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Hey Phil - only just discovered your site (yeah I know, where was I????) anyway it's absolutely brilliant - keep up the good work! .. Cris
Better late than never, Cris!! Keep visiting, new things on the site every month (and most weeks!) Thanks for the feedback ... Bev

Hi, Thanks for this ” The UK No1 Collection 1952 - 2008”, I found it from! Great music, thanks for collecting all of them in to one download! With Best Regards, Tapsa (from Finland)

Thankyou for your kind words and pleased you found the website useful. I hope you are having better weather this summer in Finland than we are here in UK!!! ... Bev
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Great site, took me back many years, I remember Gerry from Johnny Hawke & the Falcons, wonderful days with many happy memories. Didn't know you did gigs at Woodseats and I live there, long may your music continue. Mary
Memories!! Yes, they go back a long, long time!! LOL .. true, they were wonderful days.
* * * * * * *
nice / informative web site.
JL san diego
Thanks for taking the time to email me ... Bev
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Thank you very much, the website will really help me with my newsletter. I think the part I am finding the most useful is the trivia and musicians pages because they're actually quite surprising - some of the facts on the musicians are really interesting. Also, your band is incredible: I love their music, especially "Pretty Woman," and, "Let The Good Times Roll."
Thankyou for your kind words about the band and the site, so pleased you are finding it useful ! ... Bev
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Great night at the Vic the other night, best musicians I have heard in years, thought I would drop you a line to tell you, brilliant night, Thanks.
Pleased you enjoyed the band. First time we have played that venue, we enjoyed the night too, great audience. Hope to be back at a later date!! ... Bev
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The website is looking great!! I appreciate you listening to my (and others) feedback on musicians. There is so much great music out there! I have used your website to check out other guitar players I had no idea existed and I have found some really good music! Thanks for all your hard work...........Tom
Yes there are many great musicians out there, who without the internet we would never hear, I am pleased you find the the site useful and Thankyou for your input too... Bev.
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Hello Phil Brodie, Just played 'Arry's Coconut Woman and it took me back to the NAAFI beer bar at RAF Wunstorf in 1957 which was the first and last place I heard it. Lindener Export at 10d per half litre bottle and fags a bob for twenty. Wish I was still twenty (but not now) Thanks mate; at 72 you just made my day. God Bless You Man!
Pleased to made your day! I have quite a lot of Harry B. in my old music collection, glad I had the one you wanted!.. Bev
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Beverley...WOW...thank you!! What a beautiful tribute to Dan Fogelberg whose talent was valued by so many people over the years.
So hard to sum up the impact these special people have had on our lives with words - yet, sometimes that is all we have - and you have achieved this feat in many ways.
Again, my sincere thanks for your efforts on behalf of all the artists you have written about so eloquently, and my personal thanks for your responsiveness.

sincerely Sarah
Thank you, Sarah, for your very kind words, it was my pleasure, he was an extremely talented musician, composer and strong lyricist , he will be greatly missed. ... Bev
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jeez just want to say what a dynamite site.
thanks for at least 3 days of pleasure and just before xmas too
all the best Hanneke from Holland
Thankyou Hanneke, 3 days.. WOW!! pleased you enjoyed the site so much, keep visiting, always new things & info going up .. have a great Christmas & New Year ... Bev
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hi g
uys, saw you for the first time at grimsby, why arent you guys signed to a label, you so dam good, had to tell you best night in years. you guys rock. Think everyone there wants you to come back soon. J.
Hello J, pleased you had a great night, the band did too!! Great crowd. We will be back in the new year sometime ... Bev
* * * * * * *

Hey Guys,
We just wanted to say thanks for such a great gig tonight. Your music was excellent and the atmosphere was the best we've had so far! THANK YOU! We'd love to have you back in the new year, so please contact us or Andy at any time to arrange another gig. We hope to see you again soon in the not too distant future!
Liz and Jon at The Broadfield
Hi there, We had a good night too, really enjoyed it. You have a great venue, with an appreciative audience who enjoy their music, great atmosphere. We will be only too pleased to come back in the new year, we will look forward to it .. and thanks for the very fast email, I had only just come home from the gig!! ... Bev
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hi phil, woz many moons ago when i first saw bittersuite at sheffield lanetop {1979, i was 16} i followed the band thru into my 20"s. The sound from the band just blew me away, listening to the Van Halen"s "Jump" and Journeys "Don"t stop believin" not to mention the Twisted sister stuff you guys did. Am lookin forward to seein you play at the Broadfield in october. I know you"ve changed your set, but i know you"ll be the great band i saw from when i woz a young "Spotty" lad. Keep playin lads, and Phil,....Look after those Gibsons mate
Thankyou Ian for the kind comments, we are looking forward to playing The Broadfield too. Yes the band have changed their sets since those days , I am certain you will not be disappointed though, see you in a few weeks ... Bev
* * * * * * *

Wow great to hear and see you lads again at the Woodseats, its been far too long. New numbers were awesome - Kev
Hi Kev, its great to be there again!! Thanks ... Bev
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Thanks for sharing your music.
Mine's a Fender Strat 62 bought in 64 with a few amps in between. Played the wrong way round....heheheh , Keep it up, best regards, BrianB
Hi Brian, Don't think Phil has a '62 Strat!! 63 & 64 I think, but no '62! Pleased you enjoyed their music , and look after that fab guitar... Bev
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Have just stumbled upon your website whilst searching for what was no 1 on 24th June 1967 (my parents in law ruby wedding anniversary this year on 24th June) - your website is amazing!! Wow -what a brilliant resource. Just excellent.
234. Procol Harum 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' 8/6/1967
235. Beatles 'All You Need Is Love' 19/7/1967
Thankyou so very much - Clare
My pleasure Clare.. pleased you found what you were looking for ... Bev
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Your site is still the best. God bless.
Charles E. Givings
Thankyou Mr. Givings for your kind comment ... Bev
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awesome music . awesome site . come over the pond . rock on
Thankyou, pleased you enjoy the music ... Bev
fantastic site - I tapped in Google Harris Cockney and got exactly what I wanted the origin for take it up the Arris
LOL .. Pleased to help you! ... Bev
Bev: The cd's made it. Thank you ever so much. What a GREAT BAND you have, wish you would come to the states. We have a blues club 11 miles from us in Redkey Indiana called the Redkey Palace. HAPPY NEW YEAR The song I like best is I need your love so bad. cool. Thanks again ~ Dave
Hi Dave.. We are really pleased you have got the CD and are enjoying it, you never know one day someone at the other side of that big pond might book us a tour!! Again pleased you enjoy our music ... Bev
Friday night saw band at Baileys in Grimsby,great night with trio playing Hendrix ,Srv.Led zep,Gary Moore to perfection. My own favorite being Rocky mountain way ,I am of the age to have seen the best British bands in the 60's and this band is up there with the best.Having seen Dave at the Cafe Dansant many times I had a talk with Bev and the band members on the Dave Berry connection, as local agent Martin Yale was at one time their manager. Back to the night-------one to remember with Linda and Tracy leading the rapturous shouts for more at the end of the night. Cheers, Rockin Ron and Linda.
Hi there Ron & Linda .. it was a pleasure to meet you both on Friday, and our interesting musical chat and pleased you enjoyed the night. We enjoyed our first visit to Grimsby's new music venue, I think you could tell Phil was enjoying himself!! Hope to see you again next year somewhere on the road ... Bev
Phil: Im a 1960's rocker. Just found your web. Where can I get your cd ALIVE & KICKING Your band is so good, you rock. thanks Dave
Hi Dave .. Thanks for the email, compliments & enquiry. Send me your address and I will get one to you ... Bev
Saw the band last night at baileys in grimsby, absolutely blew me away. the best live band i've seen in a long time, been spreading the word to everyone today! I will definately have to catch them again soon. what a sound, and the playing! and I'm not even a huge blues fan, well I wasn't, loved the hendrix and led zep. cheers Chris
Hi Chris (notopher..LOL) ... Thanks for the great comments, pleased you enjoyed it. We enjoyed the gig and the people. We hope it grows into a well supported and successful live music venue and are invited back next year ... Bev
Rock on! All I can say is WOW.. you don't see a band of that calibre paying £50+ and we saw you at Bailey's in Grimsby!! So real, that was proper live music (Definately no cobwebs left there) Thanks for a night to remember! George & BJ
Hi George and BJ .. Glad you had a good night, we had a good night too, great new music venue and a great audience. We may be invited back next april to spring clean for them ..LOL ... Bev
Hi, great web site. Enjoyed it a great deal. I will return often.
Sincerely, Ron (US)
Hi Ron ... Much appreciated, thanks for emailing, hope you continue to enjoy the site... Bev

Excellent site mate, keep it up.

