock show Rock Steady is aired on which Sting gave a performance.. [June 01]
* 1991 . . Dottie West died at the age of 58. She died from injuries incurred in a car accident several days earlier. Dottie was the first female country Grammy winner.. [Sept 04]
* 1991 . . Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' was released in the US. The unexpected success of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' propelled Nevermind to the top of the charts at the start of 1992, an event often marked as the point where alternative rock entered the mainstream.. [Sept 10]
1991 ... Garth Brooks' "Ropin' the Wind" becomes the first country album to debut at No.1. [Sept 28]
1991 ... Oasis played their first gig with Noel Gallagher as lead guitarist, at The Boardwalk, Manchester. [Oct 19]
* 1991 ... The 20th edition of the Now That's What I Call Music series in the UK, was the first to feature the style of "Now That's What I Call Music!" logo that has been used in the UK series ever since. [Nov 18]
* 1991 ... Gilby Clarke was hired as rhythm guitarist of Guns 'N' Roses, replacing Izzy Stradlin. [Dec 03]
* 1991 - The musical "Nick and Nora" opened at the Marquis Theatre on Broadway. It closed after only nine performances. [Dec 08]
* 1992 - Nirvana played their first ever show in Australia at the Phoenician Club in Sydney; Tumbleweed and The Meanies were their support band.. [Jan 24]
1992 - The first "Big Day Out" festival took place at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. Acts appearing included Nirvana, The Hard Ons with Henry Rollins, The Meanies, Beasts of Bourbon, Box The Jesuits, Hellmen and Violent Femmes, among many others.. [Jan 25]

1992 - On their first Europe tour Pearl Jam played at The Esplanade Club in Southend, England to 300 people, the bands first ever UK show. The tour also took Pearl Jam to Norway, Sweden, Holland, France, Spain and Italy. [Feb 02]
* 1992 . . Radiohead released 'The Drill EP', their first record in the UK. The band were still called "On a Friday" when the songs for this EP were recorded; they changed their name to Radiohead the following month.. [May 05]
1992 . . Bruce Springsteen made his North American network TV debut on Saturday Night Live with host Tom Hanks.. [May 09]
1992 ... MTV airs the first episode of 'Real World', which is the longest-running program in MTV history and has become one of the longest-running reality series in history and is credited with launching the modern reality TV genre.. [May 21]
* 1992 . . David Bowie appeared on the cover of "Architectural Digest", the first human on the cover in 4 years.. [Sept 03]
1992 ... The erotic photographic, coffee table book, 'Sex' written by American singer Madonna, dubbed at the time "The Queen of obscene" is released . Despite all the controversy and negative backlash, which included the book being banned in Japan shortly after its release, Sex proved to be a commercial success, selling 150,000 copies on its release day in the United States alone. The first run of 500,000 copies sold out in the first week. [Oct 21]
* 1992 ... The UK 'Now That's What I Call Music 23' was the first in the series of these albums to feature the same track/song by an act for a second time, when it repeated "Alive and Kicking" ~ Simple Minds, "Temptation" - Heaven 17, and "Barcelona" by Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé. (November)
1992 ... 90,000 people attended Elton John's Mexico City concert, his first in the country. [Nov 13]
1992 ... The musical revival of "3 From Brooklyn" opened at Helen Hayes Theater on Broadway located at 240 West 44th Street in Midtown Manhattan. [Nov 19]
* 1992 ... Paul Simon began his first tour of South America in Brazil. [Nov 22]
1992 ... the first Sony Minidisc to be released in the US was Mariah Carey's MTV Unplugged EP (Dec 7th)
* 1993 - Van Morrison failed to turn up at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction dinner, making him the first living inductee not to attend.. [Jan 12]
1993 – Keith Richards plays Las Vegas for the first time with his solo group the X-Pensive Winos.. [Jan 24]

* 1993 ... Charley Pride accepted an invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry, in the process becoming the first black Opry regular in the show's more than 70-year history. Pride has sold over 70 million records world-wide.. [May 01]
1993 ... Billy Joel is the first musical guest on CBS-TV's "The Late Show with David Letterman". [Aug 30]
* 1993 . . Dave Navarro, guitarist, joins the Red Hot Chili Peppers.. [Sept 05]
1993 ... The musical "Cyrano - The Musical" opened at the Neil Simon Theatre, West 52nd Street in midtown-Manhattan. [Nov 21]
* 1994 – Oasis made their London live debut when the played at King’s Cross Water Rats. The gig was by invite only.. [Jan 27]
* 1994 ... The Rolling Stones become the first major band to stream a live concert on the Internet.
* 1994 . . Oasis were forced to cancel their first foreign tour after they were deported from Holland. The band were involved in a drunken brawl on a cross-channel ferry resulting in the band members being arrested and locked in the brig on the ferry. [Feb08]
* 1994 . . Oasis have their first ever front cover on UK's music weekly NME.. [June 04]
1994 ... Disney's "The Lion King" video, an animated musical with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Elton John is released. The soundtrack was the first animated film soundtrack to ever be certified Diamond. However, the use of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in the film resulted in a lawsuit from the family of composer Solomon Linda seeking $1.6 million for the song's use. [June 15]
1994 ... Oasis played at The Erotika Club, Paris in France, the bands first gig outside the UK. [June 16]
1994 ... The Pointer Sisters receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star on Hollywood Boulevard was originally set to be unveiled earlier in January, but an earthquake struck Los Angeles three days before the scheduled ceremony. The Pointers are the first African-American female music group to receive the honor. [Sept 29]
1994 ... Hootie & the Blowfish begin their first US tour in South Bend, Indiana. They're the opening act for Big Head Todd and the Monsters. [Oct 25]
* 1994 ... Christie's auction house in New York City hold their first-ever auction of rock memorabilia, including The Beach Boys' guitars, a stage outfit worn by Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon's famous Army fatigues. [Nov 11]
* 1994 . . The Rolling Stones webcast 20 minutes of their performance from the Cotton Bowl, Dallas on the Internet, becoming the first major rock band to do so on that network of millions of computers.. [Nov 18]
* 1995 ...
Tupac Shakur became the first artist ever to have an album top the Billboard 200 while serving a prison sentence when 'Me Against the World' went to number one. [April 01]
1995 ... Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Scott Weiland was arrested for heroin and cocaine possession outside a motel in Pasadena. This was just the first of his high-profile drug arrests. [May 14]
* 1995 . . Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and Little Richard share the stage for the first time ever at a concert in Sheffield, England.. [May 17]
1995 . . Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley gave their first interview since their surprise marriage a year earlier with Diane Sawyer on ABC-TV's Prime Time Live. It was part of the publicity drive for Jackson's album 'HIStory - Past, Present and Future: Book One'. They declared they were a "normal married couple who hoped to have a baby". When asked if they had sex, they replied "yes, yes, yes!".. [June 14]
* 1995 . . Hootie & The Blowfish play the first-ever concert at the Meadows Music Theater in Hartford, Connecticut, drawing a crowd of 17,000.. [July 09]
* 1995 ... Natalie Merchant, former lead singer for 10,000 Maniacs, became the first guest in a series of live chats on the Elektra Entertainment Group's World Wide Web site. [Aug 23]
* 1995 . . The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame officially opened in Cleveland with a concert that featured, among others, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Chuck Berry.. [Sept 02]
* 1995 . . Michael Jackson went to No.1 on the US singles chart with a song written by R. Kelly 'You Are Not Alone'. It holds a Guinness World Record as the first song in the 37 year history of the Billboard Hot 100 to debut at No.1.. [Sept 02]
* 1995 ... Mariah Carey made chart history when she started an eight week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Fantasy', making her the first female act to enter the chart in pole position. [Sept 30]
1995 ... Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill' reaches the top of the Billboard 200 in its 15th week, giving the Maverick label, founded by Madonna, its first No.1. (Alanis is the third female artist to have a debut album reach No.1 in the 1990s). [Oct 02]
1995 ... Michael Jackson premiered his single "Earth Song" on the German game show "Wanna Bet?". [Nov 04]
1995 ... Butch Vig's new band Garbage made their US live debut performing at The 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis. [Nov 05]
1995 ... Iron Maiden's tenth album "The X Factor" was released. It was the first album to include Blaze Bayley as vocalist.
1995 ... The Rolling Stones become the first act to broadcast a major concert on the Internet. [Nov 18]
1995 ... Singer Sophie B. Hawkins makes her acting debut on Fox's "Party Of Five". [Nov 22]
* 1996 ... Ashley Cleveland, was the first woman to win a Grammy award for best rock gospel album.

* 1996 ... Tupac Shakur's All Eyez on Me is released. The first rap double-album on a major label, it went on to sell over 10 million copies in the United States. [Feb 13]
* 1996 ... Prince / T.A.F.K.A.P., married Mayte Garcia in a Minneapolis church, he had composed a special song for his wife, 'Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother, Wife', which she heard for the first time when they had their first wedding dance.. [Feb 14]
* 1996 ... Bad Religion release their 9th full-length studio album The Gray Race. This is the first Bad Religion album to feature Brian Baker on guitar, replacing Brett Gurewitz, who left the band two years earlier. [Feb 27]
* 1996 ... MTV launches another channel, M2.. [Aug 01]
* 1996 ... Hank Williams III, at 23 years old, made his Grand Ole Opry debut. His set included "Moanin' the Blues," a 1950 chart-topper for his father, Hank Sr., and "Lovesick Blues," the same song his granddad performed for his Opry debut in '49 [Sept 21]
* 1996 ... The first annual "Concert to Benefit the Pedro Zamora Foundation" took place. The show raised money for the PZF to use toward educating kids about AIDS. [Oct05]
* 1996 ... David Bowie's single "Telling Lies" was released exclusively on the Internet. It was the first time a new single by a major selling artist was released exclusively on the Internet. [Sept11]
1996 ... Jay Bargieri, a former executive with EMI Records, announced the launch of the first Internet record label. The record label, Jay-Bird Records, was the first of its kind. [Oct 21]
1996 ... The first Ozzfest was held as a 2-day festival in Phoenix, AZ, and Devore, CA. [Oct 25]
1996 ... For the first time, Bob Dylan licenses one of his songs for commercial use, in this case, The Times They Are A Changin' to the Bank of Montreal. [Nov 09]
* 1996 . . Gerry Shephard and Pete Phipps of The Glitter Band appeared as part of the identity parade on the first ever episode of 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks'. Bruce Dickinson, Richard Fairbrass and Mathew Priest were also on the show. [Nov 11]
* 1996 . . The Beatles become the first artists to score three Number One albums in the same year when their Anthology 3 hits the top of the American charts.. [Nov 16]
* 1996 ... 200 fans turned out to see former Stones Roses guitarist John Squires new band The Seahorses made their live debut, at The Buckley Tivoli, UK.. [Nov 27]
* 1997 - Michael Jackson became a father for the first very time when Debbie Rowe gave birth to a baby boy, Prince Michael Jackson Jr. [Feb13]
* 1997 - 'Bowie Bonds' were issued on the US Stock Exchange. Linked to David Bowie's back catalogue albums with money earned on the bonds via interest from royalties, The bonds paid an interest rate of 7.9% and had an average life of ten years. [March 01]
* 1997 ... A joint effort of HBO and Warner Music Group called "Reverb", a music television series spotlighting emerging talent makes its debut. [April 13]
* 1997 . . Katrina & The Waves won the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin with 'Love Shine A Light', making them the first UK winners since Bucks Fizz in 1981.. [May 03]
* 1997 . . The Spice Girls went to No.1 on the US album chart with 'Spice', making them only the third all girl group to do so after The Supremes and The Go-Go's and the first ever UK girl group to do so.. [May 24]
* 1997 . . Greek/American musician Yanni, got a warm welcome when he became the first Western artist in modern times to perform at the Forbidden City in Beijing. Two months earier in March he had become one of the very few to be allowed to perform and record at the Taj Mahal in India.. [May 30]
* 1997 . . Lee Ann Womack made her Grand Ole Opry debut.. [May 31]
1997 ... Boyzone began a tour of Southeast Asia in Gangalore, India. It was a first-time tour launch for the region by an international act. [Aug 26]
* 1997 . . 29 years after the band first formed, Led Zeppelin released their first ever single in the UK, 'Whole Lotta Love'. The track was recorded in 1969 featured on the bands second album.. [Sept 08]
1997 ... Randy Travis becomes the first artist to sign with DreamWorks Records Nashville. [Sept 30]
1997 ... A long awaited soundtrack to the film "Casablanca" was released for the first time. [Oct 14]
1997 ... MTV Italy launches its first domestically planned and produced Italian-language show, Sonic. The one-hour weekly show features international and local acts performing live to a studio audience. [Oct 22]
1997 ... The musical "Triumph of Love" opened at the Royale Theatre. [Oct 23]
1997 ... Sally Nyolo, formerly of Zap Mama, began her first U.S. tour. [Oct 30]
1997 ... Ray Charles conducted his first-ever online chat at www.rhino.com. [Nov 13]
1997 ... The musical "The Lion King" opened. [Nov 13]
1997 ... The US premiere of Sir Paul McCartney's "Standing Stone" was played in Carnegie Hall by St. Luke's Orchestra. [Nov19]
* 1997 - 'Spice World The Movie', featuring The Spice Girls premiered at The Empire, Leicester Sq, London. The following year it was nominated for the 'worst film' at the Golden Raspberry Awards.. [Dec 15]
* 1998 ... Cher became the first and only certified female performer in music history to have had a US #1 single in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. from "I Got You Babe" in 1965 to "Believe" in 1998
* 1998 ... Carlos Santana became the 1st Hispanic to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
1998 ... Brian Wilson plays his first ever solo concert at a show in St. Charles, Illinois. [May 09]
* 1998 . . The first Native American Music Awards took place at the Fox Theatre at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Robbie Robertson was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award; Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Red Bow were inducted into their Hall of Fame. [May 24]
* 1998 . . Coldplay released their first ever record, an EP called Safety, which featured 3 tracks; 'Bigger Stronger', 'No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground', and 'Such a Rush'. The EP is now such a rarity that it is known to fetch in excess of £2000 on eBay.. [May 25]
1998 ... The Coca-Cola jingle by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was first aired. [May 27]
* 1998 ... The Spice Girls team up with Luciano Pavarotti in Modena, Italy for their first appearance since the departure of Geri Halliwell / Ginger Spice. [June 08]
* 1998 . . Manic Street Preachers scored their first UK No.1 single with 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next'. The group's 19th hit and the first Welsh act to have a No.1 single since Shakin' Stevens in 1985. The song is in the Guinness World Records as the longest title for a No.1 single without brackets.. [Sept 05]
* 1998 . . Aerosmith scored their very first US No.1 single after 28 years together with the song 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing', which was featured in the 1998 film Armageddon.. [Sept 05]
1998 ... The first Lilith Fair concert outside North America takes place at London's Royal Albert Hall. Before the sold-out show, Lilith founder Sarah McLachlan tells a press conference that plans are underway to bring the Fair to Europe as a touring package the following year. [Sept 23]
1998 ... Steven Tyler threw out the first pitch at the Expos-Cardinal game in St. Louis, MO. [Sept24]
1998 ... MTV Russia debuts at midnight with Prodigy Live in Moscow, a concert taped in spring 1997. The first Russian video on the network is Mummy Troll's "Vladivostock 2000". [Sept26]
1998 ... Puff Daddy plays his first-ever UK show at the official opening of the new London venue Sound Republic in Leicester Square. The invitation-only event is broadcast live by MTV UK. [Oct 15]
1998 ... Atlantic Records launched an online music video service, Instavid. [Nov 02]
1998 ... Amazon.com formed "Advantage For Music", allowing independent labels and unsigned artists to sell music online. [Nov04]
* 1998 - Alice Cooper's "Cooper'stown" restaurant opens in Phoenix. To celebrate, Cooper performs with his original bandmates Michael Bruce and Neal Smith - the first time the three have been on stage together in 24 years.. [Dec 18]
1999 ... Pat Boone formed the Gold Records label, which only signed artists 45 years old and up. The first perfomer signed was Jack Jones. (Jan)
* 1999 - Rykodisc became the first music label to give its stamp of approval to MP3, the controversial Internet-based music distribution format. [Feb 04]
* 1999 - Universal Music, Warner Music, BMG, Sony Music and EMI officially unveiled Project Madison. The system was developed by International Business Machines Corp. to permit fast, secure distribution of full-length, CD-quality albums on the Internet. [Feb 08]
* 1999 ... Shania Twain became the first woman to be named as songwriter/artist of the year by the Nashville Songwriters Association International. (April)
* 1999 . . Sinead O'Connor is ordained in Lourdes, France as the first woman priest in the Latin Tridentine Church, a dissident Roman Catholic group. [April]
* 1999 . . Lisa Stansfield made her film debut in the U.K. in the comedy film "Swing".. [May 07]
* 1999 . . VH1's "Behind the Music" began airing nightly. The premier show was "The Red Hot Chili Peppers: Behind the Music." .. [May 31]
* 1999 . . Screaming Lord Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow, was found dead after hanging himself. The singer turned politician was 58. The self-styled lord was the first long-haired pop star-boasting hair over 18 inches long and he was also Britain's longest-serving political leader, standing in nearly 40 elections.. [June 16]
1999 ... Van Morrison became the first inductee to the Hot Press Irish Music Hall of Fame/IMHF in Dublin.. [Sept 01]
* 1999 . . Nine Inch Nails makes their first-ever appearance at a televised honors show when they perform at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.. [Sept 09]
1999 ... Hank Williams is the subject of the first ever country music symposium at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. "A Tribute To Hank Williams" begins with Lucinda Williams, Kim Richey, Kathy Mattea, and Steve Earle performing the works of the late country music godfather. [Sept 24]
* 1999 ... 15-year-old country music singer Jessica Andrews is honored in her native Carroll County, Tennessee, where she receives the first-ever Youth Achievement Award. [Oct 04]
* 1999 ...
Internet music start up Myplay.com launches. [Oct 13]
1999 ... Injured Denver Broncos running back, Terrell Davis, makes his debut as a hip-hop artist when he performs at Denver night club Wazoos with rapper Legit. [Oct 28]
1999 ... It was announced that Cliff Richard had signed up with Internet company Remotemusic.com, making him the first major artist to sign a deal with an online company. [Nov 13]

