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Very old friend of the band, especially Phil. Graham of course started with 'Blue Condition' which went to 'Sob' to 'Son of a Bitch' then to the very successful rock band 'Saxon'. real fab fella. The photos below were taken at the New Mason Arms, Mexborough, Nov 2003. The fans had a brill surprise when Graham got up and played most of the second set with us...awesome 2 lead guitars!! Gerry said his ears were ringing at the end of the night!! We must get a proper show together with Graham's Band soon.

Phil Brodie & Graham Oliver

Phil Brodie & Graham Oliver

Gerry Scanlan inbetween two awesome power guitarists!!

Gerry Scanlan in the middle of 2 brill power gutarists!!

Graham Oliver with his No.1 fan

Graham Oliver with No.1 fan.

That really was a great gig!!

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