Hi Bob ... Thanks, I'm trying!! Bit behind on the updates, since hard drive death! LOL ... Bev
i think its great what you do and i hope others appreciate it as much as i do. thanks

Hi JC ... Really pleased you enjoy the site & took time out to email me, Thankyou ... Bev

May I thank you and praise everyone involved in creating and maintaining such a wonderful site I've got it bookmarked and will be chuffed to bits if I am ever in a position to provide some useful snippet to an enquirer. - David
Hi David.. Pleased I could help with your music query and thanks for the compliments about the site. Enjoy your music ... Bev
I am across the pond in the USA, Phoenix AZ specifically and am a student of the bass.. while surfing for information on the great James Jamerson I came across your site, and just wanted to add a "bravo" on your tribute page to one of the greats! maybe the greatest of them.. Sam S. - Phoenix, AZ
Hi Sam.. Pleased you enjoyed the JJ pages, I enjoyed researching and writing about the great James. Thanks for the compliments and good luck with your bass playing ... Bev

Hi Beverley, I appreciate your links to my site and I'm honored to be included. Thanks for doing your part to keep New Orleans music alive! Best wishes, Bob Walker
Hi Bob .. I think your links are an asset to the "Tribute To New Orleans" page, your sites are brilliant, so interesting too, I have spent a few hours on them already and will be returning soon. Our best wishes to you and all in New Orleans ... Bev and The Boys
Hi Phil.. Great gig at the Mile Post. Loved your red Strat. I am still looking for that elusive 60s Strat. Colour does not matter. I also have a 65 Telecaster in need of a body. If you hear of anything please let me know. Keep Rocking.. Nick
Hi Nick.. Pleased you enjoyed the gig. I hope it builds into a great new music venue. If Phil hears of anything he may let you know.. or more likely buy it himslf!! ... Bev
Hi - I was looking for a song called a "A WINDMILL FROM OLD AMSTERDAM" and I have just found your web site, and I love it. Please help me find a Bellamy Brothers song - Memorabelia, Thankyou, Vee from Australia.
Hi Vee.. very pleased your search bought you to our site, and you enjoyed it. I am sure the email I sent you will see you listening to BBs 'Memorabelia' very soon ... Bev
enjoyed the set at milestone last night. bit different than bitter suite will try to make the birley in July (shiftwork). nice to meet the face behind the words by the way. note to Phil, Parisienne walkways seems to get better each time i hear you play it. thanks for the chat Gerry. hope to see you all soon. regards shaun
Hi there Shaun.. Great to meet you, I don't often see the faces behind the e-mails!! Yes the rock blues and swing blues of the Phil Brodie Band are very different to the classic rock of Bitter Suite, far more specialized guitar work and bass n' drum driven. Like you I love and enjoy both bands!! .. Bev
Hey weres this weeks babe?
Hey.. it is only Friday evening!! She's normally up first thing Friday, tut tut, she's a few hours late today, she must have overlaid! ... Bev
Great site, found all sorts of information on it for my project, just want to thank you, J.K.
Hi JK.. Thankyou for emailing me. Keep visiting ... Bev
Saw you at Bellhouse Road, just found your site, nearly as good as the band! Both the works. rock on Len
Hi Len.. pleased you enjoyed the band and thanks for emailing ... Bev
enjoyed the gig at the lane top last week worth the ten mile trip. looking forward to seeing you at the milestone next month. note to phil work on freebird would love to hear you play it. note to gerry checked the belhouse website good review. regards shaun
Hi there Shaun.. I will make sure they get the messages, especially about Freebird, by the way they played it about 5 months ago .. it was great!! See you at the Milestone ... Bev
What an awesome site, spent hours on it. will be visiting a lot, band music is awesome I wish to play like. rock n roll must never die - Jack (Sth Africa)
Hi there Jack .. Thanx for the email, rock will live forever. Pleased you enjoy the lads music. Keep visiting us, I am always putting new muso info and funnies up on the site, regards from the UK to South Africa ... Bev
Best gig I have been to in years and years, 100% live, 100% still the greatest. Hope your back at the Bellhouse soon. Gavin
Hi Gavin .. Fab compliments, thankyou from the band. If they re-book us we will be back! Glad you are enjoying their return, I am too! ... Bev
Great to see you back lads, great band, great site.
keep rocking on - Gordon
Thanks Gordon from myself and the boys.
What a great site!!!!!!
Hi there.. Thanks, Keep Visiting!!
Great website, Keep up the marvellous work, Alan.
Hi Alan .. Thanks for the email and compliments, pleased you enjoy the site ... Bev
What a wow you kick the arse off all the rest, your the best! ride the lightning,
rocket man
Hi there Rocket Man ... Ya they can still kick arse!!
Hi lads
great to see you back, great gig at main street, spot on! See you soon, George
Hi George... Cheers from the lads
hello was a big Bitter suite fan in 70s early 80s long live newkie brown and the gobi desert canoe club! Recently saw the lads at the halfway at goldthorpe and am going to them at the main st. mexborough is there any chance of Barry doing any gigs would love to see them all perfom together again....
cheers ~ c. taylor
Hi there, Pleased you are enjoying Bitter Suite the second time round! Barry is well and happy, but unfortunately has totally retired from the stage. See ya at Mexborough.
Thankyou so much for your help with our wedding music
God Bless
It was my pleasure, have a beautiful day.. Bev and the Boys
Awesome site... awesome sound.. when you coming to the states
Ted (US)
Hi there ... as soon as someone asks us!!
Love the guitars, my mouth is drooling. It is what I will aim for
Great aim.. good luck in your musical future
Saw you tonight @ Eastwood View as Bitter Suite, fuckin rockin.
Hello .. Glad you enjoyed the band, see you at a gig soon . . . Bev

Dear Bev,
I used your website to get ahold of all the singles from the month of june from the year 1967 to the present date to make a compilation up for my Ill mother as its her date of birth. I would just like to say thanks for such a good website with all the information i was looking for in the one place you have certainly put a big smile on all my familys faces.
Kind Regards Mark.

Hi there Mark ... Thanks so much for your kind email. Receiving such an e-mail makes the hours I spend on the site truly worth while. We are hoping your Mum is feeling a little better . . . Bev
Hi Guys
You guys are real professionals - no doubt.
Excellent website and sound - keep on rocking!
Cheerz and all the best from Bangkok
Hi Schoelle, Pleased you enjoyed the music and site.. all the best to your music over there in Thailand and keep visiting us!...Helping to keep music live... Bev