The 2000s
* 2000 – A 1930 lacquered aluminum record is discovered on which Frank Sinatra sings “Roses of Picardy.” It is believed to be the first ever solo recording made by Sinatra.. [Jan 25]
2000 – The Recording Industry Association of America/RIAA launched its “Los Premios De Oro Y Platino” certification program for Spanish-language product at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla. The new certifications signify sales of 100,000 for a discos de oro cert and 200,000 for a discos de platino cert.. [Jan 25]

* 2000 . . American rock band, The Strokes, played their first ever UK show when they appeared at The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth..
[Jan 31]

* 2000 -
The Beach Boys: An American Family TV mini-series begins on ABC. [Feb 27]

2000 ... 18 months after Billboard started factoring airplay into their Hot 100 chart, "Try Again" by Aaliyah becomes the first song to hit the top spot based on airplay alone; the song was not available for purchase as a single. [June 17]
* 2000 ... The first ever "Hole in the Sky" metal festival kicks off in Poperinge, Norway. The festival was named after the famous Black Sabbath song, which appears on their Sabotage album.
2000 ... Christina Aguilera released her first Spanish album, Mi Reflejo which contained Spanish versions of songs from her English debut as well as new Spanish tracks. [Sept 12]
* 2000 ... Singer/songwriter Billy Yates makes his Grand Ole Opry debut, performing "What Do You Want From Me Now". [Nov10]
* 2000 . . Cher makes her first appearance on NBC-TV's sitcom Will and Grace, in the episode "Gypsies, Tramps and Weed".. [Nov 17]
* 2000 . . The Beatles sanction their first official Web site.
* 2001 . . Eminem made his live UK concert debut when he appeared at The Manchester Arena. [Feb 08]
* 2001 . . The Eagles made their first ever visit to Russia when they appeared at SC Olymisky in Moscow.. [May 29]
* 2001 ...
The voice of Bob Marley ushers satellite radio onto the air, promising listeners greater variety on the dial - for a price - with the launch of XM Satellite Radio. It is the first worldwide broadcast of a satellite radio station. [Sept 25]
2001 ... For the first time ever, the Recording Academy agrees to accept a downloadable single for Grammy consideration. Virgin Records releases two singles: "Dig In," by Lenny Kravitz and "God Gave Me Everything" by Mick Jagger are released to digital retailers via Liquid Audio. [Sept 25]
* 2001 ...
The Bus Station Loonies were the first band to set the official world record for the most concerts / gigs performed in 12 hours, with performing 25 different shows. . (this record was broken in 2006) [Sept 29]
* 2001 ... Reba McEntire's TV show Reba premiers on the WB network. The show ran for 6 seasons. [Oct 05]
2001 ... Courtney Love plays her first-ever solo show at the Ventura Theatre in Ventura, CA. [Oct 26]
2001 ... U2 performed for the first time on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' live from New York City. [Oct 29]
2001 ... Michael Jackson makes his first-ever instore appearance at the Virgin Megastore in New York's Times Square. The event is broadcast live on MTV's Total Request Live. [Nov 07]
2001 ... The musical "Lady Diana - A Smile Charms the World" opened in Germany. [Nov 10]
* 2001 ... ABC aired Britney Spears' first TV concert, "Britney Spears: Live from Las Vegas".. [Nov 18]
2001 ...The first Top Of The Pops UK Awards were held in Manchester, with categories voted by viewers of the BBC show. Winners included: Best pop act: Westlife, Best R&B Act: Destiny's Child, Best Rock Act: U2, Best Dance Act: Fatboy Slim, Best Newcomer: Nelly Furtado, Best Single: Kylie Minogue, 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', Best Album: Travis, 'The Invisible Band', Artist on top of the world: Jennifer Lopez, Hall of Fame Award went to Paul McCartney. [Nov 30]
* 2001 - VH1 premiered "Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story".. [Dec 19]
2002 ... The musical "Taboo" opened at London's Leicester Square Theatre. The musical follows the life of Boy George. [Jan29]
* 2002 ... Kirk Hammett of Metallica was the first recipient of the annual Hall of Fame Award in "Guitar World" magazine.
2002 ... Kerrang! Magazine overtook the New Musical Express for the first time to become the best selling UK weekly music publication. It claimed new bands such as Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park had given them a new teenage audience. (Feb)
* 2002 ... Kelly Clarkson was the first winner of the Original American Idol "My Life Would Suck Without You" winner.
2002 ... The first episode of 'The Osbournes' TV show premiered on MTV, focusing on the daily activities of rock musician Ozzy Osbourne and his family.. [March 05]
* 2002 ... Hackleburg, Alabama, held their very first annual Neighbor Day Festival, which head lined the legendary country music singer and songwriter Sonny James. [April 20]
2002 ... The musical "We Will Rock You" a musical based on the songs of Queen written by Ben Elton and Queen opened at the Dominion Theatre in London's West End. Running 12 years it became the longest-running musical at the Dominion Theatre.. [May 14]
* 2002 . . Already a hit in America the first episode of 'The Osbournes' the US reality show set around British heavy rocker Ozzie and his family was shown on MTV in the UK for the first time.. [May 26]
* 2002 ... Sir Elton John became the first person to be made an honorary doctorate from the Royal Academy Of Music. [July 03]
2002 ... Singer Kelly Clarkson was voted the first "American Idol" on the Fox TV. (Her debut single, "A Moment Like This", topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and became the best-selling single of 2002 in the United States).. [Sept 04]
* 2002 ... Jo Whiley was the first female presenter of BBC 1's The Official UK Top 40, as it was then called, but presented it only once, on [Nov 24]
* 2002 - Baz Luhrmann's "La Boheme" opened on Broadway.. [Dec 08]
* 2003 ... Beyoncé became the first and only woman (to date) to have a single and album simultaneously topping the main charts in both the U.S. and the UK.
* 2003 -
Tatu became the first Russian act ever to top the UK singles chart when the faux-lesbian duo started a four-week run at No.1 on the w/e Feb 02 UK singles chart with 'All The Things She Said'. The song had been a hit on the Russian charts three years earlier. [w/e Feb 02]
2003 ... The first official UK download chart was compiled after the big five record companies- EMI, Warners, Sony, BMG and Universal combined for a Digital Download day. Over 150,000 computer users had downloaded 1.1m tracks. [April 24]
2003 ... Apple launches iTunes, which becomes the first widely-successful legal music download site. [April 29]
* 2003 ... Kings Of Leon played their first ever UK date when they appeared at The Empress Ballroom in Blackpool.. [May02]
* 2003 . . Former Beatle Paul McCartney made his first ever live solo performance in Russia, on the Red Square in Moscow after first having tea with Vladimir Putin.. [May 24]
* 2003 . . Jemini, the UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, failed to get a single point and finished in last place with their out-of-tune performance of "Cry Baby" , the first time a UK entry had ended up with NO points.. [May 25]
* 2003 . . Buzzcocks play Madison Square Garden for the first time ever in their career, opening for Pearl Jam.. [July 09]
* 2003 . . Greendale, the Neil Young-directed film that accompanies Neil Young’s inscrutable concept album of the same name, premieres at the Toronto Film Festival.. [Sept 05]
* 2003 ... David Bowie performed the first interactive concert when his performance was beamed live into 21 cinemas from Warsaw to Edinburgh. Members of the audience talked to Bowie via microphones linked to ISDN lines and took requests for songs from fans.. [Sept08]
2003 ... "Tonight's the Night" a "compilation musical" by comedian Ben Elton, based on the music of Rod Stewart, opened at the Victoria Palace Theatre, in London's West End. [Oct 28]
2003 ... This years MTV awards with an estimated one billion people in 28 countries watching the show, was held in Edinburgh, Scotland for the first time. [Nov 06]
* 2003 ... The Rolling Stones played their first concert in Hong Kong as part of the Harbour Fest celebration, also in support of the SARS-affected economy.
2003 ... The first ever Vibe Awards took place in Santa Monica, CA, with 50 Cent winning the Artist of the Year award. [Nov 20]
2003 ...The first official Dennis Wilson Bash, celebrating the life and music of Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, was held at Chez Jay's in Santa Monica, CA. [Dec06]
* 2003 - Britney Spears broke her own record for being the first female artist to have three albums enter the US chart at No.1 to being the first female artist to have 4 albums enter at No.1 consecutively, when her 4th album ‘In The Zone’ came in at No.1 on the album charts.. [Dec 08]
* 2004 ... OutKast becomes the first hip-hop act to win a Grammy for Album of the Year when their album "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" gets the award. [Feb 08]
* 2004 ... "F.U.R.B. (Fuck You Right Back)" in 2004 was Frankee's response to Eamon's "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)", promoting rumors that the two had been dating. It was the first time both the original song and the answer song reached No.1 on the Official UK singles chart.

