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Since I wrote the below, Steve has been hard at work building a website, named 'Rock of the North' . This website is aimed at those music fans who love both rock and blues and those who like guitar based music. The site has some archive gig reviews [which he will be updating all the time as he writes them] and CD and DVD reviews , venue info, band info, lots of brill photos and more. As his writing is so interesting, easy on the mind which a touch of humor this site should evolve into a mine of knowledge and information. We wish him success with it and will enjoy watching it grow. Also I have these new pics of him!! [update Feb 2nd 2004]

Steve Lally - writer ... Cheers & Good Luck.

Steve Lally partying!! can we come to your next one!!



Steve is a fairly new friend of the Phil Brodie Band. We met him in " Boot & Shoe", Ackworth about June 2002. Great fella knows SO much about "The Blues", R & B, Rock . . . most music, artists, musicians, venues, instruments ... an amazing well of knowledge.

Steve used write for BluesMatters, but now is happily writing for the national blues magazine "Blues In Britan" His write ups are full of detail, interesting facts, easy and entertaining to read ... fab style of writing.

Last week he sent me a great little animated GIF which he made himself, of himself playing his mandolin at Windy Corner, which he has kindly given me permission to share with you all .... I hope you enjoy it!!

[takes about 30 seconds]

The Busker ... Steve Lally!!

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