Hi there, what an awesome site, keep the good work up. Enjoyed the humor, but the music info is never ending. Where do you find everything! Let the band know great rendition of Voodoo Chile.
Glen (South Africa)
Hi there Glen, so many compliments, thankyou. Pleased you enjoyed the band. Most of the music trivia I find it in the many music books I have!! Keep visiting us... Bev.
* * * * * *
Guys luv ya music, put more on PLEEEEASE x
Hi, thanx for the email, I have just put a different track up. Glad you enjoy it... Bev
* * * * * *
Hello. I live in Florida and was surfing the web found your site. I really enjoyed it. I listened to your music and browsed. You have a great band I could rock and roll all night long to your music. I will be sure and pass your web site on to all my friends.
Hi there.. so pleased you enjoyed our music and site..Keep Rocking ... Bev
* * * * * *
Hi folks, I `d just like to say that i have enjoyed your site very much. and will be forwarding your website to all my buddies. " If it weren`t for the Blues, chances R, life would be Grey, and our Bridges crossing Oceans wont B standing today".
Cheers guys Stevie -C
Hi there Stevie ... Love the humor you have sent me, I will be using them very soon!!! Thanks for that and your feedback ... Bev
* * * * * *
Everyone here in the office was howling, great stuff
Hi there all from Werewolf Woodland, dont forget to log on again next full-moon! ... Bev
* * * * * *
Hello there, really enjoy visiting your site, have sent you some pics, hope you like them. Keep up the good work
Hi Clive. . . Thanks for the brill funnies, they will be very useful & thanks for the feedback . . . Bev
* * * * * *
Just to say its cool to find someone who has a great interest in music.
Rock On, Hans
Hi there Hans, pleased you enjoy the Muso section of our site, Thanks for taking time to email . . Keeping Music Live . . . Bev
* * * * * *
Hi, just thought I say that your site is very good and funny!
Gary (songwriter from
Hi Gary . . . Thanks Gary for the email... hope you keep visiting. We wish you all the best of luck in the future with your songwriting . . . Keeping Music Live . . . Bev
PS that link doent seem to work???
* * * * * * * * *
Hi There
Just to let you know, I've spent the last 4hours looking through your website & really enjoyed it!
Bye for now
Hi Claire . . . So pleased you enjoyed the site, doesn't time fly when you are on your PC. Hope you visit again soon & thanks for your feedback . . . Bev
* * * * * * * * *
Nice website. I stumbled over it while searching for something else.
Some of the pics & stories etc bring memories flooding back.
Hope you are all well, send my best to the other guy's.
Dave Kilner
Hi Dave ... Thanks for the email..pleased you enjoyed the site and hope you visit again. There are many stories that could be told !!! Like you, Keeping Music Live . . . Bev
* * * * * * * * *
WOODSEATS ~ excellent night , the band were brilliant , phil has a cracking voice and can play that guitar like I've never heard before and once again Neil you can definitely keep your stamina up even after a night like that ...... nice big van this time though more comfortable then before.
see you soon
have a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year
Hi there .. Glad you had an enjoyable all-round night, the boys are there to entertain and make sure you have a great night! I am pleased they succeeded. Have a very Merry Christmas . ..Bev
* * * * * * * * *
Another thing not to say to a cop:-
Thank goodness, * * * * * * * * * *!
Ha ha very funny site keep up the the good work
From Adam in England
Hi Adam.. Thanks for that one!! It will be up on next month's joke page!!Long ago when I was younger it would have been ..Thank goodness you didnt check the fuses!! In those days if a fuse went we would wrap the silver paper from cigarette packets round them to make everything work again!! Glad you enjoy the site and I hope you keep visiting ... Keeping Music Live ... Bev
* * * * * * * * *
Stumbled across your site, fantastic-every guitar player should have one. Nice to see Gez doing his thing, please pass my regards to him.
Blues Brothers Band
Hi Jean-Paul . . . Thanks for the email ... I have forewarded it on to Gez ... Pleased you enjoy our site .. keep visiting ... Bev
* * * * * * * * *
Loved your site. Do you know if Motley Crue is getting back together to tour in 2005? Thanks. . - Brenda
Hi Brenda... Thanks for the email ... Awesome Idea. ~ Nikki Stixx has said it is internet gossip. All 4 of them are doing their own things now and haven't all been in the same room for 6 years, but they are rockers so you never know!! ... fingers crossed Brenda ... Keep Music Live... Bev
* * * * * * * * * * *
Hi ...... : )
I just wanted to say I think the musician's birthday list is GREAT !!
I do a radio show on a community based station, and like to do celebrity birthdays along with our subscriber birthdays, and have been looking for a list like this !
Hope you can keep it up, and get the whole year down.
Chris ....... : )
Hi there Chris ... Thanks for the email. Yes I will be doing the Birthday Lists each month till I get the whole year done. Let me know your Radio Station and I'll give you a plug on our site ... Keeping Music Live ... Bev
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Dear Phil,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much Elaine (my wife) and I
enjoyed the gig last Friday. I have not seen such a blues/rock power trio of
such intensity since seeing Rory Gallagher at Lougborough University back in
1981, and I've seen alot of bands since that time - believe me!

Also, it was a real pleasure to meet you and a very rare and special treat
for me when you grabbed your '59 Les Paul Standard off the stage and put it
in my hands and talked vintage guitars/amps with me prior to the show. I
really appreciate that Phil.

Elaine and I very much look forward to seeing you and your band again - we
will keep an ear to the ground for your return gig at South Wingfield.

I too play guitar, in a band called Armarda (spelt our way with an "R" in
the middle!), and we played at the same venue just 1 week before. I'm going
to be enthusing about you and your band to the guys in Armarda and other
muso folk I come into contact with for some time to come, I think.

Its great that those wonderful vintage guitars are being heard in public and
not locked away in a temperatute controlled vault somewhere merely as a
financial investment. And the fact that they are being played by someone
with your sheer talent for the instrument elevates the whole tonal
experience into something verging on the spiritual (yes, really!). Thanks
and appreciation is due to you from all guitarists around the region for
this reason alone.

Yours, with great respect,

Dave Rickett.

Hi Dave ... What a wonderful email ...We all miss Rory. Phils guitars are beautiful, I can never see him hiding them away he loves playing them too much as you can tell! Thanksfor your fab comments and good gigging ... Keeping Music Live ... Bev ... visit ARMARDA

hia dolly
so glad you loved your things m'dear. love your website tbt!! well done it's great!!!! very easily navigatable well done you! do they have a cd??? my hubby is really into all the stuff they play! (big gary moore fan) he was drooling for ages over those guitars!!! he has a taylor big baby acoustic and a gibson les paul studio, and wanted all of those on the website!!! when we win the lottery ha ha....
angie x
Hi Angie.. Glad you enjoyed the site and Phils guitars!! I love Gary Moore too. Yes we do have a CD. which I am sure your hubby would love. I have emailed you about it. I will definately be visiting your ebay shop again soon, brill gear.. Keeping Music Live...Bev
Hi Phil
I was just looking for some music trivia when I came upon your site. 'Wow' a minefield of information on a subject I live for: 'ROCK' All credit to you this has to be one of the best sites of it's kind on the net, and full praise to you for all the resources it covers and offers.
Phil, do you ever play LONDON, I would love to see you live!
Hi there Chris ... Thanks for your email, really pleased you enjoyed our site and I hope you found what you were searching for, keep visiting. One day they may go back to play London .. meanwhile we will definately Keep It Rocking & Keep Music Live ... Bev
Hi Phil,
Love the website.I though I`d get in touch as I saw a gig you played with Bitter Suite back in about `76 that I have never forgotten for two reasons.It was at the Sheffield Show in Hillsborough park and one reason was because of how LOUD it all was,and the other was how great you were.

You were playing a White 3 pickup SG into a old 100w super lead Marshall head ( super bass?) and 4x12" with a Watkins Copycat,and your Tone was amazing.I did`nt know it was possible to get such a sound from such a simple Marshall rig.I was only 14 at the time,but went straight out and got the same settup ( but a 50w into a 2x12" with a similar Copycat and wah ).It revolutionised my playing and I never looked back.

Thanks for being a great source of inspiration back then.If you ever want to get together for a "wailing" Jam,feel free to get in touch,as I have also never stopped playing,and still live in "sunny" sheffield...

Cheers - John

Hi John, Thanks for your complimentary e-mail, I have sent it on to the lads, who I am sure will enjoy reading it! I hope now you have found them again we will see you at a few gigs!! Glad you too are still playing and keeping music live ... Bev
Hi Phil
Just came across your Ollie tribute page. Nice work and great site. Can you put a link to the Ollie Halsall Archive site.
Kind Regards
Barry Monks - The Ollie Halsall Archive
Hi Barry ... No problem .. I have put it on for you, put one on our link page for you too. You have a brilliant site, I really enjoyed it. Wish more people would write about these great musicians. ... Keeping Music Live ... Bev
g'day there,..... just wanted to say what a great collection of beautiful guitars you have....
take care.......keep on rockin........from the land down under..... Australia.....
kind regards Shane........:)
Hi there Shane ... thanks for the feedback ... yes Phil does have some beautiful guitars ... even better when you hear them in action!! Do you ever get to the events I advertise for Deano in Newcastle? ... yes keep on rocking and Keep Music Live ... Bev
Hello again, thank you very much for your helpful answer. I´ve no doubt, after your solution of my question, that it was quite surely Jerome Rimson. After some googling I found out that Jerome Rimson must have released a solo album at the beginning or round about 2000/ 2001. However, his playing on the Real Thing single is just great, I have to purchase the whole album to discover some more funky recordings of him. This complete century of the 70th is full of good disco funk basslines.
If you´ll find the time: I have another little enigma. Do you know the musical hair? I have a ´79 CD recording from this musical. The bassplayer ist just breath-taking and always wondered who this amazing man could be. This is a great inspiring composition. However, that´s just a furthr question and not so important. Let me say thanks again for Jerome Rimson. I would be happy to hear from you.
Best regards Matthias
Hi Matthias ... I love these challanges!! I think your '79 version like the '99 version is an anniverary re-issue, anyhow it is from the original sound track(1969). I find that all the music was by Galt MacDermotand & he was musical director for the show, the Galt MacDermot's "Hair" Band played on all 1750 performances and did all the original recordings for the soundtrack album on the RAC label. His bass player throughout it all was his friend, the X Count Basie bassist JIMMY LEWIS. I found that Jimmy Lewis was also the bassist on the Wilson Pickett - 'After the midnight hour' too!! Cant find anything about him after early 70's though. Yes there is some awesome bass lines in the 70's and 60's. All the best with your new band, Sweet Soulution .. Good gigging and Keep Music Live ... Bev
visit Matthias's latest band "SWEET SOULUTION"
Hello, thank you very much for your website which I just discovered. I am a german
bassplayer and wondering, if James Jamerson possibly played the great bass on "You to me are everything" from The Real Thing in ´76. I hardly tried to find out the bassplayer from this recording, unfortunately without success . It seems to be James Jamerson, but do you know who it really was?
Thank you very much in advance for your help! Best regards Matthias
Hi Matthias ... Thanks for your interest and feed back. Your first question is easy .. no it wasn't the late great JJ. But WHO was it, The Real Thing were a Liverpool Vocal Group who started out as The Chants ['62], they got up & sang with all sorts of bands even the Beatles in the very early days!! However in '76 when they got their big break with 'you to me are everything' they hired studio and session musicians to back them and per usual there are no credits. BUT after researching I find that the brill bassist JEROME RIMSON produced their debut album so there is a fairly big chance that he may have been THE BASSIST.! If anyone knows the answer please let us know?? Thanx again, ... Bev
Hello Mr. Brodie, my name is Amber and I just want to thank you for your site about my dad Bobby, I was just showing my mother-in-law how to google someone and I put my Dad's name in as an example and your site about him popped up.
Great pix of Dad, thank you once again.
If your ever in California I would love to see you play.
Take care, All the best, -Amber
Amber Keys
Hi there Amber ... I have sent your email on to Phil, Gerry and Neil. Thankyou for emailing, it was a huge surprise! Things like that make the hours of work so worth while. I really enjoy doing the muso pages. Hope your Dad is rockin' well, he is held in very high esteem in the UK. Big thanks again ... Keeping Music Live ... Bev
"Hi Bev.....I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to research and make a webpage for my father and I. This is the first time I've had a page specifically made just for me. I really appreciate it. There is only one word which should be changed, and that is the spelling of "Chanson." Somewhere on the page is an incorrect spelling. I would like to see a photo of yourself. Is it possible for you to put a picture up of yourself? I do not have a computer or an email address at the moment. I hope to get a computer soon.
Thanks again, and God Bless You.
James Jamerson, Jr.