2004 . . A stage musical version of the film, Jailhouse Rock opened in London. [April]
* 2004 . . Today saw both the 10th anniversary of rock band Harvey Danger and their first show since 2001, to the day! With Nada Surf opening, the band played Seattle's Crocodile Cafe to a rapturous audience.. [April 21]
2004 . . Frankee was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'F.U.R.B. (F U Right Back)'. The song was a "reply" to the No.1 by Eamon that it replaced, (Fuck It, I Don't Want You Back). This is the first time that a record and its reply have both made No 1.. [May 16]
* 2004 . . "Hee Haw Collection" was released. It was the first time that full shows were released on VHS and DVD.. [May 18]
2004 . . Paul McCartney finished his summer tour performing to 120,000 fans at Glastonbury Festisival, his first ever appearence at Glastonbury. [June20]
2004 . . The iTunes Music Store became the first store to have a catalog of more than one million songs. [Aug10]
*2004 . . US guitar maker Ernie Ball died after a long illness. In the late 50's Ball opened what was arguably the first music store in the USA in Tarzana, California to sell guitars exclusively. He developed the guitar strings called 'Slinkys' specifically designed for rock and roll electric guitar.. [Sept 09]
2004 . . Queen became the first rock act to receive an official seal of approval in Iran. Western music was still strictly censored in the Islamic republic, where homosexuality is considered a crime, but an album of Queen's greatest hits was released this week in Iran. Illegal bootleg albums and singles had made Queen one of the most popular bands in Iran. [Oct 24]
2004 . . UK's first music Hall of Fame was held at a ceremony in London. Five founding members were chosen, one from each of last five decades: Elvis Presley 50s, The Beatles 60s, Bob Marley 70s, Madonna 80s and U2 for the 90s. Also one act from each decade were chosen by TV viewers of a Channel 4 program. The public chose Robbie Williams 90s, Michael Jackson 80s, Queen 70s, the Rolling Stones 60s, and Cliff Richard for the 1950s. [Nov 11]
2004 . . Lead vocalist of the rock band No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, performs on TV as a solo artist for the first time when she takes the stage at the American Music Awards, where she sings "What You Waiting For.
* 2004 - The iTunes Music Store was launched in Canada. [Dec 03]
* 2005 . . A report showed that more songs had been written about Elvis Presley than any other artist. It listed over 220 songs including ‘Elvis Has Left the Building’ by Frank Zappa, ‘A Room At The Heartbreakhotel’ by U2, and ‘Graceland’ by Paul Simon.. [Jan 13]
* 2005 ...
John Bilezikjian played with the Boston Pops Orchestra as featured soloist, marking the first time "the oud" was heard in a solo capacity with that orchestra on its stage.
2005 . . Digital downloads are included in the chart for the first time, but only for sales of a record with an equivalent physical release. [April 17]
2005 ... Matchbox 20 singer Rob Thomas went to No.1 on the US album chart with his first solo album 'Something To Be.' This marked the first time a male artist from a rock group had debuted at No.1 with his first solo album since the Billboard Top 200 was introduced 50 years ago.. [May 01]
2005 ... Audioslave becomes the first U.S. rock act to perform a free outdoor concert in Cuba when the group performs at La Tribuna in Havana.. [May 06]
2005 ... Pink Floyd announce that they will reunite with former bassist Roger Waters, who left the band in 1985, on July 2 for the Live 8 London concert. This would be the first time the band played together as a quartet since The Wall tour in 1981, and the first public performance by Pink Floyd since 1994. [June 12]
* 2005 ... The family band Cherryholmes gets the entertainer of the year award at the 16th Annual International Bluegrass Music Association Awards, becoming the first act nominated for emerging artist and entertainer in the same year. [Oct 27]
* 2005 ... At this years MTV Europe awards, for the first time ever the awards included a category for best African act, which was won by 2 Face. Madonna also presented MTV's 'Free Your Mind' humanitarian award to Live 8 organiser, Bob Geldof. [Nov 03]
2005 ... The Four Seasons musical Jersey Boys opens on Broadway to rave reviews. [Nov 06]
* 2005 ... Steve Brookstein was the first winner of the UK X Facter and brought out his debut single "Against All Odds" that reach No.1 in the UK singles chart. [December]
* 2006 – Bryan Adams played for 10,000 fans in Karachi, Pakistan at a benefit earthquake relief show . It was the first major concert by a Western star in Karachi, in decades.. [Jan 29]
* 2006 ... Beyoncé became the first artist to have a number-one single ("Check on It"), a number-one film (The Pink Panther), and win a Grammy Award in the same week (February 2006)
2006 ... James Blunt, with his single "You're Beautiful", becomes the first British artist to top the US Billboard Hot 100 chart since Elton John with "Candle In The Wind 1997". [March11]
* 2006 - "Now That's What I Call Music! 63" was released; "You Got The Love" by The Source ft. Candi Staton became the first track ever to appear 3 times on the UK series "Now That's What I Call Music!". It also appeared on No's 19 ans 36. [April 10]
2006 ... Madonna plays a festival for the first time when she appears at Coachella. [April 30]
* 2006 . . Bob Dylan aired his first radio program on XM Satellite Radio. Tracks he played included Blur, Prince, Billy Bragg, Wilco, Mary Gauthier, L.L. Cool J and The Streets.. [May 03]
* 2006 ... The Finnish band, Lordi, won the Eurovision Song Contest, the first heavy metal band ever to do so. The UK entry, "Teenage Life" by Daz Sampson, finishes in 19th place with 25 points. [May 20]
2006 ... For the first time in their 22 year long career, Red Hot Chili Peppers score a No. 1 album on The Billboard 200: The two-disc “Stadium Arcadium”.. [May 27]
* 2006 ... Pop star Madonna officially opens Arena Square, a new development next to the recently refurbished Wembley Arena in northwest London. During the opening, she also unveils a bronze plaque of her own handprints in Arena Square.. [Aug 01]
* 2006 . . The popular networking site MySpace announces it will begin selling music online, offering the first serious challenge to Apple’s dominance of the download market.. [Sept 05]
2006 ... Bob Dylan was at No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Modern Times’. Entering the U.S. charts at No.1, making it Dylan's first album to reach that position for 30 years. At 65, Dylan became the oldest living musician to top the Billboard albums chart. (85 year-old Tony Bennett broke this record in 2011 with his Duets album). [Sept16]
* 2006 ... The twenty-ninth studio album by British singer-songwriter Elton John, 'The Captain & the Kid', is released; it is the first album to include a picture of Bernie Taupin on it's cover, the very first time in their 37 year working partnership. (Bernie is mounted on a on horse). [Sept 18]
* 2006 ... Keane becomes the first major act to release a song on a USB memory stick. £3.99, would purchase the 512MB drive at HMV stores, to plug it into a computer, and transfer the track "Nothing In My Way" along with various videos and screensavers. The "single on a stick" format would fail to catch on. [Oct 30]
* 2006 ... Snow Patrol become the first British band in 13 years to reach the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 [Nov 16]
* 2006 ... The reformed Take That topped the UK singles and album charts simultaneously for the 1st time ever in their career. The single ‘Patience’ remained at No.1 for the second week, and Beautiful World the group’s new album entered the chart at No.1. [Dec 03]
* 2006 ... Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable" was the first song to top twelve Billboard charts simultaneously (Dec 30).
2007 ... Ornette Coleman wins the Pulitzer Prize for music for his 2006 album, Sound Grammar, the very first jazz work to receive the honor.
* 2007 ... First come , first served ... American President George W. Bush is denied the luxury suite at the Imperial Hotel in Vienna when Mick Jagger, who was in town with The Rolling Stones on a tour, booked it first. [April 24]
* 2007 ... American reggae, hip-hop artist Sean Kingston was the first artist born within the 1990s to top the Hot 100 with his single "Beautiful Girls" (May)
2007 ... UK singer Pete Doherty exhibited his paintings for the first time. The art exhibition took place at the London's Bankrobber Gallery, and was on show for one month. The collection featured 14 painting. [May15]
* 2007 . . Muse becomes the first band to sell out the rebuilt Wembley Stadium in London, when about 90,000 fans see them perform.. [June 16]
* 2007 ... Nunatak played the Live Earth Antarctica concert, to a "sell out" crowd of seventeen, the entire population of the Rothera Research Station. Their participation fulfilled the event's promise to hold a concert on all seven continents. This was the first ever concert to be held on Antartica. Lead singer Matt Balmer, 22, said of the event that the band "expected to spend our Antarctic winter here at Rothera quietly getting on with our work and maybe performing at the occasional Saturday night party. We could never have imagined taking part in a global concert." [July 07]
* 2007 ... The first ever Underage Festival in Victoria Park, London, kicks off; Laura Marling shares the stage with other Indie artists like Crystal Castles and Mystery Jets. A fest for 13-17 year olds only [Aug10]
2007 ... At the Silver Scroll Awards, Jordan Luck, the lead singer and songwriter for the rock band The Exponents was named as the first inductee into the newly founded New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.
* 2007 . . The Bob Dylan "biographical" movie, I'm Not There: Suppositions On A Film Concerning Dylan, premieres at the Venice (Italy) Film Festival.. [Sept 03]
* 2007 . . Connie Stevens began filming Saving Grace, her debut as a movie director, in Arrow Rock, Missouri.. [Sept 07]
* 2007 . .
Bruce Springsteen's 15th studio album Magic was released, his first album to include a hidden track, "Terry's Song", a tribute to Springsteen's long-time assistant Terry Magovern, who died on July 30th 2007.. [Oct 02]
2007 ... Madonna signed a ground-breaking recording and touring contract with concert promoter Live Nation becoming the first major star to choose an all-in-one agreement with a tour company over a traditional record contract. The deal reported to be worth $120m /£59m over 10 years, would give Live Nation rights to all her music-related projects - including new albums, tours, merchandise, websites, DVDs, sponsorship, TV shows and films. [Oct16]
2007 ... Kylie Minogue was honoured with the Music Industry Trust prize for her 20-year career and status as an "icon of pop and style" at a London ceremony. The first time in the event's 16-year history that the award has gone to a woman.
2007... The Eagles went to No.1 on the UK album chart for the first time ever with Long Road Out Of Eden, 33 years after their debut album On the Border.
2007 ... Elvis Costello appeared live for the very first time with members of the folk-rock band Clover at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Clover was the backing band, way back from the original recording sessions of Costello's 1977 debut album My Aim Is True. The Music Hall appearance benefited the Richard de Lone Special Housing Fund. [Nov 08]
2008 ... Nasa announced that The Beatles' "Across the Universe" was to become the first song ever to be beamed directly into space. The track would be transmitted through the Deep Space Network - a network of antennas - on the 40th anniversary of the song being recorded, being aimed at the North Star, Polaris, 431 light-years from Earth.
*2008 – Madonna topped the list for the richest female musician, according to the Forbes.com. Its first-ever list focusing on women in the music industry estimated the 49-year-old banked $72m (£36m) between June 2006 and June 2007. Madonna earned much of that from her Confessions tour – the highest-grossing tour for a female artist.. [Jan 30]
* 2008 - John Mellencamp becomes the first of many artists to accuse soon-to-be-Republican presidential nominee John McCain of using their music without authorization. McCain also issues the first of many apologies to rockers. [Feb 04]
2008 ... With I'm A Fire, Donna Summer becomes the first artist to have a song reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in every decade since the chart’s 1974 debut. [April 19]
* 2008 ... The first UK solo artist to debut at number one with a debut album on the Billboard 200 album chart was Leona Lewis, w/b April 26th 2008 with her album Spirit. [April]
2008 . . Neil Diamond reached the top of the US Billboard album chart for the first time in his career with ‘Home Before Dark’ the 67-year-old's 29th studio album.. [May 15]
* 2008 ... Terrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience won the very first Best Zydeco Or Cajun Music Album award at the Grammys for their albu 'Live! Worldwide'.
* 2008 . . With 'Tha Carter III', Lil Wayne becomes the 1st artist since 50 Cent in '05 to sell more than 1 million copies of an album in a single week.. [June 17]
2008 ... The makers of Rock Band secure the rights to produce the first-ever Beatles music video game.
* 2008 . . The first guitar torched on stage by Jimi Hendrix sold for £280,000 at an auction of rock memorabilia. The Fender Stratocaster was burned at the end of a show at the Astoria in Finsbury Park, north London, in 1967. The sale held in London also included the Beatles' first management contract, signed in 1962 by all four members of the group and manager Brian Epstein, sold for £240,000.. [Sept 04]
2008 . . Following Barack Obama's electoral victory, Bruce Springsteen's song "The Rising" was the first song played over the loudspeakers after Obama's victory speech in Chicago's Grant Park.. [Nov 04]
* 2008 ... Atlantic Records becomes the first major label whose digital sales have surpassed its CD sales. Downloads of music and ringtones now account for more than half of Atlantic's US sales. [Nov 26]
2009 ... The first episode of the TV show Glee airs, they performed their rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" The Glee version peaked at No.4 in the charts, where as Journey's original only managed to reach No.9. (something wrong there!!)
* 2009 . . "Just Can't Get Enough" - The Saturdays, reached No.2 in the charts making it the first official Comic Relief single not to reach No.1 in 14 years. [w/e March 14]
* 2009 . . The first episode of the TV show Glee airs, they performed their rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" The Glee version peaked at No.4 in the charts; Journey's original only managed to reach No.9. (something wrong there!!).. [May 19]
* 2009 - The first event at the newly opened "Cowboys Stadium" in Arlington, TX. with a George Strait concert .. [June 01]
* 2009 . . Micheal Jackson became the 1st act to sell more than 1 million song downloads in a just one week, it was a week after his death. [July01]
* 2009 . . The Beatles: Rock Band music video game is released.. [Sept 09]

The 2010s
* 2010 . . Beyonce and Jay-Z were named Hollywood's top-earning couple by Forbes magazine. The pair earned an estimated $122m (£75.1m) between June 2008 and June 2009 - more than any other couple married or unmarried.. [Jan 13]
2010 . . Chely Wright became the first major country artist to come out as gay. In television appearances and an autobiography, she cited among her reasons for publicizing her homosexuality a concern with bullying and hate crimes toward gays, particularly gay teenagers, and the damage to her life caused by "lying and hiding"..[May03]
* 2010 ... "California Gurls" by Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg in 2010 was a response to 2009s "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys. It was the first time both the original song and the answer song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. [May07]
* 2010 ...
New Zealand music promoter Daniel Keighley and his wife Alessandra, started up Access Radio Taranaki, with the first broadcast today. [June10]
* 2010 . . Madonna launched her "Material Girl" line of clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags at Macy's. The line targeted teenage girls and based in part on some of Madonna's various looks. Assisting the 51-year-old singer with the project is her 13-year-old daughter, Lourdes.. [Aug 03]
* 2010 ... Apple launched a social network for music called Ping as part of the latest version of its iTunes software.. [Sept 01]
2010 . . Twenty-five global premieres of Michael Jackson's "THIS IS IT" took place around the world. Fifteen were simultaneous. [Oct 27]
2010 ... Katy Perry launches her first fragrance, "Purr". [Nov 12]
* 2010 . . It is announced that Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry will be giving a special performance at the first ever CMT Artists Of The Year special on Friday, December 3rd.. [Nov 17]
* 2011 - Wilco announce the launch of their own label, dBpm Records.. [Jan 26]
2011 - A former Miss Canada finalist became the first person in the world to graduate with a Masters degree in The Beatles. Canadian singer Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy, 53, was one of the first students to sign up for the course on the Fab Four when it launched at Liverpool Hope University in March 2009..

* 2011 ... The 90-minute documentary feature film co-produced by the BBC Arena team, "Produced by George Martin", aired to critical acclaim for the first time in the UK. [April 25]
* 2011 . . Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman, Scott Weiland's autobiography, "Not Dead & Not for Sale", co-written with David Ritz, was released.. [May 17]
* 2011 ... Tony Bennett's album, Duets II debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 marking his first No. 1 album, selling 179,000 copies. The 14-time Grammy Award winner also became the oldest living artist to debut at No. 1 on Billboard 200 at the age of 85 years old. [Oct 08] ... ... ... The previous oldest performer to top the chart was Bob Dylan in 2009 with 'Together Through Life'. At the time he was 67-years old.
* 2011 ... Adele, with her two albums and the first two singles from "21", 'Rolling in the Deep' and 'Someone Like You', she became the first living artist to achieve the feat of having two top-five hits in both the UK Official Singles Chart and the Official Albums Chart simultaneously since the Beatles in 1964.
* 2011 ... Adele is the first female in the history of the "Billboard" Hot 100 to have three singles in the top 10 at the same time as a lead artist, and the first female artist to have two albums in the top five of the "Billboard" 200 and two singles in the top five of the "Billboard" Hot 100 simultaneously.

2011 ... Dubstep artist, Skrillex, is unexpectedly nominated for five Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist - a first in Grammy history for a DJ. He went on to win three.. [Nov 30]
* 2011 ... Adele became the first artist to sell more than 3 million copies of an album in a year in the UK, with the success of her second studio album "21". [Dec]
* 2012 - Adele becomes the first female British artist to have three No.1 songs from the same album on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with "Set Fire to the Rain" from the album 21. [Feb04]
* 2012 ... British boy band One Direction became the first British pop band to go straight in at No. 1 in America with their first LP/album. Their album "Up All Night" sold 179,000 copies in a week after an intense promotional blitz. [March]
* 2012 - Adele was named Billboard's top artist of 2012, while her hit record 21 was named top album of the year in the music magazine's annual review. The 24-year-old was the first to receive both accolades two years in a row and the honours for Adele came in a year which saw her win six Grammy awards and dominate the US charts. Her second album 21 went straight to No.1 when it was released in March 2011 and did not leave the top 10 until the beginning of September 2012, during that time, it spent 24 weeks at the top spot. Billboard's top three songs were Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know', Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' and Fun's 'We Are Young' respectively.. [Dec 16]
* 2012 ... "Gangnam Style" performed by PSI is the first promo video of a No.1 single to surpass one billion views on Youtube. Its the most-watched video ever in history, surpassing even Justin Bieber's hit "Baby". [Dec 21]
* 2013 . . 'Modern Vampires of the City' by Vampire Weekend went to No.1 on the US album charts. Their sophomore album 'Contra' also debuted at No.1 in 2010, making this the first time an independent rock band had entered at No.1 with two consecutive releases. 'Modern Vampires of the City' also shattered the previous record for first week vinyl sales, moving nearly 10,000 units.. [June 01]
* 2013 ... Sir Elton John won the first ever Brits Icon award, in a gala concert which marked his stage return after surgery for appendicitis. Elton was presented with the prize by his friend, Rod Stewart, who described him as "the second-best rock singer ever".. [Sept 13]
* 2013 ... In the UK, Cher enters the singles chart at No. 25 with "I Hope You Find It", which made her the first and the only female artist to have a top 40 hit in six consecutive decades. [Oct 26]

* 2013 ... The 1st ever YouTube awards were held in NYC. The event featured Eminem, Lady Gaga and M.I.A making live music videos directed by the awards' creator, Spike Jonze, and others. Eminem won Artist of the Year, while Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' took the YouTube Phenomenon award. [Nov 03]
2013 - Metallica played a gig inside a dome at the Argentine Antarctic Base Carlini, so doing became the first band ever to play on all seven continents. During the concert, audio was transmitted to an audience made up of competition winning fans from Latin America through headphones. Staged in conjunction with Coca Cola Zero, it was only the second ever gig to take place on the continent. [Dec 08]
* 2013 ... People magazine names Adam Levine "Sexiest Man Alive", making him the first musician to earn the title. [Nov 19]
2013 ... Big Bill Broonzy: The Man Who Brought The Blues To Britain aired on BBC Four for the first time. A biography of the bluesman Big Bill Broonzy, who inspired generations of musicians.. [Dec 01]
2014 ... Billy Joel kicked off the first-ever music franchise of “The World’s Most Famous Arena”, Madison Square Garden, performing a show a month, for as long as there is demand. [Jan 27]
* 2014 ... British band Queen have made chart history by becoming the first act ever to reach 6 million UK sales of an album, Queen have broken chart records after surpassing the 6 million sales milestone with their 1981 Greatest Hits album.