Hi James ... How kind to take time to email me. It was wonderfully interesting and educational doing both your Father's page and yours alike. You will be pleased to know they both have had 100's of visits, not surprising as every bass player alive must hold you both in such high reguard. Your email makes all the hours I spend researching totally worth while. Many many thanks ... Bev
Like your website and your tributes to all the greats.
by the way do you have any sound clips of your band?
-Denise Patrick - wulfgang
- North Carolina
Hi Denise ... Thanks for your email, pleased you enjoy the tribute pages, I enjoy doing them. Yes we have a CD. Soon I will put some sound on site. I was impressed with how fast WulfGang tracks down loaded. Great tight band!! And a lady singer!! - awesome ... Keeping Music Live ... Bev
What a site, cool. Everything I like is there, Congratulations keep up the good work - Baz, Perth. OZ
Hi Baz ... Thanks for the compliment, keep visiting, its forever changing ... Bev
I appreciate your comments about Terry Kath. Most of the time he is overlooked by many.
I had heard about the comments made by Jimmy Hendrix several years ago and I
think people would take Kath more seriously if they knew what many consider to be
the king of the guitar said about this man!
Good write up!
Hi There, Thanks for taking time out to email. Pleased you enjoyed my muso page on Terry Kath. He was a great guitarist but many people have forgotten himnow I think. Soon I will be putting some music samples on the Muso Pages ... Keeping Music Live ... Bev
Hey Guys,
Its Jarrett here from The Saucermen [Canada].. My parents were there recently and came to watch you guys rock out, they gave me a CD you guys gave to them.. thanks a bunch! I have already listened to it, it really rocks! You guys can definately kick some ass!! I love the tunes too, I never grew up in the era's, but I am a huge fan of mostly classic rock.. All the greats of course and you guys pull the tunes off awesome!!
Take care,
Hi Jarrett and the lads .. It was great meeting your parents and it was great of them to take time out to see the band. Pleased you are enjoying our demo, we are really looking forward to hearing your new CD which your Mum is sending us ... BEST OF LUCK with it and all the best for the future of your band
Keeping Music Live ... Bev
Excellent cd, when u in Australia? thanx Deano
Hi Deano... Glad you like the CD .. You never know one day we might get a tour going with your help, keep rocking ... Bev
Hi, i would just like to say i love the website and the band, south wingfield!!
Hi James your ad is on the new page thanx for the complementary email, keeping music live . . . Bev
Hi Bev
Thanks for your prompt and efficient reply. I'll get a postal order to you over the weekend. Congratulations and well done on the website it's amazing, the best I've ever seen and great for people
like me that can't make it to the gigs. Thanks for keeping music live. Many thanks
Kind Regards
Hi Nadia .. So glad you are enjoying the website and thanks for the complements. Any suggestions for anything else to put on it would be welcome. I hope you have hours of pleasure with the demo CD.
[I do!!]. One evening you must try to get to see the lads ... Keeping Music Live ... Bev
Hello Bev: I think the JJJ webpage looks great. You really did the job in no time at all. I will let JJJ know about his very own page. :o) Wendal
Hi Wendal ... glad you like it I hope James Jamerson Jr approves it too. I will add to it as I find more info. Thanks for your help and time ... Bev
Hi there,
Could you give me a bit of imfo on the bluesbreaker? Im currently trying to pick one up and i believe you have tweeked yours! Fantastic sound by the way! Really enjoyed the setup and sound! Keep going, your keeping music alive! Nice one!
Cheers Johnny
Hi, my bluesbreaker is a 60's jmp45 in a vintage style cabinet made for me by Jim Marshall c/w 2x12 25wat celestion greenbacks. regards Phil.
Hello: I just reviewed your excellent web page with information regarding James Jamerson. Very well done. However, I notice one of my personal pictures of James Jamerson, Jr. has been used without permission on your Jamerson web page. You have my permission to use that photo if you credit the photo to me, "Wendal" aka Wenkiah.
Best Regards, Wendal .[Detroit]
Hi Wendal, Really pleased you enjoyed my Jamerson page, I found it emotionally sad researching it, but he really does deserve recognition and thats what my "muso" pages are all about. Well I see you are the bassist with The Dramatics! Big thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to email me ... and for letting me use you photo ... it is now credited to you and linked to your VERY interesting site .. Bev.
Great website. You've done a very nice job with it. I don't know how you webmasters do all your magic, but the results are impressive. I enjoyed taking a stroll thru it. The babe pics were particularly nice...ahem.
Best Regards,
Geoff Brown
Nashville, TN
Hi Geoff ... I have sent your query to Phil and he will write to you soon. I like the spam mail stopper you have is it free?? Keep visiting the site, there's a new babe every week!! Have you visited the "Muso" page yet? ... Keeping Music Live ... Bev the WebMISTRESS who prefers the Hunk page!!!
Hi Guys and Beverley
Thanks for a great night on friday the 30th April 2004 at South
Wingfield Social club. It was great, and can you thank Bev for that
answer to my question about the group "Taste" which she answered
on your web site .. Rob
Hi Rob... Thanks for your email and no prob about "Taste". If you send me the title of that blues album I'll see if I can find any info about that too. I have sent youan email about the pics ... Bev
Congratulations all, yours site is the best one I ever visit, ther is something diffrent all time I visit, and so funny the site. I try to visit 2 a week. I like your "muso" to, much interesting information I did not now. Wish you have CD, wish you come to perform in Switzerland. Like you all and the site, come to Switzerland and yes music should be live
Judie xxx

Hi Judie ... The Boys thank you for your email, so do I. AND I wish we could come to Switzerland !! We actually do have a CD. Our site has got a big fun side, but I am glad you enjoy the serious music side too as I work fairly hard trying to promote session musicians, musicians in bands and LIVE MUSIC, but I like the laughs too .... Bev
Hi Bev,
Wow ....what a great muso section, you've really done your homework on the artists featured....I am so impressed! Respect sister!!!!! Steve Lally
Hi Steve ... thanks for the compliment and glad you like our new section. I love doing it and learning so much myself in the proccess. Most musicians really are unsung heroes. Your site REALLY is amazing, I am a regular visitor ... lets drink to KEEPING MUSIC LIVE ... Bev [visit Steves site its brill]
Bev .. I am looking for is a gig list for the coming months (say up to July) with out any photos, so that I can print if off for my father-in-law.The one on the site has lots of pictures on and looks good, but isn't very printer friendly or compact.
Once more thank you for your time .. Regards Richard
Hi Richard . . . Thanks for that VERY VALID comment. I have immediately rectified the problem and put a printer friendly version of the bands gig guide on to the site. It is because of comments like yours how I can improve our site .. that was a brilliant idea. Thanks again, any more comments will be very welcomed. Hope your father in law enjoys some of the gigs I have sent you. Keeping Music Live .....Bev
Hi all over there,
Found your site searching Jimi Hendrix, what a site wow love it. Not been on a band site with so much on. My buddies have been on to, all your toons and funnies are awesome not a bad one. Keep them coming. Have a need to come to uk to see the band now you look tops , you have cracked us all up you must all be awesome fun to be around . Like the babes, and guitars and everything.
Don. Affton - Missouri
Hi Don ... Thanks for your brill email...and many thanks for your kind comments. Yes the Band are the tops!! You would love their Hendrix!! If you or your friends have any jokes to add to my pages please email them on to me. Keep visiting us AND keep touching that sky ... Bev
Hello band really enjoyed you at the "Cora" Norton. We havent had a band that good for years. I hope you will be back soon. Enjoyed your website too, I will def go there again!
Hi Rod...ta for your email. So pleased you enjoyed the band, they certainly enjoyed the night .. it was me that was worried that I would be sleeping on a bench there that night!! It snowed so heavily the first half!! oh and yes please keep visiting our site, it is changing ALL the time!... Bev
I just happend to stumble apon your bands website. I saw your guitar
collection. They are all awesome guitars! - Jon
Hello Jon ... thanks for visiting our website and yes agree but hearing him playing them is even more awesome!! Keep visiting us ... Bev
Hi you guys,
My lodger just set me up on his computer, finally. I am a number one fan of way back in the 70's, days of Bitter Suite at The Mucky Duck and Idsworth Rd WMC. Live in Worcs now. So pleased to see you are still gigging. If ever you are in Worcs, Shrops, Herefs, Wales or the Black country let me know. Would love to see you. Still have very old picky of you. Have campervan will travel! Real ale festivals, rock festivals, whatever. Come down here soon. From Carol, of Firth Park.
Hi Carol .. the boys love to hear from fans of the old days, we are playing at Firth Park next month!! You never know we might get down your way one day, we seem to be going further afeild. If you hear of any good gigs that would be worth the travel please tell us know and we will do our best. Have fun on your PC and pop our site onto your favourites ... Bev
hi phil & all
do you and the band ever play down south-london/essex??.
Hi Barry ... If you know anyone who could arrange a few good gigs down there we would definately be there. If you are ever up here make yourself known to us ... Bev
Really enjoyed the gig at Killamarsh. It was as good as it gets - Didn't know we could still see live music so good at such reasonable rates. The venue setting was superb - come back soon. Looking forward to seeing the band again soon.
Web site is a great idea and the photo gallery tops it off! Well done.
Cheers! Bazza of Swall - fan of Bitter Suite in the 70's.
Hi Bazza, thanks for your brill email. We will be back when Jock invites us! Phil, Gerry and Neil really enjoyed the night too. Keep visiting our website ... hope you've popped it onto your favourites! ... Bev
Sensational musicians all 3, what a night. You are the best band I have heard in years.
Come back to the Midland soon, worth every penny.
Hi there ... thanks for your email and fab comments. Hopefully we will be invited back later in the year ... Bev
now mate
good site !!!!!!!!
im impressed,,,
Hello Neil ... Ta for your email and thanks for the compliment, hope you've added us to your favourites!!! Keep visiting and we'll see ya at a gig soon... Bev
Enjoyed the band very much-great night. Looking out for them again.
Hi there ...Thanks for taking the time to drop us a line. Pleased you had a great night ...see ya soon... Bev
Very nice website, I really enjoyed the pics. The color effects are absolutely beautiful and unique. I hope that I can catch you guys live sometime. I'm in indiana,,,,,,,,,,,Lots of Love and Luck~Stacey
Hi Stacey ...Lovely to get an email from the States and a big thanks for your compliments. You never know the lads might get over there or you may visit Britain one day. Our CD will be available soon if you are interested. I will be putting some of their music on site in the near future, so keep visiting us and . . . .'Keep Music Live' ........... all the best to you and America .......... Bev
Hi,, Great band and great website... i have a suggestion on what the boys could play,,, "radar love" by golden earring.... 1 hit wonder in this country but brill song and brill band and i think "Bev's Boys" would b-able to pull it off to a T..!!???
see you all soon xxxx
Hello there ...thanx for your email and complements about "my boys" & our site. Well .... 'Radar Love', real classic, I used to like that one. I personally haven't heard it covered. Yes it was a one hit wonder [twice!] It charted Dec 73, they recorded it again charting in Oct 77. Yet in Holland they had 20+ hits!! We'll see what they say . . . Happy New Year ... Bev
van hooligan wish you all a happy new year,we hope we can do that gig together in 2004
Hi all in Van Hooligan ... Thanx for the email ... Happy New Year from us to you too. Yes it would be awesome to do a gig together!! Good luck with your new website & let's hope that 2004 REALLY ROCKS Keeping Music Live...Bev
Merry Christmas Bev,
All the very best to the lads at this Season of Goodwill, have a really nice holiday,
Best Wishes from Windy Corner
Thanks for email Steve, Yuletide Greetings to you and yours, and lets drink to a cool musical filled 2004. Loved the animation, it's in my documents now too!! ... Helping to Keep Music Live ... Bev
Hiya Bev, Christmas greetings,
I'm impressed! You must have been up all last night; I looked on the website this morning and the pictures that I brought you were already there. You really are on the ball. The web site is excellent, it really is a credit to you, the boys must be very grateful.

The other pics look a lot better too, now that you've sharpened them up a bit. The first one of the special pictures, (with Phil playing the 1963 Gibson Les Paul with special strap etc.) has a strange pink colour cast to it on my screen, but presumably you know that, sorry if that's what you meant by some work still to do.

It's very good of you to mention me so prominently on your site, I've just got confirmation from Plug Socket, (again thanks for your recommendation), that they have reserved hosting for "", so I must try to get something up there after the holidays, it's just time that we're all short of eh!

Well you have a very good one, see you in the New Year, I see the CD is mentioned again, the project isn't dead then? Make sure Phil sees the new pics in case there's anything suitable for the cover.
All the best to you and the band (and the scary dog).
Don [see Don's pics]
Hi Don...thanx for the compliments...your latests pics of the band are great, I love the one of all 3 looking through that archway, it would look great on our album!! We are discussing the album cover in January. Yes I do spend alot of time maintaining our website and enjoy every minute ... unless my PC or mouse have their grumpy heads on!! [The pink tinge I might alter it!! BUT I was talking about the twin-neck photo!!] Good luck with your website in 2004, and keep clicking ... Bev
Season's Greeting to you all
Good news - Rick is back next year
All at metalliville
Hi there Happy Yuletide to ya'll at your site, I have watched you grow through 2003 .. Brilliant work. I hope our links have worked for both our sites too ... it's all rock 'n roll & good vibrations. . . All the best for 2004 .... like you ... keeping music live...Bev
A Very merry Christmas to you and all the band Bev. Thanks for all the good
music over the past year. Keep on Rockin!
Love and Best Wishes
Sue xxxxxxx
Hi Sue thanks for your email and a very merry Christmas and New Year to you and yours and lets all look forward to a real good rocking year ahead. Keep an eye on the gig guide!! see you soon ...... Bev
Yo ho ho, it's almost Crimbo once more and I'd like to wish you: Gerry, Neil, Phil, AND not forgetting Bev {Band & Website Manager} a VERY Merry Christmas!
Keep playin' GOOD 'N' LOUD boys & Bev, keep workin' em GOOD 'N' HARD!!!

At the WOODSEATS they were one HELL of a band that night and they seem to get better every time I see them.
Here's to 2004 & the ROYAL ALBERT HALL {Proper Bo')

By the way, who were the crackin' blonde girls at the WOODSEATS gig, they were two hell of a pair!!

The website is ace, you must spend all day makin' it so good!!
What more could i ever wish for...WICKED website, DOG BOLLOX of a band and SEXY girls at the gigs!!! Puts the current music industry, with all the pap in the charts to shame.
This is what REAL music should be - COWELL 'n' CO should be put in the stocks!!