* 2014 ...
Big Sean becomes the first rapper to perform at the White House when he duets with Ariana Grande on "Right There" at the annual Easter Egg Roll.
* 2014 . . The Rolling Stones perform for the first time in Israel, with the newpaper Haaretz going as far as describing the concert as being "Historic with a capital H".. [June 04]
* 2014 ... Released today , "All About That Bass" ~ Meghan Trainor, became the first single in British chart history to enter the chart's top 40 with no contributing physical or digital sales ... the first song to make the UK top 40 on streams alone. [June 30]
2014 . . Kate Bush became the 1st woman to have eight albums in the UK charts at the same time. Two albums were in the top 10, and the eight overall in the top 40. It came after she returned for her first live concerts for 35 years. The only artists ahead of Bush are Elvis Presley, with 12 entries in the top 40 after his death in 1977 and the Beatles who had 11 in 2009. [Aug30]
2014 ... Calvin Harris became the first artist to place three songs simultaneously on the US Billboard's Dance/Electronic Songs chart [October]
2014 ... Taylor Swift was named Billboard's Woman of the Year 2014, making her the first artist to receive the award twice. The award goes to the female artist who "has shaped and inspired the music industry with her success, leadership and innovation" over the last year. [Oct 10]
2014 ... "The Last Ship", Sting's musical about shipbuilding in north-east England, opened on Broadway. The former frontman with The Police, described watching the opening night as "an out-of-body experience". Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and Deborah Harry were among the first night audience at the Neil Simon Theatre. [Oct 27]
* 2014 ... Taylor Swift became the first female artist to replace herself at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when "Blank Space" overtook "Shake It Off" for the top spot. [Nov 29]
2014 ... Cheryl Fernandez-Versini aka Cheryl Cole become the first British female solo artist to have five No.1 singles in the UK after her latest song, 'I Don't Care', entered the Official Charts in pole position. The 31-year-old overtook Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Rita Ora, who both had four chart-toppers. [Nov 09]
* 2014 ... One Direction became the first group in history to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart with its first three albums when Midnight Memories debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 dated December 14th 2013. They later became the first group to debut at No. 1 with their first four albums when Four debuted atop the chart on November 26th 2014
* 2014 . . Bruce Springsteen made his acting debut in the final episode of Season 3 of Van Zandt's show "Lilyhammer", which was named "Loose Ends", after a Springsteen song on his album 'Tracks'. Springsteen played Giuseppe Tagliano, the brother of Van Zandt's character, Frank Tagliano aka "Giovanni "Johnny" Henrikssen". Giuseppe is an undertaker and owner of a funeral parlor who occasionally works as a hitman for a mafia family which Frank is associated.. [Dec 17]
* 2015 - "Weird Al" Yankovic becomes the first-ever guest editor at MAD magazine when it is announced that he will be assisting with issue #533. [Feb 12]
2015 ... Week-ending March 1st sees the first Official Albums Chart to incorporate streams come into effect. The number of tracks streamed in a year doubled from 7.5 billion in 2013 to just under 15 billion in 2014; that’s 25 million streams a day in January 2014, and just 12 months on we’re now at 50 million streams a day in the UK. [w/e March 01]
*2015 - British chart history was made as the first ever home-grown British country act, The Shires, shot into the top ten with a debut album 'Brave'. [March 09]
* 2015 . . Ed Sheeran became first British artist to hit 2 billion streams on Spotify, the music service has confirmed; two billion streams on just two albums is a phenomenal achievement. [April 21]
* 2015 . . The British boy group, One Direction, made their first official public appearance as a four piece on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where they confirmed that they would continue working without a new fifth member. [May 14]
* 2015 . . For the first time ever, the European Song Contest had a guest country competing, Australia. Australia was invited to compete as a one off, for the 60 years of Eurovision celebration. 196 points gave them the 5th place with Guy Sebastian singing "Tonight Again". The UK, yet again did badly, coming 25th out of 27 with only 5 points! .. [May 23]
2015 ... British boy band One Direction released "Drag Me Down", their first single released by the group after Zayn Malik's departure. [July31]
2015 ... Sam Smith makes UK Official Chart history by scoring the first ever No.1 James Bond theme with "Writing’s On The Wall". The song, which serves as the title track for the upcoming Bond film Spectre, is straight in at the top with combined chart sales and streams of 70,000 copies, finishing 13,000 ahead of closest competitor, Justin Bieber’s "What Do You Mean?" [Oct03]
* 2015 ... Adele's single 'Hello' is released on digital download hitting the No.1 spot worldwide and became the first single ever to be downloaded 1 million times in its first week of release. [Oct 30]
* 2016 ... Justin Beiber holds the No. 1, 2, & 3 position in the UK singles chart, a first UK chart history. [Jan 08]
* 2016 . . For the first time ever the UK album chart history had 2 deceased artists at positions 1 and 2, with "Black Star" - David Bowie at the No.1 spot and "If I Could Dream" - Elvis Presley in at the No.2 spot.. [Jan15]
* 2016 - For the first time ever the UK album chart had 2 deceased artists at positions 1 and 2, with "Black Star" - David Bowie at the No.1 spot and "If I Could Dream" - Elvis Presley in at the No.2 spot. [Jan15]
* 2016 . . After pop wannabe's Stephen aka Silvar and his girlfriend Sharna finished their X Factor audition, Stephen fell to his knees and asked Sharna for her hand in marraige. The first marraige proposal on the UK X Factor. [Sept 10]
2017 . . Ed Sheeran's two new releases "Shape of You" and "Castle on the Hill" debuted on UK Singles Chart at No1 & No.2, the first time in history an artist has taken the top two chart positions with new releases.. [Jan 13]
* 2017 - Rick Wakeman's new studio album "Piano Portraits" entered the UK Albums Chart at No. 7, and became the first solo piano album ever to reach the UK Top 10. [Jan 13]

Jean Shepard was credited with releasing country music’s first concept album, “Songs From a Love Affair,” in 1956 and in 2005, she became the first female singer to reach 50 years as a Grand Ole Opry member, according to the Opry’s website.
* The first person to utter the word "hip-hop" was Keith "Cowboy" Wiggins of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. He was teasing a pal who had joined the army about the sound boots make on pavement, and the verbal mash-up made it into his stage act. Eventually, disco groups started referring to bands like Wiggins' as "hip-hoppers," and, though pejorative, the name stuck
* Earth, Wind & Fire were the first African-American act to sell out Madison Square Garden
* Earth, Wind & Fire were
the first African-American to receive the MSG Gold Ticket Award.

* "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles was the first music video to be broadcast on MTV's first day, August 1st 1981

* Phil Chen, bassist in Rod Stewart's band was the first non-white musician to appear on MTV, performing on "She Won't Dance with Me" , the 3rd ever video to be shown.
* "History Never Repeats" by Split Enz was the first music video by a New Zealand band ever played on MTV.
"Just Between You and Me" by April Wine was the first music video by a Canadian musical artist ever played on MTV.
* Iron Maiden were the first hard/metal rockers shown on MTV.
"Iron Maiden" by Iron Maiden was the first (taped) live recording to appear on MTV, it was taken from the band's Live at the Rainbow" video.
"Keep On Loving You" by REO Speedwagon. was the first Billboard Hot 100 No.1 hit song to be played on MTV
* Rod Stewart became the first artist to have two different videos played on MTV. "She Won't Dance with Me" (the 3rd video/song ever shown on MTV) then "Sailing", (MTVs 15th video/song)
* First video to be played twice: The Who, "You Better You Bet" (this was also the first video to be played three, four and five times)
* "Rapture" by Blondie was the first rap music video ever played on MTV. (48th video to be shown)
Some other MTV Facts ~ to date in 2014
* Artist with most total appearances: Rod Stewart (16)
* Artist with most videos: Rod Stewart (11)
* Most played videos: The Who's "You Better You Bet", April Wine's "Just Between You And Me" and Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" were each played five times
* Total number of videos played: 116 (each video counted only once, no matter how many times it was repeated)
* The 100th video to be played was "Just Between You and Me" by April Wine
* The 200th video to be played was "Johnny & Mary" by Robert Palmer


* 1824 . . Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, his final complete symphony, was performed for the first time at the Theater am Kärntnertor in Vienna, although it had originally been commissioned by The Philharmonic Society of London in 1817.. [May 07]
* 1893 - Giuseppe Verdi's "Falstaff" was first performed in Milan, Italy. It was his last opera. [Feb 09]
* 1920 - Enrico Caruso concluded three days of Victor recording sessions at Trinity Church in Camden, New Jersey. He recorded several discs including the Domine Deus and Crucifixus from the Petite messe solennelle by Rossini. These were his last recordings. [Sept16]
* 1920 - Enrico Caruso gave his last public performance, when he sang in Jacques Halevy's "La Juive" at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. [Dec24]
* 1933 . . Extremely ill and weak from fighting tuberculosis, Jimmie Rodgers arrives in New York and starts recording his last 24 songs over 7 days. Sadly he died just two days later.. [May 17-24]
* 1939 - Frank Sinatra recorded "Every Day of My Life" and "Ciribiribin", the last songs he recorded with the Harry James Band. [Nov 08]
1942 - Glenn Miller ended his broadcasts for Chesterfield Cigarettes before leaving to enlist in the Army so he could go to World War II. [Sept24]
* 1953 . . Elvis Presley leaves IC Humes High School in Memphis, TN.. [June 02]
1955 - Bo Diddley appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, where he infuriated the host. "I did two songs and he got mad," Bo Diddley later recalled. "Ed Sullivan said that I was one of the first colored boys to ever double-cross him. Said that I wouldn't last six months". The show had requested that he sing the Tennessee Ernie Ford hit "Sixteen Tons", but when he appeared on stage, he sang "Bo Diddley" instead. This substitution resulted in his being banned from further appearances. [Nov 20]
* 1957 - Buddy Holly's recording contract with Decca expired, Decca did not take the option to re-new it.. [Jan 26]
1957 - Elvis Presley made his fifth and last concert appearance outside of the USA, in Vancouver, Canada. [Aug31]
1957 - Elvis Presley appeared at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, this was Presley’s last concert of the 50’s. He served in the United States Army between March 1958 and March 1960.
* 1957 - A last show for Al Priddy a DJ on US radio station KEX in Portland, he was fired after playing Elvis Presley's version of 'White Christmas'. He had violated the radio station's ban against the song. The station management said, 'it's not in the spirit we associate with Christmas'. Dec]
* 1958 - The Quarrymen performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, the group's first and last performance there until they changed their name to the Beatles.. [Jan 24]
1958 ... Buddy Holly's last studio session took place at Pythian Temple Studios in New York. Using strings for the first time, he recorded : 'Moondreams', 'Raing In My Heart', 'It Doesn't Matter Any More' and 'True Love Ways' [Oct21]
1959 - Buddy Holly made his last recordings alone with an acoustic guitar and tape recorder. (Jan)
1959 - Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper made, what would be their last ever appearances, at Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, Iowa. (Feb 02)
1959 - The Saturday night pop-music show, Your Hit Parade, that's been running since April 1935, has its last US radio broadcast. [April 24]
* 1960 - Eddie Cochran's last recording session was held in Hollywood. (January)
* 1960 . . Ben E. King announced he was leaving the Drifters to sign a solo deal with ATCO Records.. [May02]
* 1960 . . Ben E King, then Ben Nelson, recorded his last song with The Drifter as their lead singer, "Sometimes I Wonder", but it was not released until June 1962. He also left the Drifters in May 1960 to follow a solo career, assuming the stage name Ben E. King.. [May 19]
1961 - Elvis Presley makes his last stage appearance for nearly eight years, at Bloch Arena in Hawaii. [April 25]
* 1962 . . The Beatles made their last appearance of many, at the Aintree Institute, Liverpool. Brian Epstein became infuriated when the promoter paid The Beatles' fee (£15 pounds) with handfuls of loose change. Epstein took this as an insult to the group, and made sure that The Beatles never played for that promoter, Brian Kelly, again.. [Jan 27]
1962 - The Beatles recorded a BBC radio program, "Here We Go", at the Playhouse Theatre in Manchester, the last recording on which Pete Best played drums.
1962 - The Beatles performed aboard the MV Royal Iris on the River Mersey, thier 3rd and final "Riverboat Shuffle" [Sept28].
* 1962 - The Beatles begin their last series of performances at The Star Club in Hamburg, Germany,
that would go through until December 31th .. [Dec 18]
* 1963 - The Weavers, founded in 1949 by Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert, Lee Hayes and Fred Hellerman gave their farewell concert at Orchestra Hall in Chicago.
* 1963 ... Eric Clapton quits The Roosters to form Casey Jones and the Engineers.. [Aug 02]
1963 ... Beatles make their 294th and last appearance at the Liverpool Cavern Club They had been playing there since August 1961.. [Aug 03]

* 1964 . . The final scene of the Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" was filmed in West Ealing, London, where Ringo obligingly drops his coat over puddles for a lady to step on, only to discover that the final puddle is actually a large hole in the road.. [April 24]
* 1965 -
The Beatles kicked off on their last British tour at the Odeon Cinema in Glasgow, Scotland with the Moody Blues opening for them. The last show was at Cardiff's Capitol Cinema on 12th December. [Dec 03]
* 1965 - The Beatles performed for the final time in their native Liverpool, at the Liverpool Empire. More than 40,000 people applied for tickets for the 2,550-seat venue. [Dec 05]
* 1966 ... The last episode of Shindig airs on ABC featuring The Who and The Kinks. [Jan 08]
* 1966 – The Cavern Club in Liverpool famous for hosting the Beatles in their very early days, closes, having run up debts of 10,000 pounds.. [Jan 28]
* 1966 – Brian Poole and the Tremeloes announce their break-up.. [Jan 28]

* 1966 - Gene Clark of The Byrds announced he was leaving the group due to his fear of flying. [March 01]
* 1966 - The Beatles play their last ever concert in the UK , when they perform at a New Musical Express concert. The last song was "I'm Down". [May01].
* 1966 . . The Beatles were first heard using reversed tape in the song "Rain" when they made a surprise live appearance on the UK TV program Top of the Pops, performing ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain’. It became The Beatles' last live musical TV appearance, with the sole exception of the June 1967 worldwide transmission of ‘All You Need Is Love’.. [June 16]
1966 - The final Beatles world tour began in Munich.
* 1966 - The Beatles play their last real US concert, wrapping up their tour at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. Their last song is "Long Tall Sally". [Aug 29].
* 1966 - After 14 years on TV, plus ten years on radio before that, the last episode of The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet, which made Rick Nelson a household name, aired on ABC.. [Sept 03]
* 1966 - Axe man, Jeff Beck, officially leaves The Yardbirds after a year and a half in the band. He would later form the Jeff Beck Group. [Nov 30]
* 1967 . . The duo Peter and Gordon announce their split. [Feb 08]
1967 - Brian Poole leaves the Tremeloes. (Feb)
1967 - Steve Winwood and his brother Muff announced that they were leaving the Spencer Davis Group after their April 2 show. (March)
1967 . . The Walker Brothers announced that they had disbanded, although they did reunite for a tour of Japan in 1968.. [May 03]
1967 . . Gerry And The Pacemakers announced they were splitting up, recognising they could no longer keep pace with the rapidly changing UK rock scene. They were the second Liverpool band to chart [after the Beatles], but first to reach No1. and the first act ever to top UK chart with their initial 3 singles all in 1963.. [May 08]
1967 . . Peter Green left John Mayall's Blues Breakers to form Fleetwood Mac.. [June 15]
1967 - Elvis Presley recorded 'Guitar Man' at RCA studio, Nashville, Tennessee, which was the last of eleven number one country hits for Presley. [Sept10]
1967 - David Crosby left The Byrds after ego battles with Roger McGuinn; he was replaced by Gene Clark. The following year Crosby, Stills, and Nash was formed. [Nov 09]
1967 - Jimmie Rodgers singing career ended, when he was found in his car with a fractured skull after a serious but non fatal accident. (Dec 1st)
* 1967 - Guitarist and singer Dave Manson quit Traffic to start a solo career. (December)
* 1967 - The Dave Brubeck Quartet formally disbanded after Paul Desmond left the group. (December)
1967 - Otis Redding was in the studio for the last time, recording '(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay'. The song went on to be his biggest hit. Sadly Otis didn't see its release; he was killed 3 days later in a plane crash. (Dec)
* 1968 . . Buffalo Springfield played their last concert, performing a show in Long Beach, California. They got back together in 2010 and for a tour in 2011.. [May 05]
1968 - Pink Floyd released their second album 'A Saucerful Of Secrets' in the UK. It is both the last Pink Floyd album on which Syd Barrett would appear and the only studio album to which all five band members contributed. [June28]
* 1968 . . After missing a show, David Ruffin is fired from The Temptations.. [July 09]
1968 - Buffalo Springfield played their last concert, performing a show in Long Beach, California. They got back together in 2010 and for tour in 2011.
* 1968 . . John Sebastian leaves The Lovin' Spoonful.. [Oct 01]
1968 - Cream gave its final concert (in 20th century) at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the crowd of over 10,000 chant “God save the Cream” as the group leaves the stage. The concert was filmed and released as "Goodbye Cream" on February 20th 1969. They were supported by Yes and Taste [Nov 26th]
1968 - Janis Joplin made her final appearance with Big Brother & The Holding Company, at New York's Hunter College, before going solo. She also formed 2 backing bands before her death in 1970. [Dec 01]
* 1968 - Eric Burdon left the Animals. (December)
1968 - Graham Nash quit the Hollies on December 5th.
* 1969 - Beatles film and record 'Get Back' on the roof of the Apple Building in Baker Street, London. It was stopped after 42 minutes because an accountant at the nearby Royal Bank of Scotland complains about the noise. This was the last time The Beatles as a band performed live together.. [Jan 30]
* 1969 . . Keyboardist Nicky Hopkins leaves Jeff Beck Group.. [June 04]
* 1969 - Supergroup Blind Faith, featuring Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Steve Winwood made their live debut at a free concert in London's Hyde Par; it was also their first, last and only live gig.. [June07]
1969 - Performing at the Royal Albert Hall, The Jimi Hendrix Experience played its last British concert. [June]
* 1969 - Jimi Hendrix's Experience played its last gig at the Denver Pop Festival, after which Noel Redding announced he had quit the band, the band then broke up. [June29]
* 1969 - The Beatles met at John Lennon's Tittenhurst Park home in England for their final ever photo session. Three shots from this session, by Ethan Russell, formed the front and back covers of the Capitol compilation album Hey Jude. Yoko Ono and a pregnant Linda McCartney appeared in some photographs with The Beatles. [Aug22]
* 1969 . . The half hour Saturday morning cartoon "The Beatles" aired its last show. The show had debuted on September 25th 1965.. [Sept 07]
* 1969 ... Jimi Hendrix celebrated his last birthday, his 27th, watching The Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden.. [Nov 27]
* 1969 . . John Lennon and Yoko Ono end their bed-in in Montreal and recorded "Give Peace a Chance" with Tommy and Dick Smothers, Derek Taylor, Murray the K and Timothy Leary, in Montreal, Canada.. [June 01]
1967 . . Fairport Convention make their live debut, performing at St. Michael's Hall, Golders Green.. [June 01]

* 1969 -
John Lennon played what would be his final ever gig in the UK when he appeared at The Lyceum Ballroom, London, with the Plastic Ono Band in a UNICEF 'Peace For Christmas' benefit. George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Delaney and Bonnie, Billy Preston and The Who's drummer, Keith Moon also took part.. (Dec 15)
* 1969 - The Supremes made their last TV appearance together with Diana Ross on 'The Ed Sullivan show', singing their last No.1 'Someday We'll Be Together'. (December)
1969 - Matthew Fisher leaves Procol Harum.
1970 - Davy Jones announced he was leaving the Monkees. (Jan)
1970 - Elvis Presley's last film 'Change Of Habit' was released. (Jan)
* 1970 . . Diana Ross made her last appearance with The Supremes at The Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas.. [Jan 14]
* 1970 - Simon & Garfunkel release their final album together, "Bridge Over Troubled Water". It tops the album chart at regular intervals over the next two years, and becomes the best-selling album in Britain during the 1970s [Jan26]

* 1970 . . John Lennon wrote, recorded and mixed his new single 'Instant Karma!' all in one day. It ranks as one of the fastest-released songs in pop music history, recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios and arriving in stores only ten days later.. [Jan 27]

* 1970 - The Beatles made their last appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show when music videos for their songs "Let It Be" and "Two Of Us" are aired. [March 01]
* 1970 –
27 year old Paul McCartney publicly announces he's quit the Beatles with no future plans to record or appear with The Beatles again, or to write any music with John Lennon. [April10]
* 1970 . . Diana Ross left The Supremes to concerntrate on her solo career. [May01]
* 1970 . . The Beatles' 12th and final studio album , Let It Be, is released, almost a month after the group's break-up.. [May 08]
1970 - After the final performance of their European tour at Bath Music Festival, guitar virtuoso Peter Green left Fleetwood Mac (although he did help them out in 1971 on a few US gig dates) ..[May 20]
* 1970 . . The Beatles 12th and final studio album 'Let It Be' started a three week run at No.1 on the UK chart.. [May 23]
1970 - Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground performed for the last time at the New York Club 'Max's Kansas City' [Aug23].
* 1970 -
Jimi Hendrix performed in public for the last time during an informal jam at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in Soho with Eric Burdon and his latest band, War. They began by playing a few of their recent hits, and after a brief intermission Hendrix joined them during "Mother Earth" and "Tobacco Road". Less than 48 hours later Jimi was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Mary Abbot's Hospital London on 18th Sept after choking on his own vomit. [Sept16]
* 1970 - After 22 years on various networks, the last Ted Mack's Amateur Hour show airs on CBS. [Sept27]
* 1970 . . Curtis Mayfield leaves The Impressions.. [Oct 01]
* 1970 - Jerry Lee Lewis and wife Myra Brown were divorced in Memphis. [Nov 18]
* 1970 - During the Doors' last public performance with Jim Morrison, at The Warehouse in New Orleans, Louisiana, Morrison had a breakdown on stage. Midway through the set he slammed the microphone numerous times into the stage floor until the platform beneath was destroyed, then sat down and refused to perform for the remainder of the show. [Dec 12]
* 1971 - Richard Thompson leaves Fairport Convention. [Feb 06]
* 1971 . . Frank Sinatra announces his retirement from show business, only to return a year and a half later with the legendary comeback album Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back.. [June 14]
* 1971 . . Tony Kaye quit Yes to form Badger. He was replaced by Rick Wakeman.. [Aug 01]
* 1971 ... Down to just three members and riven by infighting, Creedence Clearwater Revival kick off their last US tour with a gig at Tulsa, Oklahoma's Assembly Centre.. [Aug 02]
1971 - The last episode of This Is Tom Jones, starring the title singer, aired on ABC-TV.. [Sept04]
* 1971 . . Gene Vincent records last session before his death, for Radio 1 at BBC Maida Vale studios.. [Oct 01]
* 1972 - Smokey Robinson left The Miracles.. [Jan 29]
* 1972 ... The official Beatles Fan Club disbanded. [Feb 08]
1972 . . Maureen McGovern quit her job as a secretary to become a full time singer.. [June 05]
* 1972 . . Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, Grateful Dead founding member and keyboardist played his last show with the band at a Hollywood Bowl concert. Health problems force him to stop touring and sadly he dies less than a year later at age 27.. [June 17]
1972 - Smokey Robinson appears onstage for the last time with his group The Miracles in Washington, DC. [June23]
* 1972 - Martha & the Vandellas disbanded after giving a farewell concert at Detroit's Cobo Hall. [Dec21]
* 1973 . . Paul Gadd, soon to be Gary Glitter, killed off his former persona Paul Raven when he lowered a coffin containing all his records into the River Thames, London.. [June 14]
1973 - The Byrds play their farewell concert at Capital Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey (Feb)
* 1973 . . Ronnie Lane announces to the media he was leaving the rock band Faces to form Slim Chance.. [May 28]
* 1973 . . Record executive Clive Davis was fired from Columbia Records for misappropriating $100,000.. [May 29]
1973 - Ronnie Lane plays his last show with Faces at the Edmonton Sundown in London. Lane had informed the band earlier that he was quitting.. [June 04]
* 1973 - Ian Gillan quits Deep Purple. [June30]
* 1973 – David Bowie 'retires' his stage persona Ziggy Stardust in front of a shocked audience at the Hammersmith Odeon at the end of his British tour. [July03]
1973 - Bobby Darin performed his final concert, at the Las Vegas Hilton. [Aug25]
1973 - 'Oz' magazine publishes its last issue [Nov 01]
1974 - Cher filed for divorce from Sonny Bono.
* 1974 - NBC-TV's popular variety show, The Dean Martin Show, finishes after nine successful years. [May24]
* 1974 ... Jeff Baxter quit Steely Dan and joined the Doobie Brothers.. [Aug 03]
* 1974 -
Traffic made their last live performance at the annual UK Reading Festival.. [Aug 24]
* 1974 . . The influential band, the New York Dolls spit up.. [Sept 10]
* 1974 ... John Lennon joins Elton John on stage at Madison Square Garden for three songs "Whatever Gets You Through the Night", "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", and "I Saw Her Standing There". . Sadly this would be John Lennon's last stage performance.. [Nov 28]
* 1974 - Mott the Hoople breaks up. (Dec)
1974 - Due to many frustrations, Mick Taylor quit the Rolling Stones, after being with the band for six years. The bandmates were at a party in London when Taylor told Mick Jagger he was quitting and walked out.. (Dec 12)
1975 - The Raspberries split up.
* 1975 - Ritchie Blackmore plays a final show with Deep Purple in Paris before quitting to form his own group, Rainbow. [April07]
1975 - The original New York Dolls break up after Jerry Nolan and Johnny Thunders leave the band in the middle of a tour in Florida.. [April 25]
1975 - Apple Records officially dissolves. [May10]
1975 - American singer songwriter Tim Buckley completed the last show of a tour in Dallas, Texas, playing to a sold-out crowd of 1,800 people. This was Buckley's last ever show, he died the next day of a heroin and morphine overdose aged 28. [June28]
* 1975 - Peter Gabriel leaves progressive rock group Genesis. [Aug23]
1975 - Stevie Wonder appeared at the Wonder Dream Concert in Kingston, Jamaica, a Jamaican Institute for the Blind benefit concert. Along with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, the three original Wailers, performing together for the last time.
* 1975 - Rod Stewart and the Faces play their final show together. The group's breakup was due to Stewart wanting to further his success with his solo career.

1975 - The official break-up of Faces is announced at a London press conference. Rod Stewart will continue his solo career while Ronnie Wood joins The Rolling Stones. [Dec 18]
1976 - Deep Purple split up at the end of thier UK tour (Jan)
* 1976 – The Beatles’ nine-year contract with EMI expired.. [Jan 26]