The Phil Brodie Band ROCK!!
Hello Superfan... Fab email ..brill comments, R.A.H 2004 we wish!! Yes the blondes are quite eye-catching they come to our gigs on and off!! [clothing too!!] ... Pleased you enjoyed the band, and yes they are a proper band playing proper music and I am flattered you enjoy the website...I do spend quite a few hours on it!! All worth it when we get good feedback.Keep visiting it!.A very Merry Christmas to you and see you at a gig soon . . . . Bev
Hello there, I came to watch the band last night at the boot and shoe, {Im the guy getting his head licked in photo number X.} and i had a great time.. thank you.. not many bands can pull off jimi hendrix covers and do them well. I will certainly look out for the band in future..
Also if the need ever comes up where you need a sound engineer for the shows,I would be available to do the job, if needed, as I am a qualified engineer.. And I have a good track record in this field.
Hope the band has success in the future..
Hi Mark ... Thanks for the email , if any band reading this, needs your services, they can contact me and I will pass them on to you. So glad you enjoyed the night with our band at The Boot, yes Phil really knows how to finger those frets doesn't he, and the tight drum and bass. See you at a gig soon ..... Bev
Thanks for the "Winning Faces Drink" I'll expect a large one from you.
See you at the White Lion on the 18th
Sue xxx
Hi Sue ... it depends which one is buying !! Dont go too high up the shelves you'll make them ill !! Really though they will be looking forward to buying you a drink on the 18th. See you soon ...... Bev
Me and the missus went to see you at Woodseats on Wed 26th and we thoroughly
enjoyed the evening.Keep up the good music.
PS Would love to have a copy of the photo taken of the Young Lass with the
guitar before the start of the show, as a pinup for work.
Many Thanks
Hi Allen...Thanks for the email, glad you both enjoyed the show, we like playing The Woodseats real brill crowd there. Sophi comes to a few of our gigs but we never know when!! Your pic is on its way! See ya at a gig soon ..... Bev
Hi Bev,
What a great night at The Woodseats last night.That was the first time I've seen the band but it certainly wont be the last.
Great sound, great guitar, bangin bass, deadly drummin………..couldn't ask for anything finer…….Brill.
Any chance you could mail me photos XX (that's me with fat face) and XX for my mate Matt who is Steve dentons sons pal.
It would be appreciated. Tell the lads not to forget about the Woodseats jam session every Sunday afternoon…..It's a great afternoon with loads of different muso's doin their own thing.
Thanks a lot for a great night George Moffat (Voodoo van Boogie and the Riff Junkies <coming soon>)
Hi George .... Thanks for your FAB email, I'd like to keep it at the top of the page forever!! and WOW what an awesome name you have for your band! Voodoo van Boogie & the Riff Junkies do you play any of that american new Riff Rock and all smoke weed? Takes me back to the 60s...peace man. Sophi took pics last night, lucky for you, but unfortunate for me as I didn't get to meet you but I will see you at another gig soon ......Keeping Music "Live" ...... Bev.
Hi Bev,
Just to let you know that I went to the Woodseats last night with Mick (our bass player) to see the band.
We left at the interval but only because I need my sleep these days (and we're playing both Sat & Sun this weekend).
I enjoyed the set and the musicianship. It's great towatch old pros (if you forgive me) play. Very relaxed and confident in their abilities.
Who was the girl taking the photos during the interval? Would you ask her if she'd mind doing the same for us
- I'm sure we'd double our audiences in no time!
Best wishes to the band
Hi Ade, When "the boys" as I call them, but more correctly "Old Pros" [hee hee] read your email, their first comment was NO WAY ..... SHE'S OURS!!! Sophi [thats her name] pops up now and again to our gigs and has a little fun with us and she takes better pics than me!! But we never know when she'll turn up!! Thanks for your email and your comments, as you haven't advertised yourself I will and I hope you The Three Legged Cats have a brill night at Clowne this Sunday, I know your there cos I saw you were on when we played it last week!! ...Bev
THE GHOST IS BACK!!!! .....Bev
To whom it may concern,
The ghost link is not available or at least I could not get it
to work. Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong or what the
correct link may be. Thanks, Paul
Hi Paul...... Thanks for your email, glad you have sent me that info. Just checked it and the link up on the internet has been taken off !! Hopefully they are updating and they haven't laid the ghost to rest!! I will keep checking it and I will search the net to see if I can find another safe link . . . Meanwhile our poor ghost has been taken off . . . I and many people will be sorry about it cos it is a brilliant experience and a very popular page!! Thanks again ...... Bev

Great web site enjoyed browsing through it I have some photos of Neil (when he had long hair ) and gerry if they are any use to you also have some video stuff of tnt and bitter suite with gerry and phil ( which I can digitize if needed) .
Let me know if any of these are any use to you for youre site , I was going to attach a couple of pics but dont know if your`e mail server would acccept them .
Hope to hear from you
Ian Peck
ps say hi to Gez Neil and Phil from me Best regards Ian
Hi Ian ... Thanks for your email, so glad you enjoyed your journey through our website, keep visiting as it is always changing. Yes that is very kind of you to offer some photos and things I will welcome them. I have been promising people pics of the old days and Neil with long dark hair!! I am eagerly awaiting them! .... Bev
Phil, Neil & Gerry
Only just been on your site, sorry, because I saw you all a few months ago,![cant always have own way on PC!]but I was a bit angry that I paid so much to hear Gary Moore, then paid £2 to hear your band and I prefers you three. Gerry your bass was so up front and the drums ..well long time since I have heard drum & bass like you 2.Wow wow, you sound so much bigger than a trio!!
See you again when I'm around your area
Nev. B.
Ps love the site,will be regular visitor, keep it all happening!.
Hi Nev....REALLY glad you said ALL that cos I think the same!!! [but people would just say I am bias!!!!!] SOME people dont really know do they?? So pleased you enjoyed the site must be a lovely man!! make yourself known at a gig!! !!.......Bev
Hi there webmaster/mistress, I am from France, love guitars, got onto Phil Brodie page, cool phil, love those guitars; I may have that sought of collection one day, Cool. Have you a C.D.? Need to hear them in blast.
D.F. Seyne/Toulon, FR.
Oh Oh hi D.F. no they are VERY powerful, but they talk, talk...... NOT blast, Phils guitars TALK.! Glad you found our sight AND I know what you mean REALLY !! and soon we may have that CD that we have been promising!! ........Bev [oh webmistress!!] Did you like the rest of the site??
Bev cant you make it so that star comes off the hunk!! . Laural . PS enjoyed the site nearly as much as me & hubby enjoyed the band.
Well Laural are fast on the page ...Only been up an hour!! must admit though two of my friends have already rung me and said the same thing!!!!! You naughty be honest if I could have done that I would have, but unfortunately I am not clever enough....but if you want an original I will emai it!! ...Bev
Hi whoever,
Just found your site dont know how Wasnt looking at music--- oh wel must tell you Know it is amazing,,,, my sides are hurting your jokes and things are . unreal . so funny I wil have to come back to read more, hope your pics are good as well. Your band seem real cool too doubt if you will ever come to Bumbles though ,only writing to say REAL COOL SITE
a special bye to your drummer
Hi Pru......I do that when on kind of loose the plot and find yourself somewhere and hell knows how...a journey through cybor space!!!! BUT so glad you found us and so glad you maybe a regular on our site! I update VERY regularly so continue to enjoy!! BUMBLES...that outside Cardiff...I could tell you a real story about Bumbles!!! do you feel about the Babes Page, would appreciate your opinion??...Bev
Hello Bev???? I don't know, why you have to put all those women on the site, babe page I am talking about. I think it is SO unessecary and NOT nice, I feel sorry for these girls who are being taken advatage of . WHY are you putting them on X-Bitter Sweet site?? Doreen
Hi Doreen ....Ta for the email, well how to answer this!! The young ladies on our site are SO beautiful, not porny, just trying to make a buck or two with some clothes on!!. I personally know a few glam models and they are just like anyone else....probably with much higher values and morals than you and I, they do it because they enjoy it, they are not being taken advantage of...maybe hard for you to realize but ne'er mind aye!.....Hey Doreen...go to the hunk page and enjoy!!..Bev [want some spelling lessons??] first one Suite!!!!!! and the band want more!
Hi! A good nights entertainment last night at the"New Masons Arms" Mexborough, really enjoyed it, with Graham joining in as well! would you be so kind as to send the picture you took of Graham,John, Steve and myself (as you have named us "Status Quo") it is photo no. 15, by e-mail would be fine... Thanks, see you again soon! Tony.
Hi Tony ...Glad you enjoyed the night & thanks for your email. Yes it was awesome with GrahamOliver joining in, I could get very used to having 2 brilliant lead guitarists in the band!! Hope you like the photo, its fab on proper resolution!! Deinately STATUS QUO!!! See ya again at a gig soon . . . Keeping Music Live ...Bev
Phil, Neil, Gerry,
What a blast at The White Lion last Thursday, you really were sensational. People pay £30 to £50 to hear calibre like that. Lost for words. Not heard of you for at least 10 years maybe 15 years or more, {bought a paper} saw you advertised and came along not thinking it REALLY was the proper Bitter Suite, hoped, & it WAS, and unbelievably you are all EVEN better than ever. Speechless again. I will be at your future gigs when you are in my area. Also your web site has been added to my favourites.
Burt C. {Sheffield}

Hi Burt, Well how often do you buy a newspaper!! Only a joke! I'm an x newsagent & I never buy one!! It has taken a longtime for our new band name to be recognized!!! BUT yes you are right, I can say that 'cos I'm not in the band, I just do the site and listen to them. Really pleased you enjoyed them and I am sure you will enjoy them even more at The Woodseats and The Norton soon. . . .It Will Be Awesome . . . AND thanks for putting the site on favs!! ... Bev


Hi Bev,

Tell Phil and the band they were the greatest last week at Belper, nothing like their band on the pubs now, best I have listened to for a few dozen years!! MAGIC!