* 1976 - Glam rocker/perv Gary Glitter announces his retirement, which he is forced to end when he files bankruptcy.. [Jan 27]
* 1976 . . BBC Radio 1 DJ Johnny Walker announced he was quitting the station after being told he must pretend to like The Bay City Rollers.. [May 08]
* 1976 . . The Allman Brothers Band temporarily broke up after Gregg Allman testified against his road manager, Scooter Herring, in order to avoid prosecution in a drug trafficking sting. The band reformed in 1978.. [May 28]
1976 - Ian Dury played his last live gig with 'Kilburn & the High Roadsand' at The Assembly Hall, Walthamstow, before starting his solo career. The Sex Pistols and The Stranglers were also on the bill.. [June17]
1976 - Keith Moon publicly performed for the last time with The Who at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada; the last gig of their tour.
* 1976 - Bob Dylan's former band, The Band made their final performance at 'The Last Waltz'. The show which also featured Neil Young, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Dr John, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton and others was filmed by Martin Scorsese and released as the classic concert movie The Last Waltz. [Nov 25]
* 1977 . . After releasing only one single for the band, EMI Records terminates its contract with the Sex Pistols.. [Jan 27]
1977 - Elvis Presley records three tracks live at Michigan Civic Centre - which were his last ever recordings. [April 25]
* 1977 . . Marc Bolan plays his last show with T. Rex, before his death. The concert takes place at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden, with Bolan the only original member of the band at that point.. [May 24]
1977 - Elvis Presley performed his final concert at Market Square Arena, Indianapolis. [June 26]
* 1977 - Tony Orlando announced his retirement from show business. [July22]
* 1977 - Led Zeppelin play their last concert in the USA at Oakland. The band had to cancel thier last 7 gigs when lead singer Robert Plant learnt that his six-year-old son Karac has died of a respiratory virus [July24]
* 1977 . . Jimmy McCulloch quit Paul McCartney & Wings to help reformed Small Faces. Drummer Joe English also left Wings at this time, to join Sea Level.. [Sept 08]
* 1977 . . Bing Crosby gave his last concert at the Brighton Centre, in the UK (just four days before his death) with British entertainer Dame Gracie Fields in attendance. The following day he made his final appearance in a recording studio and sang eight songs at the BBC Maida Vale studios for a radio program, which also included an interview with Alan Dell. [Oct 10]
* 1977 ... Martin Scorsese's acclaimed documentary "The Last Waltz", of The Band's last concert, premiered in New York City, featuring Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Joni Mtchell, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, The Staple Singers, Dr. John, and more. [Nov 04]
* 1977 . . Bing Crosby's last Christmas special airs. The show was recorded in September, sadly Bing Crosby had died in October. The show is remembered for Crosby's unusual duet with David Bowie, where they sang a modified version of "Little Drummer Boy," with Bowie singing the new "Peace On Earth" lyrics composed by the show's writers. [Nov 30]
* 1977 - Bye bye Cat, Cat Stevens converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusef Islam. (December)
* 1978 . . The Sex Pistols play their final show (until a reunion in '96). They performed before a sold-out crowd at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom. At the end of an epoch-defining gig, Johnny Rotten asks the audience, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” and walks out on the band.. [Jan 14]
1978 - Johnny Rotten was fired from The Sex Pistols for 'not being weird enough' anymore. (January)
* 1978 - Britain's first punk magazine, Sniffin' Glue, ceases publication. (Feb)
1978 - The final punk performance was staged at London's 100 Club given by Alternative TV [April 25]
* 1978 -
Keith Moon's final performance with The Who, at London's Shepperton Film Studios to film a mini-concert for their career-spanning documentary, The Kids Are Alright. They powered through a nine-song set that finished with John Entwistle's signature tune "My Wife".. [May 25]
* 1978 - The Who release their eighth studio Who Are You. It is The Who's last album with Keith Moon as the drummer; Moon died twenty days after the release of this album. [Aug18]
* 1978 - Sex Pistol Sid Vicious made his last live stage appearance when he appeared with Rat Scabies from The Damned, former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock and Nancy Spungen at London's Electric Ballroom. [Aug 22]
* 1979 - Emerson, Lake and Palmer disband following financially disastrous tour of America. (Jan)
* 1979 . . Little Feat announce their breakup.. [June 14]
1979 . . The original Led Zeppelin play their last British concert at Knebworth in Hertfordshire. [Aug 11]
1979 . . In Through the Out Door was released in the US, Led Zeppelin's last album while all four members were alive [Aug 22].
* 1979 . . Pattie Smith announced in front of 85,000 people in Florence, Italy, that she was performing her last show. She returned to performing a decade later. [Sept 10]
1979 - Mick and Bianca Jagger were divorced. [Nov 02]
* 1979 - Bill Haley & His Comets perform at the Drury Lane Theatre in London in a command performance for The Queen. This was Haley's final recorded performance of "Rock Around the Clock" [Nov 26]
* 1979 - Singers Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge are granted a divorce.. [Dec 02]
* 1980 . . AC/DC played their last show with frontman Bon Scott at the Gaumont theatre in Southampton, UK. Bon died the following month after a night of excessive drinking.. [Jan 27]
* 1980 . . The original Ants split with Adam.. [Jan 28]

* 1980 - New York nightclub, Studio 54 throws one last bash with A-list regulars Diana Ross, Andy Warhol, Richard Gere, Ryan O'Neal, Jack Nicholson, Farrah Fawcett and Sylvester Stallone before the owners, Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager go to jail 13 months, for tax evasion. It was the first time anyone had ever been prosecuted for a one-year tax evasion. [Feb 04]
* 1980 . . AC/DC appear on Top of the Pops, where they perform A Touch Too Much. It would be lead singer Bon Scott's last appearance with the band. [Feb07]
1980 - Malcolm McLaren fires Adam Ant from the group which goes on to become Bow Wow Wow. (Feb)
* 1980 . . Joy Division played what would be their last gig with singer Ian Curtis when they appeared at Birmingham University, England. Ian Curtis committed suicide two weeks later. [May 02]
1980 . . The Carpenters' last TV special, Music, Music, Music, airs on ABC.. [May 16]
* 1980 . . Drummer Peter Criss left Kiss for a solo career and replaced by Eric Carr.. [May 17]
* 1980 . .
Led Zeppelin began their last tour.. [June 17]
1980 - ZZ Top headlines the Toledo Speedway Jam II in Toledo, Ohio, with AC/DC, Sammy Hagar and Humble Pie on the undercard. This was the last time AC/DC would be a support act until 2003, when they open for The Rolling Stones. [Aug 17]
* 1980 . . Rock drummer of Cream fame Ginger Baker, quits recently re-formed Atomic Rooster to join Hawkwind.. [Sept 06]
* 1980 - Bob Marley collapsed onstage during a show at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This was the last show he ever performed. He died seven months later of cancer. [Sept23]
1980 - Soon to be murderer, Mark David Chapman, quit his security job and signed out for the last time. Instead of the usual "Chappy" he wrote "John Lennon". [Oct 23]
1980 - Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones made the announcement of their decision not to re-form Led Zeppelin in the wake of the death of drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham. They have never fully reformed, but do play some shows with Jason Bonham filling in for his father. [Dec 04]
* 1980 - At 11am photographer Annie Leibovitz arrives at John Lennons home, to take the last known photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono together at their apartment in New York's Dakota building. John wanted one of the shots to be of him naked, clinging to a clothed Yoko. The resulting picture made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine weeks later.. [Dec 08]
* 1980 - At 1:00pm, San Francisco radio producer Dave Sholin arrives at John Lennon's sprawling 34-room apartment in the Dakota, New York, to conduct what was John’s last interview. During the 3-hour session, John poignantly says: “We’re either going to live or we’re going to die. I consider that my work won’t be finished until I’m dead and buried – and I hope that’s a long time”. [Dec 08]
1981 - David Bowie made his final appearance as the Elephant Man in the Broadway show. (January)
1981 - The band 'Wings' disband when guitarist Denny Laine quits.. [April 25]
* 1981 . . Diana Ross leaves Motown Records after nearly 20 years and signs a record $20 million contract with RCA.. [May 18]
1981 - Keyboardist Vince Clarke announced he was quitting Depeche Mode to form Yazoo with Alison Moyet. [Dec 01]
1982 - Abba made their final live appearance as a group when they played in Stockholm, Sweden. (Jan 1st)
* 1982 . . Adam and the Ants disbanded.. [May 02]
* 1982 . . Topper Headon left the Clash.. [May 24]
* 1982 . . Bass player Pete Farndon of The Pretenders was fired from the group. Two days after Farndon's dismissal, guitarist James Honeyman-Scott was found dead of heart failure caused by a cocaine overdose. Farndon himself was then found dead in his bath on 14th April 1983.. [June 14]
1982 - The group Squeeze broke up. [October]
1982 - Paul Weller announced the future breakup of The Jam in December. [Oct 30]
1982 ... The British rock group Japan announced it was breaking up. [Nov 22]
* 1982 - Metal bassist Ron McGovney, played his final concert with Metallica. He ultimately quit on December 10th due to growing tensions and clashes with Ulrich and Mustaine. [Nov 30]
* 1982 - Karen Carpenter made her last live appearance with The Carpenters when she performed in Sherman, CA. (Dec 17)
* 1982 - The Who play the last concert of their 'It's Hard Tour' at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.. [Dec 17]
1982 - The Jam played their last ever gig as a band in Brighton, England. (Dec)
* 1983 - The musical "Annie" closed on Broadway at the Uris Theatre after 2,377 performances. [Jan 02]
* 1983 - Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet broke up the band Yaz.. [May 24]
* 1983 . . "Weird Al" Yankovic left his job day as a mail clerk, to concerntrate on his singing and song writing career.. [May 28]
* 1983 . . Irish group The Undertones split up; lead singer Feargal Sharkey followed a solo career.. [Nov 25]

* 1983 - The Who officially disbanded. . (December)
* 1984 - The Jacksons played their last show together in Los Angeles. [December]
1985 . . The Go-Go's announced their breakup; they reunited in 1990.. [May 10]
* 1985 . . Marvin Gaye's "Dream of a Lifetime" was released. It was the last album Marvin recorded.. [May 21]
* 1986 . . Madness announced they were splitting up. The band achieved over 20 Top 40 UK hits including the No.1 'House Of Fun', (they re-formed in 1992 and again in 1999).. [Sept 01]
* 1987 . . Mike Joyce drummer with The Smiths, quit the band saying that 'the present role within the group had been fulfilled'.. [Sept 04]
1987 - "American Bandstand" was canceled after 30 years on television.. [Sept 05]
* 1987 -
The Zorros headline on the Halloween for the last ever show at the Crystal Ballroom, Melbourne's premier Punk/ New Wave Venue. The Crystal Ballroom has seen almost ten years of intense musical evolution. The venue has chandeliers, stained glass windows, paisley wallpaper and a tiled foyer. [Oct 31]
1987 - Prince decided to cancel the release of "The Black Album". It was only a week away from release. [Dec 01]
* 1988 - In London, The Who performed at the British Phonographic Industry awards ceremony. They received an award for their "Outstanding Contribution to British Music. This would be the last time Kenney Jones played with the band. [Feb 08]
1988 - The Cars announced they were breaking up after 12 years of working together. (Feb)
* 1988 - Elton John and German sound engineer Renate Blauel got divorced (Feb 14th 1984 ~ Nov 18th 1988)
* 1988 . . The final edition of Dolly the television variety show hosted by Dolly Parton aired on ABC. Guest stars featured in the series had included Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard, Tyne Daly, Bruce Willis, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Petty, Tom Selleck, the Neville Brothers, Alabama, Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, Dudley Moore, and Oprah Winfrey..[May 10]
* 1988 - Roy Orbison gave what turned out to be his final concert in Akron, OH.; his final song was "Running Scared". Sadly he died two days later. [Dec 14].
* 1989 . . Compilation albums were excluded from the UK chart and were listed in the new Top 20 Compilation Albums.. [Jan 14]
* 1989 - The Brit Awards show was hosted by Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood and just about everything went wrong - lines were fluffed and bands mis-cued onto the stage. This was the last year the show was broadcast live.. [Feb 13]
* 1989 . . Stevie Ray Vaughan kicked off on what would be his last ever tour at the Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia. The guitarist was killed in a helicopter crash on 27th Aug 1990 after a concert at Alpine Valley Music Theater in Wisconsin, after playing 107 of the 110 dates.. [May 04]
1989 . . Public Enemy broke up after group member Professor Griff made anti-semetic remarks, but got back together again 2 months later.. [June 15]
* 1990 - At the 11th Brit Awards, Freddie Mercury made his final public appearance with Queen. They received the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. [Feb 18]
* 1990 . . Nirvana played the last date of a North American tour at the Zoo in Boise, Idaho. This was Chad Channing's final gig with the band, drummer Dave Grohl replaced him in Sept of this year after his band Scream had split-up.. [May 17]
1990 - Leonard Bernstein conducts his final concert at Tanglewood, Massachusetts. [Aug 19]
* 1990 . . His last ever gig, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble play Alpine Valley, Wis. For an encore, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, and Robert Cray join the band for a jam. Flying to Chicago the next morning, Vaughan is killed when his helicopter crashes.. [Aug 26]
1990 - Pia King the wife of Level 42's lead singer and bassist, Mark King, was granted a 'quickie', divorce after her husband ran of with their children's nanny. [Nov 19]
* 1990 . . Bad Religion released their fifth full-length studio album, Against the Grain. This is the band's last recording with drummer Pete Finestone, who left the band just prior to the recording of their next album Generator .. [Nov 23]
1991 - It was announced that Izzy Stradlin had left Guns N' Roses; Gilby Clarke later replaced him. [Nov 07]
* 1991 - The musical "Once on this Island" closed after 469 performances. [Dec 01]
* 1991 - The musical "Nick and Nora" closed after only nine performances. [Dec 17]
* 1992 - After a meeting on the 10th, Motley Crue released a statement saying Vince Neil had left the band because his longtime hobby, car racing, had “become a priority” in his life. He had not been at the meeting and insisted he had no idea (Feb 14)
* 1992 . . After a show in Tokyo, John Frusciante quits the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He would return to the band in 1999 and leave again in 2009. [May 07]
1992 - Bette Midler was Johnny Carson’s last guest on the NBC late-night program The Tonight Show. She sings several songs, including a short duet of "Here's That Rainy Day" with Johnny Carson. It was his penultimate show, but he had no guests the following night, on his last very show, which was aired on May 22nd.. [May 21]
* 1992 . . Freedom Williams quits C and C Music Factory and files a $10 million fraud and breach of contract suit in New York against the group.. [June 02]
* 1992 - Bill Wyman, bassist of the Rolling Stones, quit the group after 30 years.. [Dec 08]
* 1993 . . US alternative group The Pixies announced that they had split.. [Jan 14] (They re-formed in 2004).
* 1993 . . After controversy over Ice-T's song, "Cop Killer.", Warner Brothers Records announces that it is releasing him from his contract due to "creative differences".. [Jan 27]