I was surprised when I went on to your site, I haven't enjoyed my PC so much in ages. In fact I will be on it again soon, it is so entertaining and EASY to use! (which I need)! Its on my 'favs'.

Great meeting all 4 of you, will see you again at next gig

Keep the good work up. Regards Lee S.

Hi Lee, Thanx for your email. Pleased you enjoyed the Boys at Belper. They enjoyed the gig too, I think Phil should have taken his t-shirt off in the first set though!!!! Glad you are having fun on the web site too!!! Don't forget to keep refreshing the pages as they are ever changing. Enjoy my new Halloween Pages.....Bev


Thanks for a really good night out and all the good memories of the Grey Topper last time you came to the White Swan. Hope you are still appearing on Thursday 16th, as we are all coming to see you again! This time my grandchildren have said they are coming, so you will have THREE generations to work your magic on!! Oh, and thanks for making an old age pensioner very happy by taking a blurred photo and making her October's face of the month!!!!!! - see you Thursday - Ann and family

Hi Ann.... Yes we are definatley at the White Swan, Belper on the 16th. The Boys will enjoy seeing ya all again dancing at the front I hope. 3 generations . . cool. Better warn you I'll have MY camera this time not, Wathey's which I couldn't use properly at last gig there!!!! we will be buying you a drink on 16th..congratulations. Keeping Music Live, ...Bev


Hi Bev,
best friday night for ages,the band where great,don't think I've seen these guys since the 70s.Remember Bitter Sweet well ( The brass section era) as soon as I clapped eyes on Phil the memories flashed back.Oh the days when you could
gig seven days a week, going to put their name forward to The Diamond at Sutton in Ashfield,a great club with one hell of a portfolio,
saw so many great names there in the seventies.
By for now,catch you soon ,, Kev.
Hi Kev, . . . The LADS really enjoyed the night too and look forward to returning in the new year. Great live music venue with very friendly & responsive audience, there for the beer AND THE MUSIC!! YES they really were the days of live music '65 to '75....awesome. A word at The Diamond would be well appreciated . . . Bev
We only saw the band yesterday but you took a picture of three lads sat at the front at South Wingfield Miners Welfare. Can you please send me a copy of that picture. I thought the band were great, especially as the last few bands weve had there have been a bit not to our taste (no stunning guitar solos!!!). I'd also like to compliment you on an absolutley fantastic website.
James. (the one on the right).
Hi James, . . . Your pic is sent hope it doesn't take too long to download . . Phil, Neil & Gerry really enjoyed playing to you at South Wingfield, great live music venue you have there. They are looking forward to seeing everyone again in the New Year- March time. So pleased you enjoyed the website too and I hope you become a regular visitor. I update jokes monthly, face of month - ha ha - monthly. . .funny pics and things, babes, hunks weekly. New gig dates same day we get any!!! so keep visiting, see ya soon and remember Keep Music Live....Bev
Just wanna say "ABOUT TIME,,,, US GIRLZ NEED SOMETHING TO LOOK AT" ...... How refreshing to get a site with sexy men on mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!
See u all soon
Sexy sophi xx
Hi S.S. glad you approve!! they will change every week - dont want to get bored do we !!!! Bev
I really liked that it gave quiet a scare. do you have anymore like it. I
got all my friends. If so please email me at Thanks

Hi FB [have XXX your address] thanks for email......I presume you are talking about the ghost!! Wish I did have more like that, but I hope you enjoyed the football film I sent you!! and I hope you enjoyed the rest of the site. . . Bev
Cheers all
SMOKE ON THE WATER good number and why not do muso of the week [as in musician]
Hi Craig . . . Great idea thanx might do that and GOOD LUCK at the Leadmill. . . . Bev
Hi Bev
just a couple of Hunks for your web page now you have no excuse not to run a hunk of the week
See ya Soon
Hi Julie . . . . Well, wow and thanxs. Yes I suppose I'll have to do this hunk page!!....Bev
Yes I agree totally with having hunk of the month!!! What a good idea. I have some pictures that you could use if you like?? im sure all the girls would appreciate them!! and maybe some of the men too!!! ........ Hope to see it on soon! Lucy.x.
Hi Lucy... a few girls at the gigs say I'm being sexist only having Babes on!! I will think seriously on it and search around for some!!!! Meanwhile take a look at one of the latest pics on the FUNNY PIC part of the joke page!!!....Bev
Never mind babe of the month how about HUNK OF THE MONTH !!!!!!
A nice picture of Neil would be Nice and I suppose Phil and Gez
See you at G&T's tonight.............I'll have that sexy thong on again for Neil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi once more Gina, You are getting Neil all excited, I hope you don't put him off his drumming!! Yes I agree about THE HUNK page, I might just do that .... Bev
Hello again Gina [Your e-mail address!!], Neil is too shy to comment. so its me again .... I don't know what to say, the next gig you see our pretty boy Neil at you really will have to make a grab for him!!! [he's to polite in company to make a fuss!!] go for it girl !!! By the way do you like the MUSIC or our website??? There are some good jokes on the fun side of the site that may cheer you up till you next see Neil! .....Bev

Thanx for that great compliment Craig. Just been on your web-site you seem a great band too, I will definately come and listen to you. For anyone else who are who is interested click onto FALLEN ANGEL to get more info. I will tell the boys tonight what you have suggested. Keep Music Live .... Bev
Hi there Bev [I think],
found band site after seeing them at The Sturdy Lads. What a band not heard anything like it for 25+ years, hope you will be back soon. (What you doing playing pubs?)
Your site is amazing it has so much on it, I frequent it lots. Have you anymore of them illusions really enjoy them. Keep up the good work and get the band back to The Sturdy Lads soon Best band ever.
K. from Barnsley
Hi K. . . Pleased you enjoyed the band, they are brill aren't they. The promoter says he is rotating bands there and will ring me soon, I have tried!! Funny you should mention illusions someone rang me yesterday asking the same as you. I have been compiling a new page of them and TODAY I have just put a new lot of them up on the joke page!! Have you seen the new Funny Pictures too!! We play G and T's Bar, Hoyland [Sept 19th] ....thanx for email.......Bev
Hi Lads, when are you back at The Leopard? How about playing 'Wishing Well' by Free? regards Roger
Hi Roger . . . we will be back at The Leopard in a couple of months, keep watch on the gig page. Have emailed the lads with your suggestion. Free were brill . . . Bev
Hi Bev .. Just been looking through your site and love the joke pages been sat here with tears streaming down my cheeks. sent some more for you
see ya in the Rutland

Hi Redruby37, Glad you enjoyed the site and thanx for the funny pics . . . I will definately be using them on the joke page when I include the new "funny pic" section on it!! Your jokes will be in September jokes!! Thanx again, see ya in The Ruts ... Bev
Hi Bev
Just wondering whether I'll be able to obtain the new CD by mail order and will there be an order form to download?
Glad to hear that the band are back on the road and that Phil is doing something that makes his heart sing after his "period of boredom."
Love the website, Wishing you all every success.
Can't wait to hear the CD.
Best Wishes
Hi Nadia, Thanx for the feed back. You are right Phil really is putting his heart into his much loved guitars. Yes you will be able to buy the CD mail order through the website or at any of our gigs. Pleased you enjoy the site, if you ever feel a little down just go onto any of the joke pages there are some very funny ones! . . . Bev
Hi Band & co,
Been surfing your sight, [again], see you are still not down for the Green Dragon Kimberworth again this year WHY? It's only place I can get to see you old boys! Get back here your the best band out there.
Regards Al
Many thanx, but never been called co before! Unfortunately they are having big trouble with ONE mardy neighbour [boring B******] so are having to tone things down to keep sweet with the council people. As soon as it all calms down they will be putting the bigger sound bands back on. We miss you all, its a great gig and can't wait to be back . . . Bev
Hi all, Love the band, love the site I go on it a lot, and watched it grow, its fun and so easy to surf around and full of all sorts now!! Love all the pics too.When is the CD out? . . .regards T from Rotherham
Thanx " T " you remind me of Summer '67!! BRIL!! Seriously though thanx. The CD will be out in about a month I think, as soon as I know I will put it on the site . . . . Bev
Hi Phil.
I just found your site after a bit of a search. I was overcome with nostalgia like you do when hair grows in your ears and google came up with a result yet again. You may remember this or maybe not. Did Bitter Suite ever play the Raven Club, Waddington Lincoln in the early seventies? I'm sure I saw you play there. I was 17 although it seems like yesterday. I swear I saw you play "Billy Porter" by Mick Ronson - "...Billy never told me that I needed a gun....." Am I losing it or is this true?
I can't believe you're still doing it. Wonderful though. :-) Glyn. Lincoln
Hi Glyn ! you are quite right, we did play the Raven club,and we did play Billy Porter ! At that stage Bitter Suite was a pro band doing radio programs and travelling the country, we did in fact have a publishing deal with Chappel music (London) Chas White from Chappel did toy with idea of us putting Billy Porter out as a single.Before you ask , Yes , I am still in contact with the rest of the original Bitter Suite, We have remained good friends all along. Regards Phil.
hi ya
Just want to say that i have just been looking at your pics page,and i came across a couple of photos of a glamour model "sophi". [that's whot you put in the pop up window]
Is there a site that i can go on to see more of her work??? As i think she is gorgeous and will she be at any more gigs???
A SexySophi Fan
She comes to some of our gigs, but we never know when she will appear!! Yes she does do some modelling, but I don't know if she is on any sites, I will ask her when we next see her!! . . .Bev.
Dear Neil
I think you are drop dead gorgeous really think you could do better then
play in the band you're with ?
Your talent is wasted playing with the 'Phil Brodie Band' . You would be
better playing in my bed you SEX Pot !!!!!!!
Hope to see you soon.
Well well . . . at this rate I will have to start a fan club up for our Neil !!! (but he is rather lovely isn't he?!) . Bev
Hi All,
I think youe drummer Niel is VERY attractive and i must say he rocks my world.My only complaint is his large grey nest.Could you PLEASE ask him if he could possibly trim and more importantly dye it for me?
I would be forever grateful!!!
Chrissy D xx
Ahh ..... Chrissy, Neil's hair is wonderful. I keep asking him to grow it long!! But I have passed your message on!! I will try to get a photo of him when it was long, curly and black and I'll put it on his page for you.
Hi all
Your webmaster/mistress [Bev is it?] uses 'wow' 'fab' 'brill' 'awesome' a lot, well that is how I would discribe Wednesday evening at The Woodseats Hotel. Well done, what a night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I will be watching out for your CD. It is so good to listen and watch proper pros at work, there's much cr** around
regards John
Oh you've stolen the words straight out of my mouth!!!! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes 'the lads' did too. and they thankyou for the excellent compliment you pay them.

Answers to your questions Richard & Wannaberocker
Phil's favourite guitarists Hendrix, Gary Moore and the list went on he found the question nearly impossible.
Gerry's favourite bassist is Norman Watt-Roy and James Jameson
Neil Wathey's favourite drummers are Jack Bruno & Mickey Curry
Hello all,
Enjoyed The Leopard gig and we'll definately be seeing you again. Great photos, great site & all the best with the CD.
Cheers Bob & Chris.
Glad you enjoyed everything, don't forget to check the 1st. of every month to see if you have won that free drink. . . Bev
Hey, Obviously a great band with a great site. Eddie van halen is the greatest guitarest ever, VAN HALEN ROCK - Get David lee roth back!!!!!!!!!, this band has a great history, unfortunatly i could not make the leopard gig on the 11th.
Who do all think is the greatest guitarest!!!!!!!!
p.s to Bev ( i think ), I am freinds with Stu's (ex - bitter suite) step son (Tom) and we think rock and roll should live for ever! so when you say "keep music live" u couldnt be more right. This band has one of the greatest historys ive heard of def leppard, scorpians etc.Not to mension the large tours and radio stuff!!!! let me know when the CD is out and how long i'll have to wait to see the band in doncaster again.
Thanx for feedback - - - Awesome, I think you are a rocker & dont worry rock 'n' roll will never die with dudes like us out there! We will be back at The Leopard later this year, but we are up at The Spa, Askern, Saturday October 4th. See you at a gig soon . . Keep Music Live . . so get out everyone and support it !! . . . Bev.
Hi, Yes good luck with the CD. Love the site, well done. Liz
Thanx . . Bev
Hi All,
Great news about the CD, good luck for the 16th, hope it goes AOK .. Brian.
Ta . . Bev
Hello all,
Good news about the CD. When will it be on sale? Great site with lots on it. So many photos. Have you any more of the old days?
Well done & good luck.
Hi . . . as soon as we have the CD's ready I will be putting the info up on the website. I am trying to get some more old photos off the boys ! Thanx for email . . Bev
Hello Bev!
Hey, great P.Brodie band web site! The old photo of Bitter Suite's a good
one! The site is very impressive - if anyone was looking for a band, and
they saw that they'd book them straight up from it! Well done!
See you on 17th
Chloe Firminger
Yes see ya Chloe at the Book Launch at The Boardwalk . . Bev
Just surfed your site and must complement you on the masses of content. I'll try and copy a few ideas on our site.
We will try and get to the Woodseats for the CD recording; I've done some live recording with one mic. and a minidisk recorder so would like to see your approach.
Denis ( the fella at last nights The Call gig at The Woodseats )
Hope to see you soon. . . Bev
Can you tell me if the drummer has a girlfriend ? I am very attractive , but I must confess I have had a sex change. see you at the next Sheffield gig, Yvonne x
Neil has a 6' 1" tall blonde [I think girlfriend] . . . but she rarely, if ever comes to the gigs! . . . Bev
Re. Guitarists I think Stevie Ray Vaughan is the greatest, - Jeff
Good Choice . . Bev
Hi all 4,
Really enjoy the band, and visit your site a lot. I think all the photos are great, not that the one of myself is very complimentary! Good you have a message page now, just wondered who do you think the BEST guitarist and drummer ever are?
See you soon at "The White Lion"
regards Richard
P.S. I enjoyed The Ghost joke too!
Well . . . glad you enjoy the band and site, but what a differcult question, I couldn't put a single guitarist I'd have to have 4 or more on my list . . Carlos Santana, Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore and Brian May. Drummers will have to be Keith Moon, Roger Taylor and Cozy Powell. Bassists Jack Bruce and Norman Watt-Roy. We will see who "The Boys" say, they are the experts! Really though it comes down to personal choice there are too many amazing musicians out there to choose from. . . .P.S. I'll try and get a better photo of you next time . . . Bev.
Gerry's favourite bassist : James Jamerson, and Norman Watt-Roy
Phil and Neil are out of the country at the moment.
Congrats on your site, but I spend TOO long on it !! The ghost picture in march's jokes is excellent. Looking forward to seeing the band again very soon, so glad you are all back "on the road again".
Thanx for feedback. I love the Ghost one too!!. . . Bev
Hiya Phil, Neil & Gerry
Great to see you in Wakefield. What a band!! Get out to the festivals and we want a CDGill and Dave xx
Thanx, as you see we are recording a CD July 16 [at last!] . . Bev
Hi Everyone,
Congratulations on your great website!
I'm really chuffed that you are doing so well with the band and thank you for including my review on your site. I must get to see you again this summer .. Keep up the good work,
Regards Steve Lally. [BluesMatters!]
Thanx Steve see you again soon . . . Keep Music Live . . . Bev
Hi Phil. It was great to see you again after all these years, makes you wonder where they went ! Thoroughly enjoyed Wed night, the band was excellent and you certainly have 'nt lost it. How I envied Neil ! I'd have given anything to have been up there with you, just like old times. Your pal Graham
Hope Wathey takes note!!! . . Bev
Hi Phil,
Greetings from Skopje, Macedonia! You don't get much mail from here,do you?
I found your web address [great site] in Blues Matters and decided to drop you a line.
I wonder if you have any recordings which I might use in my weekly
radio show?.
I am in contact with Alan Peters of Blues Matters and I let him know
what's happening here when some British blues people play here [last
year we had Todd Sharpville and Mick Taylor!].
Hope to hear from you.
Vasja Ivanovski
Will get you a CD out to you as soon as pos!! I'll be in touch . . Bev
I was present at the gig at Chesters in Chesterfield. I am interested in getting hold of a CD, perhaps I could purchase one at the Belper gig later this month? …The last time I saw the band was in the early 80's at the Aquarius on the legendary support (?!) slots with Def Leppard…those Prisoner Gigs (I can't say the same for Def Leppard!) had an influence on my own progression in to working as guitarist with various bands - The Gutterband (1989-1992), Dave Berry and The Cruisers (1993-1996), among others…I wondered if any of the original material by Prisoner is available on CD (or otherwise), as I remember some of the songs from the Aquarius gigs and would love to hear them again!Many thanks, Chris.
I've got a very old Bitter Suite one!! . . Bev
Hi All …. Saw your website and advert in Blues Matters.Do you have any C D s of
yourselves as you sound like my type of band! Best Wishes Jim (in Liverpool)
Will be in touch soon . . Bev

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