* 1993 - Billy Burnette leaves Fleetwood Mac to pursue a country music career. [April 16th]
1993 - The musical "Cinderella" closed after 14 only performances.
1993 - Elton John resigned his directorship of Watford Football Club.
* 1993 - Bruce Springsteen was a surprise guest on David Letterman's final show as host of NBC's Late Night show. [June25]
* 1993 . . The musical "The Will Rogers Follies" closed after 983 performances.. [Sept 05]
* 1994 - Nirvana played their final ever concert at an Airport Hanger, The Terminal Einz in Munich, Germany, infront of 3,000 fans. The power went off during the show so they played an impromptu acoustic set including a version of The Cars 'My Best Friend's Girl'. [March 01]
* 1994 . . The Wonder Stuff announced that they were splitting up, the bands Phoenix Festival show in July would be their last.. [May 21]
1995 - Manic Street Preachers' guitarist Richey James vanished leaving no clues to his whereabouts. He left The Embassy Hotel in London at 7am, leaving behind his packed suitcase (His car was found on the Severn Bridge 16 days later). [Feb 01] .
* 1996 - In front o
f the world's press at The Hilton Hotel in Manchester, UK, the group 'Take That' announce their split up; the band had achieved 7 No.1 singles & 2 No.1 albums. They released one more single and a Greatest Hits album.. [Feb 13]
1995 . . Oasis scored their first UK No.1 single with 'Some Might Say', the first single to be released from thier 2nd album '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' And it was the last Oasis track to feature original drummer Tony McCarroll.. [May 06]
* 1995 . . Alan Wilder leaves Depeche Mode.. [June 01]
* 1995 . . The Grateful Dead give their last concert with leader Jerry Garcia at Chicago's Soldier Field. Jerry died a month later of a heart attack while in drug rehab.. [July 09]
* 1995 ... Peggy Lee gave her final major public peformance. George Shearing and Mel Torme also performed at the show at the Hollywood Bowl.. [Aug 02]
1995 . . Kyuss perform their last-ever show, at Festa Dell Unita, in Reggio Emilia, Italy.. [Sept09]
* 1995 - Four months after the death of their founding member Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead officially announce their breakup.. [Dec 08]
1996 - The Ramones played their last gig in the UK, at The Brixton Academy, after being together 22 years. [Feb 03]
1996 - At the world's press at The Hilton in Manchester, UK, Take That announce their split up; (Feb)
1996 - Crowded House announced they had split up.. [June04]
* 1996 - "Now That's What I Call Music! 35" aka "Now 35" was released on vinyl, audio cassette, and Compact Disc. The 35th edition of the Now! series in the United Kingdom was the last of the series to be released on vinyl.. [Nov 18]
* 1997 - MTV drops video "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy (Dec 19)
* 1997 - Marty Raybon made his last appearance with country group Shenandoah at the Wildhorse Saloon, Nashville, TN.. [Dec 19]
* 1998 – The Presidents of the United States of America play their final show at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre. The show benefits the Chicken Soup Brigade, which provides food and services to Seattle residents with HIV/AIDS.. [Jan 31]
1998 - Rock band Faith No More announce that they have split. [April]
* 1998 . . Steve Perry officially leaves Journey, honoring an agreement made with Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain that they would reform the band without him if he was not able to tour. He was replaced with Steve Augeri.. [May 07]
* 1998 . . Geri Halliwell announced she had quit The Spice Girls saying "This is because of differences between us. I am sure the group will continue to be successful and I wish them all the best… PS, I'll be back" .. [May 31]
1999 - During his concert at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, Billy Joel announces his retirement from touring and recording pop music, but he eventually returned to the stage. [April]
* 1999 - Rapper Mase aged 21, announces that he is retiring from music in order to “follow God.”
* 1999 . . Marti Pellow announced that he had quit Wet Wet Wet and had signed a solo deal with Sir Elton John's former manager John Reid.. [May 10]
* 1999 . . Andy "Mushroom" Vowles announces he is leaving trip-hop group Massive Attack.. [Sept 09]
* 1999 . . The Smashing Pumpkins announce that bassist D’Arcy Wretzky has left the band after recording her parts for their album Machina/The Machines of God.. [Sept 09]
1999 - Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe get divorced, with Rowe giving full custody rights of the children to Jackson and Rowe receiving an $8-million settlement. [Oct 08]
*1999 ... During their show at London's Brixton Academy, rock band Pavement announce that they are splitting up. Band member Stephen Malkmus tells the crowd that the show will be the band's last.. [Nov 27]
1999 - Jazz saxophonist, Grover Washington, collapsed and died in "the green room" after taping his last ever performance for CBS's "The Saturday Early Show". The show aired the next day.. [Dec 17]
* 2000 . . Nashville-based country fan magazine Music City News closes its doors after 37 years of publication.. [Jan 14]
* 2000 – Rock guitarist Kevin Cadogan is fired from Third Eye Blind, shortly after the band play the Sundance Film Festival.. [Jan 25]
* 2000 . . Letters to Cleo play their last concert in Boston; they disband the following month. [May 04]
* 2000 . . The film 'Honest', starring 3 of All Saints is taken out of cinemas after a disastrous showing at the box office.. [June01]
* 2000 . . The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats ended its record-breaking run on Broadway after 7,485 performances.. [Sept 10]
2000 - The tree from U2's song One Tree Hill is taken down. Located in Auckland, New Zealand, the tree had been attacked by activists and had to be removed. [Oct 26]
2000 . . Ben Folds Five announces they're breakup; Ben continues as a solo artist. [Nov 01]
2000 - It was announced that after 74 years the UK rock weekly Melody Maker was to close down. The Christmas edition would be the last one, then it would merge with the New Musical Express/NME creating a more sizeable broad-based magazine.
* 2001 . . It was announced that Peter Criss was leaving KISS and that he would be replaced by Eric Singer for the remainder of dates of the farewell tour. Criss' last show was on October 7, 2000. [Jan 31]
2001 - The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered Napster to stop its users from trading copyrighted material without charge. (Feb)
* 2001 . . Harvey Danger played a "final" show in Portland seven years to the day after their very first show, and quietly disbanded for a 2 year hiatus.. [April 21]
2001 - Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland quits the band. A post on their website states, "Limp Bizkit and Wes Borland have amicably decided to part ways. Both Limp Bizkit and Borland will continue to pursue their respective musical careers". [Oct12]
2001 - The three living Beatles met for the last time at George Harrison's hotel in New York City for lunch. Harrison died two weeks later at a friend's home in Los Angeles, aged 58.
* 2002 - Graham Coxon leaves Blur during Think Tank's recording sessions, after tensions with the other members mainly due to its alleged alcohol problems and disagreement about the choice of Fatboy Slim as producer. Coxon only contributed in one song, Battery in Your Leg. He was later "replaced" on tour by Simon Tong, former guitarist of The Verve.. [June01]
* 2002 . . S Club 7's Hannah Spearitt announces she is leaving the group two months after her boyfriend and band member Paul Cattermole had left the group.. [June 02]
2002 . . A power failure ended a Britney Spears concert after only two songs, in Lubbock, Texas.. [June 14]
* 2002 ... Actor and Elvis fan Nicolas Cage divorced Lisa Marie Presley after less than four months, citing “irreconcilable differences”. [Nov 26]
* 2002 . . After nearly forty years, The Statler Brothers play their last concert ever at the Civic Center in Salem, Virginia.. [Nov26]
2002 - Peter Garrett quit Midnight Oil after 25 years. (Dec 03)
* 2003 . . "Les Miserables" closed after 6,680 shows and 16 years on Broadway.. [May 18]
2003 - The Compaq Center in Houston closes with a final concert by ZZ Top, who performed there when it was known as The Summit. The venue would be acquired by Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church. [Nov 22]
* 2004 – Married for 2 days, pop star Britney Spears, said she “lacked understanding of her actions,” and asked a county court in Nevada to annul her Las Vegas marriage to her childhood friend over the weekend. Britney married Jason Allan Alexander of Kentwood, La., two days earlier at an early morning ceremony.. [Jan 05]
* 2004 – Guitarist Ben Nightingale left alternative rock band The Sleepy Jackson. He’s the third band member to leave the group in the space of a year.. [Jan 05]
* 2004 – Urban boy band B2K announce they are splitting.. [Jan 05]

* 2004 - Oasis fired drummer Alan White.. [Jan 16]

* 2004 . . Phish announces it is splitting up after 21 years. They reunited in 2009.. [May 25]
* 2004 - Ray Charles appears at his Los Angeles recording studio to attend a ceremony marking it as a national historic landmark. Sadly it was be the last public appearance he ever makes.
* 2004 . . The experimental Scottish quartet The Beta Band announced they were splitting up.. [Aug 03]
* 2005 - British pop group Busted confirm they are splitting.. [Jan 14]
2005 – Ryan Vikedal, Nickelback’s drummer since 1996, leaves the band.. [Jan 28]
* 2005 - Ray Charles won eight posthumous Grammy awards for his final album, "Genius Loves Company." [Feb 13]
2005 - MTV aired the final episode of 'The Osbournes' the American reality TV programme featuring the domestic life of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family. It ran for 3 years.
* 2005 - Broadway musical and Beach Boys tribute 'Good Vibrations' closes after 94 performances. [April 24]
2005 - Sports firm Reebok, pulled a UK TV ad featuring 50 Cent after Lucy Cope, a mother whose son was shot dead complained it glamorised gun crime. The ASA were investigating 54 other veiwer complaints over a reference to the rapper having been shot nine times. [April]
* 2005 . . Indie rockers, Art Brut announced they had parted ways with guitarist Chris Chinchilla. He was is replaced by Jasper Future.[Sept 09]
* 2005 . . Despite numerous fan protests, the City of Liverpool, England, declares its intention to go ahead and demolish Ringo Starr's birthplace on Madryn Street, which the famous drummer lived in until the age of 5. [Sept 09]
2005 ... Lou Rawls gave his last performance when he performed the national anthem of the United States to start Game Two of the World Series, in Chicago, IL. [Oct23]
* 2006 – Rock band The 22-20s split, explaining that they somehow inadvertantly had turned into “a hard-working British blues touring band”.. [Jan 27]
2006 – Frontman Jason Lytle revealed that Grandaddy have split up. “The realistic part is it hasn’t proved to be a huge money-making venture for a lot of guys in the band” he said.. [Jan 27]
* 2006 - "Now That's What I Call Music! 63" aka "Now 63" was released on audio cassette, digital download, and Compact Disc. The 63th edition of the Now! series in the United Kingdom was the last of the series to be released on audio cassette. [April 10]
* 2006 . . Guitarist Dave Baksh announces he is leaving Sum 41 to pursue a career with his new band, Brown Brigade.. [May 11]
2006 - Ryan Vandeberghe announces that the Suicide Machines have broken up after 15 years. [May13]
* 2006 . . Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills admitted that they had given up the fight to save their marriage, saying that after four years together, they were going their separate ways.. [May 17]
* 2006 - The last ever edition of the British television chart show, Top of the Pops, is broadcast. [July30]
* 2006 ... Pop star Madonna officially opens Arena Square, a new development next to the recently refurbished Wembley Arena in northwest London. During the opening, she also unveils a bronze plaque of her own handprints in Arena Square.. [Aug 01]
* 2006 – Justin Hawkins, lead singer of The Darkness announces he is leaving the band. [Oct10]
2006 - The final concert is performed at the celebrated Manhattan music club CBGB, courtesy of Patti Smith. [Oct15]
* 2006 - Bob Dylan's musical tribute "The Times They Are A-Changin" closes on Broadway after only 28 showings. [Nov 19]
2006 - Syd Barrett's final belongings were sold by Cheffins auctioneers in Cambridge, UK. The sale of the last 77 items raised £119,890. Ten paintings alone raised over £55,000 and two bicycles over £10,000. The sale included such things as the armchair he used to sit in, his home-made bread bin, tools, notebooks and binders and books. The sale catalogue described Barrett - who quit Pink Floyd in 1968 - as a man with a "total disinterest in materialism". [Nov 30]
* 2007 - Arcturus officially announces they are splitting up. [April 17]
* 2008 - Heavy metal band Kittie announced the departure of their bassist,Trish Doan, due to the eating disorder anorexia, which she developed during the recording of Funeral for Yesterday.. [March 04]
2008 . . E Street Band organist Danny Federici returned to the stage for one last time when he appeared for portions of a Springsteen and E Street Band performance at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Less than one month later, Federici died having suffered for three years with melanoma.. [March 20]
* 2008 - theJazz radio station stopped broadcasting. [March 31]
2008 - Phil Collins announces his retirement from releasing albums and touring. [April 25]
* 2009 . . Harvey Danger announced, "After 15 years, three albums, hundreds of shows, and far more twists and turns than we ever imagined possible, we've decided to put Harvey Danger to rest. The decision is totally mutual and utterly amicable". The rock band played eight farewell shows in August, the last three of them in Seattle. The band closed Aug 29th, with the last song it wrote, "The Show Must Not Go On".. [May 28]
* 2009 . . Rock band Harvey Danger played its final show at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, closing the show with the last song it wrote, "The Show Must Not Go On" .. [Aug 29]
* 2009 - Paul Anka ended a stormy marriage by filing for divorce from his 2nd wife Anna a year-and-a-half after their wedding. [Dec 05]
* 2010 - MTV dropped the "Music Television" moniker from its logo. [Feb 08]
* 2010 . . After eighteen years Kevin Eubanks made his final appearance as the bandleader of The Tonight Show.. [May 28]
2010 - Brooks & Dunn played their final show together at a fundraiser for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena.. [Sept02]
2011 - After 42 years as lead guitarist with British heavy metal band Judas Priest, it was announced founder member K.K. Downing had retired from the band and would not complete the Epitaph World Tour. K.K. cited differences with the band and management and a breakdown in their relationship. Sadly that left his life long friend, bassist Ian Hill, as the only remaining founding member of the band. [April]
2011 - American Idiot, the punk rock band Green Day's rock opera, based on their 2004 album, American Idiot, closes after 422 performances at St. James Theatre on Broadway. [April 24]
* 2012 - During a show at the Perth Arena in Australia, INXS drummer Jon Farriss tells the crowd, "Tonight is very likely to probably be the last show we ever do " The next day, the band confirms that they are calling it quits after 35 years. [Nov 11]
* 2013 . . Italian metal band Draugr’s final performance took place at the Tipogragfia in Pescara, Italy.. [Dec 22]
2014 - The London production of the musical "We Will Rock You" a musical based on the songs of Queen closed after a final performance at the Dominion Theatre in which Brian May and Roger Taylor both performed. Running for 12 years, it had become the longest-running musical at the Dominion Theatre. [May 14]
2014 - About 105,000 people attended George Strait's final concert at AT&T stadium, Arlington, TX. The show set a record for the largest crowd for an indoor concert in North American history. [June07]
2014 - The Allman Brothers Band play their final show at the Beacon Theater in New York City. [Oct 28]
* 2014 - Darlene Love sings "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on David Letterman's show for the final time, as the host has announced his retirement. When Love first performed the song on Letterman in 1986, it went so well that Dave made it a Christmas tradition, and every year she would come back to sing it. [Dec 19]
* 2015 - Blink-182 announces Tom DeLonge's resignation, the same day that bandmates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker slam DeLonge in a tell-all Rolling Stone interview. They claim the vocalist/guitarist will only communicate with them via email or through his manager, and his constant absurdity has kept them from recording new music. Barker added: "It's hard to cover for someone who's disrespectful and ungrateful".. {Jan 26]
* 2015 . . Fox announced that American Idol would conclude at the end of its fifteenth season.. [May 11]
* 2015 . . Black Sabbath received a lifetime achievement prize at the Ivor Novello songwriting awards. Guitarist Tony Iommi picked up the trophy, confirming the heavy metal band would embark on their "final tour" next year. Ed Sheeran was named songwriter of the year, and Annie Lennox was awarded the fellowship of the British Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (Basca) - the society's highest honour.. [May 21]

also check "IT'S A BEST" (

* 1932 . . Frankie Laine and partner Ruth Smith, sets the all-time marathon dancing record lasting 3,501 hours (145 consecutive days) until 18 October 1932, earning him $600.. [May 26]
* 1955 ... Four versions of one song - Mr. Sandman by Chordettes, Max Bygraves, Dickie Valentine and Four Aces dominate the UK singles chart. (January)
* 1955 ... Belfast born Ruby Murray set a pop-chart record by having five hits in the Top Twenty in one week, a feat unmatched for many years. [Feb]
1955 ... Les Paul's 'Magic Melody Part 2' is released in US, the shortest single ever, with only two notes.
* 1955 - The BMI Annual Awards in New York City score big for R&B, with rhythm and blues songs winning a record eleven awards. [Dec 05]
* 1956 ... Elvis Presley made chart history by having 10 songs on Billboards Top 100 for week ending Dec 19th.

* 1957 ... Elvis Presley has a record eight singles on UK Top 30 singles chart: 'Party' (3), 'Teddy Bear' (11), 'All Shook Up' (17), 'Got a Lot of Livin' to Do' (19), 'Trying to Get to You' (21), 'Loving You' (24), 'Paralyzed' (26), 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' (30) [Nov02]
1957 ... Elvis Presley's first Christmas album, titled Elvis' Christmas Album, is released. It will go onto become the best-selling holiday album of all time. [Nov 19]
* 1958 . . Ritchie Valens' "Donna" is released; the B side "La Bamba", went on to become the only song not sung in English to appear in Rolling Stone magazine's top 500 songs of all time. [Oct 18]
* 1958 ... Tommy Edwards was No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'It's All In The Game', co-written by Charles Dawes. It is the only No.1 pop single to have been co-written by a US Vice President. [Nov 02]
* 1958 ... 'South Pacific' film soundtrack was at No. 1, it stayed at the top for 70 weeks continuously. The long playing 33 1/3 rpm vinyl album became the longest running No.1 album of all time spending a total of 115 weeks at the No.1 position in total. [Nov08]
* 1958 ... Elvis Presley's massive hit "Hound Dog" b/w "Don't Be Cruel" - becomes only the third record in history to sell more than three million copies, following Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" and Gene Autry's "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer". [Nov 09]
1959 ... 'Stay' by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs entered the US chart on its way to No.1. At just 1:37mins, it became the shortest US chart topper in Rock and Roll history.
1959 ... At 23 years old, Bobby Darin becomes the youngest ever headliner at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. [Oct05]
* The 60s ...
Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett wrote 43 songs for Elvis Presley, the most of any songwriter, or song writing team (all related to his movies)
* 1960 ...
"The Fantasticks" opened. The show became the longest-running musical in theatre history on May 13th 1984 with performance number 10,000. [May03]
1960 ... Elvis Presley's latest single, "It's Now Or Never," sells 780,000 copies in the UK during its first week, making it to that date the fastest-selling song in the country's history. [Nov 14]
* 1961 ... "The Twist" by Chubby Checker set a record at the time with 23 weeks on the chart.. [Dec 18]
* 1963 . . The Beatles started a record (for a group) 30 week run at No.1 on the UK album charts with their debut album 'Please Please Me'.. [May 11]
* 1963 . . 13 year-old Little Stevie Wonder started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Fingertips part II', it became the first live recording to hit No.1 in the US, and made Stevie the youngest singer to top the charts. [Aug10]
* 1964 . . The Beatles made history as the only act ever to simultaneously occupy the Billboard Hot 100 chart's entire top five positions.No. 1, "Can't Buy Me Love", No. 2, "Twist and Shout", No. 3, "She Loves You", No. 4, "I Want to Hold Your Hand", No. 5, "Please Please Me".. [April04]
* 1964 . . The Beatles Second Album sets a record by reaching No.1 on the Billboard chart a week after its release..[May02]
1964 . . During a US tour The Beatles appeared at the Municipal Stadium in Kansas City. The Beatles were paid $150,000 for the show, which was more than any other act had ever been paid for a live show. Tickets cost $4.50. [Sept17]
* 1965 ... The Beatles played Shea Stadium in Queens, New York, home of The Mets, to a record audience of 55,600. It was also the first concert to be held at a major stadium. [Aug15] The attendance record stood until 1973 when it was broken by Led Zeppelin with 56,800 fans at Tampa Stadium.
* 1966 ...
For the record ninth time in three years, The Kingsmen's hit version of Louie Louie enters the Billboard singles charts. [May14]
* 1966 . . Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass went to No.1 on the Billboard album chart with 'What Now My Love', which set a new American record with four albums in the US Top Ten ... 'South of the Border', 'Going Places', 'Whipped Cream and Other Delights' and 'What Now My Love'.. [May 28]
1966 ... The Dave Clark Five break a record by becoming the first rock band to make 12 appearances on CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan Show. [June12]
* 1966 ...
Chain Reaction, which would later become Aerosmith, opens for The Yardbirds at Staples High in Westport, Connecticut. The last show with Jeff Beck on lead guitar, he was sacked both for being a consistent no-show and difficulties caused by his perfectionism and explosive temper. [Oct 22]
* 1967 ... 'San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair) by Scott McKenzie is No.1 in the UK; it is the longest titled UK number one hit single, including brackets, with 43 letters and 10 words [July]
* 1968 . . A world-record time for smashing a piano is set by a six-man Irish team taking two minutes, 26 seconds.. [Sept 07]
1969 ... The Monkees set a new record when their second album, 'More Of The Monkees' jumped from No.122 to the top of the US chart, staying in pole position for eighteen weeks.
1969 ... Jimi Hendrix earned the largest paycheck (to that date) for a single show when he earned $125,000 for a single set at the Newport Jazz Festival.
1969 ... Sugar Sugar by The Archies was at No.1 on the UK singles chart. The single became the longest running One Hit Wonder in the UK with eight week's at the top of the charts. [w/e Oct 19]
1969 ... TV history was made when Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki Budinger were married on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson. With 40 million viewers watching, it broke records for TV viewership . [Dec 17]
* 1970 ... The legendary Isle of Wight Festival kicked off (26-30 August) at the East Afton Farm, I of W, England. Some 600,000 people attended the largest rock festival of all time (to date). Artists included The Doors, The Who, Joan Baez, Chicago, Richie Havens, John Sebastian, Ten Years After, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull and Jimi Hendrix topping the bill.
* 1970 ... Aerosmith performed their first ever gig when they played at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, MA. [Nov 06]
("The Bad Boys from Boston", Aerosmith became the best-selling American rock band of all time, having sold more than 150 million albums worldwide. They also hold the record for the most gold and multi-platinum albums by an American group.

* 1971 . . Grand Funk Railroad smashed the record held by The Beatles when they sold out New York’s Shea Stadium in 72 hours.. [June 05]
* 1971 ...
Carole King holds the record for most consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 for any one album by a female solo artist with 15 weeks, with Tapestry.
* 1972 ... Harry Nilsson's
"Coconut" is the only song with no chord changes to enter the Billboard Hot 100; the only chord in the song is an arpeggiated C7th.

* 1972 ... Opportunity Knocks winner, 12 year-old Neil Reid started a three-week run at No.1 on the UK album chart with his debut album. It made Reid the youngest person ever to score a UK No.1. (Feb)
* 1972 . . The Tyrannosaurus Rex double album 'Prophets, Seers And Sages And The Angels Of The Ages / My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair But Now Their Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows' went to No.1 in the UK. The longest title of an album ever at the time.. [May 06]
* 1972 . . The Rolling Stones kicked off their seventh North American tour at the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada. The 32 date tour grossed $4 million (£2.35 million), making it the richest rock tour to date in history.. [June 03]
* 1972 ... Elvis Presley made entertainment history by performing 4 sold-out shows at New York's Madison Square Garden. John Lennon, George Harrison, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Art Garfunkel were among music stars that attended the shows. [June]
* 1973 ... Elvis Presley reportedly drew the largest audience for a single TV show to that time when he presented a live, worldwide concert from Honolulu, HI. The broadcast went live via satellite on January 14th and aired in over 40 countries across Asia and Europe (who received the telecast the next day, also in primetime). Despite the satellite innovation, the United States did not air the concert until April 4, 1973 (because the concert took place the same day as Super Bowl VII). Viewing figures have been claimed by the promoters at over 1 billion viewers worldwide, although the accuracy of these figures has been debated. The show was the most expensive entertainment special at the time, costing $2.5 million. [Jan14]
* 1973 . . Led Zeppelin perform at Tampa Stadium on their tour of the United States, where they set the record for highest attendance for a concert, 56,800. The record was previously held by The Beatles. Performances for the movie The Song Remains the Same are also filmed while on tour.. [May 05]
* 1973 ... Carole King's concert in Central Park draws 100,000 people - the biggest crowd to date.
* 1974 . . The Who sell out Madison Square Garden in a "then" record 8 hours.. [May10]
1974 ... 50 year old Charles Aznavour was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'She', the French singers only UK No.1. At the time it made Aznavour the oldest living male chart-topper in the UK charts. [June29]
1975 . . B.J. Thomas had the longest title of a number one song at the top of the "Billboard" popular music chart. The song was "(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song." [April 26]
1975 . . Elton John’s "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" album was released in the U.K. It was the first album to be certified a million-seller on its first day of release. [May23]
1975 ... Elvis Presley performed for 60,000 fans at the Silverdome, in Pontiac, MI. He set a world record for earning $800,000 for a single concert by a single artist.
* 1975 . . Steve Anderson becomes new World Guitar Champion with continuous string plucking for 114 hours 17 mins [Nov 07]
* 1976 . . Paul McCartney's Wings set a new world record when they performed in front of 67,100 fans in Seattle, the largest attendance for an indoor crowd.. [June 02]
* 1976 . . ABBA scored their third UK No.1 single with 'Fernando', the song went on to become ABBA's biggest selling single, with sales over 10 million.. [May 08]
1976 ... Elton John begins a record-breaking 10-night run of concerts at NYC's Madison Square Garden. [Aug10]
* 1977 ... Tapestry by Carole King released February 1971 holds the record for the longest time for an album by a female solo artist to remain on the Billboard albums chart, with nearly six years.
* 1977 ... Carole King also holds the record for most consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 for any one album by a female solo artist with 15 weeks, also by Tapestry.

1977 ... Led Zeppelin set a new record for the largest audience at a single-act concert in Pontiac, MI., in front of 76,229 people, breaking their own world attendance record which was at Silverdome in Michigan. [May06]
* 1977 . . The month after his death, Elvis Presley had 27 albums and 9 singles in the Top 100 charts in the UK. 'Moody Blue' was the No.1 album, while 'Way Down' was No.1 on the singles chart, putting him at this time equal with the Beatles, each amassing 17 No.1 hits. [Sept 03]
1977 . . Debby Boone, started a 10 week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'You Light Up My Life'[Oct15]
* 1977 - Debby Boone, Pat Boone's daughter, topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a (then) record-setting 10 consecutive weeks. It became the most successful single of the 1970s in the United States, and set a new Hot 100 record for most weeks spent at Number One. [Dec 17] ...... (Elvis Presley's double-sided hit "Don't Be Cruel/ Hound Dog", then recognized as the longest-running No.1 of the rock era, spent 11 weeks atop the Billboard Best Sellers chart in 1956, before the 1958 debut of the Hot 100).
1980 - The Specials were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'The Special A.K.A. Live E.P'. The lead track 'Too Much Too Young' was the shortest song to reach No.1 on the UK singles chart in the 1980s at 2'04". [Feb 02]
* 1980 ... David Bowie went to No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Ashes To Ashes'. The video for 'Ashes to Ashes' cost a huge £250,000, and was at the time the most expensive music video ever made. [Aug13]
* 1980 ... The Guinness Book of World Records presents Paul McCartney with a special rhodium album for being the best-selling songwriter in the history of recorded music, having written 43 platinum songs and sold over 100 million records. [Oct23]
* 1981 - At week number 402 on the Billboard Album charts Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon sets the record for most consecutive weeks on the chart - if debuted in March 1973 and didn't leave until April 1988, after 724 weeks. [Feb 13]
1981 ... Diana Ross signs a record $20 million contract with RCA. She left Motown after nearly 20 years. [May]
1981 ... The Rolling Stones performed at the Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California, USA, as part of a 50-date North American tour, 95 fans were arrested after trouble broke out at the venue. The tour became the largest grossing of 1981, with $50 million in ticket sales. [Oct11]
1982 . . After a record breaking jump from No.33 on the UK charts, Damned's guitarist Captain Sensible started a 2 week run at No.1 with his version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein song 'Happy Talk' from the 1949 musical South Pacific. [July03]
* 1982 - Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love' achieved the longest unbroken run on the UK Official Singles Chart when it logged it's 43rd week in the Top 100. [Nov 06]
* 1982 . . Michael Jackson's Thriller album was released. It spent 190 weeks on the UK album chart and became the biggest selling pop album of all time, with sales over 50 million copies. Seven singles were released from the album, including 'Beat It', which featured guitarists Eddie Van Halen and Steve Lukather'. [Nov 30]
* 1983 . . The Stranglers 'Golden Brown' was named most performed work of 1982 at the 28th Ivor Novello Awards.. [May 05]
* 1983 ... Over 750,000 fans attended the first day of the four day "US Festival '83'" in California, which featured Van Halen, The Clash, U2, David Bowie, Judas Priest, Men At Work, Ozzy Osbourne, Stray Cats, Stevie Nicks, Willie Nelson. INXS, Joe Walsh, Motley Crue and The Pretenders. Van Halen was paid $1 million to play the festival, the biggest fee anyone has ever received for playing a single concert.
1984 ... Michael Jackson won a record eight Grammy awards most connected to the album "Thriller."; including: Album of the year for 'Thriller'; Record of the year and Best rock vocal performance for 'Beat It'; Best pop vocal performance, Best R&B performance and Best R&B song for 'Billie Jean', and Best Recording For Children for E.T The Extra Terrestrial. (Feb 1984)
* 1984 ... "The Fantasticks" became the longest-running musical in theatre history with performance number 10,000. The show opened on May 3, 1960.
* 1984 . . Bruce Springsteen released the album, 'Born In The USA', which became the best-selling album of 1985 in the United States (also Bruce's most successful album ever). The album produced a record-tying string of seven Top 10 singles, tied with Michael Jackson's Thriller and Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814.. [June 04]
* 1984 ... Epic Records set a record as two million copies of the Jacksons’ "Victory" were shipped to stores. It was the first time that such a large initial shipment had been made. [July02]
1984 ... Bruce Springsteen broke the attendance record at Philadelphia's Spectrum. 16,800 fans attended the first of six sold-out shows. [Sept11]
1984 ... Barry Manilow opened at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The shows sold out for a record $1.9 million. Manilow beat the previous record by $100,000 that was held by Diana Ross. [Oct 30]
* 1984 - Frankie Goes To Hollywood were the first group since Gerry And The Pacemakers to have a UK No.1 with their first three singles back in the 60s; , when FGTH's 'The Power Of Love', the group's third No.1 of the year and final UK No.1 topped the charts. [Dec 08]
* 1984
- "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band Aid entered the UK chart at No.1 and stayed at the top for five weeks. It became the biggest selling UK single of all time with sales over 3 and a half million. Band Aid was masterminded by former Boomtown Rats singer Bob Geldof, who had been moved by a TV news story of famine in Ethiopia. Geldof had the idea of raising funds with a one-off charity single featuring the cream of the current pop world. Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Paul Young, Culture Club, George Michael, Sting, Bono, Phil Collins, Paul Weller, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt of Status Quo and Bananarama all appeared on the recording. [Dec 15]
1985 ... A Brazilian Rock Festival held in Rio claimed to be the biggest ever staged. The City of Rock was built in an area of 250 thousand square meters (2,691 sq. ft) and the space hosted 1,380,000 people over the course of ten days. The festival featured; Queen, Rod Stewart, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Yes, James Taylor, Ozzy Osbourne and many top Sth American bands. (January)
1985 ... Liberace grossed more than $2,000,000 for his engagement at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. He broke his own record of $1.6 million.
1985 ... John Lennon's 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V limousine, with psychedelic paintwork, sold for a record sum of $3,006,385, (£1,768,462) at a Sotheby's auction in New York.
* 1985 ... Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover" sets a record by going to No.1 on 4 different Billboard charts. [Nov 02]
* 1987 ... Madonna played the first date on her Who's That Girl World Tour at the Osaka Stadium, Osaka, Japan. The tour became the highest-grossing tour ever, to date, grossing over $20 million. [June]
1987 ... Aretha Franklin scores a No.1 US hit with "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me", a duet with George Michael of Wham!. Her first No. 1 in 19 years and ten months, it breaks the record for the longest span between No.1 hits.
1987 ... The largest pre-order of albums in the history of CBS Records occurred as 2.25 million copies of Michael Jackson's ‘Bad’ album were shipped to record stores in the US. [Aug31]
1987 ... Tiffany becomes youngest act to top US chart with 'I Think We're Alone Now', since Michael Jackson (aged fourteen) went top with 'Ben' in 1972 [Nov 07]
1988 ... Tina Turner earnt a place in the record books when she performed in front of 182,000 people, the largest audience ever for a single artist, in Rio De Janerio.. [Jan 16]
* 1988 ... Debbie Gibson went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Foolish Beat', making Debbie, aged 17, the youngest female to write, produce and record a US No.1 single. A No.9 hit in the UK. [June25].
1988 ... Pink Floyd's ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ left Billboard's Hot 200 Album Chart after a record breaking, 741 weeks.
* 1998 . . Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will